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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 237

Face-to-Face with Scarymast


"Long time no see, guild master."

"...It's you. 'Long' isn't quite right, is it, Kajikawa."

Scarymast, Raizakaren has bandages all over her body in a private room at the treatment center.
I'm here to visit her. Her injuries are more severe than I expected. More than a match for that hen-pecked husband of Keruna Village.

Normally she's not considered well enough to receive visitors, but the staff let me in as I told them I'm giving her high potions.
There's currently a shortage of potions due to all the demon attacks lately. High-grade potions that can heal grave injuries have become a rarity.
I was the only one granted permission to see her as too many people visiting might aggravate her wounds.

"...You're hurt all over. Have you drunk a potion yet?"

"If only I got my hands on a high potion, I could have recovered enough to at least walk around. Most potions were bought up by the army, while adventurers snatched the few remaining ones, so they only have mid-grade potions and below in stock. Complete recovery is a long ways off."

"What happened?"

"Nothing much. I tried to get back on a flying black lizard and had the table turned on me. Quite pitiful if I do say so myself."

"Flying...? ...!? You can't be telling me you fought Black Dragon, can you!?"

"Sure can. Goodness gracious, all these wounds and the only clean hit I managed to land was one good whack. I suppose that lizard is not a former dragon partner of a hero for nothing."

She's way too reckless picking a fight with that darned monster.
Actually, what compelled her to do such a suicidal action anyway.

"I filed a complaint to Souma directly in regards to the Hunting Fest incident. He rejected me outright due to the lack of sufficient evidence, however."


"So, I tried hounding on Black Dragon and get him admit his fault but my provocation proved too effective. It broke out into a fight and I came out of it in this sorry sight."


...I always thought this person was a reasonable one despite her scary shell but she's surprisingly hot headed and thoughtless.
Getting seriously injured just to get back on a harassment is too much.

"But not everything was bad news, I got that dragon to admit, 'I planned out that incident', at the end. Despite the lack of proof, that's a satisfactory result."

"Eh, why would he confess?"

"He spouted up these lines before we fought; 『I've nothing to say to a weakling』, 『Let us say you spoke of the truth, they are but empty words lest you possess the strength to push through』. It does, however, mean that he is willing to speak the truth once I've shown him my strength."

Think about how much trouble you put other with that stance, damned dragon.
His owner must be at his wit's end after all the trouble he did to cover it up. Serves you right.
They must have planned to feign ignorance if Scarymast didn't go all the way here. Alma and [Stairway to Heaven] party could only grit their teeth in frustration if it came to that...

...Hold it.
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"Err, could it be the reason guild master filed a claim and even picked a fight with the dragon is..."

"I sought compensation for their actions. It would make no sense if I did not bring any result after all the big speeches I gave you. Ah, they should cough up the reparations in a bit. You may come to the guild after a few days."

She fought Black Dragon for our sake?
Even got hurt this badly in the process...

"...I apologize. You did all this for us..."

"Don't take it wrong. Fighting that lizard was for the sake of my belief. You've no reason to get worked up, or apologize."

She's so gallant. I'd fall for her. Not in a romantic sense, more like in a leader-like sense. Anego?
I can't be the only one doing nothing here. I should act in accordance to my belief too.
...I'm not too fond of standing out but high potions don't work well on injuries like hers, guess I'll do it myself.

"Guild master, excuse me for a bit."

"...What's wrong? Everywhere hurts, I'd rather you don't touch me...!?"

I transferred my life force to Scarymast and used her blueprint to restore her back to her normal State.
Even lost limbs can be restored as long as there is enough life force to go around. Bone fractures and bruises should be nothing.
Scarymast's State turned back to 'Normal' in a few seconds, recovery complete.

"...Was this your doing? I no longer feel pain anywhere on my body."

"I believe you're fully recovered now. You can unwrap those bandages too."

"Looks like it... To think you can even mimic healing magic. You're so versatile I find it hard to believe you can't use a single Skill. Frankly, it's frightening even."

"Ahaha... You told me not to get worked up or apologize, so please let me do this much at least."

"Hmph... You have my gratitude."

She's frowning a tad yet she doesn't look at all displeased as she checks her body.
I'd be down in a dump had she said 'It's none of your business'.

"I healed you to show my appreciations. But it's also true that it'd be a big help if you're at tip-top shape on the tournament day."

"Just so you know, I am not participating. That event is reserved for active combatants. I will only be there as a spectator."

"That's quite enough... The more people with Combat Job present there on that day, the merrier."

"...Fumu, it sounds like there is a trouble brewing."

"It's merely a hypothesis for now."

There's a chance something is going down during the tournament so I want to secure as many potential forces as possible.
She might have retired, but a Lv59 combatant should still be a force to be reckoned with.

Heck, this person is only a year older than me, isn't it too early for her to retire?
She's still young and all, she'll likely reach Special-class Job if only she keeps going.
...Well Scarymast must have her circumstances, I won't pry further.

I discussed a bit more about the tournament and how to proceed before excusing myself.
...Can't you please wait unwrapping your bandages until I'm out. That's unbecoming.

Now that's done, guess all that's left is to practice and make arrangements for Alma and Reina to prepare for their matches.

"Is Guildmaster, healed?"

"Yeah. The nurses were so confused looking at her suddenly back on her feet."

"And she was in such a bad state, they wouldn't even let a visitor too. Kajikawa-san's healing is just as weird..."

If ordinary people tried this method, their life span would be reduced.
Concretely in the form of their Maximum HP decreasing. Scary.

On top of these girls' training, I should make preparations for when those demons (idiots) show up to mess with the tournament.
I might go get stuff like those magic tools I asked Julian to create, or materials and tools I can use to gain advantages in battle.
Think taking a peek in granny's store at Daijel's is a valid option too.

...Good grief. It's nice to have an ample time to prepare myself and all but I can't help but keep worrying if I've done enough.
Wish the tournament's day is here already so I can skip all that. No wait, I really do gotta prepare thoroughly. What a pain.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 500

500 Before Breakfast


I took a closer look on the man's face. It's the thug who messed with me while I was out shopping.

"Hey you. You didn't believe what I told you, did you? How about it? Do you believe me now? You remember me no? So what are you gonna do? Wanna try worsening my mood?"

I'm one to talk. The way I threatened this thug is just as thuggish.
But well, I created this situation. It's thuggish but also backed with persuasiveness and power.
I took my katana from magic bag and thrust it before his throat.

"He, hehehehe... My bad, mister... It's my bad... Don't kill me, yeah?"

The small fry try to laugh it off as he begged for life.
Never would've thought I'd find myself in this situation, after reincarnating at that.

(Humans really love to spew templates don't they. Can't tell if it's interesting or not.)

This took the wind off my sail. After all, I'm also taking a templated action here. I lost my motivation.
I put away my katana and sighed.

"What Should we do now? That Bandoro man is definitely coming back for trouble. Ah geez, I really don't want the Waking Grass to get affected again. My research isn't progressing."

Chief Raie is worried more about her research than the issue at hand.
Meanwhile the soldiers are making noise as they're getting up. Some are wondering what are they going to do now.
Of course. Their employer ran off on his own after all. There's nobody else who can give them orders here.
Nobody here likely thought it would end up this way. Nobody but me.

"Ah, all of you attention please. If you're still planning to damage this site, I will have you die here. I'm the reason you all got knocked off your feet. Is there anyone among you who understands how I did it? If you don't like it and try to get back at me, consider that your last action. Those who won't attempt any funny business, go home. You're an eyesore crowding in front of this site."

They all listened attentively to me. Several of them voiced their anger, but the other soldiers around them stopped them.
I clapped my hands twice and urged these people.
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"Okay now, get a move on. You can't stay here forever. Now go and don't you look back!"

I kept clapping.
Around fifty grown men faded away into the distance while muttering 'What the heck did we come here for?'
I suggested one thing after seeing them off.

"We've got some time till that plump baldie comes back. Wanna take a break?"

Chief Raie face palmed and turned her face into the sky before going downcast. Then she greatly sighed and muttered, let's have breakfast.

"Ah, right. How often does a griffon eat? Is it gonna get hungry?"

I have no idea if I asked something weird. Chief Raie's face went from 'I give up', to 'I really give up'.

"Wild griffons eat once a day. Sometimes a meal can even last them a week or so I've heard."

"Ah, then it should be fine. Well then, I'll be off to finish some business. Be back before breakfast. Later."

And thus, I entered Acceleration and ran back to the Kingdom for the umpteenth time.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 236



Good morning. I finally got over my carsickness on this brand new refreshing morning.
Or so I thought, turned out there was a surprise event during my absent last night.

Who could have predicted that the girls would end up bumping into the hero's party.
I mean, considering the upcoming tournament, I did consider that possibility but really, of all people, it just had to be the hero.

He even went and invited Alma and Reina after they showed their strength by stopping some thugs at the restaurant.
It didn't turn into a bigger mess since he readily backed down when Alma and Reina declined. Good thing too, I wouldn't know what to do if the hero was despicable.

But I'm glad Hero-kun is not an idiot.
In fact, he sounds like a cool guy who proactively saves troubled people under violence. So dazzling.
I won't go out of my way to see him but I wouldn't mind having a chat if the opportunity arises.

"Eh? Why won't you meet him? Isn't he like, the only other person in this world from your world."

"Well yeah he's likely an earthling, I mean, from the same world as mine, but there's no guarantee he's a compatriot is there? If he comes from a different nation, then there's not a lot to talk about due to cultural differences. Is there anything that hints to his nationality?"

"Can't you tell from his name? It's Neo Life (Raifu), abbreviated to Neora."

"Neo Life... Doesn't sound Japanese to me... I guess that literally means 'Real Life' or 'New Life', maybe it's a simple way to symbolize his new start here? Can't really say with just that name though."

"He's a blond beautiful girl, I mean, boy... He has quite a pretty face, and looks more like a girl."

"Blond? Japanese people are mostly black haired. Guess he's a foreigner then?"

<<It is possible to remodel one's body upon reincarnation. There are records of past heroes remodeling themselves into more ideal forms.>>

Ah, so like Showracemenu?
...Guess we can't base it from his looks cause he might have it remodeled.
So you're saying this hero wanted to be a girlish boy? Heroes are such a mystery.

"Oh and he was blurting some unfamiliar terms."

"Like what?"

"『Elementary school』 and 『Stunted uncles』."

"Ah, guy must be Japanese."

"No no no, how can you be so sure from those cryptic lingos when his name and looks don't count!?"

'Elementary school' is probably common overseas, but 'Stunted uncles' is a term coined in Japan after all.
It also might be a weird translation by his Menu. Nevertheless, I should consider the chance of him being a Japanese pretty high.
Either way, I don't plan to go see him myself. It's a pain and all.

I also heard about how Lolimast's elder sister trained them or something.
Or that the little sister of the red haired girl from that three girl party is a member of hero's party.
Sure lots of people we know related to the hero. What a small world.

After breakfast, we went to the coliseum where the martial art tournament is going to be held to register.
Huge. Think it's twice, thrice as big as Tokyo Dome.
It's insane to think they managed to build something like this without heavy machinery. How many years did it take I wonder.
No wait, considering the strength of Combatants and the sheer utilities of magic tools, perhaps the technological level is not that far off Earth's? No clue.

The receptionist was bewildered when Alma and Reina attempted to register.

"Err, are you registering for Beginner, no, Trainee course? You may consult with the receptionist over there."

"We're Intermediate class. You can Appraise us."

"...L-level 42 and 35...!? How are you so high at your age..."

"Is there an age limit?"

"N-no, we don't question your age as long as you have come of age. Only Level and your Job matter to participants, and you two are more than qualified to enter the Intermediate course... I offer you my apologies for my unsightly behavior."

The gap between their looks and Status didn't cause an issue beyond the initial shock.
Ah, no I'm not registering. I'm buying a spectator seat though, one ticket please.
Eh, the cheapest one costs 100,000 en? Ain't that too high? Ah, all the reasonably priced seats are sold out, only the stupidly expensive ones remain huh... My wallet is getting lighter yet again.

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"Oh! You guys are here already huh?"

Someone called out to us while we were sightseeing the coliseum after registering.
This voice must be...

"Ah, Hyula-san. Hello."

"Last time we saw each other was at the port town!"

"Finally sorted out my business, y'see. Got here in a hurry and managed to snag myself an entry in time somehow."

"I'm glad you seem to be doing well."

"Likewise... Is it just me, or have you guys gotten even stronger? The heck happened in the short time I missed ya."

"We went to fetch an ingredient for Elixir and beat a really huge snake."

"Hikaru coerced, I mean persuaded Intermediate-grade Spirits to have a contract with me."

"Hold up. Those words are way too jam packed my head can't catch up."

Don't think, feel. And take it in stride.
...Hearing it put into words really drives home the insane stuff we did.

"Heard the hero's gonna join in the fun. Can't wait to see what kind of burly man he's like!"

"Errr, he's so good-looking you'd easily mistake him for a girl?"

"...Thanks for crushing my dream. Well, guess it's only been a few months since his summoning, no way he ain't frail lil' man still..."

"Actually, he seemed pretty strong. Attributes-wise, he's likely above mine."

"Hee, hope I got to match up with this hero if he entered the Advanced course!"

"Probably not happening. Hero is apparently an Intermediate-class Job."

She's quite interested in Hero-kun, but it doesn't seem like she'll get the opportunity.
Well, she can always ask for a match after the tourney.

"But man, Intermediate course this time sure fees like it's gonna be lit. Been seeing lotsa promising youths."

"Hm? Was there somebody else as good?"

"Yea, saw a green haired boy registering earlier. Thought he was an apprentice but naw, turned out guy was a Dagger Fencer."

"A green haired Dagger Fencer?"

"...Could that be, Radia-san?"

...Menu, do you know if Radia-kun is here in this city?

<<Radiasta has just registered, currently present in the Coliseum's vicinity.>>

Oy oy, he was only around Lv20s when we parted ways. He's already Lv34 now. Must have really pushed himself seeing as he can't use Energy or Mana Controls.
...Radia-kun's got talent alright. Should I invite him to our party next time?

I asked Menu to look up more and found quite a lot of familiar names.
Plenty of adventurers who were in Daijel's Stampede and Randorainam's Hunting Fest too.

Oh, Baredo and Rasfin are here too. They went straight from Lv20s to Lv33.
It's quite fun seeing the progress other parties have. Wonder who else is here.
...Hm? Who the heck is 'Raizakaren'. I don't know her, do I? Wait, she's Lv59, so high.

<<...That is the name of Randorainam's Adventurer's Guildmaster.>>

Randorainam, guildmaster?
...Wait what, she's Scarymast!? You're telling me she's got a Combat Job!?
Why'd she go all the way out here. Also, her State shows that she's seriously injured.
She seems to be resting at a nearby treatment center, guess I'll go and pay her a visit later.

Hm, Hyula-san is right, there's a lot of people at Intermediate-class.
They must have been training hard after the birth of Demon King. I suppose everybody got the same line of thinking huh.
...Things are getting interesting. This should be a good experience for the girls.

Now I just gotta think up how to deal with those meddling demons (bastards).
I may not even catch a hint of their shadow right now, but there's just no way they're gonna let this tournament be. Your trick won't work on me.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 499

499 Coming, Going


It's a reenactment of the thing that happened to 'Old Wolf'. Although Bandoro brought a lot more soldiers with him.
Around 50 of them. Intermittent groans could be heard here and there. Of course I didn't put a finger on Bandoro.

"Ah, I stopped these guys cause they were trying to break in. There's no problem, right?"

"...Y-yes. Right, well. They're pretty much rioters. We have the right to neutralize them... Actually, just what was that? I was about to stop them myself then they all suddenly keeled over... This was your doing, right? This is the second time and I still can't believe my eyes..."

Chief Raie isn't the only one who looks confused.
Bandoro is frozen over at the sudden incapacitation of his soldiers. All of them neatly spun in midair before hitting the ground hard in unison.
It ended so fast it was like watching a circus show.

"What happened? Eeey! Somebody, explain to me!? What's wrong with you! Stand up you lot! What do you think you're doing! Work your end of the deal! You're shaming the infamous Gora Family!"

I heard a familiar sounding name out of Bandoro's mouth.

"Oy oy, ain't Gora the violent gang that recently made a name in the kingdom... W-won't they take revenge on this site? That ain't good..."

One of the workers muttered anxiously. The two other workers followed suit.

"Maybe we gotta run...", "You gonna abandon this place? Ah but you only have one life."

Looks like they've come to a wise decision. Naturally. I would too. If I didn't have this 'Power'.
Yes, a what if. I don't need to fear. In fact, the term violent gang incites me instead. I won't hold back now.

"Guess crushing them would give the quickest result. But how many times would this make? I've done this before. I'm not some kind of human roach trap."

I won't proactively hunt down evildoers. I have my brake on.
However, I can justify my action once those villains have gone too far.
It's nothing but an excuse I need for my inner peace. Though to be honest, I deal prompt judgments to those who perpetrate irredeemable evils. You can call it hubris, arrogance, prejudice or egoism, I don't care, I won't forgive anyone who's crossed the line.
But these guys haven't done that yet, at least as of now. Hence, I let them off easy.

"D, don't think you've won yet! I won't give up, ever! I'm gonna come back here! Little girl! Next time I'll have your head!"

What a small time villain-like parting threat. Bandoro quickly retreated once he saw his soldiers unable to get back on their feet.
Yes, he boarded his carriage and started making his exit alone, leaving the fallen people behind. He went away it so fast like the wind.

"Ah, there's still a continuation to this huh. Now then, what do I do about these guys?"

Apparently that Bandoro guy is planning to come back. Which means I can't leave this place yet.
I'll have to delay sending griffon back home too.

As the people groaning on the ground started regulating their breathing, one recovered earlier than the rest.

"You... You're that damned brat who disappeared the other day... We been looking all over for you in the kingdom, the hell you playing at here..."

I heard someone uttering that among the leftover soldiers.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 235

Side Story Secret Talk


This chapter starts with Hero's POV again

...No well, I did consider the possibility of her refusing.
I gotta tell her the downsides of joining my party to avoid her coming under the impression that everything is all swell.

Thinking back, Levia asked to join me on her own volition and Olivie felt indebted to us, so she readily accepted my proposal.
But I only treated these girls to a meal, and it's my thanks for saving me.
Guess people really don't like joining hero's party because of all the associated mess.

"We're not particularly against it. But our party already has a leader."

"You mentioned your hero's party only has two open slots left right? Then our leader and Hiyoko-chan are gonna be left out."


"We don't want to leave our current party, and our leader would not like it."

"...What if we persuade your leader to let you join ours?"

"I'm telling you even before that, we ourselves don't want to leave... Well, he's probably willing to let us go if we tell him we want to leave no matter what."

"But he'll definitely be torn out on the insides and we don't want to go separate ways to begin with."

Olivie gave that suggestion but the two girls still insisted against it.
These two must really like their leader.
And judging from what the blondie said, he must be quite a kind man if he's willing to accommodate the two's wishes even if it hurts him.
...Hmm, after hearing all that, I'd rather not force them to join us.

"...Is that right. It's a shame."

"Sorry, anything but that."

"...Excuse me, may I?"

Aina-san who had been keeping silent suddenly spoke just when the negotiation failed.
...Huh? She's smiling yet her eyes are dead serious? What's up?

"Sorry, I need to check on something with these two. Can I borrow them for a bit outside?"

"Eh? We can go with you--"

"Pleaaase, it's a girl's only secret talk."

"H-hey! Aina-san, no hugging! They're hitting me!"

"Neora, get over here you! Why are you grinning if you don't like it!"

"...Neora-san really loves woman's breasts, doesn't he... He could've asked me, no, nevermind..."

"Eh, what was that? Owowowowow!! Ear! Levia, don't pull my ear! It's gonna come off!"

"Later guys~."

Aina-san took the two girls with her.
Both Levia and Olivie always peel me away whenever Aina-san gets excessive with her skinship. Are they really helping me though?
My ear and arm are hurting from all the pulling! Ah but, something is hitting my arm whenever Olivie pulls me, no wait, she's putting too much strength I don't even have the time to think that, ouch ouch!

...I'll have Aina-san take care of the bill.
But I wonder what are they gonna talk about.
...She can't be pressuring them into joining me, can she.

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~~~~~~~Alma's POV~~~~~~~~~

"Phew, that did it somehow."

The elf woman called Aina-san muttered as she gazed hero from outside the restaurant.
...Wonder what she's trying to talk with us without their presence.

"You girls are amazing. Normally, I'd have taken whatever measures necessary to ensure you join his party."


"Oh, don't get so worked up now. I'm not trying to coerce you or anything. Ah, right, there's this thing I need to talk about, see?"

Aina-san's expression changed from all smile to serious and then she bowed for some reason.

"You have my thanks for saving Ivran-chan at Vinfitt. Almatina-san, Reinamiure-san. Allow me to extend my gratitude to the absent Soarer-san as well."


Only Vinfitt's guildmaster and the townlord know about that, so how?
She slowly raised her head and faintly smiled before she spoke.

"H-how did you know about us?"

"Ivran-chan is my little sister, you see. She told me how much of a big help you girls were during the demon with ancient weapon incident at Vinfitt about two, three months ago."

"L-little swister!? Is that true!?"

Aina-san is the guildmaster's elder sister?
...Looking closer, her eyes do look like hers. She's an elf too, she's probably not lying.

"Did guildmaster tell you? The matter should be strictly confidential."

"Yes, my position afforded me this secret but officially everything was resolved by Soarer alone, so please rest assured. Of course I don't plan on divulging this matter to anyone either."

"Fuwaa... I had no idea guildmaster-san had an elder sister. You're even together with hero's party."

"Yup, it was Ivran-chan who asked me to help train the hero's group, see. 'You always show up when it doesn't matter, and nowhere to be seen during crucial times. Make yourself useful on this note at least, sis.' Oh my is this sweat coming out of my eyes, sniffle..."

...Thank goodness. I was worried if she was going to blackmail us into joining Hero's party.

"Speaking of which, where is Soarer-san now?"

"He's out cold after coming down with a carriage sickness from riding a beast carriage."

"He looked half dead while saying flying is nothing compared to beast carriage's shaking."

"Oh that's a shame. I wanted to personally thank him too... Hold it? We're here to register hero-kun and the girls at the Martial Art Tournament, is your party entering too?"

"Un. I would like to test how far my strength will take me."

"Victory seems uncertain though. That hero-san looks pretty strong."

That hero's base specs are probably several times higher than mine.
I believe the two girls next to her are around our level as well.
...Hikaru's leveling style was quite ridiculous. These people must have gone through a lot of risk as well.

"Will Soarer-san enter too?"

"Hikaru won't. He doesn't like to stand out, and his Job is unidentifiable to begin with."

"He should be at the spectator seat cheering for us. I think that's a good opportunity to go see him, don't you think?"

"Oh yes, I'll do just that. But looking for him among the audience will be a challenge..."

Aina-san whispered while smiling wryly.
Hikaru could use his Menu and find anyone right away, but the opposite isn't true after all.

"I suppose we'll see you again on tournament's day?"

"Sure will... Not to brag, but our kids are pretty strong, you know? Think of them as being several times stronger than their Levels suggest. Neora-kun especially."

"Guess otherworlders are all one of a kind huh... Uh, I guess it's obvious looking at Kajikawa-san."

"...But I will not lose. Hikaru is one thing, but I don't feel there's a hopeless gap between me and hero."

"Oh that's quite fine, you can see for yourself when you do fight him. Aah, I can't wait for the tourney... By the way, is Soarer-san really that strong?"

"He's just absurd. Like he's been getting stronger so fast, he'll be like a different person altogether in just one month."

"...Honestly, I don't believe we can win against him even if Reina, Hiyoko and I join forces..."


"I see. I'd love to let someone like that fight Neora-kun. It'll be a good lesson for Neora-kun who might believe he's OP or whatever after finishing his training."

"It's okay. I will win in the tournament."

"Ooh! That's unusually assertive of Alma-san!"

I am not conceited enough to believe I can win against anyone besides Hikaru.
But, I won't back down just because I'm up against the hero.

"Now then, we shouldn't let them wait too long. Why don't we call it off for now."

"We should. Thank you for the treat."

"Thank you."

"Ah, can I ask one more thing? Soarer-san is supposedly an otherworlder from the same land as the hero, what's his thoughts on the hero?"

"He never said anything about the topic."

"It doesn't look like he has any interest in the hero."

"O-oh okay... Guess I better shut up then..."

"Does Hero-san know about Kajikawa-san?"

"Umm, he mentioned about how there's someone who got thrown off into this world by accident, and that he would like to help him in any way he can if he came across the poor guy. But I probably should keep this to myself..."

Un. I don't think Hikaru needs help.
I sense strong power from the hero, but it's not quite at Hikaru's level.

As I was biding farewell to hero's party who was settling the bill, I noticed something.

After taking a good look of the red haired girl, Leviaria, her face felt like it overlapped with someone's.
Noticing my stare, she looked back at me dubiously.

"...What? Is there something stuck on my face?"



When I blurted the name of that red haired girl from Daijel because they looked alike, she jolted upright.
Judging from her reaction. She may be Fifraila's little sister or a relative. I wonder why is she together with the hero.

"W-w-w-w-w-why do you know Fira-ane? A-are you her friend? Please, I, I beg of you! Please don't tell Fira-ane! She'll get so mad if she finds out!"

Leviaria begged me with a pale face.
...She must have run away from home.
You should always consult with your family first before going independent. Or else they'll get worried sick.
...Though my parents are still such worrywarts even after giving their consent.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 498

498 How Many Times Must the Same Thing Repeat


"I'd like to let this griffon back home but there's still some things nagging my mind. Do you mind if it stays here for a while more?"

"Eh? What do you mean? Didn't you say you were going to send it back home this morning? Why the sudden change of heart."

She mentioned what I told her yesterday.

"I realized there's still some uncertain factors hovering around. I'd like to make sure everything is fine at this site first. After which, we can let griffon home. What do you say? Will the Waking Grass be fine?"

"Oh there's nothing to worry about on that note. The Waking Grass here have started to stabilize in griffon's presence. I don't know what will happen once it's gone however. The timing makes no difference. So it's not like it needs to go right away... but what do you mean by that? Can you give me an explanation?"

Just before I could speak, Chimera suddenly meowed, so I turned my sight at it.
Chimera is looking in the direction of the site's building. I somehow got what it was trying to convey.

"We have a guest it looks like. Haa~. What now? Considering the timing though. It's probably nothing decent."

I make my way to the building even though I haven't even had breakfast yet.

"Ah hey! What's going on now? What about our discussion? Explanation?"

"You'll see when you get there, I think. Going by my intuition, that Bandoro guy is probably here.  Ah, Griffon, stay here and behave yourself, okay?"

"Haa?", Chief Raie followed me after making that confused look.
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~~  ==  ~~  ==

"Get the supervisor here right this instant! I! the great Bandoro-sama has deigned you my presence! Do not make me wait a moment longer! I can easily crush this small farm! Eei! I don't care! Men, do it!"

"Please stop your folly! Do that and you all will be charged with crime. We'll have to call the kingdom's guards!"

We made it in time before this Bandoro guy jumped the gun. Chief Raie's yell stopped the group's advance before they barged inside.
I shot rapid fire questions. A formality if you may. Something that must be put into words.

"Who are you guys? Why are you here? What's your business? And what about those men carrying weapons behind? Are they supposed to be a threat?"

My nagging feeling was proven right. Quickly at that. I never imagined the person himself would show up now.
I paid that merc group 'Old Wolf' to delay Bandoro, so either they ran away without honoring the end of their deal, or this Bandoro guy couldn't wait anymore.
I can't believe he'd come this early in the morning though. We only made it in time because the site's workers did their best to hold them back.

Bandoro ignored me and spoke to Chief Raie instead.

"Oy! I know there's a griffon in this site! A magic beast so close to the kingdom is a source of anxiety! We're going in to kill the thing! Give your permission! If you refuse, feast your eyes on this. It's an emergency letter! See! You can't complain now!"

The bar code-styled balding Bandoro puffed out his plump belly. He looks sure of his victory complete with a smug look.

"Emergency letter, I see. That means you have to discuss the matter with the person in charge first and form a combined force. Then once the circumstance is clear to both sides, they have to reach an agreement. I suppose that letter is the one thing that can be prepared quickly."

(Ah, this Bandoro guy is just way too haphazard. Lame, for real.)

His hastily made plan is full of holes. It's obvious at a glance.
That letter doesn't give him the right to do as he pleases.
He's either an idiot or he truly believes that letter is his silver bullet. Hard to say.

"Allow me to explain the situation now. The griffon has been weakened so much, it will die by itself even if we leave it alone. Your excessive show of force is not necessary. As such, I must ask you people to go home."

"Wha? Say that again!? Weakened?! Magic beasts must be promptly eliminated! This is our best chance!"

"Then I must first calculate the extent of damage that will cause, bring that up to the kingdom's tax bureau, and have you pay the restitution. If letting it be minimizes the damage, that is the best course of action we can take."

(Griffon was weakened for sure. It's fully back on feet now though. This kind of lies brings the best results.)

As I was admiring how grown up Chief Raie is for her white lie, someone yelled out loud. Bandoro of course.

"Little girl! Are you defending the griffon? You're just ignoring the risk of that thing running amok and causing casualty? You're not worth talking to! Men, push your way in! We can't afford to keep listening to this ignorant little girl's excuses! Pay her no mind and go kill that griffon!"

(Whao! Guy's just gonna abandon all reason huh? How did such a vanishingly petty man manage to get this far in life anyway? It's beyond me.)

That must be solely due to all the luck this Bandoro has which has now run out.
My only reaction to his nonsensical blabber was, 'Really now?'
I cast aside my restraint and entered Acceleration to solve yet another mess with brute force.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 234

Side Story Finally All Members Are Present


This chapter is told from Hero's POV

It was just a week ago when we faced off against a magic beast over Lv70 in order to finish Aina-san's training.
I was sure we wouldn't have made it in time for the tournament if we had to take a ship there.

But turned out Aina-san carried a Teleport Scroll that took us straight to this city at Firie Kingdom.
Aina-san was lamenting the fact that she had to use such a valuable scroll. No wonder when one such scroll costs 2 million en.
We could have used Fast Travel if only we made our way here first before we started training though.
Meaning it's all Menu's fault for not telling me.

<<No no, I was told not to spoil it. There are a lot of restrictions imposed on me, okay?>>

Okay okay, I get it. Goddess could've bent the rules a bit for me.

After narrowly managing to defeat that over Lv70 magic beast, these are my Status now.

Neo Raifu

Lv 41

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Hero

State: Hungry

HP (Health Points): 1092/1092
MP (Magic Points): 539/539
SP (Stamina): 114/418

STR (Strength): 937
ATK (Attack Power): 937 (+670) (+100)
DEF (Defense): 848 (+430) (+310)
AGI (Agility): 853 (+120)
INT (Intelligence): 823
DEX (Dexterity): 714
PER (Perception): 711
RES (Resistance): 550
LUK (Luck): 165

Swordsmanship Lv 10
Celestial Swordsmanship Lv 2
Spearmanship Lv 9
Axe Arts Lv 7
Staff Arts Lv 6
Archery Lv 6
Shield Arts Lv 8
Martial Arts Lv 10
Ultimate Martial Arts Lv 3
Throwing Lv 5
Kempo Lv 10
Grappling Lv 1
Stealth Lv 4
Offensive Magic Lv 10
Advanced Offensive Magic Lv 1
Support Magic Lv 3
Recovery Magic Lv 8
Etc, displayed on demand

[Master Skills]
Aura Mitigation
Magi Mitigation
Counter Fist
Dimensional Blade

Light Tiger Fang Sword
ATK +670

Light Tiger Leather Breastplate
DEF +430

Purple Lightning Flash Boots
ATK +100, DEF +310, AGI +120

Charming Handsome
One Who Overcame Death
Superior Slayer
Living Fast and Furious
Magic Beast Killer
Magic Beast Genocider
Skill Master
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000

My level nearly doubled, and my Attributes went pretty high too.
My Skill levels went through the roof, I even learned four new Master Skills.
[Dimensional Blade] especially, I love how cool it sounds. It's a real powerhouse of a Skill too.

I reached max Offensive Magic Skill level, skipping Intermediate and getting straight to Advanced, but I don't usually cast spells in combat since they're not cost effective.
With Olivie around, Offensive Magic is probably redundant anyway. Well, no harm raising them I guess.

Light Tiger Fang Blade and Light Tiger Leather Breastplate are made with materials we got from defeating that over Lv70 magic beast we defeated, [Sunshine Tiger].
We got killed so many time by that thing, I couldn't stop myself from tearfully yelling in happiness when we finally beat it.
Befitting of a Rank S magic beast, the materials were all first class. They don't evolve like Unique Monster's equipment, but the base specs alone have terrific performance.

Levia reached Lv39 and Job Changed to Great Lancer, maxing out Spearsmanship and Martial Arts netting her Piercing Spearsmanship she raised to Lv3 and Ultimate Martial Arts to Lv2.
But more than numbers on paper, what's more impressive is how much better her field of vision in battle has widened, affording her incredible coordination. Since she's got a great combat sense in the first place, this result is the bigger deal from her training.
She can probably handle opponents quite a bit higher leveled than her just fine. Despite me having higher Attributes, Levia is overwhelmingly better than me in combat.
Her Job may be a normal combat type, but her practical prowess won't lose to rare Jobs.

Olivie is also Lv39 now, her Job changed from Sage to Grand Sage. She maxed out all Offensive Magic, Support Magic and Recovery Magic, learning Intermediate versions of each Skills in the process.
She originally had a frail body but due to the hellish training of constant running and repeated use of healing magic, her stamina is nearly bottomless now. It even bewildered Aina-san who gave her the training menu.
Now she can move around in the battlefield so well you wouldn't think she was a magic type. And by move around I really mean it. Sway sway.
She usually stays in the back line, but she can adapt to the optimal position and bombard enemy with high powered spells more powerful than mine at the most opportune of time.

...I asked Aina-san to join my party as well, but it was just not possible due to many factors.
Only people below my level can be registered in my party, so Aina-san being Lv73 is out of range.
Her following us around when she can't receive the grace of revival means constantly under a real risk of dying.
Adventurers all are well aware of such a risk that comes with the territory but it's not fair if she's the only one carrying that burden among us.

Another reason is Aina-san's race being 'Elf'.
Elves have a long life but in return, their Level and Skill Level hardly rise.
Aina-san may be stronger than us right now, but all of us may eventually overshoot her if we keep raising our Levels.
Due to all this, it's better for her to stay out of our party in long term.

...She will be with us until the end of the tournament at least, but I wish this wasn't the reason we're going separate ways with someone I consider our master.
I could nod to that since Aina-san herself gave those reasons, yet I can sense there's a part of her that remains unconvinced.
Not like we're never seeing each other again though, and Aina-san has her own duty to fulfill, so I get that I should act normal around her.

So yeah, once we finished our training and sorted out our equipment we teleported to the fifth continent.
We decided to have a feast to celebrate the end of our training but then I caught sight of a man sitting on the table over tripping a waitress.

The waitress spilled the food she was carrying on an orange haired man and received his ire.
Orange insisted his cheapo clothes are much more expensive than they really are and tried to accost the waitress. So easy to tell it's all a set up. Thank you again.
Have they no shame as men. What a farce.

I went to confront them and ended up getting told stuff like serving them in place of the waitress, and getting my face messed up bad I wouldn't dare to go out as a girl again. It all drove me to tears and rage.
I got emotional, I backhanded blew away the blue head and sent the orange hair flying with a straight punch.

...I mean, you know? I too couldn't tell if I were a man or a woman when I first saw this figure of mine, okay?
In fact I thought that goddess had turned me into a girl.

I want to believe that I will eventually grow into a manly man people no longer mistake as a woman.
But, no it didn't happen. Most people who see me these days go straight to assuming me a woman, almost never a man. Just why.

Maybe it's because I've been letting my hair grow long.
Thanks to that, my physical growth got overwritten by my girlish appearance and (Etc)
I've had enough. Damn.

"U, um, thank you so much...!"

"Young la-cough, man, ya done a real bang up job! Serves 'em right!"

"A, ahaha, thanks."

Ah, geez, I needlessly stood out because of my out of character behavior. Also I know you almost called me young lady, old man.
As for you three girls sitting over there, quit looking at me warmly. It's so embarrassing I wanna die.
...Hm? What got you three look so surprised?

"Neora, behind you!"


"You damned brat!"
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Crap, the blue head I blew away earlier is swinging a club my way.
Gotta block it with my shield again, no I won't make it!?

"Dieeeeee!! Gebea!!?"

Just before the club hit my head, blue head suddenly got blown away flying in a < position.
W-what just happened? It was as if someone kicked him from the side.

<<...That must be Offensive Magic Skill ability [Magic Bullet]. It shoots a neutral elemental bullet. The customer over there cast it... Huh...!?>>

Customer? Someone here helped me?
Wait, what's up Menu. Something wrong with that customer?

"Just stop. Admit your fault, get lost."

"W-was it you! I dare you try pulling another surprise attack!! I'mma beat you up--"

"Shut up."


Blue head angrily set up his club toward a black haired girl who seemingly cast the spell but she closed in the distance between them in the blink of an eye and had her sword drawn next to his throat.
I-I could barely follow her. Ground Shrink? No, there was no sign of her activating a Skill...

"There is no third time... Get, lost."


Blue head screamed out pitifully as he ran off. Isn't this dine and dash?
...This girl is amazing. Think she's about my age, maybe a bit older? Yet the way she carries herself is like a veteran.

<<N-Neora-san! Look at this girl's Status! She's an incredibly exceptional talent!>>

O, ou. I don't see you losing your mind from peeking someone's Status often, Menu.
But considering her age, she can't possibly match ours post that training regime...

...Eh, Lv42? Higher than me? E, eeeeh!?
Wait, her Job is High Paladin? I don't know that Job.

<<It's a super rare Job. A hybrid of Swordsman and Mage. Just a few months ago, the only known Paladin type Job was [Apprentice Paladin]. I can't believe this girl is the world's first...!?>>

O-oy, I'm seeing an unfamiliar Skill on her Skill list, [Magic Swords].

<<It's an unparalleled close-combat Skill that grants a sword the effects of Offensive Magic! It's one of the rare Skills Hero can't learn!>>

Man, this Job gets more and more cheat-like the more I heard about it.
She's, 16... Did she go through the same kind of that hellish training in around a year too? This girl must be pretty reckless herself.

Heck, she's so cute I don't even care about all that stuff.

...Is this goddess telling me to 'Scout her up right this instant, stat'. I want her in my party so much.

"E, eer, thank you for the save."

"Nn, don't mind me. I was just trying to enjoy my meal in peace."

For now, I should say my thanks.
The black haired beauty stayed expressionless as she gave a reply. What a cool girl.

"U-um, would you mind eating together with us? I'd like to treat you."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I mean you really saved my bacon there. You can order whatever you want."

"...Does that offer extend to my companions?"

"Of course! My seat is over there."

Alright, I got her join our table.
Her companions would be, a blond girl and... A silver chick? What a weird combination.
...I can feel prickly stares from the girls sitting on my table. Can you girls please act more amiable, I'm trying to land us a new member here.

"Alma-san, is this really fine?"

"...What is?"

"Nah, nothing?"

The blond girl grinned as she teased the black haired girl.
Actually, this blondie seems pretty strong too. And cute. She looks a bit too childish, yet checking her status, she's the same age as me. Are you for real.

...I only have two more open companion slots.
Which means, having this girl join us means I get to have a full party in one go.
This is it, this must be it!

Thank you goddess. Just when I was starting to believe Levia and Olivie were more than enough, you gave me this ideal harem party.
Now then, I gotta coax them after meal time.

"Sorry, I can't."

"No can do."



There was a time I believed that.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 497

497 Getting Licked


I woke up as the sun rose. I got out of my tent after a light stretch.
The coldness of the woods roused my sleepy eyes.

"Ah, a cup of Waking Grass tea would have made this morning even better..."

I took a deep breath and made my way to Griffon. It's still sleeping.
Same with Chimera, still curled up with no sign of waking up.
Sunlight gradually penetrated between the trees, brightening the day.
Griffon and Chimera felt the warm of sunlight hitting their bodies and got up while yawning.

"Good morning guys. Looks like we're gonna have a fine weather today."

I went about my morning routine as I spoke to them. Griffon replied 'Kueee' and did a cat-like stretching pose.

(It's got a lion body right? Or a cat? Or maybe bird of prey? Wonder which one is it?)

I shook off the weird question crossing my mind and checked on Griffon's condition.
I took a good look on its entire body to see if a wound opened after yesterday's dose of potions.

"Alright, you're back in tip-top shape. Do you think you can fly back home now? Hm? Oy, stop that."

Griffon opened its beak wide and licked me. The beak is big enough to swallow my head whole. Naturally the tongue is just as big, enough to cover my entire face.

This is probably a sign of affection but it's really a bother physically speaking.
I'm happy that Griffon has opened its heart to me but that's a separate matter.
I pushed its beak away. I don't mind it growing attached to me but I'll suffocate to death if it keeps licking my face.

After washing my face, I sensed someone's glances from behind a tree.
Turned out it's Chief Raie.

"S-so you were telling the truth... But this situation is really abnormal... Ah, I want to study this case, but I'm too scared to get close..."

Her whisper reached my ears. Griffon's growl, 'Gururururu...' could also be heard at the same time.
Apparently Griffon saw Chief Raie as a hostile. I calmed it down.

"Chief, come over here. You're gonna scare Griffon staying there. I'll make sure it understand you're not an enemy, stay next to me. This Griffon won't attack without reason."

"Are you sure it's fine...? Truly...? I won't have enough life if it attacks me."

I beckoned Chief Raie, but she kept hiding behind the tree.

"Just like how you're scared of Griffon, Griffon is also scared of you. The growling is a sign telling you to stay away. It's fear of the unknown. It won't stay scared once it gets to know you better."

Chief Raie looked conflicted for a moment before putting on an understanding look and timidly trotted here.
Once she got next to me, I introduced her to Griffon.

"This person is not your enemy. Relax. She's not in league with the people who hurt you."

This scene must be first in history. A human communicating with a magic beast.
Griffon cried out, 'Kururururu', and took a 'sitting down' pose.

Chief Raie stared at Griffon in a state of shock after muttering, 'I can't believe my eyes....'
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(Come to think of it, the people who drove Griffon here must be hired hands. They can't be that 'Old Wolf' merc group, can they?)

It didn't look like that merc group had anything to do with Griffon coming here.
If they were the one who hunted Griffon, they would have acted it, yet they didn't.
They likely would have gained much more if they managed to hunt down a Griffon. No reason to bring it all the way here.

(Guess it was done by a personal army of that Bandoro merchant then? Must be a big syndicate...)

I was thinking of letting Griffon go back to its habitat.
But what if a member of that army saw Griffon going back. I can't imagine the conclusion to that.
Supposedly, Griffon is a match for a group of thirty well trained elite soldiers.
Bandoro must have the reins on such a group. Quite a force to be reckoned with. I can't take them lightly.

As long as they have their sight set on this site, Griffon's habitat is just as precarious.
I can't exist in two different places at once. I want to protect both.
Hence, I made a suggestion to Chief Raie.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 233

Throw Up Capital


We spent five days mining in the abandoned mine using Spirit Magic and stocked up quite a lot.
Most were rank C-B mana ores with a few A-ranked ones, but we got one rank S fire elemental ore on the last day somehow.
It's only as big as a marble ball yet the thing is unbelievably rare and worth 10 million en.
Menu advised me not to sell it though so I kept it with me. Not like we're hurting for cash anyway.

Well, it's nearing the tourney's day, it's time to head for the capital.

"Spending every day mining and exterminating moles felt kinda idyllic, didn't it."

"...It's weird how some of those moles had Dragon Skill though."

"I tried cutting them down with my sword, but it did nothing."

"Hmm, guess you gotta defeat a real dragon, not just magic beasts with Dragon Skill."

The evolution condition of Alma's [Dragon-eating Black Sword] is likely killing a dragon just as the name suggests, and it must be a real life dragon not just magic beasts with Dragon Skill.
Also, it probably has to be a considerably strong dragon, can't be random dragon mobs. I mean the last time it evolved, it had to defeat an over Lv50 ogre.

By the way, why did those moles have Dragon Skill anyway? I mean, they have the kanji of 'dragon' in their name, sure.
Some of them even tried to shoot out Dragon Breaths at times, but they stopped midway likely due to lack of MP. Dragon Skill seems quite defective if you don't have enough mana.

On the morning of our last day in the mining town, we're riding a beast carriage departing for the capital.
T-that thing again. I wish I could avoid having to experience that shaking hell ever again...

"...Hikaru, your eyes look dead."

"There's no light in them..."

"Aaaaaa.... Kill me... Someone just kill me please..."

"Just how bad you hate beast carriages anyway. It's weird when you usually fly around erratically all over the place anyways."

"Going fast on my own is completely nothing like entrusting someone to move me fast..."

It's like when you don't get carsick when you're driving but do when you're the passenger.
I don't actually get carsick often, but beast carriages are a whole different beast.
Heck, I don't get how Alma and Reina are fine with beast carriages when they can't stand my Mana Flight.

"Uh no, a beast carriage is still vastly better than that."

"...I don't think there's a mode of transport more terrifying than Hikaru's flight."

Eeh. You girls have been on it a few times by now, you should get used to it.
Ah sorry my bad, I can never get used to beast carriages no matter how many times, please slow it down I beg of you bleeeeergh

We finally arrived at the throwing up, I mean the capital once my soul left my body. Urgh...
I was still better off after fighting Minimum Jormungandr... What a terrifyingly powerful foe, these beast carriages...!

Umu, what a wonderful sight befitting of its name, Capital of Blossoms. Wish I could enjoy this in a better shape...
The enormous outer wall enclosed a well ordered city inside.
There are no skyscrappers like you see on earth yet each building is like a small castle in its own right.

Also, the hustle bustle is still going strong despite this late in the evening.
More lively than even Vinfitt, this place is probably among the biggest cities in this world.

Yet I don't see a lot of dirt and garbage despite the scale.
You can tell the hygiene is well kept here.
Everything is high class. So this is the capital, [Pendragon]... The person who named this city must be an earthling, and most likely a Japanese at that.

"It's still so lively this late. It's a capital city alright."

"Fuwawa...! So this is how a big city is like!"


"Usually we're looking straight for food, but not today. I wanna find an inn fast. Gotta find an inn, fast."

"That bears repeating?"

"Yup. I just wanna lie down now. Sorry about it, do you girls mind eating out for dinner tonight...?"

"Isn't this the first time you're too tired to cook dinner, Hikaru?"

"I gotchu. We should manage on our own, you just go and rest up after booking our rooms, Kajikawa-san."

"My bad..."

We somehow managed to brave through the crowd and found ourselves an inn.
Okay fine, 5000 en a room per night... I got no strength left to retort the price...

I dived in my bed after handing cash for dinner.
Menu-san, they're only going out to eat but do warn me if they get themselves in trouble.

<<Acknowledged. Reporting in if they cannot solve an issue without Kajikawa Hikaru's involvement.>>

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~~~~~~~Alma's POV~~~~~~~~

"Hmm, the food is pricey but it's got the taste to match."

"Un. It's a shame Hikaru can't eat with us."


"Ah, yeah Kajikawa-san would have loved this. It's rare to see him downed like that."

Thinking back, I've always had meals together with Hikaru ever since we formed a party, almost never without.
...Is it just me or the flavor feels lighter than usual. I can tell it's seasoned well yet it's missing something.

"Alma-san, are you not hungry? You're taking it slower than usual."

"Un, I'm just relishing all this new flavor."

"Oh okay. And I was sure you're feeling down because Kajikawa-san isn't here fufufu."


Please stop teasing me with that grin.
...She's probably right too, which makes it worse.

I'm like this just because Hikaru isn't eating together with us once. I'm aware I'm being too dependent.
And I was used to always eating alone just a few months ago.

Just how hard would it hit me if Hikaru were gone.
...I had him promise me not to be reckless anymore. He wouldn't hesitate to ask for our help against powerful enemies, ever since.
Nevertheless, I can't help but realize my powerlessness every time we're up against opponents beyond my power.

...This spiraling mindset does me no good. Let's focus on finishing my meal.
It's dangerous to loiter around at night in a city we're still not used to yet. We should hurry and head back.

I heard a crashing sound from the next table while I was working on my meal.

"Oy damn it! Look at what you did to my clothes!"

"M-my deepest apologies sir! I tripped over something..."

"Aaah, it's all ruined. What're you gonna about it, these clothes' made from Diamond Dust Bear's fur you know? They easily go for 3 million en, how you gonna compensate me? Huuh?"

"T-three million...!?"

"What? You're telling you can't pay up!? What are you gonna do then? Here come with us, we may have a deal with you."

"You're gonna pay one way or another hihi!"

"P-please, no, sir...!"

...Looks like a waitress tripped over something while she was carrying food and spilled it on a guest.
An orange haired man who had his clothes dirtied angrily blamed the waitress.
A blue haired man sitting on the same table jeered while grinning ear to ear.

Reina is about to stand up.

"Reina, are you going?"

"Yessire... That blue haired man tripped her on purpose."

...So those two men set her up.
I'm losing even more appetite watching this.

Just when the two of us were about to stand up and stop the two men.

Someone walked up to them.

"Oy, quit it."

"Aahn? The hell are ya? Don't butt in!"

"Or what, you gonna stand in for her? That's fine by me, yer' a pretty lil' lady yourself hyahaha! ...Bugyaa!?"

The blondie sent the blue haired man flying.
For a bare back hand to output that much power, that person is quite strong...?

"Keep your mouth shut. Going around falsely accusing women, aren't you ashamed as a man, huh?"

"W-what are you...!?"

"That blue hair I sent flying tripped that waitress over. Leave these pranks in elementary school, you stunted old dogs."

"Elementary, stunted old dogs...? Dunno what're ya going on about, if anyone's falsely accusing, it's you! Look at these dirtied clothes! Ain't no way it can be cleaned, I want compensation! Three million en, pay up!"

"Ha? What diamondsomething, aren't those made from White Rat's fur? It's not even worth 3000 en, where'd you even get three million from. Quit spouting up stupidly obvious lies."


The blond girl around my age rebutted the orange hair so thoroughly, he couldn't get back at her.
...Seeing through that immediately, wonder if she has Appraisal Skill.

"S-shut the hell up! H-how dare you bitch try to put me down! I'mma make a mess out of your face, you won't come out in the open as a girl no more!"

Orange hair swung his fist at the blond girl.
The man seems quite skilled himself, he's approaching fast using Magic Fist Gale.

There was a sound of something getting crushed.
Not the blond girl's face, but the orange hair's fist.

The girl set up a shield from out of nowhere and blocked the man's attack.


"...Also, one more thing I have to add."

The blond girl readied her fist while whispering in anger.
She's also grimacing with teary eyes for some reason.

"I'm a man darn it! Why'd every single one of you keep calling me a girl damnitall!"


The blond girl, I mean boy knocked the orange hair hard as he tearfully shouted that out loud.
...A boy? With that face?





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 496

496 Fundamentally Different


I'm sitting down right now. Of course the site's chief, Raie is glaring at me over the table ahead.

"So? Do you really mean what you just said? It's really hard to believe no matter how you slice it. No, even before that, did you say you healed the griffon, how does that even work?"

I suppose. After all, my mindset is fundamentally different from this world's humans.
Will anyone from this world even think about saving a giant magic beast like a griffon just because it looks like a frail pet in their eye?
Of course not. No matter how severe of a country bumpkin you are, magic beasts are seen as a threat to the people of this world.
How would anyone believe someone just did that.

"I'll make sure it gets back to its habitat by tomorrow morning. That'll be the end of griffon's issue. Doesn't that satisfy my end of the bargain? What's the problem?"

Chief Raie fell silent. Is this what you call 'loss for word'?

"...Can you tell me how it came to that point once again? In more detail, and also explain to me the reason you went out of your way to do all that. Or else I don't know if I can accept it."

"Is that really needed? Isn't it fine as long as the griffon is gone? Just wait till tomorrow morning for the result. Okay, so now I'm off to see the griffon again. I plan to camp out in the woods, I can do that, yeah?"

"...Haaaaa~. This is well beyond me. Do as you like. Camping next to that griffon, really? Are you aware just how dangerous that is? Does that magic beast truly listen to you? That's unprecedented you know? Ah... I want to research it if you're really not lying..."

I left her room as she sighed out greatly.
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I'm back at the griffon's side.

"I don't see any complications. Alright, you should be fine now. Rest up till tomorrow morning."

Griffon cried out, 'Kueee!', after I told it that.
I can tell it's not a warning or a threat. As Griffon lay down and relaxed itself.
Chimera curled up next to it while purring happily.

"Ah, it's an animal therapy. I'm healed..."

I walked up next to Griffon and leaned on its belly. Griffon isn't showing rejection.
The fluffiness of its feathers fills the hole in my heart.
But I can't keep petting it forever. I get up and start setting up the camp site.

"I'm gonna camp here today. Tell me if you don't feel well okay? Don't hold back. I've still got a few potions left."

I told Griffon such. I'm going to take responsibility to the very end.
I did the act of saving griffon on my own volition. I've no regret.
In fact, I feel like some weight had been lifted off my heart.
The weak me who couldn't do anything to a small soul back then. Being able to make amend at this moment must be a joy.
Even if I never wished to be reincarnated in this world. This is a very small yet nice relief.

"But everything else is a wreck. I won't forgive that god. Regardless of anything."

I cursed out inside my tent as I laid there to sleep.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 232

A Small Kerfuffle Before Tourney


The commotion finally settled down once we stopped the two spirit users.
They gave me an unexpectedly banal reason when I asked the reason for their dispute.

"I was gonna get the dining hall folks to cook meat dish for once today, but this guy tried his damnedest to trip me."

"We still have plenty of fish from the other day. They'll spoil if they're not used up soon! We ought to finish all the fish before even thinking about purchasing meat!"

"I'm through with fish, dammit! Gotta have meat every once in a while to keep morale high!"

"Just be grateful you can put food in your mouth!"

"This all started cause you wanted fish last week! Those cooks went and stocked up way too much cuz you kept praising 'em for that fish dish they made!"

"We had been eating nothing but meat up until that point! We will develop gout if we keep such an eating habit!"

I guess I'll make them stop for the time being.

Once that was done, we dragged the two out of the mine.
Other miners rushed up to us when they noticed.

"O, oh! You guys are fine... Hang on, are those two alright!?"

"They're out cold and bleeding on the forehead! Musta been a pretty insane fight huh!?"

"Well you see, they fought with Spirit Magic at first but then the dwarf guy couldn't take it anymore and head butted the elf guy who got an unexpectedly tough head, thus their current states. Quite a handful these two are, haha~."

"O-ou, do they now... Yer' weirdly talkative."

The miners listened to my lies with doubtful eyes.
Alma and Reina looked like they wanted to say something behind me as they played with their fingers. I mean, knocking them out was for the best.

That uproar was needlessly big but it wasn't all minus.
First of all, Alma managed to learn [Intermediate Spirit Magic] Skill.
Contracted to both earth elemental spirits [Gnomes] and fire elemental [Ifrit] at that.

The two made their contracts under threat but it's not like she stole them from their users.
Alma can summon different individual mid-class Spirits if her contracted Spirits are being summoned by those two.

One difference between these mid-class and lesser Spirits is the amount of mana they can use.
Lesser Spirits can reach the strength of mid-class Spirits if they're given plenty of mana, while doing this to mid-class Spirits raises their power by several times easily.

The biggest delineating factor is the fact that mid-class Spirits can act independently in battle without constant supervision once they've been summoned.
In short, it's like having reinforcement.
The Skill specification doesn't allow both Gnomes and Ifrit to be summoned at the same time however.

The following day, we went to an abandoned mine to test out these new Spirits.

First, Ifrit's turn.
As Alma skipped the lesser fire elemental Spirits, I was afraid she'd make a mistake in controlling the output, but Ifrit went ahead and called nearby lesser fire elemental Spirits.

<First ya gotta make a contract with these twerps and learn how to handle flames. Yer gonna burn yerself down playing straight with mid-class Spirit fire.>

"Got it. Thanks."

<Aaah, it's finally our turn to contract these guys...>

<These folks are infamous for being bad news among lesser spirits too~.>

<...How come that's new news to me and Gnomes?>

<I mean, it's a pain.>

<You're just gonna scold us if we did anyway.>

<More like, aniki's definitely gonna attack them if we reported to you. We don't wanna get them think we betrayed 'em.>

<Neechan and old man woulda punished us.>

<...Ya twerps better be ready later.>

Seems like these little spirits think of Ifrit more like a hard-to-please superior than their aniki.
Well considering he went straight to an attempted murder, I guess I can see how self-important this Spirit is.

Gnome is clearly faster than lesser earth Spirits at changing terrains.
Little Gnomes take time to manipulate sturdy bedrock while Gnome does it virtually as fast as he does soft soil.

<Fumu, this is a lot of mana you give me, quite tasty at that. There is no wonder those lesser Spirits are willing to lend you their power despite their trepidation.>

"Next up. Quickly form a lance shaped rock downward on the ceiling while simultaneously shooting rock bullets from both sides."

<...It's also no wonder those lesser Spirits threw in the towel. Such commanding actions you demand of me.>

Looks like Alma's mana is really considered a delicacy among Spirits. Dunno what's their basis though.
Now then, we haven't come all the way to this mine only to test out the new Spirits' power.

"This mine may have been abandoned but it's still got some leftover mana ores. We're gonna dig them out. I've already gotten the permission."

"Why don't we dig at an active mine?"

"Those miners would get less if we did. I'm told anybody is free to mine, but isn't it better if we don't bother other people?"

<Umu. I do not condone trespassing upon an owned domain, unless it has been abandoned such as this.>

"So yeah, follow my instructions and fetch us magic ores and stuff out of the bedrocks here."

<...Do you mean to say you know where those magic ores are located?>

"Well yeah."

<You are truly an indescribable existence full of mysteries. So much so to the point of eeriness...>

Say what you want. I'm used to it by now.
Now then, normally we have to dig deep into bedrocks to get magic ores since it's an abandoned mine and all, but that task should be relatively easy with the help of Intermediate Spirit Magic.
The stuff I have Julian make use a lot of disposable magic ores. I'm gonna dig the supply with my own hands.

And thus, five days passed involving us mining magic ores while also training Spirit Magic and eliminating mole-shaped Magic Beasts that had recently made a lair deep inside the coal mine.
Eh, the stuff about magic beasts is too abridged you say? I mean, it's literally Alma sending magma down their way with the help of Little Gnomes and Ifrit, a total annihilation with nothing of note.

...Were those beasts artificially raised too?

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~~~~~~~~~Scarymast's POV~~~~~~~~~~

Royal capital of the Fifth Continent [Pendragon].
Here I am at this capital of blossoms named by a past hero, Ryouta Souma, in order to file a claim.

Sending a messenger would only net us a reply, 'You have no proof.'
Which is true as only Kajikawa and Almatina witnessed Black Dragon at the Monster Prairie. There is no other record.

...A guildmaster personally going just to deal with such an uncertainty may seem absurd.
The owner of Black Dragon as well as the commander of Royal Guard, Ranaia Souma who's standing ahead of me must be of the same opinion.

"Even if what the witness saw at the Prairie were truly me and Black Dragon. On what basis do you accuse me as the perpetrator of the incident?"

"The witness testified that you had five slots open on your tamed beast slots. There were five magic beasts that breached area boundaries. Don't you believe that's quite a coincidence?"

"...How do you prove this witness is telling the truth?"

"We can't. Everything is circumstantial."

"That's unacceptable. I cannot spare any more time for this farce. May I ask you to withdraw?"

I would have done the same if I were in his shoes.
What I'm doing right now is akin to the false accusation Kajikawa was subjected under the other day.
...I simply lack the cards to bring more to the table. I suppose this is as far as I could go.

"Very well. However, please let me have a word with Black Dragon..."

『I've nothing to say to a weakling.』


"...Oy, Black Dragon. Didn't I tell you to go back to your lodging today."

『Fahaha, I sensed you were under considerable duress. I came here to check on you.』

Black Dragon was glaring from behind the audience chamber's window before I noticed a thing.
He's looking at me like I'm garbage.

『Red haired woman, I shall only speak to those with strength I deem worthy. Strength brought not by positions. I care not if you are a guildmaster or a king, show me your prowess if you wish to convene with me.』

"...Is that how you trample everything that inconvenience you underfoot, through sheer brute force."

『Ou. Let us say you spoke of the truth, they are but empty words lest you possess the strength to push through.』

"You're an apex of egotism. What did that past hero teach you."

At my provocation, Black Dragon's mood turned foul as he glared back.

『You've no right to speak of him. You've no right to insult him. That is unless you wish to be erased this very moment.』

"Insult? Me toward the hero? Nah, if anyone insulted him, it's you. Anybody would come to the same conclusion watching your behaviors. That the person who brought you up was a good-for-nothing."

『...Enough talk. From here on, speak only with a show of force!!』

Black Dragon roared angrily.
The impact from this alone was enough to break all the glass windows and formed fissures on the wall of audience chamber.
This dragon's got quite the terrifying power despite its childishness. Ordinary combat and production type Job people would have fainted from this alone.

"Guildmaster-dono, I must ask you to refrain from provoking Black Dragon any further!"

"Souma-dono, Black Dragon insisted that I showed him my strength. I take it, it's alright then?"

"...Wha? What are you...?"

"Please recognize that it was by Black Dragon's own admission that permitted me to beat him up."

...Good grief, what have I gotten myself into.
Perhaps I should have turned around and gone back home once I said my piece to Souma-dono. No poking the hornet's nest.

But what meaning does that make.
I cannot have this tyrant readily admit that yes, he's picking a fight with Adventurer's Guild.

I don't care if the other party is a dragon, I am always ready to jump in a fight sold. I have to show my determination in all this.
To this Black Dragon, his master, and the kingdom they belong to.
And also, to Kajikawa whom I so pompously lectured.

『Come, o diminutive weakling.』

"You're nothing more than a flying lizard. Quit acting high and mighty."

It's been quite some years since my last real battle. I should at least get in a slap to his face.
Can't say if I'm going to get out of this alive, however.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 495

495 No Backing Out


The sight of a carnivore having meal is pretty grotesque.
After all, they scarf down the entrails, bones and blood without care in the world.
Nature is cruel and beautiful. As a human, watching a carnivorous animal eating up close like this is quite a heavy experience.
Yet, I can't help myself be fixated at it, wonder why?
Here I am feeling relieved from the bottom of my heart as I've made sure Griffon is eating.

"Ah, I've got none for you Chimera. Oh okay, you don't mind. Didn't prepare one since you kept disappearing and appearing randomly."

Chimera who didn't look offended by my lack of insight replied me with a 'meow', yawned and lay down.

Griffon finished after a while, leaving only bones. I wondered how to dispose of them before opting to enter Acceleration and slicing them to dust with my katana.

"Now let's get to healing, Griffon stand up. Here, and here. Then on the belly... yeah, there's a wound here too. Let's start from that spot."

I kept fetching more and more potions from magic bag and sprinkled them on Griffon's wounds.
I feel like its feathers are also looking more lustrous the more it's healed.
I made Griffon lie down on its back so I could work on the belly's wound.
Then once I was done tending every inch of its body, Griffon looked better than ever.

"Next up, okay sit down. The wings on your back. They're all tattered. They don't seem... broken at least. OK, I'll sprinkle the potions."

I thoroughly poured potions over its entire wings. After I was done, the worn looking feathers stood up right.
Its wings has now regained its former glory.

I used up a lot of potions by this point, I only had three bottles left. What came over me was a feeling of relief from having enough and that I made it in time.

"Alright! You should be fine now. Let's see, you should rest here overnight just to be sure. I'll get back inside for now and explain the situation. Ah, it's so late already."
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The Griffon's treatment is finished. Seeing as it had a good appetite, it should be fine now.
I decided to leave and have a talk with the site's supervisor, Chief Raie.
I've gone and done it, so I'm gonna be explaining after the fact.

But I have an excuse. I told her I would do something about this but not a word about 'killing'.
Therefore, making Griffon leave this area and get its back to its habitat is as good as resolving the problem.
There's no issue at all, surely. None, nope.

(But I'm not that familiar with Chief Raie's personality and nature... She's probably going to complain about a thing or two...)

Thus, I made my way back to the site's building while feeling slightly, no, quite anxious.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 231

Threat to Spirits - Customary Coercion


<I hereby deem you a threat to Spirits. You shall meet your end here.>

<Killing Spirits y'say? You damned humans, don't ya get cocky!>

Okay. So we went to a mine in order to stop a quarrel between a dwarf and an elf only for their spirits to declare me their enemy. To reiterate, but why.
This misunderstanding is because those Little Gnomes kept saying stuff like me killing Spirits and such.

<<...In case of Kajikawa Hikaru, it is possible for him to slay Spirits by way of Mana Control.>>

I mean, can't mages shoot magic these Spirits' way for the same result as well.
Those people next to you two hotheaded spirits are mages, why am I the only one treated this way.

<<They have sensed Kajikawa Hikaru's capability to control mana without Skills, thus sensing you as a threat.>>

Is that all? No wait, what do Skills have to do with harming Spirits?

<<Mana used through Skills are incapable of slaying Spirits. Spirits may suffer some damage but they will not die from it. The only exception being a Spirit deployed through Spirit Magic slaying another Spirit, however that is a matter between two Spirits. There is no precedence of a human ever killing a Spirit.>>

...Eeh. What's up with that weird rule.
You're telling me Spirits are pretty much invincible unless they're up against their own kind?

...And since my Mana Control is a direct manipulation of mana without Skill as an intermediary, it bypasses that rule huh.
To Spirits it's like discovering an individual that can endanger their life among creatures they always thought as harmless, no wonder they're scared.

Nevertheless, let me just say this.

"Oy oy, I have never killed a single Spirit. I plan to keep that up unless your side started it first. Heck, don't you think it's weird how you have no problem going straight to killing me just because I have the ability to hurt you? You might as well target all spirit users in this world."

<Spirits may be whimsical, however we never harm one other.>

<But ain't nothing guarantee that with ya. Who can say ya ain't barin' yer fangs at us!>

<Frankly, this neechan here's quite the bad news as well...>

<Ivran is pretty hardcore too. Was sure she was gonna overwork us to death...>

<Ah you dummy, quit it! You're gonna make things more complicated!>

The little gnomes behind me whispered with each other. Stop that, you're gonna get Alma and Lolimast dragged into this mess.
Wait, overwork. How does that guildmaster usually work them anyway.

<Perish, o heretical one.>

<I'mma turn yer bones to ashes!!>

"S-stop that! You're being too hasty!"

"That guy ain't got nothing to do with this! What's with ya two working together outta the blue!"

The two spirit users panicked and tried to stop their Spirits to no avail.

"I'm only here to mediate you two. Anyways, can't you order those Spirits to stop? Like maybe force them through your Skills or something?"

"N-no good, he's refusing my order to go back! Oy, Ifr! Go home!"

"Gnome, compose yourself!"

<I am calm and composed. I have merely judged that this human must be erased from this world.>

<Don't ya worry, we ain't gonna ask ya to take responsibility. We doing this on our own.>

Gnome and Ifrit launched their attack as they spoke to their masters.
Ifrit let out a flaming wave while Gnome shot a high speed rock lance. They're so eager to have me dead.

"Little Gnomes, block it."

<H-hang on! Won't blocking anikis' attacks the same as declaring war with 'em!?>

<Can we not please. We got our position to think about and all.>

<They're gonna get mad at us later!>

"...Which do you prefer, my wrath or theirs...?"

<All hands on deck, full power!!>

<Ouch ouch ouch! Hooot! I'm burning up!>

Alma pressed the Little Gnomes to block the attack with a protruding earthen wall.
I guess it's like when subordinates go against their superiors? Scary to think what's gonna happen later. Live strong little pipsqueaks.

<Don't get in the way, twerps!>

<Have you the resolve to defy me despite the consequences that brings...?>

<Hiiie! W-we're so sowwyyy!>

<We're scared of aniki, but neechan's even scarier, don't blame us.>

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Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Little Gnomes looked like they had needlessly reached enlightenment.
Yet, they managed to stop the attack. Barely against an attack launched by higher class Spirits. Thanks to Alma sharing her mana with them.
The two mid class Spirits paused their offense.

<...Fumu, that's a splendid mana handling you wouldn't think coming from lesser Spirits.>

<Cannae' believe ya guys managed to block me and this stubborn mule, gotta hand it to ya.>

<A-aren't we?! Your attack won't work no matter what!>

<So let's all stop here! Please, for real! I can't take it anymore!>

<...Oy, this whole thing's a pain in the arse. I'd rather die than work with ya, but I'mma let it slide this one time, let's just get this done.>

<Nothing I detest more than joining hands with you. However, this is indeed a bother.>

...These mid-class Spirits seemed to be conspiring something dangerous.
What are they trying to do...?

<Melt and flow.>
<Swallow, burn down all!>

The two spirits unleashed their own separate mana which then collided and mixed together into one.

The result is a heated avalanche of earth and rocks, no, magma flowing toward us.
A moving wave of soil is glowing red as it burns everything in its path.

<Gyaa! No way, no way, no way! There's no way we can stop that!>

<We're gonna melt if we touch that! I don't wanna die yet!>

The Little Gnomes screamed all at once.
Well, their reaction is justified. Even their protruding wall is melting, hit by the magma.

Now then, Fast Travel-ing away is an easy way out, but I can't let this magma keep going inside this mine.
I'd feel bad for the miners if they can't work. Guess I gotta stop this.

I take a step forward toward the magma.


"Kajikawa-san, what are you!?"

<Oho, you wish to offer your life in exchange for your companions, I see.>

<Hey, I don't hate folks who know when to give up, yeah? Oh wait, guy just got no guts... huh...!?>

The magma stopped flowing a few cm before it hit me.
Nay. The magma disappeared before it got to me.

<The flow, stopped...? No, it vanished...!?>

<H-how in the hell!? Stuff went poof ahead of this guy!>

The trick is simple. It's all thanks to Item Screen-sensei.
There is no limit to inorganic objects I can put in Item Screen as long as I can lift it.

And I don't have to directly lift these objects.
Everything my Mana Control can lift is applicable too, even objects I don't directly touch.

The magma is disappearing because I've had my mana spread all over the ground, storing it away.
The Spirits who have no idea about my Item Screen begin panicking.

Now then, let's bring this situation under control before they make their next move.
It'll be bad if they use strategies like deploying flames to use up all the oxygen inside an airtight space or caving in the mine to bake us alive.

I closed in on them with Mana Flight and grabbed them both with Mana Hands.
So these are the real Magic Hands... Boring.


<T-this mere human seriously grabbed me...! L-let go!>

"Drop your hostility. I won't hurt you as long as you don't try to bring harm upon us either."

<L-like I'd believe that! Who can say you won't attack us the moment we stopped-->

"I can simply crush you dead now if I wish. If anything my willingness to talk like this is a most definite proof, don't you think? Or maybe I should put in more strength to clear your doubt."

<Gyaaaaaa...! O-oh crap, this guy got power...!!>

I gradually tightened my grip. I'm really not into torture, but I'm left with no choice. Ah my heart aches, truly, really.

"Kajikawa-san, you look real evil from where I stand..."

"These guys started it. This is a legitimate case of self-defense."

The two kept resisting for a while before eventually yielding and stopped their magma attack.

<I-it's our defeat...!>

<We won't attack you anymore! Release us!>

"Ah, can you hear me out about one more thing?"

<T-this isn't what we agreed on!>

<Y-you're gonna kill us, aren't you...!?>

They're terrified, it's not like I'm gonna eat them...
It's nothing really, it just looks like they'll be willing to listen now. Yup. I swear.

<...This scene looks familiar somehow, is it just me...?>

<What a coincidence. So do I.>

<...Welcome to hell, aniki. Let's all work hard together like the workhorses we are hahaha...>

The Little Gnomes seemed to have guessed my aim and drummed their sympathy.
I thought we got dragged in yet another problem but it turned into a power-up for Alma in the end.
We'll be counting on you two from now on.






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