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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 174

Request and Money Raising


"Good morning! What a fine weather we have today, don't you agree? The bed at this inn is so incomparably snugger than my workshop chair, what pleasure my quality sleep was hahaha!"

"Morning... Spare me this much enthusiasm so early please. Wanna join us for breakfast?"

"Absolutely! I submit my attendance! Fufufu, what's this, aren't you kind to ol' me! Have you realized how indispensable my weapons are to you?"

"Let's save weapon talk after the meal break. Stay quiet while you wait at the dining room, you hear me?"

I bumped into Julian after I left my room and greeted him.
Can't believe his mug is the first thing I saw in the morning. It's way too much.

I've resigned to speaking unreservedly with Julian cause I'll do that anyway whenever I make a retort to his antics.
After a night of pondering, I've decided to order a custom-made weapon from him, a bit reluctant but there's no harm in giving it a shot.
I mean this guy is an oddball prone to randomly yelling out loud whose ideas of weapons are outlandish, but Menu-san told me those weapons are extremely important to me, so, you know?

<<It is indeed important, but the final decision lies on Kajikawa Hikaru himself.>>

Y-yup, yer' right. It's rare for Menu-san to riposte.
...Guess even Menu-san doesn't like being used as an excuse by me.
I'll go with omelet, salad and toast for our breakfast.

After a brief post meal break with coffee, we resumed our discussion.

"First of all, forgive me for trying out your weapon without asking first yesterday. I will pay you back for the damage."

"I don't mind if you're buying that. Nevertheless, I have seen great many people failing to wield my creations, them getting thrown around instead, but never my weapon throwing in the towel. Vexing as it may, this experience is quite fresh! Hahahaha!"

"I'm not surprised people failed, that kickback would kill anyone. That weapon must've been made at the edge of insanity."

"And then there's Kajikawa-san who swung that weapon, blowing explosions everywhere without a care in the world."

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Oh shaddup.
I just got a bit carried away okay. Please stop punching that line anymore.

"I'd like a more sturdier one if you could. I wanna make it my main weapon, is it feasible?"

"Fuhaha! Leave it to me! However, that means I have to not only change the base material, but also greatly raise the explosion engine's sturdiness. Otherwise, it'd break so fast you wouldn't know it considering yesterday. I need to use either mithril or adamantite at least, or maybe material from a powerful magic beast...?"

"How much will the material and your technical expertise cost?"

"Let's suppose we use adamantite as the base, that'll be! One million en!"

"One million..."

Considering I could earn 400,000 en a day, that's three day worth of magic beast culling.
...I don't think much on the prospect of spending seven digits of money. My sense of value has gone wild~.

"However, in case we need to use an even sturdier material to endure what you did yesterday, we must adopt an even sturdier mat for the hammer head and the explosion engine! Lasting a session or two is one thing, but a material that can withstand sustained explosions will fetch for quite a sum!"

"...Say we go with your suggestion, how much will it cost?"

"Umu, changing the main part from adamantite to magic beast materials like Magma Turtle's shell will run you an additional 500,000 en... 1.5M in total. I'm aware it's weird coming from me, but you can get a pretty powerful weapon paying a skilled craftsman this much money."

"Ordinary weapons don't mesh with me no matter how powerful. That exploding hammer of yours might even go beyond four digits ATK, and most importantly, it feels good in my hands. I want you to make me one even if it's pricey."

After I told him that, Julian popped his eyes open before giggling to himself with a smile that bordered on wicked. Like I said, what.

"Very well!! Allow me to have the honor! Ah, but pay in advance please. As you are aware, I'm penniless right now. Forget buying the materials, I am unable to even sustain my life which wouldn't be ideal for weapon creations. My workshop ought to still be usable once I repaired the ceiling, however."

"Okay. I'll fork over 400,000 en in advance for now. I'd like to pay in full but our fund is currently running low cuz we ordered equipment from another craftsman. I'll get back in a few days with the full payment, get ready till then."

"Fuhaha! ...I swear I shall spare nothing in this quest for the finest creation I will ever create. My customer."

He took the money and ran off at incredible speed afterward.
...There's a chance of him running off somewhere never to go back, but I feel like I can trust that guy despite being an oddball. He's still an oddball though.
I'll repeat this as many times as it needs, guy's an oddball. Yet, he's surprisingly decent, like he knows the proper etiquette of things.
...Well if he did run off in the end, let's just say that I've no talent in people judging.

"He's so positively hectic, yet also super weird of a man, isn't he."

"Un... But he looked so happy when Hikaru told him to make a weapon. I think, I understand what he felt at that time."

Well, I don't think anybody can wield incoherent weapons like that hammer, I was probably the first person who asked him one.
Julian has Blacksmith and Magic Tool Creation Skill at Level 6 both.
He could have opened a successful weapon or magic tool store. How'd he come to that.
...Well everyone has their own circumstances, I shouldn't touch deeper. All I need him to do is make me a weapon.
Ah, forgot to ask to let me see his other creations... Well, guess I can do that when I go there to pay the rest of his payment.

We went to the Adventurer's Guild and took on magic beast culling commissions as well as checking on other commissions we could do in parallel.
If there are commissions that want specific beast materials, we'll be killing two birds with one stone.
The reward will be split among us three but it's still gonna be a lot.

"Fumu fumu, Grand Turtle shell, Grand Snake skin, Mountain Lizard silver scales... We've only got Grand Snake one."

"That's the mats from the beasts you two hunted yesterday, right... Nobody wants mats from the beasts I took down. Gununu."

"Now now, you can fight stronger beasts if you keep leveling up, focus on getting stronger for now. Oh look, there's people looking for mats from Rank D and C beasts."

"...They want 20 eyeballs of those weird birds."

"Uwah, that's nasty. What are they gonna use those eyes for...?"

<<It is likely a material for equipment enchanted with [Magic Eye] Skill. This necessitates a huge amount of Hellwing Monoeye's eyeballs as enchanting Lv1 Magic Eye Skill requires 20 eyeballs each.>>

Yeah, I think I'll pass on this eyeball collecting commission... It's grotesque.
Let's just go for the easier ones.

So now we're back at the magic beast territory to train, level up, and gather materials.
Seeing as we got one level from defeating 10 beasts yesterday, we should get lots in a month.
I hope I won't have to fight an ogre one-on-one like yesterday. I think I can manage if we work in a group though.

"And so, for today's farming goal, Alma, gather materials from five Grand Snakes, while Reina can look for six Mountain Pigs."

"What about Kajikawa-san and Hiyoko-chan?"
<TLN: It's Hiyoko not Hiyone.>

"Hiyoko should aim for any magic beast, just make sure you beat 30 of them. As for me, I'm planning to take on five five Mountain Lizard Large, five High Orcs and if possible an ogre with all of us fighting together... Hey, Hiyoko, don't give me that disagreeing look now."


"Wasn't ogre the magic beast you defeated yesterday, Hikaru?"

"...What was its level anyway?"

"The one I beat was Lv57. Just the think the lowest would be at around 50. They're super strong so don't ever let up. Make a mistake and you're pretty much dead. Careful now."

"I-Isn't that too high a hurdle..."

"But, make absolutely sure you don't chew more than you can swallow. Run away and ask for help if things go south. A goal is a goal, you're not obliged to achieve it while sacrificing everything in the process."

"Got it."



Well, it all depends on whether we can find those beasts.
The ogre one is for the sake of training our party at working together.
We've been leveling on our own so far, it's about time to start thinking about refining our teamwork. We can't beat powerful beasts together if each of us moves independently.
...The biggest question is my ability to give the right order at the right time. Don't think I'm anywhere near at that cool uncle's level yet...





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