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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 441

441 Checkmated


Now then, can I really just stroll in nonchalantly? I'm not sure. Will they lend me an ear if I tell them my circumstances?
Nope, no chance. After all this country is currently in a precarious state.
It could go up in a blaze at anytime in the middle of an uneventful daily life without any sign or omen.
It's treading on a fine line. Naturally if they saw someone that screams suspicious like me in the midst of all that tension, they'd go straight to arrest mode.
Gotta extinguish any spark at once. There's only one outcome I can see trying to deliver letters to the chairman of such a country.

"I mean magic exists in this world. As a terror prevention, not even a letter gets to the guy unchecked I'm sure. I can't give these letters to those gatekeepers, I'm not allowed to hand it over to the man directly either. The heck, isn't this just impossible?"

I need to personally see these letters get to the chairman's hands, can't just hand them to the gatekeepers and leave.
They might dump them in the trash bin out of suspicion. It's easy to imagine that.
That's akin to breaking a promise I made. I told Linda I'd deliver them.

I could have the gatekeepers check the letter's content, but with Linda missing, they'd likely arrest and interrogate me. They would do the same even if they doubt its veracity. Like, 'You're suspicious!'
If it comes to that, there's a high probability of them resorting to torture to get me spill on Linda's location.
They won't believe what I tell them even if it's the truth. Like 'Quit speaking lies!', and that's after a long arduous torture.
Though well, not like I'd let them arrest me, and I can escape anytime with this power anyway.

Trying to go see the chairman in person is a difficult proposition as well. He could be anywhere but this mansion right now, in which case going to where he is would be tough for someone who doesn't know the lay of the land here, like me.
We might also cross paths without realizing along the way.
Besides, there's no way these gatekeepers would tell a dodgy-looking youngster with unknown background where their chairman is.

(Wait, aren't I checkmated? I can't come up with a good idea.)

Sneaking into the mansion is one way to do it. I got in this country the backdoor way, a mansion would be a simple matter.
But say I succeeded and showed up in front of the chairman, would he believe me?
No, absolutely not, he would and should be skeptic. He might even suspect me as Kanedor's assassin and go all, 'Intruder abound, intruder abound!'. What is this a period drama?

Why would anyone believe a letter delivered in such manners?
They'd detain and interrogate me too in this scenario, taking up my time.
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And the most important point is how this letter is gonna light a fire. With the chairman having the honor to.
I can just imagine getting dragged into the whole thing being present there and all.

(At any rate, this 'Deliver Letter' mission has always been impossible to complete?)

Or maybe those are all just delusions of mine. But considering everything I went through so far, those delusions feel more real than ever.
I might have to resign myself here, as my thought reached that point in front of the gate, it was time over.

"You! What have you been doing over there! You're suspicious! Oy! We're arresting this guy! Background unknown! Do not let up! Call reinforcements! He must be detained!"

I made my resolve at this point.




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