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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 450

450 Trickless Trap


Kanedor's rant resounded in the plain. Yet nobody moved.
They couldn't comprehend what just happened, pausing their thought process.
It must be a huge shock. They lost a quarter of their forces in an instant just as they charged out.

"It must have been some sort of magical trap! We've still got plenty of men on our side! Crush them with sheer number! I'll pay the one who killed Lolengus thrice as much! Go get his head right this instant!"

A rustle broke out with that. Assertive men stepped forward one by one.

"Hyu! Kanedor-san's way generous! Traps like must have taken a lot of prep time for one activation. There should be no second time. Which means! I'm gonna take that prize!"

"You! Hold that thought! That reward is mine! I ain't gonna lose!"

"Hiihiihii! Allow me to snatch it while you guys are busy fighting."

"Don't be a fool! First place is mine! I ain't losing to you mooks!"

Soldiers of all types ran up while yelling all of those.

Good looking short haired audacious flashy man.
Good looking long haired ponytailed blond man.
A good looking glasses man with an eerie laugh.
A somber good looking macho old man.

"What the... does this world have nothing but good looking men? What's the insinuation here..."

My face is at best plain looking. Black haired, black eyes, typical Japanese face. World apart from the people of this world.
The group ignored me as they made their way to Lolengus.
These seemingly good looking-only fifty people under Kanedor went straight for Lolengus while ignoring me.
Wonder if this is a form of bullying to the plain looking Japanese faced me? Almost felt like it.

I focused back as the group approached me. Entering Accelerated State.
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(Good looking men are winners in life... they all should die... Ha!? No no, I might end up killing them by accident if I kept that thought.)

They have nothing to do with the fact that I got reincarnated in this world only to lead a horrible life.
Whether my life is wining, losing or another interpretation, my grudge bears no meaning to them. It'd be misplaced.

I only need to do what need to be done here. That's it. I rethink my mindset.
A good whack for Kanedor, that's all I want by the end.
Lending my power to Sir Lolengus in the process is acceptable.
I'm just gonna make myself scarce once it's over. Gotta run away to avoid getting detained.

(Run away when I did nothing wrong... Sigh...)

I undid Acceleration as I sighed.
And sure enough, the group of good looking men got done in just like the other folk before them.
Can anyone blame me for feeling refreshed from watching them getting blown away in the air while screaming like pigs?

"What the, what in the world is going on heeeeeere!?"

Despite staying in the far back, Kanedor must have seen their fate. All the bold soldiers suddenly flew in the air when they got close to me.

Kanedor's side has stopped moving altogether now. Stepping forward will end up with you getting blown away. The soldiers must have inferred that.
Kanedor kept wailing about paying them more. Yet these soldiers wouldn't move an inch despite the constant yells.
What good is money if they end up getting sent flying by a mysterious force?
The soldiers Kanedor gathered here won't move for money. Ironic. Guess it's not enough to overcome the fear?
The sight of the blown people not even twitching must compel them to imagine their death. Step forward, get sent flying, and die. There's no way humans can leap in at this without hesitation.

"I shall take the stage. All I need to do is to end that hooded man's life, don't I. He must be the main source of this trap. Kanedor-san. I will have five times my pay if I beat him. Is that satisfactory?"

One of the two people standing by Kanedor spoke thus.






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