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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 440

440 Delivering Letters


Now then, I could ascertain the situation first, but decided against it when I saw the gatekeepers' unmotivated vacant eyes.

(I was gonna undo Acceleration and go through the gate the formal way, but I just know they'd mess with me.)

There was no queue, the process would have been brisk but I reconsidered right away.
This country is hanging on a thin line, a lone traveler who looks suspicious like me is definitely gonna be taken away for an interrogation.
Therefore, I just went ahead and passed the gate. All while still inside the Accelerated world.
Of course nothing blocked my way. A perfect crime if you may.
I'm feeling bad about it despite my intention. This action is definitely a bad deed.
Yet, an event would crop up for sure if I didn't do this and spoke to the gatekeepers. My hunch is telling me. I don't want no trouble.

(This power of mine is beyond abnormal. What? I'm scared of myself...)

I looked the other way as I made my way to a nearby alleyway and undid Acceleration. Then I started observing the people on the street.
Summed up, there's no energy. There's an air of tension coiling around them instead.
They must be going about their lives while constantly worrying when a conflict breaks out.
This mood tells me how grave the dispute between Linda's household, Lolengus and Kanedor, is.
These people has to keep going under the threat of a clash happening at any moment.

"Excuse me. Do you know where Lolengus House is?"

I left the alleyway and asked a random passerby.

"Hm? Well aren't you an unusual looking one. That outfit, a traveler I take it? This town is dangerous, you know? The soldiers of this country are all on edge as they patrol the town. You're gonna get arrested if they think you're being suspicious."

"I appreciate your concern. But, I have letters I must deliver."

"What, a postman huh. You just go straight from here. Once you find a crossroad, turn right and keep going till you see a big mansion. Take care now."
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I thanked the man and followed his instruction. I toured the place as I made my way and saw nothing of note.
The place should have been bustling with people peddling and buying touristy stuff.

(Has this air of turbulence been going on for some time? Looks like the commerce isn't running well here.)

The less foot traffic there is, the less goods these stores sell. Considering how it looks here, the decrease in tourist traffic must have gone on for quite some time.
This street is big enough to fit a lot of people yet it's so sparse now.
And the few there are, are walking briskly like they're afraid of something.

"Aah, what a great timing to come here. I'm only here for the letters, yet, it's just? Feels like that absolutely won't be the end of my business..."

I arrived in front of Lolengus mansion as that premonition hit me.
A big courtyard. And a big mansion at the other side. Naturally there's a big gate walling them, with gatekeepers standing watch.

"Oofh... There's gonna be trouble alright..."

My spirit dropped to the bottom knowing I can't just hand over the letters and go back home right after.





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