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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 442

442 Demand Reversal


I tell them like it is. Whether they believe me or not, I'm prepared to accept whichever outcome including getting arrested.

"I have been tasked to deliver a letter to Sir Chairman. I hail from a rural village. I cannot help but be left in an awe witnessing such a grand mansion. Would you be so kind as to let me see Sir Chairman? My order is to ascertain the letter get personally delivered."

"Hmph! Your act of deceit won't work! If a letter is truly your goal, hand it over! We will deliver it later."

"I personally wouldn't mind that, but my order was final, so I am obliged to see to it. Please, would you let me pass?"

"Nay! We shan't allow men of doubtful origins such as you see Chairman! Keep resisting and we will arrest you on the spot!"

Thus, my demand fell on deaf ears while the reinforcements they called earlier rushed in.
Sink or swim. I'll be making demands instead.

"Then you may tie me up. Please bring me to Sir Chairman with me bound. Only then will I fetch the letter. I will leave the letter on the floor if you don't want me get close to Sir Chairman. If that's still not enough, you may tie up my legs as well."

The gatekeepers were surprised to hear my demand reversal.

"However, once Sir Chairman has finished reading the letter and found me innocent, please untie me. That's my condition."

Spears were thrust all around me while I was talking.
Meanwhile I had both my arms raised to appeal being harmless. That I'm not here to fight.

"Hoo hoo hoo! Quite a crowd we have here, isn't it? Bring the man in per his request. Let's see, the parlor should do."

A butler showed up out of nowhere.
His white hair is all swept back with a short moustache on his face, then his butler suit completes the looks.

"Oh, Raylo-dono... Understood, consider it done. Oy, men tie up this guy's arms and legs."

Thus I got shoulder carried by the mansion's guards with the butler's permission. It must look quite, now awfully surreal from the sidelines.
But I'm being serious here. Because I just know that I'm gonna get dragged into a mess anyway now.
Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter
They took me to a room in the mansion and rolled me on the floor.

A blond mixed with gray haired middle aged man with a perfectly rectangular-shaped face asked me with a look of surprise.

"Who are you? I have been informed of your coming as well as the matter with letter. But nobody mentioned it would be in such a fashion. Who sent you?"

Apparently this man is Sir Lolengus. And it seems he didn't expect that they'd brought me in this state.
Knowing there's no use explaining the course of event here, I got straight to the point.

"This is the letter. Please have a look."

I rummaged my magic bag with my tied up hands for Linda's letter. All while the guards had their spears pointed at me, implicitly saying they'd stab me death if I made a sudden movement.
I tried my best to avoid stimulating them and slowly fetched a single letter.
Then I cast it on the floor. The butler, Raylo picked up and handed the letter over to Sir Lolengus.

"...! Fumu...! What...! I see... That explains... Mumu!? I see now, aye very well. Untie this man. You guards may leave."

The chairman's face shifted from confusion, comprehension, relief, and then shock as his eyes traced the letter.
The guards looked surprised at the word coming out of his mouth afterward, but they did as they were told, undoing the rope binding me before exiting the room.





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