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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 179

Dungeon Delving Starts


Two days after our visit to Julian's Workshop, we're delving in the aforementioned dungeon.
Trying to explore a dungeon alone is tough for me so I had to enlist Alma, Reina (and Hiyoko)'s help.

"Are you sure you're fine with taking on a dungeon, just for my weapon? I mean I'm glad to have you all with me."

"...Hikaru you're too reserved when it comes to personal matters. You should rely more on your friends."

"My new equipment comes from magic beasts Kajikawa-san and Alma-san beat, so now it's my turn to give back to you."


I feel bad making them do heavy labor for my own problem even if we're in the same party.
And these two readily agreed without showing the slightest reluctance, they're such good girls. I'll make them ice cream when we're back to show my appreciation... Vanilla seeds, hope I could get another bagful again.

We spent yesterday to prepare for this.
The upper floors are apparently structured like Daijel's dungeon, but the deeper you go down the more radical the environmental changes be, and the deadlier the laid out traps become.
The magic beasts inside also get stronger following the floor progression, conquering this dungeon won't be a walk in the park.
We bought stuff like equipment to handle rapid changes in temperature, potions to cure abnormal status and such.
Our financial has taken a beating from it and we're already spending tons on equipment... I'm hoping for a big return from the dungeon beasts materials and drop items.

So yeah today is the day. I mean wait.
Unlike Daijel's super minor dungeon, there's lots of stalls and a receptionist desk set up around the entrance.
Do we have to go through formality every time we wanna enter? What a pain.

"Um, we'd like to delve in the dungeon."

"Welcome. Parties who wish to apply for dungeon exploration may write their party name over here before they could enter. Please be aware that those below Rank E cannot enter the floors below Floor 5. It's dangerous."

"How strong are the magic beasts beyond Floor 5?"

"There will be magic beasts over level 20 from Floor 5 downward, level 30-40 from Floor 10 downward, and around level 40-50 by the lowest floor, 15. Please make sure you don't push yourselves."

"Loud and clear, thank you."

After giving the receptionist a listen, it's time for the dungeon delving for real.
Normally, you'd want to ask her more about stuff pertaining the dungeon like the environmental changes, but I didn't.
At the end of the day, we have to figure out ourselves how to handle those.
...I'm kinda regretting not asking though.

I see plenty of other parties going in as well.
All of them put on this puzzled look before glaring at me when they saw us. But why.

"Oy oy, ya really gonna bring just those two young girls inside? I dunno about that, man."

"It's not just us. We have a mascot too."


"Yeah, that changes zilch..."

A young man from another party gave me a warning. He face palmed when I introduced Hiyoko.
Hiyoko has a promising career ahead though. No really, evolving just after three leveling sessions shows how quick the growth rate is.
Also, these two girls are seriously strong. The black haired one in particular, her base level is way over yours, man.

After finishing all the procedures, we stepped on Floor 1. There's only shabby traps and weak magic beasts here. But we'd be in a world of pain if we let our guard down all the same.

"This is the first time I've been inside a dungeon, it's surprisingly bright, so easy to walk around in."

"This light can't possibly be natural no matter how you look at it. Who made it anyway."

"Maybe like, the god."

"Might be."

Wonder if these dungeons have a roguelike system too.
It's surreal imagining these gods setting up stuff like item drop rate and the likes. I've never seen them though.
...I've never met the gods in this (world) and my (earth), wonder if they really exist?  Not like I don't believe it, but I dunno. They're like ghosts.
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"Today is only a trial run. Let's not think about getting to the deepest floor and learn how this dungeon works for now."

"This whole thing's our leader idea, and he doesn't sound enthusiastic. I mean, I get that it's better to be safe than sorry though."

"How far should we go on the first day?"

"I'd like to aim for floor 10, but if stuff like environmental changes prove too tough, we should head back early."

"We must be careful on traps and such too. Upper floors aren't too bad, but they get more dangerous the lower down you go."

"That sounds scary in a different way from magic beast territories. Gotta pay attention...  Ah, a treasure chest! Fuwa, I've never seen such a classic looking treasure chest like the one you see in picture books in real life!"

Oh, finding a chest on floor 1, good outlook.
But it'd be a shame if another party's taken the content or--!?

"Reina!! Get away now!"



The chest opened by itself just as Reina was going to.
Revealing sharp fangs and venomous purple tongue stretching out.

<<Magic Beast: Common Mimic Lv15. A magic beast that mimics treasure chests and predate on those who get close. Its mobility is limited, however it exhibits explosive forces when it feeds.>>

I got no time to read all that! In short, this thing's a mimic, right!
I pulled Reina away from danger using Remote Mana Control.
Then I kicked the mouth closed mimic with all my might.


The mimic got blown away and kept rebounding between the floor and ceiling without letting a scream.
Crack, bang, crackle the chest got broken off every time it bounced, it was no longer chest shaped by the time it stopped.
O, ou. I thought it was gonna go like a soccer ball, got this shocking scene instead.

"H-hiiy...! W-what was, that just now...!?"

"It's a Mimic, a magic beast that camouflages itself as a treasure chest and eats people who try to open it. You'd end up falling into that kinda traps if you get careless, take care now."


"...This dungeon has a trap like that on floor 1 already..."

It came as a shock to me too. Isn't this dungeon too hostile to beginners?
We should check stuff like this with mana control first before proceeding from now on.

Despite the slight trouble, we pulled ourselves together and made a good progress afterward.
I've asked Menu to immediately display a warning screen if we come across another dangerous trap, we should avoid fatal traps now.

We pushed through floor 2 and 3, and while the magic beasts were slightly stronger than the ones in Daijel's, they were kind lacking too.
You'd see Lv20 beasts by floor 3 in Daijel's, while those levels of magic beasts only started showing up now that we got close to floor 5.

"I'm reading multiple human-like reactions, fighting a biggish magic beast in an open space ahead."

"Maybe they're from another party?"

"...Are they doing okay?"

"Who knows? I think they're fine, but the beast they're fighting is a tad stronger than the outlined guide. Think this one's around Lv30."

"Beasts on floor 5 should only be around Level 20s. They sure ran into one that's leap and bound stronger."

<<Magic beasts that are normally on several floors below can occasionally spawn on upper floors. They are known as Surprise Monsters to dungeon delvers. There are two choices when you run into one, either run away immediately or regard it as a boss monster and fight.>>

Hmm, the fighting party has three people on the upper half of Level 20s.
They should do just fine as long as they stay on their toes... Ah, one of them got seriously injured, lost a lot of HP.
Things gonna get dicey for them.

"Sorry, looks like they're not gonna make it, we should go save them."

"My oh my, guess we better hurry."

Now then, will we make it in time.
Dear me, and we really don't have time to baby another party too. So busy~.






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