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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 231

Threat to Spirits - Customary Coercion


<I hereby deem you a threat to Spirits. You shall meet your end here.>

<Killing Spirits y'say? You damned humans, don't ya get cocky!>

Okay. So we went to a mine in order to stop a quarrel between a dwarf and an elf only for their spirits to declare me their enemy. To reiterate, but why.
This misunderstanding is because those Little Gnomes kept saying stuff like me killing Spirits and such.

<<...In case of Kajikawa Hikaru, it is possible for him to slay Spirits by way of Mana Control.>>

I mean, can't mages shoot magic these Spirits' way for the same result as well.
Those people next to you two hotheaded spirits are mages, why am I the only one treated this way.

<<They have sensed Kajikawa Hikaru's capability to control mana without Skills, thus sensing you as a threat.>>

Is that all? No wait, what do Skills have to do with harming Spirits?

<<Mana used through Skills are incapable of slaying Spirits. Spirits may suffer some damage but they will not die from it. The only exception being a Spirit deployed through Spirit Magic slaying another Spirit, however that is a matter between two Spirits. There is no precedence of a human ever killing a Spirit.>>

...Eeh. What's up with that weird rule.
You're telling me Spirits are pretty much invincible unless they're up against their own kind?

...And since my Mana Control is a direct manipulation of mana without Skill as an intermediary, it bypasses that rule huh.
To Spirits it's like discovering an individual that can endanger their life among creatures they always thought as harmless, no wonder they're scared.

Nevertheless, let me just say this.

"Oy oy, I have never killed a single Spirit. I plan to keep that up unless your side started it first. Heck, don't you think it's weird how you have no problem going straight to killing me just because I have the ability to hurt you? You might as well target all spirit users in this world."

<Spirits may be whimsical, however we never harm one other.>

<But ain't nothing guarantee that with ya. Who can say ya ain't barin' yer fangs at us!>

<Frankly, this neechan here's quite the bad news as well...>

<Ivran is pretty hardcore too. Was sure she was gonna overwork us to death...>

<Ah you dummy, quit it! You're gonna make things more complicated!>

The little gnomes behind me whispered with each other. Stop that, you're gonna get Alma and Lolimast dragged into this mess.
Wait, overwork. How does that guildmaster usually work them anyway.

<Perish, o heretical one.>

<I'mma turn yer bones to ashes!!>

"S-stop that! You're being too hasty!"

"That guy ain't got nothing to do with this! What's with ya two working together outta the blue!"

The two spirit users panicked and tried to stop their Spirits to no avail.

"I'm only here to mediate you two. Anyways, can't you order those Spirits to stop? Like maybe force them through your Skills or something?"

"N-no good, he's refusing my order to go back! Oy, Ifr! Go home!"

"Gnome, compose yourself!"

<I am calm and composed. I have merely judged that this human must be erased from this world.>

<Don't ya worry, we ain't gonna ask ya to take responsibility. We doing this on our own.>

Gnome and Ifrit launched their attack as they spoke to their masters.
Ifrit let out a flaming wave while Gnome shot a high speed rock lance. They're so eager to have me dead.

"Little Gnomes, block it."

<H-hang on! Won't blocking anikis' attacks the same as declaring war with 'em!?>

<Can we not please. We got our position to think about and all.>

<They're gonna get mad at us later!>

"...Which do you prefer, my wrath or theirs...?"

<All hands on deck, full power!!>

<Ouch ouch ouch! Hooot! I'm burning up!>

Alma pressed the Little Gnomes to block the attack with a protruding earthen wall.
I guess it's like when subordinates go against their superiors? Scary to think what's gonna happen later. Live strong little pipsqueaks.

<Don't get in the way, twerps!>

<Have you the resolve to defy me despite the consequences that brings...?>

<Hiiie! W-we're so sowwyyy!>

<We're scared of aniki, but neechan's even scarier, don't blame us.>

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Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Little Gnomes looked like they had needlessly reached enlightenment.
Yet, they managed to stop the attack. Barely against an attack launched by higher class Spirits. Thanks to Alma sharing her mana with them.
The two mid class Spirits paused their offense.

<...Fumu, that's a splendid mana handling you wouldn't think coming from lesser Spirits.>

<Cannae' believe ya guys managed to block me and this stubborn mule, gotta hand it to ya.>

<A-aren't we?! Your attack won't work no matter what!>

<So let's all stop here! Please, for real! I can't take it anymore!>

<...Oy, this whole thing's a pain in the arse. I'd rather die than work with ya, but I'mma let it slide this one time, let's just get this done.>

<Nothing I detest more than joining hands with you. However, this is indeed a bother.>

...These mid-class Spirits seemed to be conspiring something dangerous.
What are they trying to do...?

<Melt and flow.>
<Swallow, burn down all!>

The two spirits unleashed their own separate mana which then collided and mixed together into one.

The result is a heated avalanche of earth and rocks, no, magma flowing toward us.
A moving wave of soil is glowing red as it burns everything in its path.

<Gyaa! No way, no way, no way! There's no way we can stop that!>

<We're gonna melt if we touch that! I don't wanna die yet!>

The Little Gnomes screamed all at once.
Well, their reaction is justified. Even their protruding wall is melting, hit by the magma.

Now then, Fast Travel-ing away is an easy way out, but I can't let this magma keep going inside this mine.
I'd feel bad for the miners if they can't work. Guess I gotta stop this.

I take a step forward toward the magma.


"Kajikawa-san, what are you!?"

<Oho, you wish to offer your life in exchange for your companions, I see.>

<Hey, I don't hate folks who know when to give up, yeah? Oh wait, guy just got no guts... huh...!?>

The magma stopped flowing a few cm before it hit me.
Nay. The magma disappeared before it got to me.

<The flow, stopped...? No, it vanished...!?>

<H-how in the hell!? Stuff went poof ahead of this guy!>

The trick is simple. It's all thanks to Item Screen-sensei.
There is no limit to inorganic objects I can put in Item Screen as long as I can lift it.

And I don't have to directly lift these objects.
Everything my Mana Control can lift is applicable too, even objects I don't directly touch.

The magma is disappearing because I've had my mana spread all over the ground, storing it away.
The Spirits who have no idea about my Item Screen begin panicking.

Now then, let's bring this situation under control before they make their next move.
It'll be bad if they use strategies like deploying flames to use up all the oxygen inside an airtight space or caving in the mine to bake us alive.

I closed in on them with Mana Flight and grabbed them both with Mana Hands.
So these are the real Magic Hands... Boring.


<T-this mere human seriously grabbed me...! L-let go!>

"Drop your hostility. I won't hurt you as long as you don't try to bring harm upon us either."

<L-like I'd believe that! Who can say you won't attack us the moment we stopped-->

"I can simply crush you dead now if I wish. If anything my willingness to talk like this is a most definite proof, don't you think? Or maybe I should put in more strength to clear your doubt."

<Gyaaaaaa...! O-oh crap, this guy got power...!!>

I gradually tightened my grip. I'm really not into torture, but I'm left with no choice. Ah my heart aches, truly, really.

"Kajikawa-san, you look real evil from where I stand..."

"These guys started it. This is a legitimate case of self-defense."

The two kept resisting for a while before eventually yielding and stopped their magma attack.

<I-it's our defeat...!>

<We won't attack you anymore! Release us!>

"Ah, can you hear me out about one more thing?"

<T-this isn't what we agreed on!>

<Y-you're gonna kill us, aren't you...!?>

They're terrified, it's not like I'm gonna eat them...
It's nothing really, it just looks like they'll be willing to listen now. Yup. I swear.

<...This scene looks familiar somehow, is it just me...?>

<What a coincidence. So do I.>

<...Welcome to hell, aniki. Let's all work hard together like the workhorses we are hahaha...>

The Little Gnomes seemed to have guessed my aim and drummed their sympathy.
I thought we got dragged in yet another problem but it turned into a power-up for Alma in the end.
We'll be counting on you two from now on.






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