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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 438

438 Gotta Take It Easy Once In a While


Apparently this information just came in this morning, and now it's spreading throughout the kingdom.
The food stall man knew. It's probably a measure to soften the blow when the news is made official.
No explaining how it's spreading too fast otherwise. That prime minister must have had hands in it.

According to the gatekeeper.

The kingdom has put a restriction on merchants coming and going to the federation after their abrupt act of war.
Intelligence on skirmishes going on internally in the federation. Two sides amassing their forces. If one wishes to go there, do so at your risk.
There's also intel on vicious criminals having set up a stronghold along the way to perpetrate atrocious acts. Your safety is not guaranteed.

Such and such, the situation has really gone down the drain it seems. And then.

"Please refrain from going to the federation if you have no pressing matter."

"Ah, I'm still going, may I pass now?"

The gatekeeper looked perplexed and reiterated when I told him that.

"You? Didn't you hear me? You're almost definitely gonna die you know? And you're still going? You don't look prepared either, you're aware that the kingdom-sponsored stagecoach service has been suspended. Are you going on foot? Alone? Do you have a death wish?"

"Here you go. So can I pass the gate, or can't I. Which is it?"

I've learned how to deal with this stuff. There's no point trying to persuade this gatekeeper. It's a waste of time.
So I just showed him my Second Class Pass.

"...Sir! Pardon me! Everything is in order! You may pass!"

Thus I can finally get to the federation.
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(Come to think of it, I didn't see the guide. Did he miss me coming?)

I thought to myself thinking about someone that should have been here while taking light steps.

"Oh right, guess the number of days don't match up considering I left the kingdom not too long ago. How many days did it took me to get here since my arrival at the commercial city? Two, three days? Ordinary people would have never gone back here so fast, of course they'd never anticipate it."

The way to the federation is a meadow with a nice view. I don't see anybody behind and ahead.
I'm hopeful I won't encounter any event this way.
Nothingness equals no problem. No trouble. This is it.

"Oh yeah, wonder how's Chimera doing? Well it should do just fine on its own."

I was fully in Accelerated world from the commercial city to here, so Chimera got left behind.
I'm not worried though. It always disappeared and showed up when I least expected it, it should turn up out of nowhere again later.

"Aah, if only I knew there wouldn't be people around I'd have brought more meat in my magic bag."

I left all the wyvern meat at Eltros's mansion yesterday. I got the butler to bring me to the kitchen and gave it all to the chefs there. Asking them to use the meat for dinner. Leaving no excess.
The dinner that day was a full course wyvern meat. Everybody was present at the table, it was funny watching Eltros eating while trembling all over.
'How, how did it come to this...', he muttered as he spooned his share with trembling hands.
I also told them to share with the mansion employees, I could hear elated shouts coming from within their rooms when I walked in the corridors.

"Alright! Might as well take it easy since nobody's around anyway. No need to get hasty on this trip to the federation."

I took a deep relaxed breath in this completely refreshing meadow before stretching and taking a slow step forward.





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