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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 448

448 Is Cursing Contest Fun?


Around 1000 organized troops stand ahead of me. It's like walls of men. They're in a close formation.
Meanwhile our side only has 300. And they've formed, I suppose what you could call a defensive formation. Spread out to protect Sir Lolengus.

Our opponent, Kanedor stands far behind these opposing walls of flesh. Their sheer number can easily swallow ours. Must be the reason for his confidence. There's only two soldiers protecting him.

"I see you have finally decided to die. You must be shaking in your boots witnessing the sheer forces under my command, aren't you? Huh? Lolengus the poor?"

What's weird is how Kanedor's voice could be heard from so far away like he was using a megaphone.
Responding to that, Sir Lolengus's voice also resounded in the plain loudly.

"Naturally I have obtained the 'power' to pummel you for good. Did you truly believe I would have baited your here without a plan?"

This is apparently the effect of a magic device. Cheers to magic. You can replace science with magic and anything goes huh.

(But magic can do even more amazing stuff, guess magic is superior then?)

Both of them were eager to disparage one another. They kept at it for a while before a declaration was made for real.

"Diet member of Federation, Kanedor! We have proof of your wrongdoings! I exercise my right as a chairman to issue an emergency directive! You are hereby punished! Capital punishment for your felony!"

"Hmph! Who cares about that bullcrap! Once you're dead, this country is as good as mine! Hey Lolengus? Are you trying to get a laugh out of me? Me, punished? Oy oy, on what ground you even got to spout that crap? With that puny force of yours?"

"Yes, with this. And your statement has made light to yet another crime. Treason. You wish to kill me? Do you even have the backbone to?"
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Sir Lolengus glanced at me and nodded.
With that signal, I walked up and stopped in front of Kanedor soldiers' wall of flesh.
It's right in the middle between two sides. I'm standing alone in there.

"...Hm? Hm? What's the deal with that guy? What an eyesore. Hmph! Doesn't matter. You guys ready!? Bring them hell! Charge!"

I focused on straight ahead as letting these soldiers scatter in all directions would be a pain.
My opponents have lined themselves up real nice, might as well clean them all up before their formation breaks apart.
Once I entered Accelerated State, the enemy soldiers stopped moving, frozen in their ready-to-rush-out poses.

(Now then, I can't just act haphazardly here. It'd result in 'total destruction'... Wanna avoid that.)

There must be hired hands in there. Or those who have joined Kanedor's side to keep on living as that side is guaranteed victory.
That's no reason to die. Not in this dirty filthy war.
Some must have family waiting at home. Although there are definitely some people who just want to rampage around raising violence under Kanedor as well.
Also, the federation would experience an upheaval if it lost a huge amount of manpower here.
All those concerns float around me. They have absolutely nothing to do with me, but I guess this is what you call empathy.

(Can't exactly distinguish which is which nor do I have time. Then I should just make sure I don't kill any.)

I'm running the cogs in my head hard. But I can't seem to get a lightbulb moment.
As expected of my dull brain. There's no way it could come up with a plan that makes everything work out in one fell swoop.

(Then should I do it bit by bit while watching the results by entering and exiting Acceleration?)

Looks like there's only one annoying way to go about this.
I'm neither a wise man or a sage, it's vexing how nonexistent my brainpower is.

(Can't say how it'll go, just gotta give it a try.)

Thus I have this stage all to myself. The start of a theatrics of overwhelming.





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