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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 445

445 Mock Combat


We're at the mansion's backyard now. Standing in front of me, I guess you could say, a refined and gallant macho old man? He's holding a wooden sword in one hand.
The wooden sword seems to have an iron core inside, the weight is about the same as the real thing. You can tell the strength of Sir Lolengus's soldiers from this alone.

(Course you're gonna become all brawly if you train with this thing every day.)

"Must I go all out against this youngster? Are you sure, sir?"

"Yeah, or else we cannot prove the veracity of what's written on my daughter's letter. Show  no mercy, go all out from the beginning."

(What? What are these two old men spouting all of a sudden? Seriously? I just met him you know, why'd you tell someone who looks this strong, probably actually strong too, to go all out like he's out crushing a bug?)

I almost blurted out, are you sure you're not the villain here?
Now that I've come this far, I'm absolutely sure there's no way out of this. I'm bitterly aware.

"Are you both ready? ...Begin!"

The refined old man lunged at incredible speed not a moment later. I mean, the chief warrior old man.
He has no opening as he swings his sword down from overhead. He got in front of me with the sword already aloft.
A calculated quick draw and a swing with swiftness. But it never reached me.

"!? To think you dodged my first strike... I did not hold back too."

Of course I dodged it by entering Acceleration. Taking that strike head on would have hurt real bad for sure.
I mean the sword was aimed straight at the crown of my head. My skull's gonna split open if that hits. This chief warrior guy is seriously going for my life.

"Didn't you only want to see my strength a bit!? I'd have died if that wooden sword hit me you know?!"

"Hahaha! Indeed. My bad. But this country is in a precarious state right now. You must excuse me this much for hearing they intend to recruit someone of unknown background like you."
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The chief warrior laughed loudly. Chairman followed.

"It's true that you have saved my daughter, but that's an entirely separate matter. If you were done in by my chief warrior just like that, I would refrain seeking your assistance. As such, this is a test. I'm serious. I cannot let that Kanedor take over this country. That man is a pig that sows disasters. Testing your strength is a necessary step to formulate the plan to eradicate him. Forgive me. Worry not. We will treat you if you get injured. Letting my daughter's savior to his death would leave a bad taste."

I now get that this chairman guy is a scumbag. But that's motivated by his desire to protect this country.
He's resolved to use anything and everything, even his daughter's benefactor.
He'll struggle till the very end. Even in a losing battle with no chance of victory.
This chairman guy must be fully prepared to take Kanedor down if nothing else.
Unwilling to give up, stubborn, a bit scheming, with nerves of steel. Looks like Sir Lolengus's quite the caliber of a man.

"Okay, I see now. Yup, I understand your reasoning. I like it. I'll show you what you wanna see. Think of it as a service."

I got a bit offended by his murder attempt.
It would have turned into a big problem if it weren't me.

"Now then, time to test how far a wooden sword can fly. Moment of truth."

I entered Accelerated State.






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