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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 444

444 Presented Facts


"It is with great shame I wish to ask you a favor. Would you give me the time of the day?"

Thus Sir Lolengus asked while I was enjoying a fragrant after meal tea.

"May ask you to lend me your strength? I am aware how shameless it is asking my daughter's savior this. However, loathe I must admit, my soldiers simply cannot oppose the forces our enemy has amassed. They have thrice our number. He has even hired a couple of mercenaries renowned for their strength. We have confirmed two Epithet Holders among their ranks which would put our chance of victory to nil."

I was surprised here. I thought someone in the position of a chairman would have hired all those famous people as well.

(Oh right, Linda's bodyguard betrayed them for money too. I see, the situation is critical indeed.)

Just as I had predicted, this country has mostly long been under Kanedor's control through the power of money.
And this chairman has virtually no power for trying to rule this country the honest way.
The nucleus of this country has been stripped bare through the power of money. Sir Lolengus has already lost the battle of spending, lacking the funds to hire more soldiers or mercenaries.

"I likely cannot prepare the money required to sway you over. But I promise you here and now that I will pay however amount you ask at the dawn of that man's death."

Sir Lolengus probably doesn't really believe in my power. Yet, he's drowning so bad he'd grasp at anything, even straw.
Also, Linda absolutely wrote something about me in her letter.
After all, there's no way a lone man can overturn the difference in their forces, yet Sir Lolengus is compelled enough to make this desperate plea. Naturally, this means he must have gotten his information from Linda's letter. I have never used my power in this guy's presence.

"What do you say? Will you consider my request? Oh and of course I won't drive you out even if you decline. You may make yourself at home here at this mansion during your stay in federation. That's the least I can do for my daughter's savior."
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Considering the federation's critical situation, I won't be surprised if the height of [Lolengus VS Kanedor] takes place tomorrow.
Either that, or the enemy will surround this mansion before crushing it whole.
Sir Lolengus's defeat, aka his death, is imminent.

(Or would be if I wasn't here.)

"Fine by me. I was thinking of giving this Kanedor guy a good whack on his face myself. I don't need money. Instead, I ask you to keep everything about me in secrecy. Don't tell anyone. I don't want to become famous. If people know about my appearances or traits, there will be sparks coming my way. I don't want that. I wanna avoid and hide from that."

"...Aye, very well. I swear by my name, I shall keep matters about you in secrecy. You have my gratitude... Also, I'd like to ascertain how strong you are. My daughter has written about you in her letter, but none of her stories sounds believable. I wish to see it myself. What do you say? Will you show me?"

I have two objectives in this country, deliver the letters and get a punch on Kanedor.
Just when I started making good progress on those objectives, this event hit me.
What a pain, I really can't see the end of this story development.

"Can I ask you to have a mock battle with my veteran top warrior?"

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