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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 172

Don't Get too Worked Up Now


"Fuhahaha! You have my gratitude, I am back on my feet all thanks to you! I'm feeling better than ever in fact, perhaps it's my mind playing trick on me!"

"Ha, ha..."

Once I healed the blown Charred-kun with Life Force Control, he was so high spirited I inched back at his enthusiasm.
Not sure if this man has always been like this or he hit his head during the incident... It's probably the former.
He probably felt better because my healing also cured the damage on his spine, muscles and such that were there before.
The soot got wiped off his body to reveal a man with short silver hair, golden eyes, a handsome face and a forged body.
He's the very picture of the perfect hot guy, outwardly-wise. Inwardly-wise though.

"Gracious me, to think I have been blown this far due to miscalculating the recoil of my new weapon during its trial run! The power may be there, but this should be listed as a failure, I say! None can possibly wield the thing! Hahaha!"

What's with this natural airhead. He almost died for real if I wasn't there to cushion his fall.
Heck, what the heck kinda weapon that could blow someone this far just from the recoil alone. Is that even a weapon?

"Whoa there, look at me and my manners. My name is Julian! Weapon Artist Julian! ...Nice to meet you."

"T-the pleasure's mine."

The gap in his tension between introduction and handshake was too much. Wonder if this guy's emotionally unstable.
It's only been a few minutes since we met, but my head is already ringing the alarm bell 'This man's bad news'.

"You suffered terrible burn all over your body, what happened?"

"Ooh, will you hear me out! I've nothing to hide! Here I was in the middle of trialing my newly developed weapon and found myself unable to control it due to its sheer destructive force!"

"New weapon?"

...Oy, why did I blurt that.
This guy's obviously not a proper blacksmith or a magic tool maker, in fact he might as well be a mad scientist.
I should cut this conversation short and head back to our inn. Or I might get myself in trouble.
And yet, why is my inner ghost telling me to keep talking?

"Umu! I connect fire elemental mana stone to a colorless mana stone serving as fuel to produce an explosion and applies the resulting propulsion to spin a hammer toward even greater destructive forces, I call it [Explosion Buster]!! None can possibly come out of a direct hit alive! Well one problematic point is the fact that it's virtually unwield-able to anyone due to the sheer momentum produced..."

"...Explosion Buster..."

"What you blurted at the end sounds like a fatal flaw..."

Alma and Reina's faces are twitching as they listened to Julian-kun behind me.
Besides its awfully exaggerated name, the wielder would wind up dead long before their enemy considering Julian's state earlier.

"Ah, that's the one, the big hammer lying over there. I see it was blown away together with me, thankfully nobody was under the thing! Hahaha!"

That's dangerous! This is no laughing matter! I mean that thing is lodged deep on the ground and all, you'd die instantly if you get hit!
Heck, why's this thing so big!? This hammer is about the size of the one you use to pound mochi, but this one is made of metal and most people would be hit with the issue of lifting this thing even before the explosion part...
There's a bike muffler-like object attached on the back of the hammer head, I'm guessing it's the exhaust for the wind generated by the explosion inside. What a foolhardy concept.
I'll pull it out and give it back to the guy. Oh, the grip is weirdly soft, easy to hold. The concept is wild yet there are sensibilities poured in the design.
Hm, I can swing around this thing without powering up myself likely thanks to my current Status. Just one hand can do, even.

"Oooh! Wonderful, I could barely lift that hammer with both my arms and yet it only took you one hand to swing it around as if it was a wooden sword!"

"It feels nice on the grip, got a good balance too. I believe you can sell this as a normal weapon if you just omit the exploding part."

"Non! It cannot be a normal weapon! The height I seek is [New Weapons], that is to say weapons that go beyond the grace of Skills!"

...Something reverberated within me.
Somehow the word of this madman tucked a string in me.
There's no way, no way, but perhaps the weapons made by this man could
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"...Mind telling me how to make this thing explode?"

"Mu, mumumu? Are you perhaps interested in my weapon? Most people would send repulsed looks at my exquisitely peculiar creations. You're quite an odd man, aren't you hahaha!"

So he's aware how weird his weapons are huh.

"However, I must ask you to refrain on the explosion. I need not remind you its lack of safety feature after you saw what became of me earlier, do I. What if you get hurt? Either way, its fuel, a colorless mana stone has been used up during the kerfuffle earlier, hence it cannot be done."

My, he's surprisingly straitlaced on that point.
Colorless mana stone huh... Menu-san, so what makes that different from elemental mana stones?

<<In a simple term, elemental mana stones are capable of converting external mana into their respective elemental energy and objects. The higher the rank the lower the loss, resulting in a higher efficiency conversion.>>

<<Colorless mana stone is made from crystallized pure mana, used as fuel in magic tools and such. The higher the rank the more mana is condensed within.>>

So like, if fire elemental mana stone is a lighter then the colorless mana stone is the fuel inside the lighter.
Well, you probably still need to make a magic tool that uses fire elemental mana stone for that though.
...Huh? Didn't Livelihood Magic Ring not use a mana stone?

<<Livelihood Magic Ring utilizes an extremely fine carved magic circuit instead of mana stone, allowing it to absorb mana from living beings and convert it into energy and objects.>>

<<For your information, the magic circuit on such rings requires an extremely difficult process to carve, to the point no other magic tool adopts the idea, which points to the widespread adoption of colorless mana stone for magic tools instead.>>

Fumu fumu, in short this explosomething requires colorless mana stone so you can't generate explosions with it now. What a shame...

<<Kajikawa Hikaru who is capable of directly controlling mana is an exception as he can stream his mana into the fire elemental furnace directly to produce explosions. In fact, as he is capable of regulating the amount of input at will, it should control better than through colorless mana stones.>>

That explanation gave me a weird sensation like something just clicked.


"What's wrong, Kajikawa-san?"

Their puzzled voices even sounded distant to me now.
...Let's give this thing a tiny teensy bit of a shot.

I poured a little bit of my mana into the explosion engine inside the hammer head.

Then, bang! An explosion that surpassed my expectations occurred and swung the hammer around.
Oy oy, how is it so powerful for a mere 10 MP.

"Wha! W-was there still a residual inside the engine!? Oy, you! It's dangerous, let it go! You might experience a repeat of my--"

...Interesting, aren't you one wild filly.
I strengthened my STR with energy and put more mana into the engine!

BANG! BABANG! BOOOM!! The hammer gradually spun more and more into blistering speed.
By twisting the handle, I could change its directions at will while ignoring inertia, whereas maintaining one direction as I keep making more explosions raises its speed and power.
...What, what is this, it's super fun!

"Wh, wha wha hwa!? What's going on!!?"

"Hikaru! You're going overboard!"

"Kajikawa-san! Any more and the people nearby will complain, stop!"

Whoops, not good, I got too worked up.
I turned the tip around and made it explode to cancel out the momentum.

...Oh crap, this utterly deranged weapon feels so good to wield.
Its power is tremendous too, it should be even more destructive if it was made with better materials.


"No it's not!! What are you thinking swinging that thing around all of a sudden!"

"Hikaru, you're acting childish."

"My bad..."

For now let's take a bow and beg forgiveness. Soz.
That was really unbecoming of my age, but I can assert there's no man out there who won't get excited by this mass of romance of a weapon. Eh, not really? Oh okay.
But this thing is truly splendid. I want. I want it no matter what.
Ah, but the hammer head is warped likely due to all the explosions. Guess that's the limit of steel.
Wish he'd made this thing with a better material. Wait, I gotta reimburse him first.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking straight because it was such a fascinating weapon... The hammer head is all bent out of shape now, allow me to reimburse you--"

"...What!! What was that just now!"

Julian-san suddenly grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me.

"How did you make it explode without a mana stone!? But more importantly, it looked to me as if you had a full control of the explosion's scale, no no wait, how are you able to wield my weapon so well despite all those explosions!?"

"C-calm down, please stop shaking me."

"Fu, fuha, fuuhahahahahaa!! Greatto!! Excellentto!! You have piqued my intereeest!!"

"Ah hey, quit yelling so loud, you're troubling the neighborhood!"

"Says the one who made all those explosions earlier."



Peanut gallery, shut it! Somebody stop him!

Afterward, due to a flood of complaints from the nearby craftsmen, we were all stuck apologizing. How'd it come to this.
I really should mind my age, or rather place and time before getting worked up.
...But this weapon is superb. Maybe we can have a little chat after this.
I'd like to see other weird creations he may have. Fufufu, I can't wait...!






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