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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 449

449 By the Book


There's nothing easier than to smash them altogether. But I'm not doing that.
Instead I'm poking these soldiers on the forehead one by one while strongly having the image, 'This won't kill them' in my mind. Also I hit the armor.
As for the reason I went all this trouble.

(No telling what'll happen if I don't hit the armor. They might break a bone, heck that'll have been a preferable outcome.)

With that consideration in mind, I poked at the first to the fourth row of soldiers.
I don't miss any thanks to their neat formation. Entering Acceleration before they could scatter made it easy.
Once I was done, I went back to my original spot and undid Acceleration to check the result first.

Screaming and groaning started resounding in this open plain right after.

"Gubyofo!" "Gabeha!" "Gedohyuu!" "Beromee!" "Apepoo!"
"Gufu!" "Geeeeee!" "Arororororo!" "Nyanjabefo!" "Donaigerebo!"

What came after hundreds of screams were the sounds of thud, crash, bam and bang as the blown away soldiers hit the ground.
Afterward, silence returned. Kanedor's soldiers stopped their advance at this sudden mysterious inexplicable phenomenon.

Everybody besides me has stopped moving. Yes, that includes Sir Lolengus's side.
I'm sure nobody predicted this. If I had to say.

(If all of Kanedor's soldiers were evil men, I would have no reservation to turn this plain into hell.)
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This place would turn into a storm of slaughter, destruction, annihilation.
I love musou games. But I'll take a rain check on doing that in real life. I'm not a homicidal maniac.
Games are games. This is reality. The world I live in now.
The value of life may be diminished in this world. But that's a problem of mind set. Individuals can still believe that 'life is precious'.
The life of a single person is insignificant to the world, no matter which world. Earth follows this too.
If the me who should still live on earth dies, nothing will have changed to the earth itself.
Really, it's the same here and there even with different bases. I finally get it now.

(Guess humans are the same everywhere. They exist in this world too. I'm sure they exist in any world too... These humans.)

If earth exists, and this world too, I imagine there's plenty of parallel worlds out there.
I even saw an existence that could be called a 'god'. Can you really say that other gods don't exist?
It might just be a delusion of mine, but I'm convinced.

(Let's quit thinking this whole universe stuff and focus on what's in front of me.)

I shooed away all these grand questions I wouldn't have an answer to anyway and turned my sight at the group ahead, still stopped dead at their tracks.

"What the hell is going on!? Move, you bastards! I paid for you fools, make it worth!"

Kanedor's voice echoed in the quiet plain.






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