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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 176

Julian's Weapon Artisan Workshop


We went to report the completion of culling and gathering commissions with the guild receptionist, Furoina-san.
Apparently you could hand over the magic beast bodies to the guild carver service as long as they're still fresh so we did.
A bit more expensive than town's carvers, but way more convenient.

"I can't believe you finished multiple gathering commissions in just one day. Normally, even one commission done each day is a good pace."

"Oh it wasn't hard work at all as we only needed to bring them to the guild's carvers after all. It's mostly all thanks to our party's girls and their excellence. It makes things so easy, really."

"...So you say, but your Kill Log has more beasts than those two."

"No really, even the ogre we defeated today was a cinch thanks to these two doing their best. It was a close call for me yesterday."

I tried to divert the topic away from me while boasting about the girls.
Ah, I can feel their gazes prickling my back. I should keep my mouth shut.

"I also have this weapon to thank for. It could hold its own against an ogre, really handy to have."

"A weapon? That looks like a steel hammer... Ex-plo-sion Bus-ter? ...Fatigue must be catching up to me, the appraised name came out weird."

"Ah, please don't say that name out loud. It's really embarrassing."

"That naming sense and unusual design, don't tell me that weapon is made by Julian Workshop? ...Hard to believe anyone would want a weapon there."

Is Julian relatively famous or something? No considering her reaction, it's probably more infamous.

"The mechanism and name are one thing yes, but it's actually quite powerful when you get used to it."

"Every single person who trialed his weapons was all 'I don't wanna touch them anymore', they're all known to be dangerous and difficult to handle... Well, you're plenty weird yourself as well, I suppose your wavelengths match."

Phrasing! Don't you think that's too rude?!
Well I mean, I do admit I'm weird. But getting told that by somebody else is a bit...

"Everybody refers to that workshop as a 'Pastime hobby of a former noble kid'. If only he had achievements to speak of, but that's a pipe dream with those curios for weapons."

"Former, noble? Eh, Julian is a nobleman? I mean, he has no house name or anything."

My Status only showed him as Julian.
Heck, the man's already a riot as is, adding former noble as his trait is packing in too much.

"Apparently he was originally the heir to a Duke House in Firie Kingdom, but after such and such, he cast away his lineage and went independent."

"...Maybe he lost interest in territorial management and got disinherited after he went crazy into making weird weapons."

"That's almost certainly the case. Initially he was selling proper weapons when he first arrived at this town, but it seems the man has been holing up inside his workshop as of late, it's not clear if his business is doing well. I'm wondering if his financial is alright."

It's not.
If I didn't pay for my order, that guy would have gone bankrupt I bet.
...Guess I'll go see him, gotta hand over the rest of the payment anyway.

A small weapon store at the outskirt of the town. You could see a hastily repaired hole on the roof.
There's a signboard with needlessly beautifully written words 'Julian Weapon Artisan Workshop'. No mistake about it, we're here.
He got blown away from this place to near the guild huh... Can't believe he survived.
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Inside the store, around half of the displayed goods are ordinary weapons of good quality.
Blacksmith Lv6 is said to be halfway to veteran level, considering Julian's age, he's among the more capable bunch.

...The problem is the goods displayed at store front, they almost have a sinister aura around them.
This place is way out already, so why make it harder with such a questionable show window.
A sword that has a chainsaw as a blade, and a drill-like, no it's literally a drill as the tip of a spear.
There's many other too, it's a parade of curios. All of them are like halfway between torture apparatuses and civil engineering tools.

Forget about trying to run a business, of course everybody is staying as far away as possible from this place.
I'm sure there would be one or two people who dropped by out of curiosity, but none would come back again once they tried and found themselves getting swung around by the weapons instead. This store is checkmated.

Well anyway, let's just go and pay Julian.

"Ah, sorry! I'm still repairing my workshop! Currently I can't accept order... My Customer!! You've comeeeeeee!!"

"Shaddup! Can you not yell every single time!"

"Fuhaha! No need to be shy! I get you, I really doooooo!!"

"What is!"

"...So noisy."

"...The store's creaking because of Julian-san's voice, is this place safe?"

Julian's eyes sparkled as he shouted loudly when he saw me. Alma's right, noisy.

"I'm here to pay you the rest of my order. But man, this store's deserted huh."

"Well yeah! With those weapons I put by window, nobody expecting normalcy is gonna come here, naturally!"

"If you get it, put half of these weapons here there instead. Aren't these ones just good old normal weapons."

"Non. I'm sure you're aware I am more than capable of creating and selling ordinary weapons. However, it's not like they have to be made by me, yes?"

How is that okay. Didn't you almost go bankrupt. Making weapons you can sell should be in order first.

"Great many craftsmen in this town possess incredible talents. Even difficult to process materials get made into exquisitely refined forms. I respect them from the bottom of my heart!"

"You're pretty good yourself, aren't you. These are all nice weapons, considering your age, you'd get to be a respectable blacksmith eventually if you just keep at it."

"Fuhaha! I appreciate your word of commendation! However, respect them I may be, never did once I envy them."

Don't just randomly switch to serious mode, it's scary.

"Your Skill Level increases the more equipment you make. The higher your Skill Level, the more difficult material you can process, the better equipment you can make. You then repeat this process endlessly. Of course, that in itself is wonderful. It's truly worthy of respect."

"If you get it then--"

"I know. Yet, that wonderful way of doing things is not quite what I have in mind. As they are contained within the framework of Blacksmith or Sewing Skills."

Julian interrupted me before resuming his speech.
I'd like to get my business here done, but I'd be lying if I said his story didn't pique my interest a tad.

"Skills support you in a half automated way to make equipment and tools. You simply cannot fail if you entrust your body to Skills. But that results in the lack of individuality."

"Individuality huh. From what I saw in many stores, goods made by multiple craftsmen seem different enough."

"Yes but it's all constrained by what can be made by Skills... I want to break free from the limits of 'Skills' and bring forth a new possibility!"

"You mean like those incomprehensible weapons... Weapons? By the window?"

"Indeed! Then again, combatants with average stats can't bring out the full potential of those high powered weapons while those with high enough Attributes can just order sufficiently powerful normal weapons made with high class materials."

"That's no good..."

"To be frank, all the failures almost broke me. So I detonated Explosion Buster out of desperation and the rest was history."

Wait, you telling me that was almost suicidal?!
Everything he does is weird... I'm not one to talk though.

"Well, I ended up meeting my first customer in the truest sense thanks to that! It's not an exaggeration to say that Explosion Buster was a success--"
"It is, dumbass."

"Fuhaha! ...By the way, seeing that you're here and all. May I interest you into testing out my creations?"

That's a turnaround alright! Heck, didn't you tell me they're all questionable!
...But, it's true that those weapons seem interesting to me.
No harm in trying, just a little testing here and there.

"Ah, Kajikawa-san looks totally onboard."

"...Hikaru, don't go too wild okay."


I can feel the stabbing gazes from two girls + one chick behind me.
Give me some slack, just for a little bit.
Now then, which one to test first fufufufufu.






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