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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 494

494 Potions Do All


First, I observed the approaching griffon.
It went ahead and showed me one of its wounds.
It's clear to me now.

"I see, you're a clever one aren't you. Did Chimera win you over? Well, that's fine. Makes the healing process easier."

Even if Griffon went wild here, my power could curb it.
That's the reason why I nonchalantly got close to this huge magic beast.
Ordinary men wouldn't react like me. They'd run, fall down, or stop moving altogether out of fear.
I fetched a bottle of potion while Griffon still hadn't changed its mind.

"Err, should I just pour this on the wound? Would be a waste if I spilled it over. Guess I'll go from below."

Pouring too much would be a waste. These potions are quite expensive. They're the highest grade after all. Won't be funny if I waste them.
I swiftly worked on it, using the potion on the biggest and most severe wound.

The result is obvious. Seeing it firsthand is quite the shock, impressive even.
The wounds closed before my eyes. It's more akin to regeneration.
The way the cut skin sticks together looked almost gross even.

Griffon couldn't hide its surprise too as it kept staring at the mended wound with a blank look. 'Kuee....', it said.

Another surprising thing. The potion I used.
Its color changed from green to the color of normal water. Apparently it's lost its healing property and turned back to ordinary water.
I recalled how the granny told me I could smear or drank it as I stared at the leftover potion.

"It should be harmless water now. So weird..."
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After recalling that, I opt to have Griffon drink a potion.

"Can you eat? Any appetite? Are you hydrated... guess not. I don't see a river nearby. I'll get you water. Just wait okay. Ah, here drink this first."

I showed Griffon a potion bottle. It slowly opened its mouth.

"You really understand what I'm saying huh... Then I bet you're aware that I'm here to save you. Here you go, dunno how it tastes, but make sure you drink up even if it's bad."

I poured a still unused green potion down its throat.
"Kyueeee...", Griffon let out a weird voice as it took it. Must have tasted bad.
Then came another surprise. The shock was shared by Griffon. Its whole body glowed. A blue light enveloped it.
Once the light show stopped, Griffon stood up and stretched. Using its forelegs only.
The sheer force displayed by that gesture was awe-inspiring. The worst has passed for Griffon.

I took a big washbasin out of my magic bag. I filled it with water from a barrel I took at the same time.
Next up, I fetched the whole pig(?) I bought and urged Griffon.

"Oy, don't get too worked up now. Calm down and fill your belly. Listen to me. You've still got wounds all over. Settle down."

Griffon soon calmed down and stared at the  pig.
Then it turned its sight at me. And lastly to Chimera.
It's like asking 'Can I really?'. I wonder what's going on with my ability to somehow understand what magic beasts are feeling. It's definitely not just me filling in the blank. It's like their emotions are echoing in my head somehow. I'm sure it's not normal.

"Go ahead eat and get better. We'll work on the rest of your wounds after. And by that I mean sprinkling potions on them."

Griffon finally started feasting once I gave my okay.





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