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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 181

Deja Vu Treasure Chest


"There are four High Goblins, they're like upgraded Hob Goblins, and four Werewolves. Alma, exterminate those High Goblins. Reina, try taking on a Werewolf. These three will deal with the rest."

"Got it."


"O-oy oy! How could you make Alma-chan fight all four!? And letting that child fight a werewolf, are you insane?!"

"Heck, why aren't you fighting!?"

"Well, I'd like to let these young 'uns soak in valuable experience. It's a piece of cake for them even without my intervention anyway."

"There ain't no way! High Goblin and Werewolf are Rank C-D monsters!"

"Fighting together as a party is one thing, but putting one against many is suicidal! You're out of your mind!"


"Ah, a Werewolf is coming this way. So yeah, you three, give it your all."

"""No, you fight too dammittt!!"""

So we entered the area with eight lurking magic beasts, and we took charge of half of those beasts yet these trio started complaining.
What are they dissatisfied about. I mean, even Radia-kun beat a beast over Lv30 at Monster Swamp despite being a Lv15 himself. How can they not deal with magic beasts on their level.

<<...It's common sense to fight equal level magic beast in a group. Kajikawa Hikaru's way of doing things is generally seen as an absurd coercive action, therefore their assessment is reasonable.>>


"Hikaru, I took care of all High Goblins."

"That was fast. Well done."

"Wha, eh, y, you beat them already!? But how...!?"

She lopped the heads of those High Goblins in one fell swoop using 'Ocean Blade' it seems.
I mean, she used that to eliminate ten wolf magic beasts in one go at Monster Prairie back then. This must have been easy peasy.

"I've done my part too~."

"Nice job, Reina. Oy, these girls have finished their quota."

"And why aren't you fighting again! What, are you a leech!"

"No way in hell can we defeat three Werewolves at once! Lend us a hand!"

Ah geez, they just won't shut up.
No choice, I'll beat one and let them do the rest.

"Hey, watch out! Oy, two of them are heading your way!"

But two Werewolves came by instead. Hey, young men, do this right, won't you. I'm a young man too, or rather a reserve old man.

"Hikaru, those three are just going to keep making a racket at this rate, why don't you help them?"

"Haa, sheesh, guess I gotta."

"P-please don't make it too nasty if you can help it."

"I won't. That time with the tiger belly was an accident, okay?"

"What are you leisurely chatting around for! Get away, now!"


Not sure what was the big idea, two werewolves came straight for me.
Maybe they thought me slacking off must mean I'm the weakest and easiest prey.

I grabbed the neck of the lunging Werewolves with a hand each and lifted them up.

『Guru!? Gu, gububu...!!』


They're groaning painfully gasping for breath.
I don't want to make them suffer too much, let's end this quick.
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I smashed the Werewolves' heads onto one another. They went straight to the afterlife. RIP.
Don't need to bother with Mana or Energy Control to deal with Lv20s magic beasts now. And it was so scary during Daijel's Stampede too.


"N-no way, he grabbed them by the neck and bumped 'em..."

"What about your weapon!? Don't you have one!?"

"What are you talking about, didn't you see those nice werewolf skulls doing the good work."

"Nobody calls those weapons!"

"Forget about me, watch your back."


"Eh? U-uwaaaaa!"

These trio shouldn't have the margin to quip at me yet they just kept going at it, of course they'd get jumped.
...Really, these three.



Then came out of nowhere behind the werewolf who were going behind the trio.
As if waiting for this chance all this time, Hiyoko stabbed the Werewolf's back with Extended Mana Claw before slicing it in half.
Hiyoko had been camouflaging as a chick until it attacked, so the Werewolf never noticed.
Heck, had no idea Hiyoko can already beat upper level 20 magic beasts... This child's growth rate is scarily fast.

"A, a chicken...!? That tamed beast collar, is it yours?"

"Yeah, it is. You did well Hiyoko."


"...Our group defeated all the magic beasts in the end."

"You guys should have been able to handle that, it's because you're all so preoccupied trying to impress Alma. You'd better off returning at the next portal. I'll be frank with you, the road ahead is too dangerous for you, you'll only tire us out at best."


"...Sorry Alma-chan, forget helping you, we got in your way instead..."

The three got dejected again. The fact that they are capable of introspection points that they're not bad guys. All the bravado they put this time must have hindered them showing off their real ability.
Well, I guess anybody has a period where things just don't go their way. I mean in Japan I'm always... I don't wanna remember let's drop this hahahaha.

"...You guys may be inexperienced now, but I'm sure you can get stronger if you put in the effort. I'm still a greenhorn myself so I don't want to sound self-righteous, but it's better to focus on gradual improvements rather than desperately trying to overreach yourselves. Please don't feel down and keep doing your best."


"You're so kind to such worthless men like us...!"

"A-Alma-chan! We'll definitely get even stronger! And once I am, please go out with--"
"I won't."

"No hesitation!?"

Alma cheered up the three dejected men. Seriously angel.
But she flat out refused the advance. Merciless.
...Well, these guys' Skills seem to be developed enough, they might become prominent adventurers for real if they actually try. Maybe.`

The Escape Portal came into view.
Our group is going to the next floor, while the trio are returning.
Honestly, it's for the best for each of us, I'm just glad they're willing to.

"Oh? There's two treasure chests next to the portal."

"Then let's split them up. One for each group."

"Eh? N-no, we'll pass. We weren't of any use..."

"Then return it double once you've gotten stronger. It doesn't feel right to monopolize both chests."

No denying that it's probably not gonna be useful anyway.
Now then, wonder what's inside?

"Ooh!? Isn't this a mithril sword!"

"Whoaa! We've never gotten a sword this incredible before!"

The trio acquired a Mithril Sword (ATK+200), quite a valuable loot.
Looks like our chest won't be a disappointment then. Let me see--.


"...Huh, what is this? It's a pouch full of nut-looking thingy?"

"Small walnut-like nuts?"

Deja vu, it's a deja vu!
Why do all the chests I opened always have stuff like seeds or nuts inside anyway!?
N-no wait, there's the case with vanilla seed, these nuts might turn out good too--.

"Oy, what's up, why aren't you moving?"

"I-if you're disappointed with that, we don't mind swapping this sword and--."

"No, this one's fine, in fact, this one is better."

"Eh? R-really...?"

"Kajikawa-san, what are those nuts? Are they edible?"

"Are they used in stuff like ice cream making for the aroma?"

"That's neither right or wrong. It'll take some time till it's ripe, but with this I can make that. I'm honestly happy. Super happy. About as happy as finding vanilla, fufufu hahaha."

"That laugh sounds so creepy you know!?"

"Will it let you make more tasty stuff?"

"Yeah, just you wait."

I ended up laughing weirdly from sheer happiness.
This will likely take half a year from start to finish, gotta start collecting the other ingredients. Can't wait.
...I get that we'd be better off taking the mithril sword monetary-wise, I really do.






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