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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 169

Fruit of Efforts




"Okay, so this one is a Lv25 Rock Snake, kinda looks like an anaconda. It's not venomous but thing's got enough power to constrict and crush its prey with its long body, also Claw Arts, pay attention now. And this weird bird over here is a Lv43 Hellwing Monoeye. It's got [Magic Eye] Skill, those who lock eyes with it will fall under all kinds of Status Effects, try not to look at its eye as you fight."

"...Hikaru, you're holding a magic beast in each hand like it's nothing, is that really safe...?"

"I-I'm thankful that you're bringing them in for our leveling, but aren't they gonna attack you like that Kajikawa-san?"

"I'm binding them with my mana, see. I mean I toyed around with that wolf at the orphanage and all, beasts a bit over level 40 are manageable. Ah hey, big snake, I'm gonna tear you apart if you don't behave. You too big bird, quit looking here if you don't wanna get your eyes peppered."



Hello there. After having our lunch, we resumed our leveling at noon.
I brought a lv 20ish magic beast for Reina and lv 40ish one for Alma.
Either is almost twice their level, but we gotta do this if they wanna have a good training session.
So yeah, fighto! Gong.

"Don't just say gong outright! You're making me lose focus, please stop that!"

"Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to. Ah, Reina, it's coming straight at you."


"Uhyaaaa!? It's super fast and wriggly, disgusting!! Take thiiis!"

She threw a projected shuriken at the incoming snake but the scales flicked it off.
Guess that won't work on enemy stronger than her huh. The shuriken forged by gramps could probably work though.

The big snake seems to be deciding between biting or constricting Reina as it's making its way.
Reina is attempting to Shadow Dive inside the snake's shadow, but she might get coiled first if she's not careful.
Though well, she can then simply dive in the shadow and get away.



'Look at my eye!', The weird bird glared at Alma while seemingly telling her to look into its giant mono eye.
Meanwhile Alma turned the other way. What's with this mood.
By the way the kind of Status Effects the bird's Magic Eye can temporarily inflict include [Confusion], [Disillusioned], and [Darkness] among others. This is the world of darkness~.
It's also got Claw Arts and Offensive Magic Skills to boot, I think this thing is one possible evolution of Blade Wing.

"『Little Gnome』, hole."

<Oh boy, here we go again with another hole. And you're dropping yourself in there this time?>

<Well I mean it's a bird, thing's just gonna fly out if you put it in a hole.>

Here I was wondering what she was gonna do, she made a hole right under her feet.


The weird bird was confused at that and tried to peer in the hole.
Ah, I get what Alma is trying to pull here.

A flash of light so intense it was dazzling even in this broad daylight shot out of the hole right after the weird bird did that.


Think it's about as intense as Spark Wolf's horn? It's so blinding even from this distance. The weird bird who took that head-on is closing its eye with tears on it.
Looks like she arranged Light Elemental Magic, Shine Ball, to produce an even brighter light.
There's no way that bird can use Magic Eye now.


"Alma-san, good job! I got in the shadow thanks to you!"

Reina successfully slipped in the shadow created by the light.
The snake itself didn't get blinded, but it's panicking after losing sight of Reina.
Even if it did get blinded, snakes have a heat-sensing organ so it wouldn't have made a big difference, however, it's not possible for it to sense Reina inside shadows.
Not sure if she was planning it from the start, or she made best use of the situation. Nevertheless, she made the right call.

Once the light subsided, Alma went up on a raising ground like an elevator. We're going up~.
Then she activated [Storm Sword] attempting to end it in one go.
...Storm Sword again huh. That ability gives her a lot of speed yeah, but it lacks firepower. Yet I suppose it's hard to deal with enemy stronger and faster than you if you don't raise your speed.
But I feel like she could use Flame Sword to kill it in one swing here... Oh?

I can tell Alma has strengthened her whole body with Energy Control.
It's not [Qi Clad], she's explosively raising her attributes with pure energy.

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The moment Alma breathed out briefly yet powerfully, she disappeared.
...Eh? Where'd she go?


The weird bird screamed shortly before it stopped moving altogether.

After about a second, its head slowly slid off its body down the ground.
It must have died without even realizing it.

"Fssh... Pheew...."

I turned at the voice to see a sweaty Alma taking a deep breath while putting her sword in the scabbard.
...What just happened? I couldn't see her at all.

<<The process is as such:
1. She reinforced Storm Sword with Mana Control to greatly enhance her speed.
2. Then she strengthened her STR and Quick Step with energy for a brief moment.
3. Lastly she activated Mana Blade Gale to attack the neck.
Thus are the three steps involved in the process.>>

She greatly raised her speed for a brief moment of attack huh. It sounds simple when you know the trick but the one eating this attack wouldn't even have the time to react before they died.
More speed means more kinetic energy after all, she's got enough of firepower. Who's the dummy who said she lacks firepower.
...The only way I could get as fast is if I put most of my energy to instantaneously raise my Attributes. Yet it only took her 10-20% of her mana and energy.
A combination of Mana and Energy Control as well as Skill Abilities. No, more like.

"That was awesome... That's a finishing move alright."

"Finishing, move?"

Alma asked back quizzically as I blurted that out without thinking.

"Yup, a finisher. A combined move exclusive to you Alma. I can't do that... Seriously, I'm feeling envious even..."


Her reaction is kinda dry, no wait, looking closer, is she happy?
The corner of her mouth is raised a bit. For someone whose expressions rarely change, this is actually pretty substantial.
She should be proud of herself for coming up with that move. That should work on magic beasts over level 50 even.
...I'm kinda jealous at this gap between our fighting sense. The fact that she keeps catching up to me no matter how high I raise my level is making me impatient...

"Over here, nope, here, actually here!"

『Sssh!? Shishaaaa...!?』

Reina is coming in and out of shadows at high speed, irritating the big snake. What is that, whack a mole?
You can tell how vexed the snake is from the way it twisted and turned around.


『Ssh! Shaaaaaaaaa!!』

Reina lost her balance as she came out of shadow due to the snake's haphazard movement.
The snake wouldn't miss that chance as it opened its mouth wide trying to bite Reina.

"Just kidding! Seyaa!!"


She threw shuriken and kunai inside the open mouth.
As it wasn't protected by scales, the snake screamed in agony as it bled.
But that wasn't enough to kill it, the snake glared hard at Reina.


"Hiiy! Scary! But this is the end!"

Reina pointed her hand at the snake. What's she up to?

Right as that thought crossed my mind, gigantic blades pierced out of the snake's head, cutting it open from inside out.
...Are those shuriken and kunai she threw earlier? How'd they get so big?

<<Reinamiure had infused the projected Ninja Gear with an abundance of mana beforehand and then once the blades had landed on the target, she controlled the mana contained within to enlarge them.>>

What the heck, that's super nasty! This loli ninja is scary!

"Fufufu~ ...Mission sneakily accomplished."

Nothing sneaky about it at all though. Heck, it's standing out like nothing else with those gigantic stuff poking out.

Look here girls, you kept telling me how unreasonable I am but are you girls really ones to talk?
Both Alma and Reina have been experimenting with their Skills while training their fundamentals, and the fruit of their efforts has allowed them to sprint ahead.
Oh man, I thought I finally acquired enough strength befitting of a party's leader, but they're gonna leap past me in no time at this rate.
It's one thing if it's only an issue of effort, but I wish they wouldn't take such a giant leap ahead.
...Wonder if I could fight some random magic beasts and hit the light bulb on a new move? Eh, nope? Figured~. What do.





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