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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 170

Leaving on Clock


Our first day leveling went swimmingly.
Alma defeated 12 magic beasts ranging from upper Lv30s to lower Lv40s while Reina got 9 kills of upper Lv20s magic beasts.
Number-wise, that's less than their stupidly high records of 37 and 57 at the hunting fest.
However, they gained more experience point. Simply because the magic beasts they killed here were higher leveled.
Ten level difference gives a lot of exp, both Alma and Reina have gained one level each.

"...I'm beat."

"Huff, puff, fighting so many beasts almost twice your level in a row, i-is, rough..."

It's taken quite the toll on them though.
Their MP is still at an acceptable amount thanks to the level up along the way but their SP consumption and fatigue seem to have piled up.
Alma looks like she can still keep going, but not Reina who relies a lot on Energy Control, guess we can call it a day.

"Alright, that's that! This marks the end of our leveling job today! Gotta leave on clock!"

"On clock...?"

"We're not working on the clock though, there's no time table or anything..."

Eh don't mind. I just blurted whatever came up on my mind.
You two did great. These should be enough beasts culled.
Now then, time to head back home... Hm? Feels like we're forgetting something.

"...Come to think of it, Kajikawa-san hasn't beaten a single beast, has he."

"...Now that you mention it."

Whoops, I focused too much in transporting beasts for these two, I forgot to do my shares. Dumb me.
I'm heading straight to a leech route who does nothing but makes two girls beat up magic beasts, heck I already am!

"...I'm doing an overtime, you two can head back first."


"I'm telling you we don't have a work schedule. Carrying all those beasts all day must be back breaking, let's rest for today, Kajikawa-san."

"It's fine, it's fine, I'm just gonna drop some random magic beasts down the ground, it won't take long at all."

"Don't you think that's a nasty way to go about it!?"

"I guess that's an option when you can fly."

"Doesn't always go well like when those beasts use Air Step before they hit the ground though. No worries so long as I bind them with Mana Control though."

Time to find some poor magic beasts and drop 'em dead.
...I feel like a slasher saying that.


A giant rat-shaped magic beast screamed weirdly as it made a free fall. No, rather than rat, was that a nutria?
I simply bind magic beasts up to upper Lv40s with Mana Control, fly high and let them fall, easy work.
It'd be bad if someone saw me since I don't have the Illusory Mask anymore, but my Map displays no human around, safe.

Oh, my level went up. The last time was after Thunderclap Byakko. Now I'm Lv35.
Finally breaking the mid point of Lv30s. Wonder how much stronger should I get to be a match to that dragon.
...That Black Dragon. Alma almost died thanks to the beasts its master released. I won't rest until I turned it into a steak.

My level may have gone up but all that drops sure didn't make for a good training at all. Now that my MP's maxed out and I've got plenty of energy left, maybe I should go look for some strongish beasts to fight.
...! A reading of a big humanoid magic beast nearby. It's coming this way.
Did it see many magic beasts falling to their death and came here to remove the threat?
From the visible silhouette, I thought it was a hobgoblin at first but no. It's clearly on a different level.
Never seen this beast before, let's check its Stats.

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Magic Beast: Ogre

Level 57

State: Normal


HP (Hit Points): 1244/1248
MP (Magic Points): 868/889
SP (Stamina Points): 752/969

STR (Strength): 1180
ATK (Attack): 1180 (+240)
DEF (Defense): 1020
AGI (Agility): 810
INT (Intelligence): 521
DEX (Dexterity): 874
PER (Perception): 833
RES (Resistance): 746
LUK (Luck): 147


Magic Beast Level 6, Martial Arts Level 10, Ultimate Martial Arts Level 5, Self Defense Level 10, Close Combat Level 3, Club Arts Level 5, Throwing Level 5, Fang Arts Level 5

[Master Skills]

Aura Mitigation
Master Fist

Magic Tree Club
ATK +240

It's a 3 meter tall blue skinned humanoid magic beast with bulging muscles you'd think it's entirely composed of muscle fibers.
A dagger sharp look on its eyes, violent facial expressions. Like day and night compared to a hobgoblin.
Hold it, hold up. Ain't that way too strong.
Even Platinum Chicken and Thunderclap Byakko's highest stat stopped at three digits, and this guy's STR and DEF reached four.
My Attributes are currently around 630 or so me think? It'd be 700 at best if I'm including my original body, there's almost no way I could win against this thing if we compare base Attribute only.

Heck, despite holding a club this thing's clearly a fist fighting magic beast.
I'm guessing it fought with its fists up until it reached a certain power level before it picked up a strong club one day, after which it switched weapon and learned Club Arts Skill.
You can tell how a magic beast is raised just looking at their Status. Might be kinda fun.


Correction. It's not fun at all! This is super scary!
Like hell I'd fight a beast this strong! I'mma head back to town! ...That kinda sounds like a death flag.

<<Inadvisable. There is a risk of this Ogre chasing Kajikawa Hikaru and breaching into the town, in which case punishment is inevitable. You have a good chance of victory now that your Mana and Energy have been replenished from a level up.>>

You telling me to go up against that thing? Aren't those four digit numbers bad news? There's no way right? There's no way right?

<<Calculating a definite win by strengthening STR through Energy Control.>>

...Blast it, fine, I'll do it.
I'll put my trust in you Menu-san! If things don't look good, I'm gonna throw away my shame and run back to town seeking for help!
Ah, geez, and I just got in a fight against a real strong beast in Platinum Chicken solo just recently, who coulda thought I'd get in another so soon!



The ogre zeroed in on me at terrifying speed using [Ground Shrink] and swung down its club.
A swing worth more than 1400 ATK. My HP would be gone in a flash if I took that on.
Oh crap oh crap oh crap! This is impossible after all! I strengthened both my arms with energy and wrapped them with Mana Armor instantaneously!

The moment the club hit both my arms, crack! Something broke. I thought it was my arms at first, but there was no pain.
No, it was the club the ogre swung, broke down from the impact it seemed.
...Huh? That club has as much attack power as Alma's sword doesn't it? Maybe it's not as sturdy because it's made of wood.

『Gu!? Geaaa!!』


The ogre was bewildered for a sec after losing its club but it immediately switched gear to attacking me with its bare fists.
Unlike with weak magic beasts that keep making large swings, this thing has no openings at all. Its movement looks more refined than your average fist fighters.
Let's take some distance away for now. Close quarter combat against this thing seems like death wish. Let's fly higher with Mana Flight and--


The ogre went after me, like it was stepping on invisible stairs.
This thing can even use [Air Step]!? Despite its muscle for brain looks, it sure is an anything goes-er.

What do, Remote Mana Control can't bind a magic beast this powerful.
It can probably slow it down a bit, but stopping it altogether is unrealistic.
...I guess I gotta go with a super short combat strategy here.






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