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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 447

447 Pushed On


Am I really fine with letting this exact chain of events be repeated over and over again?

"What are you exactly...? This result makes me think twice about asking your help. Did you cut this? With your wooden sword. Is that it?"

The chairman asked like he was looking at a monster.
He's wary of me for slicing with wood.

"It's my total defeat... I could not perceive you moving at all. It was as if you vanished. And then my sword was cut."

Chief warrior kept me in his line of sight as he muttered that.
I don't derive enjoyment being stared at by men. So I told them.

"I'm not your enemy, can you drop the glaring business? So, have you thought up a way to use me?"

Dunno when, but he's absolutely gonna clash with Kanedor one of these days.
Thus I await chairman's decision on my assignment.

"How many people can you take on? How strong can they be?"

"Wha? That ain't gonna matter one bit... Ah."

I wasn't trying to boast my strength. I just know that numbers mean nothing before this power.
And I blurted that out of my own mouth. Raising a flag in the process.

"Then I shall leave everything in your hands. The match is on. With you on our side, our victory is assured."

(Oy, no way, there's no way. Dammit, what a huge pain! Hold it!)

I asked in a panic.

"What do you mean by on!? And what do you mean everything?! Tell me you're joking!"
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Sir Lolengus grinned as he spoke.

"Numbers are meaningless before you no matter how many mercenaries they amassed, am I wrong? Then I'd like to minimize casualty on our side. I will leave everything in your capable hands. I'm convinced after seeing that sliced wooden sword. It is indeed true that no adversary can possibly stand up against your power."

Chairman picked up the wooden sword and stared at the cross section while unabashedly shoved all his problem on me.

"Weren't there going to be two famous Epithet Holders among them? You sure?"

I kept hounding him. Even knowing it was in vain.
Chief warrior answered.

"I'll be frank with you. None of those said mercenaries can replicate what you did. No, nobody can. Haha, you really get to see many sights with age."

I cursed my mouth for slipping that out. But the way this chairman orchestrated this irked me so I told him.

"I've changed my mind. I want compensation. Ten platinum coins. No bargaining. I'll take your request if you can pay."

"Mumu!? ...Very well. Understood. It will take some time but we shall have it prepared."

"Ah, pay in full okay. Don't try to weasel your way out. Once everything is over, get the gold ready asap."

Chairman affirmed with a bitter look. He must be aware that his defeat is guaranteed without me.
He ceded to my demand without a fuss. Proof of his eagerness to recruit me.
Asking money right after saying I didn't need one. It's only human to have a change of heart sometimes.
Or maybe chairman is afraid of poking the beehive any more.

(Well, I don't know the market price for a mercenary. I just named that price at random.)

My lack of common sense hit again here. No point in questioning that now though.

"We shall send an envoy. Everything will end by tomorrow afternoon. Kanedor is looking down on me. He will definitely bite back. We will settle this in the plain next to the city!"

No time like present, Sir Lolengus was looking eager.

"What!? Tomorrow!? Are you even prepared? Sure you've thought this through?"

My repose ended in vain.

"We have finished the preparations to start a war. All that's left is to wait. Well our defeat was all but ensured even if we initiated it. We had to rein it in quietly. But there's no need to endure it anymore now that you're here."

Chief warrior looked spirited up as he answered me.
It's clear there's no stopping them now. Thus I gave up.

(Knew it'd turn this way... Of course. Guess I just gotta accept it?)

My willpower was getting gradually sapped. I even started entertaining the idea of just accepting the 'Unrest' in me, would make things easier.





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