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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 72

Reina's Past, and Future


There are ten days left to Reina's birthday, her coming of age.
We're currently on a shopping spree. Vinfitt town is as peaceful as ever. Vinfitt that is. Dunno how's it going at the slum or underworld district.
Read on a morning newspaper that a magic tool store at Daijel was raided and got a large scale mining magic tool stolen.
Also how there's several towns that got destroyed from sudden emergence of magic beast swarms coming from completely different directions from their usual territories right after Stampedes.
So scary, so disturbing. No telling when a disaster strikes this place either, we really gotta get on with the program.

Alma and I have gotten quite strong, no well we're still wets behind the ears, but I'd like to believe we're past rookie adventurer level at least.
Reina is not yet come of age. Her combat ability is pretty much on same level as Production type Job, so she can't really defend herself yet. She's out if a magic beast or a demon shows up.
I might be being overprotective, but considering the current state of the world, trouble could come knocking anytime even in this very moment.
....Might be a tad early, but I guess I should tell her? But then she'd have no choice but to join our party, what do.

"Kajikawa-san, what's troubling you."

"Eh? Ah, un. I'm just thinking what to make for dinner tonight."

"Nothing but food for you is it. I get you though."

I dodged her question reflexively. Can't let my opinions influence her decision.
...I get that having that thought alone proves that I've already thought Reina like family.
Alma has been really spoiling Reina too. In fact they both get along better than me. I mean, they're close in ages, and are both girls so it's only natural. They look like sisters whenever Alma is taking care of Reina.
Hope we don't get any trouble at least until her come of age, but that's like setting up a flag~.

"Yoo Reina, ain'tcha lookin' real purdy now, huh?"


As we were walking between stalls, someone suddenly called out to us, and Reina reacted with a shriek.
Looking at the voice, a dirty gray haired drunkard with a reddened face holding a bottle of booze in one arm is walking up to us. Rather, he's only got one arm left.
His left arm is missing up to the shoulder, wonder if it was eaten by a magic beast. Looking at his Status, his State is Limb Loss: Left Arm.
Age 41, Level 29, Job Dagger Warrior, Dagger Skill Lv6. A mid class Combat Job huh. His level is relatively low for his age.
I turn to look at Reina who's gradually turning pale and breathing rougher.


"'You're'? Whodya think yer' talking to, you brat!"

He threw the emptied bottle at Reina in anger, watch it!
I got between them and caught the bottle... That was a pretty strong throw. She could have died if it hit the wrong spot.

"Aah? The heck are ya! Scram!"

"That's my line, what do you think you're doing! You could've hurt her badly!"

"Ka-Kajikawa, san."

Reina is tearing up as he stares at the man.
What's this guy to Reina anyway.

"What ya ask? A parent can do whatever the hell they wanna to their brat. This ain't no outsider's business!"

...Wha? Parent?
What is this guy...?

"....Is that true Reina?"

"Y-you're... You're no parent of mine!!"

Reina shouted with tears and a face distorted from anger.

"After your left arm got eaten by a magic beast, what did you do to make it better? Nothing but drinking all day, yet mom still tried her hardest to support our life, then in the end you sold your own daughter to heal your limb so you can be happy on your own. I'll never call you father ever again! What do you want now!? Here to complain how you lost your chance at getting that money after I ran off to the orphanage?!"

...Uwaa, is this drunkard for real. Can't believe someone like that exists.
What I knew about Reina's past was that she lived in an orphanage before she went to live alone in the slum.
I never tried to probe further unless she's willing to talk about it, but looking at this, I dunno if I should've tried more or not.
Heck, 'heal his limb'? Are you saying you can even regrow lost limbs with money in this world?

"Watch your mouth you damn brat! Who do you think gave you birth!"

"Mom did! I wanna throw up thinking I even have half of your blood in my body! Just stay away from me forever!!"

"...Haa, no can do. Took a loan for the amount you're worth of y'see. How much time and money d'ya think I spent to find ya."

"Not my problem! Just sell your eye, or guts or all those useless parts to pay your own!!"

"Ah, oy!"

Reina rushed out to hit the drunkard. It was so sudden I couldn't stop her.

She used up all her strength to punch the man's face, but it didn't seem to hurt him one bit. Her fist looked to be in pain instead.
Of course. The gap is too vast between a yet to come of age Reina and a mid class Combatant.


"Hahahaha! Like that's gonna work you dumbass! Here's how you punch shit!"

The drunkard punched Reina's abdomen.

"Gaaa! ...Kuh...! Fu, fugwu...!"

"Hah, already on yer' knees just from one punch. Ain't no way in hell ya can go against me!!"

He was about to kick the groaning Reina, however.



"Hurt Reina any more and I'll cut you down."

Alma had her sword on the drunkard's neck while saying that in the coldest voice I had heard from her yet.
At the same time, I went to Reina and healed her with Lifeforce Transfer.

"Anywhere still hurting?"

"N-no, but..."

"Is it mortifying? ...Are you frustrated at your own powerlessness, punching that guy to no avail, hurting yourself in the process instead?"

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She replied while sobbing and grinding her teeth.

"Of course it is. Why can't you match him? That's because you're weak. No helping it since you're not of age yet, right? That's for sure. However, you can't always expect external circumstances to match yours. This drunkard father of yours makes that point clear as day, no?"


Normally, I should be encouraging her to 'return the favor after you're come of age'.
But I'm not going to let this drunkard go, and Reina herself must hate having this man hang around her until then. Just because you're related by blood, doesn't mean you can do whatever you please.
Hence, I leave it Reina to decide.

"I'll lend you strength if you wish to pay him back right this instance. But be prepared. Relying on me now means you have to join our party after you've come of age. You're not allowed to go solo or join another party. The strength I lend you will make your wish a reality right here and now, how about it?"

What I'm telling her isn't any more different from the shitty drunkard in a way.
I mean it's pretty much, 'Hand over your life'. I'm such a lowlife for making use of this situation to force her join our party.
But I'm worried if she can defend against that shitty father if we leave her alone, and she likely won't get the chance to train herself until the point she can fight him on her own.

"...Um, I'm sorry to say this when you're looking so serious, but there's no disadvantages to me whatsoever about that."

"Hm, really? ...Well whatever. So, what you gonna do? Leave this father of yours alone? Or are you gonna beat him up right now?"

"...I'mma beat him up."

Okay, contract established.
I strengthened Reina's whole body, every muscles and bones, using Energy Control.

"...I feel super strong now."

"Ah, also this power is no Support Magic. I can't use any Skill. Well, forget about that for now. Go get him."

"D-did you just reveal something incredible, but more importantly."

"T-the heck yer' doing! Wha, fast."


"Kah! Kagaaaaagahaaaakoa....!"

The drunkard crumbled down while screaming incoherently and clutching his groins.
...She really went and did it.
I'm sure you get it from the sound alone, that's definitely Alma's teaching.
Was there even a need for the power up if she went for that part from the get go...?

"This is for mom! And this is for selling me off! And this is for hitting me just now!!"

Gosu! Goswu!! Goshaapuchu!

Stop it! Stop that! Just stop!!
And what's that puchu! What's that puchu! That sounded bad!
The powered up Reina who's now probably a match to a High Cave Bear is repeatedly kicking at the drunkard's vital. I see no hint of mercy!
The drunkard has passed out while discharging all kinds of fluid, tears, drools, mucus... I've no sympathy at all for this trash, but I shudder imagining being on the receiving end.

"Haa, haaa, haaa... Did you get it...!"

"...Feel refreshed now?"

"Reina, are you okay? You've still got time, you know?"

Alma, stop nonchalantly telling her to go for more.

"...I'm done. I'd have liked to get him beg forgiveness from mom, but that's only going to trouble her now."

"Didn't you say that you have no family?"

"I didn't want to talk about my needlessly complicated family issues. You'd have told me to go back to my mom even if I did. This guy would find me and sell me off for good if I went home."

"Is your mom doing good?"

"Looks like she is. She never stopped worrying about me even after I ran to the orphanage, but I've been regularly sending her letters, so I'm sure she's fine."

"All the more, go see her once in a while. Reina, you want to right?"

"...Yes. I always wanted to stay with mom even while I was living in the slum but I knew this guy would just come back."

"Then go for it once you're of age. Let her know you've become a splendid adventurer with a party to call your own, that she's got nothing to worry about anymore."

"...Am I really fit to join your party?"

"It'll be a problem if you don't. You've found out about my secret."

"S-secret, what secret? You just slipped that in during the confusion, was it that dangerous an info!?"

"Ah. I'll tell you all about it after we throw this guy in a cell. All the juicy detail."

"I-I'm scared!!"

Thought she'd get more awkward after revealing her heavy past, didn't seem like it. She might be putting up a front though.
Well, there's no turning back now. I'll tell her about my situation and train her in mana and energy control until she's mastered them.
The real training starts now, Reina.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 346

346 Spy


In the forest the following day. I was secretly depressed by one prediction that turned out right.
Something is lurking here. I gotta check out what it is now that I know to ensure the kids' safety.

We didn't go back to the hideout and opted to stay at Raine's house yesterday.
Thanks to having actual beds, food and a roof for once, the kids are full of vigor today. They had to sleep huddling up though.
Perhaps due to their hearty appetite and all the protein they consumed, I felt like their bodies looked more stout than yesterday.

(There's no way such a drastic change could happen overnight, I must be seeing things.)

I'm about to arrive at the place where Raine was attacked yesterday.
I'm alone. Of course I had already finished checking out the kids' state before handing them over to Raine. They're currently gathering edible stuff like wild grasses, fruits as well as sellable mats while looking for prey.
We parted ways as I made my way here by myself. What comes next has nothing to do with Raine's group. Once I'm done, I'll go back to the gate with them. And that'll be the end of my association with the kids.
I'm hoping this side will end with just some recon, but there's no telling if I'm gonna get dragged into another mess.

A mess I'm convinced to be here after hearing Raine's story.
There must be some suspicious bunch scheming something malicious in this forest.

(When did I sign up as an ally of justice anyway... I never asked for this. Yet there's nobody but me who can make things right.)

This matter should have been left to others. But without any proof, I can't just ask the kingdom to expend manpower.
And that'd likely take days to prepare anyway, by the time it might be too late.
This might not be an emergency that needs an immediate response. But I can't just look the other way now that I know.

(This whole thing reeks... I mean, the only thing anybody would do all the way out here is...)

According to Raine, those Forest Seekers showed up out of nowhere when she stepped into a certain boundary.
There were no signs of markings for their turf anywhere.
It was as if they were lurking behind the shadow, awaiting their prey. Without moving in the slightest.
Like watchdogs tasked by their owner to stand guard.

My hunch was proven right. A big hut stood in front of me.
I quietly drew close and checked the insides. It's quite spacious and I could hear voices leaking out.
I peeked in the only window that shone a dim light.
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(What is this, a spy movie, metallic gear... What am I even doing?)

Even if I'm doing all this for the kids, is there a need to go this far? That question crossed my mind. However, I couldn't bring myself to ignore this matter for some reason.
This place is a foundation where those kids are gonna live from now on. Can't let people threaten that. Kinda like an after-sales service.
I strained my ears while brushing off that thought.

"Hey? Those guard dogs been missing since yesterday. What do we do? Something might be up."

"Leave 'em, this noon gonna be our last anyway. No need to fret. We just gotta wait for the drug courier."

"Hehe. All that's left is to have these kids take it. This job was a cinch. Round up some kingdom's brats to sow chaos. Ironic. Hihi... Those federation bigwigs gonna send their troops right after."

"We got lots of brats here. Didn't give 'em a meal, but the drug gonna take care of that anyway. Piss easy. But that bastard that got in our way in the end... I'mma wring guy dead when I find him!"

The big man was worried about the watchdogs, while the lanky man didn't care.
Those two seem familiar. They're the thugs who were trying to kidnap the slum kids.

"Well, missing five or six ain't gonna be any issue with this many. A bit short for the plan but hey, it'll do. I just wanna off this boring place pronto."

"May I answer your wish then?"

"Who's there!" the two thugs shouted, and a completely ordinary looking man showed up.
He carried a small pouch on his waist as he slowly opened the hut's door.

"The password is 'Flower of Death'. Your reply?"

"'Cheers' to Representative Kelly. You the courier?"

I was dumbfounded. Password, hideout, the very picture of a spy movie!

(Can't believe I came across this embarrassing scene, I wanna cry...)

Who's the spy here. They should be, yet I feel like one instead.

"Here is the thing. A drug that compels its taker to rampage around until they die. They turn so vicious not even a group of adults can possibly contain them. Even kids do not escape its effect, allowing them to jump up onto roofs easily."

Must be a magic bag. He took out one vial from it. Containing blue liquid.

"Izzat banned magic drug? Ya bringing out that stuff eh... must be serious."

The lanky man took the vial like it's some kind of dangerous substance.
Yet there's no fear or rejection in his eyes. Indicating he won't hesitate to use it.

"Have those kids take it near the gate and you two can retreat after. Give them an 'order' beforehand. This order shall remain and those kids will keep rampaging throughout the kingdom. We shall dispatch our troops during that window of opportunity. Once I send the signal you two head back to the federation."

"How 'bout you? What're you gonna do after the signal?"

"I need to take care of some business afterward. It doesn't concern you two, your mission is finished by then, rest easy."

The men grinned signaling the end of their talk.
I couldn't bear with it anymore and went straight to the door.

"Yo, I heard everything. You're the type of humans I loathe. How could you carry on with a clear conscience doing something so cruel to children?"





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 71

What Can Be Learned From the Young Man


We still got time after Reina learned her Skill so we opted to watch the young man's (his name is Kaguruata) training session.
It'll help formulating a plan against magic beasts or demons who use magic, may also serve as a reference to Alma in her magic arrangement effort.

"I don't mind you guys watching, but make sure you stay back, it's dangerous."


The only other time I saw anything besides Alma using magic was that triangle hat in the dungeon.
People in the back line did cast magic during Stampede but sorry to say they weren't a good reference due to being lower than level 20.
The triangle hat only used that homing fireball and terrain altering Spirit Magic. And support magic.
Guess I should have let it go off a bit more. Especially Spirit Magic, seeing as it was Level 2, we could have caught other spirits if it summoned more.
Well whatever, no point crying over spilled milk. We could just ask Lolimast's help for it.

The young man's basic level is 30. Pretty high, his guild rank should be around C or B, I'm guessing?
His Job is Sorcerer. Apparently a tier higher than Mage. Fumu fumu, he's got Support Magic Skill besides Offensive Magic.
Think you need to reach Level 25 to have another Job Change from the one after Apprentice. Meaning Alma only needs two more levels now.
I'm glad that she's getting stronger, yet I can't help but worry if I can keep up with her. I mean whenever I thought I got stronger, she'd shoot right up. She must have been working hard behind my back...
Oops, gotta focus on watching the silver haired young man.

Bokokoko Zugaaaaan!

Ooh, four walls of rocks rose up from the ground before a thunderbolt crashed down in the center.
Were an enemy there, they wouldn't have nowhere to run from that bolt.
I see, so the idea is to combine multiple elements instead of just focusing on powering one up. This is probably the natural progress to people who can't use mana control.
...Hm? But didn't Alma say that you can't use multiple Abilities at the same time from one Skill? Like Swordsmanship.

<<They were not cast in tandem, the man cast four Stone Walls in a quick succession before casting Lightning Strike afterward. The wall of rock generated by Stone Wall remains in place, affording combination of multiple spells.>>

I see, he was so smooth casting those spells, I was sure he cast them all at once, turned out not.
I'm kinda unsure if I could cope with this if an enemy deploys similar tactics. I'll ask him what other combinations are possible.

The young man shot multiple slow moving stone bullets before immediately shooting a set of ultra high speed lightning bullets to give a gap between impacts. Another time, he cast a big flaming ball followed by a wind tornado to burn over a wide area.
He's got quite the imagination. I don't get bored watching how flashy they are too, no regret being a spectator here.

"That was awesome! Walls came out of the ground then suddenly boom, a lightning crashed! And I had never seen a flaming tornado before!"

"Haha, you can do this much too one day if you keep up with your magic practice once you've become a Mage. That is so long as you work hard on it."

Reina's not aiming to become a Mage though.
Heck, I'm not even sure why that Job requires Offensive Magic Skill.

"I always stick to one element so I had no idea combining multiple elements could produce something like that. Hats off."

"I'm having the chill thinking if an enemy combines their spells like that. Your party members must rely on you a lot."
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The young man's expression turned a bit gloomy when I said that.
Oh crap, stepped on a land mine I did.

"...Putting aside whether they relied on me or not, I'd like to believe I've been trying my hardest. My party asked me to leave the other day, so I'm currently flying solo."

"Eh, but you're such an amazing spellcaster!? Why!?"

"They said a higher leveled Sorcerer wanted to join the party and other members agreed to it, but that'd mean the party is going to have a bad balance so they wanted me out. Said I'd just drag them down because I'm inferior to that new member."

"...That's awful...!"

No no no, what in the hell. Those party members are the worst.
Do they only see Skills and Levels from other people? You'd be hard pressed to find someone who's this fluent in magic.

"That's just not right! How could anyone cast aside a party member they've been working together with all this time just because someone stronger joined!"

"...Frankly, I'd be lying if I said I've accepted it but I'm not without faults as well. Whenever I voiced my opinions regarding our respective duty and party's coordination, they said I was being nosy."

"For examples?"

"I'd warn them not to drink too much the night before our commission, tell the vanguards to focus on drawing monsters' attention and to step aside when rear guards attack, or our mages and archers would have a hard time landing their attacks."

"...But isn't that how it should be? Those warnings are warranted."

"I'd keep telling them over and over again but they'd keep telling me off, 'shut up, you youngster has no right to butt in'. They only got offended and never heeded my warning seriously every time."

"...Uh, I think you'd be better off leaving that party? Those people are beyond saving."

"But we had been through a lot together. I was hoping they'd fix the issues little by little gradually over time, but see where it led me... Well it's all in the past now. I'd rather believe I just don't fit with them than finding their faults now, I'm taking this chance running solo to have another look of myself in the mirror."

He doesn't show it on his face, but the silver haired young man sounds sad as he's having an introspection.
...There's a lot going on with adventurers. Guess they're only humans after all.

"Ah, sorry. You guys had to listen to me rambling about my boring life story and doom and gloom."

"That's not true at all. You've taught us not only about magic but also how it's like to be in a party."

"Kaguruata-san, please cheer up. I'm sure any party would welcome you with open arms, I mean you've such amazing magic! The party who drove you out is a bunch of losers!"

"...Thank you for the encouragement. I'm sure you'd grow up into a respectable adult as well."

"But of course. I'm gonna become this nice body lady overflowing with alluring adult charms~."

"............That'd be nice."

"What's with the pause!?"

Get it. Wipe your tears.

...If someone better at magic and swords than Alma joined our party, would I drive Alma out. Or the opposite? Would Alma do that if someone better at fighting and cooking join our party? ...No, I can't even imagine that.
I'm not against party members being strong, but what's more important to me is how fun being with them be. You risk losing what's truly important if you put too much emphasize on efficiency.
...But I guess that could become an issue too if you only focus on affability. Gotta look after our party members well to avoid that. That includes companions like Reina too of course.
Pampering her too much does her no good though.

"What are you distant eyeing for, Kajikawa-san! You must be thinking that I look like a child too, aren't you!?"

"Not true! I believe you'll get to be a wonderfully charming lady in due time! Definitely!"

"What you said makes me really happy but how you said it, expressionless and monotone, doesn't!!"

But I'm sure we're allowed to joke around like this every once in a while.
I never get tired watching Reina's reactions, hahaha.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 345

345 Raine From Now On?


I went to the hunter guild as told. It was just a stone throw away.
I opened the familiar door, and went to the trading counter.
The pelts were valued highly. It was barely damaged and quite large.
However, the valuer was doubting me, 'How'd you get your hands on something this magnificent'.
I made an excuse about having an urgent matter at home and ran away after receiving the cash.
Explaining the circumstances would take too long. I just can't afford that right now.
Even my steps back home were restless. Showing how distressed I was.

Forest Seekers are regarded as highly dangerous beasts even to veteran hunters, we tend to steer clear of them.
Even just one tiny mistake could get you surrounded by a pack before they gang you up to death.
You need to make careful preparations with traps and such to avoid that end.
And yet, he and the kids killed three Forest Seekers, even if their attentions were directed at me, using the absolute minimum amount of arrows.

"Haa. Just what's in store for me in the future?"

What came into my view as I entered my home was a luxurious meal. The rarely served Forest Seeker meat.
Neatly placed on plates wafting an appetizing scent mixed with spices.

"Alright, you're right on time. Folks, it's dinnertime."

He was teaching the kids how to cook while I was away.

(How do I express this complicated feeling I have in my heart?)

There's a huge table from who knows where along with a set of chairs, the kids are standing in a neat line behind them.
The kids only sat down after he did. As I was watching that absentmindedly, he called out to me.

"Have a seat. Let's eat. We've got a lot to talk about after all."

I finally came back to my sense. It's finally time to have the discussion. A discussion for the future I just can't bring myself be enthused of.

"Well, take your time enjoying your meal. Let's dig in."

The kids mimicked him as well before they started eating.
I felt weirdly discomposed by the scene.
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"How are these children so well coordinated? To begin with, why are they..."

I couldn't put all the 'anxieties' in my mind into words and instead asked about the kids first.
His reply didn't put me to ease.

"Beats me. Don't rush it, I'm gonna tell you everything in due time. You eat too."

I resigned and sipped my soup. The right amount of salt spread in my mouth, calming my nerves.
I thought to myself I should simply ask him after listening to his story since I couldn't sort out my own questions anyway.
His side of story was brief and summarized, but everything clicked now.

The kids are orphans. He's taking care of them until they become qualified hunters.
He's asking me to teach the kids my knowledge on the forest here to support their life style.
That was his entire reason to save me.

"I get the gist of things. I have no objection teaching them about the forest. Or rather, I don't think I have a choice here."

I have no right to, not after they saved my life.

"Oh and I plan to make my exit once I deem the kids have become capable enough. Raine, you'll be in charge of looking after them from then on."

"...Wha? ...What did you... Eh?"

I couldn't process what he said at all.
He added more to seal the deal.

"What's the hold up, they're your saviors, aren't they? I'm not telling you to provide for them. You're to work together with these kids."

"What's your goal... why...?"

"To be perfectly frank with you, there's nothing left for me to teach them on bow handling, blood draining, game processing, or simple cooking. No seriously, I can only laugh at these kids' incredible learning potential."

I recalled him mentioning it was the kids who killed those savage Forest Seekers.

"You're really going to...?"

This news shook my mind just after it had calmed down.

"Once you've taught these children all you know, the only thing left is to put it into practice. Slum dwellers they are, these kids are quite ravenous at what they do if it relates to their survival. They've got this abnormally high focus and learning capability in order to survive, see? Guess it's kinda like a special ability, or a talent born from environment? Well thanks to that, I don't have to make this long term, so it's all good."

I still couldn't swallow his words out of the blue.
Wonder if I'd understand what he meant once I started living with these kids? As my anxiety shot up again, I recurred.

"What are you telling me to do anyway? Working with these kids, are you serious..."

This hut is too cramped for all of us to live here, and I have no idea how to care for kids, he's being unreasonable.
However, he went to persuade the kids instead.

"Kids, listen. Obey what Raine tells you once I'm gone. She will be your mentor. I could only teach you how to shoot with a bow, but she knows how to live in the forest. From what I've seen, your skill with bows is already first rate. As such, I'm gonna make sure you're in good hands tomorrow before saying goodbye."

Panicking after hearing that, I tried to stop him.

"Ah hey! Hold it right there! Tomorrow!? Isn't thing going too quick!"

I don't know what kind of bond he has with the kids. However, my words couldn't reach them and their earnest gazes toward him.
He then spoke something completely unrelated as if my voice never reached him.

"Oh yeah, one thing's been bugging me. Raine, mind telling me how you came to be under attack by those Forest Seekers?"

As my confusion reached its peak from the sudden change of topic, I recounted what happened all the same.
I had no idea of knowing why he grimaced ever so slightly as he listened to my recollection.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 70



"Hikaru, is your tummy alright...?"

"It's fine, I'm telling you. I've got room for two, three more plates even."

"What's up with that sub-space of a stomach... Is Kajikawa-san's belly actually an Item Bag?"

Feels like they now see me as a glutton thanks to the eating contest.
Well, should pass once they see me having normal portions during mealtimes.
Now then, we've bought ingredients and all but dinner still isn't for quite some time.
Time for a little after-meal exercise.

We went to Vinfitt Adventurer Guild's training ground to practice Energy Control.
There's plenty of facilities to help with practicing here like dumbbell-like heavy objects, targets for sword and bow practices, and enough space to shoot magic.
It's intended for beginners and novices, and it's normally the place Alma and me should be spending our time in, but due to our need to practice mana control, it's a bit, you know.
Well there's not a lot of people around today, and we're not planning any flashy training like mana control so it should be fine. Can't be bothered to go all the way to magic beast territory.

First thing first, muscle buffing. This one is easy to image and the effect is obvious.
I could now easily lift a dumbbell that felt heavy in my normal state. But I almost lost my balance because of its weight.
The issue vanished when I focused buffing the muscles in my entire body instead of just my arm. It consumes a lot of SP though.
I also got to confirm that my Status did get plus numbers on Attributes such as STR, ATK, DEF, AGI and DEX. Being able to check this out in real time is nice.

Focusing energy in my head, aka my brain lets me to sense energy of people around just like with mana and life force, but honestly, I don't think it has much uses when I already have both.
Well maybe not completely useless since it likely allows me to sense activation of Skills that consume Stamina like Martial Arts.
My INT and PER attributes were raised while I was focusing energy in my brain. Hard to tell what's the difference though unlike with muscles.
I've no clue where to focus my energy on my body to increase RES and LUC attributes. Need more testing.

I tried transferring my energy like I did mana and lifeforce, but apparently it can't be done.
Well I guess it's like sharing calorie and nutrition, probably just physically impossible. Kinda like asking people to eat your brain. Ew, gross.
However, seems like it's possible to buff other people STR by controlling their energy. So transferring is no go but controlling is fine.
I tried buffing Alma's STR and had her lift up a 30KG dumbbell.

"...So light. It's like I'm holding a thin branch."

"Success... But please quit swinging that around, that's dangerous."

"You're waving that thing around like it's nothing, is that really heavy? Let me have a look... Whoa, heavy!? H-how'd you do that with one arm anyway!?"

"Wanna give it a whirl yourself, Reina? Let me touch your arm for a bit."

"Eh? U-uwawawawa?! There's something flowing in me!? What, what is this!? ...Huh? This thing's suddenly gotten super light! Like really, really light!"

Fumu, looks like the buff works on those that haven't come of age too.
It's kinda surreal watching girls like Alma and Reina swinging a heavy dumbbell around so nonchalantly like that.
Well, doesn't look like the buff lasts that long though. Only lasts a few minutes with just 10-20SP consumed.
Presently, seems like buffing yourself would be the best course of action. Otherwise, you're gonna run your SP dry.

"Is this what they call Support Magic? I had no idea buffing let you do this."

"Well, yeah something like that."

I'm gonna tell Reina the truth once she's come of age.
This isn't a good place to divulge the matter anyway.
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"...Wonder if I'll be able to do this too?"

"Most likely yeah. Gotta take care not to overdo it or you're gonna tire yourself out right away."

For now we're done testing Energy Control.
Buffing Attributes might not be the only thing it can do, but I have no means to test it presently.
I've got an idea but testing it on people I know is kinda, you know.

Seeing as we're already here and all, I'll have Reina practice magic too.
Should be a good change of pace from shooting into a hole all the time.
I put a small bottle in the space reserved for magic training and had her shoot at it.

"This is fun, why can't we just do this instead of shooting that hole. There's even a bear inside..."

"Your proficiency doesn't increase as much if you don't hit a creature. Think of it like actual combat being better than a practice."

"But just shooting into a hole all day long everyday is honestly depressing."

"Bear with it. You should obtain the Skill soon."

Reina chatted while shooting Stone Bullets at the target bottle.
She's not hitting at all even after several shots... Figured, she never had this kind of practice.

"I can't hit it..."

"'Course you won't, it's your first time. You get better at this stuff through repetition."

"Okay. Once you get a Skill, your hit rate gets better too. I'm gonna keep at it."

Skill huh.
I've got none, is it even needed? Well I'll take it given the chance though.
But people on earth are capable of godly feats even without a Skill. Like say, a master dart thrower can hit with extreme accuracy and precision. Though only the very select few reach that point.
You need to make the effort on earth but you can eventually do both combat and production types, unlike in this world where your options are limited by Jobs.
Guess it's gonna be bad for the laws of the world or something if everybody can go both ways. Whatever though.

"Ah, I almost got it!"

"See, you're getting better at it, aren't you? Even without a Skill, your effort will pay off."

"I'm gonna hit the next one!"

She looks like she's having so much fun. Guess we should have done this every once in a while.
...I kinda feel like a dad who's gone to a playground with his daughter. No, not a ma.

"Oy oy, this place is the guild training ground, ya know? Why're you making a child practice magic here?"

Someone called out behind us.
I turned around to see a silver haired young man frowning at us.

"Ah, sorry about this. This girl is going to come of age soon, she's training for that. Do pardon us."

"...Come of age? A kid this small?"

"Guha.... I'm gonna be 15 in just half a month..."

The silver haired young man sounded surprised. And Reina took an unexpected damage from that.
...I guess she does look childish, likely due to malnutrition. She's even smaller than the slender Alma. You'd think she's 11-12 at a glance.

"I'd like to practice here as well, mind opening the space soon?"

"We hear you. Reina, make the next one your last."

"Got it. Hm... Ttee!"

The Stone Bullet shot out of Reina's fingertip hit and smashed the bottle.

"H-hit it at last! ...Oooh!?"

"What's wrong?"

"S-seems I got the Skill!"

For real. At this timing?
Checking her Status, she's learned Offensive Magic Lv1 indeed.

"Congratulations, you finally made it."

"Congratulations Reina."

"I'm so, so happy! And it's all thanks to Kajikawa-san and Alma-san!"

"...What a heartwarming sight."

I gave my blessing to Reina for reaching this point. Congratulations...! Congratulations…! Wait, am I an man in black or something.
Even the young man is looking at Reina with gentle eyes.

"I can finally say goodbye to days of shooting at the bear inside that hole...! Kuh....!"

"...Was it painful enough to warrant crying?"

"What sort of training have you guys been making her to..."

The young man is staring hard here. Don't mind us.

Now then, the preparations for her come of age is done.
Next up, she simply needs to pick her Job and train on it to a point.
...It'd be best if she could join our party but I'm not gonna pressure her into making that choice.
I'd by lying to say I wouldn't feel sad if she wishes to go solo, but I'm gonna honor her wish. I'm gonna be sad for real though... Like seeing off your kid becoming independent.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 344

344 What Lies on Raine's Mind


Things have settled down a month after grandpa's funeral.
I have to live on on my own from now on. I can't believe I would get raided by Forest Seekers out of nowhere in the forest right after having that thought.

I'm Raine. Surviving in this kingdom as a hunter. The forest I'm making a life out of is rich yet rife with dangers, apparently there were times when many hunters were active here.
But I never saw that firsthand since grandpa and I were the only hunters left by the time I was old enough to be aware of my surroundings.
There are other safer places to hunt at even if they're a bit far away.

I fell into a predicament in the forest and got rescued. My rescuers were a strange bunch.
It may be not my place to call my saviors weirdos.
But they're just weird. A black haired black eyed young man leading a group of six kids.

"You have no issue with us using this place to process the wolves, do you? Alright! Kids, you see those things to hang stuff on? You do it like this... See? You'll be in charge of the other two wolves. Watch closely."

He started carving out the Forest Seekers. He wouldn't give me his name when I asked, brazenly pushed his way to my house and started teaching the kids here.

(What's going on? They did save me so I don't mind lending this place to them, but...)

He has no reservation at all. I mean we've just met. Not even an hour since then.
Usually, shouldn't we gauge each other's distance first? I couldn't come up with an answer as I was perplexed by this all.
Especially as someone who has never been rescued before.

"Alright, let's get this done quickly, I'm starving."

They kept working on processing the wolves. All I could do was watch.

(What is he thinking... Teaching these kids about the forest...)

I can tell these kids are apprenticing to be hunters. They're kinda awkward here and there, and most of all, what they're being taught.
That must be the reason he asked me to teach them. However, to me these kids don't seem to require my assistance.
They act like well trained soldiers. Earnest gazes, standing in a neatly organized row with straightened backs. It's like they were marching behind the young man on our way to my house.
It's all just so weird.
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"U-um? What should I do... When are we going to discuss things?"

Usually I would have started doing maintenance on my tools before preparing for dinner once I get back home. Of course it's a different story if I managed to hunt a prey, prioritizing processing it like them.
But I can't afford that now. My mind is in disarray.
Watching is my only option. I didn't hunt a game so I couldn't offer them my assistance.

"Ah, can you get hot water ready. Also, separate water to wash hands. Gotta wash away all this blood."

The kids smoothly processed the wolves without struggling in the least.
It's like they've been doing it for years already. They neatly skinned Forest Seekers' pelts, sliced apart the meat, and put all the discarded viscera in the right bucket.

(What is with these kids... Am I even needed when they're this capable?)

I could only stare in amazement. But it seems he won't even allow that.

"You mentioned something about guild earlier yeah? Raine, go sell these pelts. Take a bit from the sales for your trouble. Here, take them. I hope you don't mind, go."

Done with all the processing, three neatly skinned pelts of Forest Seekers have been put in front of me.

"Wha? E-err..."

As I was unsure how to respond to their dexterity, he pointed out the reason he asked me.

"We've never dealt with the guild. So you taking the charge would be the best course of action. Can't I ask you that? And here, a 'rabbit' as well."

He added a rabbig's pelt out of nowhere.
I had half given up resisting at this point.

"Ah, okay..."




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 69

Getting Stronger by Eating Feels Weir-


So here I am taking part in an eating contest for a frying pan but I'm having a bit of remorse now.
I mean, other participants are obviously built for this, unlike me.
Among all the extra-sized contestants that would put that pig noble to shame, I'm the only standard-sized one.
I mean you know, eating contestants in Japan look normal outwardly yet they can gorge down kilograms of food. Where'd they put all that food in their body anyway.
There's 10 contestants including me. I'm contestant number 10 being the last who entered.
Some of them have Cooking Skill too, wonder if they're pinning for the prize or just here for the food.
This has drawn quite a crowd. Guess even this little festival is a rare form of amusement here.

"Ouu, lad ain't ya a lanky one! Eat meat, meat!"

"You been eating at all? Well take it easy now! I'mma be the victor anyway!"

"Ah? See this belly of mine, I dare you say that again? Quit daydreaming will ya!"

...What's with all these high tension folks.
Just as I was thinking of withdrawing, the food were getting carried to the venue, too late to turn back. It'd be rude to the people who cooked this food, like telling them it tastes bad.
Can't be helped, I'm gonna give it my best shot for the sake of frying pan. Let's just focus on eating.

"Aaand! This eating contest will now start! The rule is quite simple, the winner is the one who eats the most in one hour time! Those who cheat will be disqualified right away! Eat at it fair and square! Who do you think will be victorious among these!? Now then, ready~~~~~ GO!!"

The MC seems highly strung too.
Well I guess that's better than sounding timid.
Now then, the food is a fish dish huh. I can feel my appetite rising just from looking at its white meat smeared in basil-like sauce. Umu, it's good. I want the recipe.
Other contestants are wolfing down the food without caring to relish on the taste. What a waste.

"Contestant #1, so quick! He emptied the first plate in five seconds flat!"

Bite before you swallow guys. It's gonna be bad for your stomach you know?
We have an hour ahead of us, even taking a minute per plate will get you 60 plates by the end. No way you can fit all that, might as well enjoy the food.
Ah, but what did they say about chewing your food again, it stimulates appetite center and gives a sense of fullness or something? ...Well whatever. Let's just go at my pace, who cares about the rest. I wanna win but not so much I'd sacrifice tasting the food.

"#10 is going completely at his pace! Other contestants are about to finish their second plate!"

Oh shut up, let me eat in peace.
Ah, the second plate has some delicious looking boiled prawns.

"Aw man, figured #10 gonna be slow."

"Well, guy can't possibly go up against all those big fellas. Gotta admire his guts stepping up against those at least."

"Do your best, #10! Watch yourself, don't eat too much now!"

Thanks for the cheering. But please spare me, it's embarrassing.

After a while, right as I was working on my fifth plate, I could feel something filling my body.

...Here it comes. It's here, it's here! ...No no, let's stop speaking like I'm on a drug.
Menu, display my SP Status.
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Kajikawa Hikaru


SP (Stamina): 2/102

Sure enough, my SP has recovered.
Can't believe I had to eat so much before I got my SP. Forget about four people meals, it definitely requires way more.
As I ate, I tried to control my stamina and as expected, no this was the easiest and the smoothest it had been to control compared to mana and life force.
Direct Stamina Control sure is mouthful though. Stamina is akin to energy, let's call it Energy Control instead... Simple yeah.

I image the energy on the muscles in my arms before I tried lifting up a fork, it felt paper light. Well, a fork is nothing heavy in the first place so it's hard to tell though.
Focusing energy on my eyes let me see far away, focusing on ears--

Aaaaaagh!!! Ababababa...!! My hearing got strengthened far more than I thought, assaulting my ears with a super loud voice...! Ah, the ringing in my ears...
U-umu. Looks like Energy Control strengthens my bodily functions, or rather, my attributes.
Gotta be careful with its usage or it's gonna incur heavy damage like it just did... My poor ears.
Wait, wasn't #3 one of those people who was boasting in the beginning. Gave up already? Ah, he's suffering from Excessive Full Stomach as his State. I'm begging you, please don't throw up here.
For now let's stop checking Energy Control. It feels like cheating if I use SP here. Too late for that seeing as I have an External Status and all though.

"O-oy, that #10 is still keeping up with his pace?"

"He seemed the slowest at first, but guy's the fastest now the other contestants fell behind..."

"Monster, got a monster 'ere..."

I kept eating for tens of minutes.
I've cleaned up more than 30 plates already. The heck, how much can my stomach take anyway. Where'd the law of conversation of mass go?
I'm not actually full and it's about to burst out or anything right? That'd be scary.

"W-who the heck're ya...? Uppu..."

"Where'd all that food go in that lanky body...!"

"N-number 10 is still going at it! While other warriors are reaching their limit, he just keeps chowing down on his plates without a pause!! What's going on with this man's stomach!?"

They're all seemingly taken aback by me, if only I knew the answer myself.
Well, my SP is about to hit max point though, I could go for two, three more plates at best.
Other contestants seemed to finish at around 20 plates. Dang you guys ate a lot too.
The portion wasn't too much at first but it got gradually added with every new plate, the latter half was quite stuffy.
Like this super sized hamburger, there's no way anybody could finish it up in five seconds. The people behind this program is pretty nasty.


A whistle signaling the end resounded just as I finished the hamburger. Thanks for the feast.

"And the winner iiiiiiis~~!! Clear as day, it's number 10's victory!! That bottomless swamp of a stomach! Winning by a landslide!! Seriously though, are you all right? Aren't your stomach about to pop open? Want us get the doctor over?"

Quit sounding so worried by the end.
But yeah, it is inexplicable how my stomach isn't bulging at all after eating that much. Maybe all that food got stored in another subspace like Item Screen or something. That's scary.

"The prize for our winner is a frying pan processed with a non-stick adaman coating!! Give him a round of applause!!"

Adaman? Like adamantite or adamantium? Wait is that even something you use on a frying pan?
I'll take it so long as it's really non stick tho'.

"I-It's my lose... Goff..."

"Fu, fufufu... To think an unexpected rival, showed up, uppu...!"

Don't force yourself to speak. Go to the toilet first if you wanna vomit.

I received the prize and left the stall at once.
The crowd opened a path for me, like they were afraid of me. I'm not gonna eat you guys...

"G-good work out there... Kajikawa-san, what's your stomach made of?"

"...Did you use, Menu?"

"Nope. I ate all the food brought out. Wasn't desperate enough to cheat."


The two seem taken aback too. Well I guess I never ate that much in front of them...

"Welp got my hands on this frying pan, so now let's go buy ingredients for dinner."

"You're still gonna eat more!? Something's definitely not right with you!"

"Hikaru, you can skip dinner tonight, okay...?"

Nope, dinner isn't gonna be for quite some time anyway. Don't look at me that way please.

Learning Energy Control by filling my Stamina was a good haul.
Feel like lots of things would have been easier had I learned energy control earlier, but well no point dwelling on the past, I'd rather focus trying it out for the future.
And now, wonder what to eat for dinner tonight. Think I'll go for a lightweight one after that big feast.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 343

343 Succession Continuation


"Hm? Ou, that you Raine. I been telling you to quit while yer ahead. You've got a death wish hunting alone in this forest. I bet you can marry off somewhere with your looks."

That was the gatekeeper who handled us when we departed the gate. He seems to know and care for Raine.

"This is the only thing I have left. And besides, someone needs to watch over this forest and be the first responder if anything is amiss. The guild appreciates the games I hunt here as well. I'm the only one who can succeed grandpa."

So she said despite what just transpired, danger and all. I think she really ought to think twice about her choice.
Not my place to butt in though, so no comment here.

"And you're... why are you with her?"

The gatekeeper looked perplexed to see our group with Raine.
Well his confusion is apt.
I replied briefly.

"She was attacked by Forest Seekers. We came to her rescue. We're now heading for her home to get our reward."

The gatekeeper didn't seem convinced with what I said as he turned at Raine for confirmation.

"He's saying the truth. I was ambushed by three Forest Seekers out of nowhere when I went deeper into the forest."

"Haah~, what did I tell ya. If only you listened to me, someone grandpa tasked to look over you, it wouldn't have come to that... so, changed your mind now?"

Looks like he was well acquainted with Raine's grandpa too.
The gatekeeper must be using this chance to have Raine reconsider going to the forest again.
However, she shook her head. Seeing that, the gatekeeper sighed and spoke solemnly.

"You're two peas in the same pod with that old man, aren't you. Down to your bullheadedness. That's one thing you shouldn't have inherited... Geez, what a handful."

"You done yet? We'd like to get in."
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I opened my mouth when the gatekeeper and Raine's conversation seemed done.
I have no idea what's needed for the kids to enter the kingdom. The one with 'Second Class' Pass is me, not the kids.
He stamped some paper when we first left the gate, but I'm not sure if that's enough to get an entry back.
If the kids can't get in, we're gonna have to camp out at worst. Whatever will be, will be. We can always process the games, eat and sleep next to the gate.

"...Yes, you're cleared. Please go ahead. May I ask if you wish to leave for the forest again tomorrow?"

Well, that was easy. He even asked that.
I replied while feeling a bit anticlimactic.

"Yeah, we're going out to hunt again tomorrow. These kids included."

"Then you don't have to present your pass from tomorrow on. This applies on your way back as well. However, you must be present with the kids every time."

I don't know what to say here. Didn't think 'Second Class' Pass had this much power.

"Got it. Appreciate your explanation. Then, we'll be off."

I replied while getting a bit bewildered by the trust. The kids neatly followed in a row behind me.
Raine bowed at the gatekeeper before going after us.

"So, Raine. Where's your house? Lead the way if you would."

I turned around and looked at Raine. But she's slow to react. Doesn't seem like she's doubting us, it's more bewilderment.

"T-this way. U-um? By teaching the kids about the forest, you mean..."

"This is not a good place to discuss that, let's settle down first. Besides, I'd like to process our games first thing first."

I urged Raine to keep going.
I'm not sure if she's weak willed or if she's weak to pressure. I thought she's got it together at least from watching her interaction with the gatekeeper, but it seems her mind still can't catch up what's going on yet, she lets herself keep getting pushed around.

But I'm not obliged to wait until she's calmed down.
I plan to have Raine take over everything so I'm gonna keep the pressure up until I get an okay out of her before she comes back to her sense and declines.

(If she declined though... Well, I'd drag her into this regardless.)

She could reject if I forced my way through. Or she could always ignore me.
But not when she gets dragged in. She'd become a concerned party regardless of how, leaving her with no escape route.
So I walked behind Raine while formulating a rather devious plan in my mind.

(Well, it'd have been best for all three concerned parties if she agrees to it on her own volition.)

Three parties here being me, Raine and the kids.

We arrived at an ordinary-looking hut at the end of our walk.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 68

Ma, Going All Out


We went on an eating spree for a few hours before taking a break at an outdoor cafe with sore legs.
Conclusion, the first Turkey Leg dish was the best.
No I mean, other stalls were good too, you know? But they kinda don't live up to their prices. Makes you wonder.
I'm not dissatisfied at all with the taste. Stuff like flour-based okonomiyaki and baby castella were all good, taste-wise, but they're just too expensive for what you got.

"They were all pretty pricey. We're hitting the budget limit already."

"Yep that's about right with most stores. That first stall was just too cheap for how good it was."

"And yet, adventurers sought out tasty food all the same so every stall was packed."

Most of the stalls were manned by people with Cooking Skill at around Lv 3 to 4.
Apparently that level allows you to cook something simple. I think my Cooking Skill would have been around this level if converted.
...No, I usually refer to recipes in my phone, so it should be lower. Thank goodness I managed to charge my phone.
I've been taking my time here and there writing down the recipes in case my phone broke, but I dunno how long it'll take with hundreds of recipes to go...

"Were you two really fine only eating at the stalls I picked? Feel free to chime in if you want something in particular."

"Honestly there are too many stalls here, I'm at a loss what to pick. Everything you picked was yummy Hikaru, so I'm good."

"Me too, all the stalls Kajikawa-san picked were the ones that caught my eyes anyway."

Dunno if they were just being nice but they don't seem disappointed.
Umu, guess this is how it's like eating around in this world? Wish it wasn't so expensive at least.

Looking at their Status, the two have 'Full Stomach' State with their SP at max amount.
I noticed how Alma's SP recovery rate was clearly higher than Reina during our eating spree. Like with Turkey Leg, Alma recovered 25 SP while Reina only recovered 4.

<<The higher max SP (Stamina) one has, the higher the rate of which they recover SP from eating. In exchange, the rate of natural SP consumption also increases however, as such higher max SP does not translate to having to eat a huge portion of food nor does this allow one to fast for several days without issues.>>

Eh? Then what's the point of higher max SP?

<<It will decrease the relative amount of SP consumed by abilities that requires SP, thus it is not without merit.>>

Ah, right, there were Skills that use SP. Like Martial Arts and stuff.
...By the way, is there a reason my SP number still 0 even now? Even though my max SP is still increasing.

<<That is simply due to you not having eaten the amount of food necessary to sate your base body. You have never eaten to full stomach ever since you come to this world, as such, eating more should recover your SP.>>

...I am aware how much more active I've become since I arrived at this world, and with all the calories burned, I have yet to eat to full stomach even once.
My lifestyle in Japan wasn't necessarily healthy yet I was always careful not to eat too much, so maybe that habit transferred over here.
I might end up like that pig noble if I'm not careful, and I feel kinda bad eating more than Alma and Reina.

<<For your information, Kajikawa Hikaru consumes SP in a way that differs from this world's living beings, requiring around one person portion of full meal to recover 30 SP. This ratio won't change even if your max SP increases.>>
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How inefficient am I anyway! Are you saying I gotta eat that much every time I wanna recover my SP!?
So I gotta eat at least four times the usual amount if I want to increase my SP to compensate for my base body... The cost for my meals alone would bankrupt us.

<<Once your SP has recovered, it won't decrease so long as you don't purposely reduce it through Skill usages and such, therefore there is no need to eat more than one portion every meal time.>>

Skill usages huh. I don't have Skills, is there even a point raising my SP?
No, wait, seeing as I could directly control my mana and life force. Then maybe...
Well, I'll give it a try if I ever get the chance.

"Oh right, Reina, your Offensive Magic proficiency has gone up a lot, I believe your next training should give you the Skill."

"F-finally... It's not like it's tiring but there's no visible goal, and the voice coming from inside the hole bothers me so much, my mind can't take it anymore... But seriously, what's up with that voice anyway..."

"Ah, it's just a High Cave Bear inside, nothing to worry about."

"Oh phew, it's just a... Wait, it's that giant bear!? But I am worried! I almost got eaten by one!"

"Why not make that a diversion? I mean now that you know might as well enjoy it to the fullest."

"Nothing enjoyable about it at all!"

"Hikaru, don't tease Reina too much now."

"Sorry, I got a bit carried away."

"You really can't win against Alma-san, can you... Don't you think she's keeping too tight a leash?"

Anybody would if they saw Alma when she snapped. She's super scary.

"Now then, let's go back to our inn after one last shopping spree."

"Is there something else you wanna buy?"

"Well, stuff like ingredients for our dinner, and new cooking utensils."

"...You're really a ma through and through."

Shaddup. Keep at it and I'm gonna serve you High Cave Bear meat.
...Hm? What's up with that lively crowd over there.

"Attention please~! This is your last chance to enter Dwarfen Dining's Eating Contest~! Those who wish to participate, please hurry up~!"

Eating contest huh.
Well, no harm spectating.

"The winner shall receive a frying pan specially made to prevent sticking as their prize~! Cooking enthusiasts can't miss this!"


"Sorry, but could you wait a bit as I win this contest."

"You're already declaring victory right off!? How taken are you with that frying pan!"

"Hikaru, haven't you eaten a lot just now, can you manage?"

"Actually yeah, I've still got plenty of room left. I usually make sure I don't eat too much, but I'm going all out for this non-stick frying pan."

"Going all out for the sake of a cooking utensil, you're more a cooking maniac than a mom..."

"Reina, I see you're craving for High Cave Bear meat for today's dinner huh?"

"Forgive me! Please anything but that scary bear meat!"

I forgive this time to honor your quick apology. I mean I don't know how to cook bear meat anyway.
Wonder if the pan is processed with teflon turning it non stick? It's probably weak to scratches, gotta treasure it once it's in my hand.
Now then, time to test how much can my External Status's SP take.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 342

342 What Comes After Smooth Sailing


Things are going well, the future looks bright. But I can't just tell them 'Good bye, be well' yet.

(I'll keep a watch on them until tomorrow or the day after, and finish up if nothing seems amiss.)

I've managed to ascertain the kids' capability with bows and arrows today.
Frankly speaking, 'there's nothing left for me to teach them'. Like how the heck did they even hit all their arrows on those nimble wolves, damn.
These kids are already at a level where they won't miss immobile targets.

"Alright! Let's go back for today. The deeper areas are dangerous. You get that from watching this missy here, don't you?"

The kids energetically replied, 'Yes!'

"So, what's your name? Mind telling us that? I don't mind calling you missy though."

She's probably older than me, kind of rude calling her that.
But how am I supposed to treat her befitting her age after such a colorful encounter?
I just can't after that pitiful sight.

"I-I'm Raine, please call me Raine. A-and you?"

"Raine it is. Hm. Okay then, Raine let's go back. Ready to go home, kids?"

I completely ignored Raine asking my name. I've no intention to get involved with her more than necessary.
It's the kids that are gonna be under her care from now on. She must have a lot of stuff to teach the kids about this forest.

"Eh, um? Err?", Raine looked bewildered as I kept ignoring her. Looks like she couldn't process me not replying her question.
The kids have finished retrieving the prey and arrows, waiting for my next order in a neat row.

"Fall back!", I led the kids to retrace our path back while staying alert.
I heard a voice behind me, "P-please wait for me!", but that didn't stop me.
We have no more business in the forest today. At best, we're gonna climb up some trees to pick up fruits along the way.
We can never have enough food but stockpiling too much is just gonna leave them rotting. Hence, you need to maintain the right balance between procuring, consumption and hunting.

(I'm putting our haul in my magic bag today, but I guess they'd need baskets later... Well it'll be their homework.)
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The one indispensable thing I needed to teach these kids is processing the game we hunted. Which will be done at Raine's home.
She's a hunter by trade. Her house surely has a facility to process animals she hunted.
I'm gonna fully make use of her as her savior. But it won't be a one sided thing, I'll make sure to have her profit as well. I'm not that brutish.

Today's hunting has solved quite a lot of things.
Mostly thanks to Raine, as the thing I should have been shouldering will be hers to take over. In other word, I'm pushing this responsibility to her.
However, it also brings upon one new thing bugging me. Those 'wolves'.
Later on, I lamented myself for noticing this.

(Forest Seeker was it? These wolves were far more nourished compared to the ones I saw back then. And their fur seemed well tended... Is this normal?)

I came across the same type of wolves attacking a wagon on my way to the empire back then.
I recall how I paid some mercenaries there to take care of them.
Those wolves were thinner than these ones.
A forest this rich should have no shortage of critters. But the world of nature is never easy.
My experience hunting in my village tells me as much.

(Isn't it weird how well fed they seem to be? I know this forest has plenty of prey but that doesn't guarantee those wolves always succeed finding one. And besides, their fur has this luster like it's been tended well...)

To those living in the nature, even the act of finding small critters alone requires laborious work.
I really doubt those wolves could hunt the amount of prey necessary to maintain their build.
It's not unusual to find prey only after several days. This naturally results in them having a thinner build.
I also noticed the difference in luster between the wolves I saw back then and the ones this time.

This hunch leads me to one conclusion. I couldn't even afford to throw a punchline here.

(Were these wolves being 'kept' in the depths of this forest? ...For what? If they're tamed beasts, attacking Raine must be their role as watchdogs? Is there something a party doesn't wish to be discovered around that area...?)

This conclusion is bad for me. The keepers of those wolves must find it unusual if they don't come back and go investigate themselves.
That can only mean one thing.

(I'm gonna get dragged again in another trouble, that's one thing for sure...)

We left the forest as I prayed my hunch turned out wrong. We then made our way to the gate marking the end of our first day hunting.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 67

With Ma


Half a month has passed since the start of our training, Reina still hasn't learned Offensive Magic Skill yet, but according to Menu, it's just just around the corner now.
Her INT has increased by 2 points, but that's the only visible change.
We also tried letting her run her MP dry to see if we could raise her max MP, but apparently this method doesn't work on people who haven't come of age yet.
It's probably a preventative measure to reduce the danger of kids using the exploit and expose themselves to the danger of repeatedly fainting over a short period of time. Well, without this measure, some thoughtless fools out there would force kids to keep running their MP dry after all... Well now, that's a terrible thought.
No wait? But can't you do it anyway after coming of age? Like me and Alma... Let's not delve further. It's making me queasy.

We're done with training today and currently taking a stroll around the town to shop and eat around.
Me and Alma aside, Reina's mental state wouldn't last doing that easy yet monotonous labor without ever taking a break.


Reina had a dry laughter with dead eyes as she responded. Yup, she's at her limit. Let's let loose and have fun today.
A repetitive labor with no end or result in sight is a torture in itself, looks like it's been far more mentally draining to her than I thought...

Town of Vinfitt is as bustling as ever.
I can never get tired just watching all the stalls and stores around. Can't stall here, cough cough.
Reina is wearing the clothes we bought her on the first day. Looking closer, she really is a pretty girl. I missed it back then since my eyes were on Alma.
I warned her not to follow any stranger but I'm still worried.

"Getting told like this, it's like you're my..."

"...What? Like your dad or something?"

"No, more like my ma."


"I get it."


...At least keep it a man, heck, I'd even take a 'kind relative uncle'.
Have I been gradually turning into a mom without realizing? Well I mean, I've been getting into cooking lately yeah... Ugh, anyway.

Getting back to town stroll.
First, equipment store. I mean I admit going to an equipment store in our break day is weird, but I wanna end all the work-related business first before we have fun.
We opened the door and got in before we got greeted by a red long haired woman, the shopkeeper.
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"Welcome! Ah, Kajikawa-san, your order is ready!"

"Yes, I thought it's about time so here we are."

"Of course of course, then let's get you fitted."


Ms. shopkeeper took Reina into the backroom.
She did that too when we shopped here before and Alma tried to change on the spot...
By the way, we were here to order equipment made from boss bear.
Chest protector has always been my first choice whenever we go out to get new equipment while Alma picks torso protector since according to her, the chest one quickly becomes too tight a fit for her anyway.
...Is she still growing. Well considering Alma mama's size, that's about right... My mind ghost's gonna accuse me of harassment again if I keep this up, let's just stop...

After fitting, yup it looks just as I imagined... I'm kinda bothered with how there are some exposed parts like her shoulders and thighs though.
It's a full body lightweight armor with boss bear fur fitted in the inner lining, so its defensive property is authentic.
It's a bit shame how her pretty blond hair also gets covered by a cloth over her head, even if the goal is to make her inconspicuous.
...She's gonna stand out if she walks around downtown in this attire though.

"I made it as ordered, adding a bit of slits here and there cause it's a bit stuffy otherwise, but this is sexy in a way too."

"S-sexy you say? You mean I exude an adult charm right?"


Sorry to say this when she looks happy, but despite the rather sexy outfit, Reina's childish stature makes it hard to take it seriously.
Though I guess it's unfair to compare her to Alma's one piece stocking style from the other day.

"Oh, and here you go, a dagger made from a High Cave Bear fang. It was so sturdy sharpening this thing was an ordeal, just you know."

"Eh, you made a dagger from that giant bear's fang!? No no, this must cost a hefty sum! Are you really sure I can take it!?"

"It's a bit overspecced for a kid not yet come of age yeah, but eh, it's gonna fit you just right in no time. Just hold onto it."

"Y-yes... I dunno if I can ever repay you back."

"The total comes to 110,000 en, thank you again."

"So pricey! I knew it!"

It is, but with all the money from culling the boss bears and their mats, this is not a problem at all.
It's about two third of a month inn charges, but our present earning should get it back quickly.
...I'd like to believe I'm aware that my sense of money has become paralyzed but easily parting with six digit number in a shopping spree is still a bit much.

She changed to her casual attire before we left the store and went to the food stall area.
Always bugged me how we never had the chance to eat around. We were usually spent when we got back from the cave.

"Oh, that turkey leg meat looks pretty good, what do you two think?"

"...I want a taste."

"I welcome any and all meat anytime! ...Wait, it's 1500 en a piece, do we have enough? It's still on the cheaper side though."

"I've budgeted our spending for today, it's okay as long as we don't go over too much. Excuse me, can we have three pieces please."

"Sure thing! Thanks for your patronage!"

The budget is around 20,000 en. Eh, that's too high? I mean cuisine in this world is stupidly expensive.
Even this real manga meat this stall is selling is not a festival price, it's the normal price.
Ah, but damn it's good. What's up with this meat, the inside is so juicy despite its crispy exterior. The spice is just enough not to overpower the meat too.
Man, food made by other people after so long and it's as good as I remembered. Peeking at the stall old man's skill, his Cooking Skill is Lv7. How good is he?

<<Lv7 Cooking Skill affords one to work as a chef in a high class restaurant.>>

This old man's the real deal. Why's he running a small stall like this.
Open a restaurant and it's gonna get crowded I'm sure. I guess he just wanna settle with making simple stuff or something.


"It's so, so good! I can't believe this stuff I could only stare in awe before was this tasty all along!"

Alma and Reina seemed deeply moved too. Yup yup, I agree with you two. I'd like to get another, but refrained to spare room in my stomach for other food.
1500 en for this is too cheap actually.
Can't wait to get a taste of other stalls if the first one is this good. Now then, what to devour next~.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 341

341 Big Haul


Arrows were quietly let loose. All of which hit the wolves which yelped once before falling silent.

"Don't let your guard down yet! Get ready for second volley! Watch the surroundings! Make sure there's no more wolves coming. Our targets are carnivorous. You might get bitten if you carelessly get close. Stay alert as we approach."

We slowly got closer step by step. And once we confirmed they were dead, we slit the throats with a knife and drained the blood.
Wolf meat is food too. Gotta discard the intestines because there's no telling they've been eating but the meat itself is safe. Though the edible part is mostly muscles.
Thus we secure the meat once the blood is completely drained. We're in no position to be picky. The kids at least.

I let them do the job.

"You're doing as I've taught you... well. Might be too well even for something I've only shown you once..."

The kids deftly worked together to finish the procedure without my input.
They're so well coordinated it's like they've been doing this forever, I'm at a loss for word.

(Two of them work in tandem to hang the body once the wolf's neck has been cut off cause it's heavy, and none of these kids shows any hesitation...)

Thus everything went smoothly, we even secured food for tonight.
These kids are so good at it I'm starting to second guess myself.

(Do these kids even need me? Wouldn't they go independent on their own without my interference sooner or later anyway?)
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They simply didn't have the chance to. I'm sure they would have found their own genre had they managed to learn something.
No point thinking that now though. For the time being, I've gotta do something about this situation.

"Now then, you over there. You can relax. And get down here."

I almost forgot about the person who screamed and made this smooth sailing possible.

"Haah... Thank you so... much."

A woman around 17-18 year old listlessly came down the tree and replied.
She's got a waist length hair with a ribbon attached. Her eyes look a bit stern.
Leather chestplate, bracers, greaves, a bow on her back and a quiver on her waist. Looks like she's in the same trade as us.

"Are you a hunter? A pitiful one I see. Anyway, can we have your thanks for saving you? Oh, and I'm not asking for money. I only need to know the circumstances that led you here. Give us intel."

I'm not trying to be greedy. I'm simply confirming if there's anything weird going on in this forest, at which point we're running away leaving her behind. No decisions can be made until we know more.
Can we continue hunting? Does something like that happen often to this solo hunter?
Or perhaps it's a 'spark' for an abnormal situation flying our way?

"I-I'm a hunter that's been barely getting by hunting in this forest for years. I usually went in along with my grandfather but he suddenly passed away from an illness the other day. I couldn't find any game near the entrance today so I pushed through deeper inside, but then..."

I got it somewhat now. Hunting alone exponentially raises the risk.
Especially in a forest this rich, meaning more dangers lurking. It's far more dangerous than the forest in my village.
Her grandfather must have been watching out for such dangers all this time.
This woman must be in charge of all other stuff. And once the one specialized in sensing danger was gone, she found herself in a risky situation.

"I got your story. I've got a suggestion. Can you look after these kids and teach them all about this forest?"

"Wha?" The woman had a 'what is this guy saying now' look on her face, to which I responded with.

"These kids saved you when you were in danger. Get it? They're your saviors. Caring for these saviors of yours is the best course of action. Or am I wrong?"

I must have looked like a small time villain when I said that.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 66

Respective Training... Training?


It's been a week since the start of Reina's training, or more like proficiency farming.
I can't really tell if her proficiency is increasing, but according to Menu, Reina should learn Offensive Magic Skill quite a bit before her coming of age at this pace.
Alma got her Magic Swords simply by producing pseudo magic sword, yet it's taking a long time in Reina's case. No wait, I'm guessing it's just because Alma's case was special, and this is how long it takes to learn a Skill ordinarily.

<<The required Proficiency point to learn Magic Sword Skill Lv1 is virtually zero. The actual condition to learn the Skill is to reach Level 4 on both Offensive Magic and Swordsmanship Skills as an Apprentice Paladin, with no other method available. As such the parameter for required Skill Proficiency point may not have been set.>>

And I'm guessing the one setting this stuff is that Law of the World thing again huh. Sheesh, you gotta debug right, law man.

"Fufufu... Here goes another training shooting at whatever that thing is inside that hole..."

Reina is muttering with dead fish eyes... I might have teased her a bit too much just cause she reacted funnily. Might be partly anxiety because there's no visible progress to all her work as well.

We're making Reina train around twice every three days.
I'd have liked to do it everyday, but we've still gotta earn our living expenses so that's not feasible.
The boss bear inside the hole would die after a few days too, so we gotta regularly replenish them. We got some tasty exp, mats and rewards once they fulfilled their duty, it's killing two birds with one stone... That sounds wrong.

Alma and I can't fall behind on our training either so we're making the off day serve as a training day of sort while culling magic beasts for rewards.
Alma seems to have grasped the knack on magic arrangement so she's now moving to rearranging Swordsmanship Skills.
For example, she's adding high frequency vibration to Swordsmanship Skill Lv1 'Mana Blade' by way of mana control to increase its sharpness.
Lv2 'Mana Blade Draw', an ability that coats blade in mana but disables cutting, a non-fatal technique. She's arranged it so the enemy receives a blowback when she blocks with it.
Lv3 'Extended Mana Blade', an ability to extends the reach by producing mana blade on the sword tip. She's extending the blade further and even changing the shape... The shape sometimes got weirdly wavy though, wonder if she was playing around...
Lv4 'Mana Blade Farslash', sending a blade of mana flying, the so called vacuum slash. She'd send a bigger blade with Mana Control that then split into multiple ones that hit several targets. Very clever, looks like it's stronger than Air Blade too.
Lv5 'Mana Blade Gale' which she's just learned recently, mana furiously gushes out of the blade enabling user to swing the sword at high speed. She's having a hard time trying to rearrange this ability. Putting too much mana makes the sword uncontrollable, it even slipped off her hand one time. That's dangerous.
The ability seems quite multi purposes, like you can cancel it right after swinging before activating it again for repeated slashes, or use it when locking blades to give you an edge. Feels like abilities from these Skills are getting more powerful the higher the Skill level.
Which makes it all the more terrifying since these abilities can be used together and combined with other Skills. Especially together with Magic Swords, it should prove overwhelming.
Though it seems like she still can't use abilities from multiple Skills at once yet.

Speaking of which, she's also learned a new element 'Darkness' with the increase of her Offensive Magic Skill level. This girl is gonna master all elements in due time I bet.
Darkness sounds kinda chuuni yet powerful, but it's hard to imagine what it is like concretely. I mean the original meaning is 'no light' or blackout.
Apparently, there are two major methods of attacks for darkness element in this world.
One is physical. You can mesh it with all kinds of physical attacks like strikes and slashes. This can be done with all elements so this technique isn't unique in particular.
What's special is the trait Darkness element possesses, a super dangerous one. Simply touching it poses no danger, but objects eroded by darkness element will gradually disintegrate, losing their solid or liquid form. That's super scary.
Not everything gets eroded and disintegrated of course, people with high defensive power or sturdy objects don't get eroded easily, nevertheless the element is still undoubtedly fiendish.
And although it's super weak against elements that emits light such as Light, Lightning and Fire, it wins out against all other elements generally. This power should prove mighty once she's figured out how.

Alma's training is largely about such.
She's been trying many ways on arranging magic over a short period of time, but presently the Skill with the biggest firepower potential is Spirit Magic.
Most enemies can't deal with getting dropped into a pitfall. Spirit Magic is seriously a cheat.
...Her power level would go out of control if only she could enter a contract with other elemental spirits. There's no more traces of her from the day she was called a failed job. Far from it, she's a genuine cheat now.
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As for me, my goal is to develop a high powered technique as my secret weapon.
Presently, that corresponds to a technique that can deal considerable damage to a High Cave Bear. The combo of Pseudo Ground Shrink and Pile Bunker is the most powerful attack I have in my arsenal, yet that failed short against the bear.
Using up all my mana on 'Ignite' would reasonably increases its output, but that's way too inefficient. I need a more practical means in real combat otherwise I'd drive myself into the corner.
Thus after coming up and trying out all kinds of things, I came up with only two promising techniques. And both of them are a variation of Mana Pile Bunker. I'm lamenting my lack of imagination.
Leaving the detail aside for now, one is a combination of both offense and defense however I need to match with my opponent's attack, so it's not exceedingly practical in actual combat. It's also highly risky because a mistake could end with me eating a direct attack. Though when it works, this technique neutralizes the attack while dealing damage, like a perfect counter.
The other one is just really high powered. This. however, comes with a considerable recoil. And I'm talking physically, not something that's only in my mind. I thought my arm had been torn off when I shot it that one time... I've managed to improve it and reduced the recoil now, but its weakness of requiring to build up power for a bit of time remains.
By the way the target was a High Cave Bear. I hit it right in the head, and the grotesque scene of its entire part getting literally blown away into dust got etched in my mind. Our fangs, and all those mats... W-well, at least I'm no longer lacking in firepower now.

"...I feel like your firepower was anything but lacking, overt even..."

"No no, I clearly was, I mean I couldn't even put a dent on the magic beasts roaming this cave. You have Magic Swords and Mana Blade with you Alma, but I got no reprise if I didn't improvise here."

"Killing magic beasts way above your level as your goal is weird to begin with..."

"Might be. But if a demon way above our level came attacking, we'd be dead in no time if we didn't have any way to damage them, or am I wrong?"

"!... You're right."

Sure enough, Alma's face was twitching when I showed off my new technique but not for long after I mentioned demon.
It might look like we're focusing too much on demons with our training but those demons are a complete unknown to me, you can never get too prepared against them.
Honestly, I'm not even sure if this new technique will work on them, but I'm prepared to expose my identity as Soarer and fly away with Alma and Reina if it comes down to it.

"Un, I'm gonna try out mixes of Magic Swords and Swordsmanship a bit more."

"Yeah, do your best."

Looks like she's getting motivated from what I told her.
She's activating Burning Blade and attempting to use Swordsmanship Skill together.
Powered up by mana control, Burning Blade's flame turned from blue to white. Even that is more than enough firepower, guessing she's aiming higher.

Bunssu po



Doswu! Juuuu.....

...She combined powered up 'Mana Blade Gale' with a magic sword ability and tried to swing Burning Blade at high speed but she lost control and got her sword slipped off her hand. That's super dangerous, hey.
The sword flew off and struck the wall, melting the part where it touched. So the high temp remains even off hand huh.

"...I failed."

"...Don't mind."

Alma muttered looking a bit embarrassed.
Well, can't have everything always go well on your first try, this is still much better than learning the hard way during an actual combat.

"I won't let go next time."

No no, let's try other combo instead. I shudder at the thought of that sword flying my way.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 340

340 Shifting Fortune


"Did you guys heard a scream somewhere?"

I stopped moving and asked the kids.

"It's from that direction. I heard it too."

It wasn't just me if '1' is to be believed.

"Let's go take a look. Do you understand why?"

I touched upon an important subject here. Why should we risk ourselves to check it.
A scream must mean that some sort of danger is present there.
Sticking your neck in there is a risk.
However, this is something that must be seen. An important point to familiarize these kids with the danger present in this forest.
Yep, information is the most important factor to one's safety. If we don't go and find out what this danger is, these kids might end up encountering one on their own later.
I wouldn't do this if they didn't have to enter this forest again. However, these kids are going to make a living in this forest from now on.
So this information is crucial for their survival even if I have to drag them there.
Of course, I plan to retreat right after confirming what it is. And we won't save the screaming person. We're just going to gather intel from a safe distance.

"Did you get it? Let's tread carefully. Follow me."

This is an experience all these kids must go through. There's no point if I'm the only one, or only a few of them going.
Every single one of them has to understand just how brutal the forest can be. Otherwise, they won't come to the same conclusion if they find themselves in the same situation.
It'd be fine if a debate is all it takes to settle it, but disputes would waste their time, and their relationship might rupture if they couldn't come to an understanding.
That would unnecessarily create obstacles and enemies in their lives. Hence, they've got to experience this event together.
That should solidify their solidarity.
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(This is our first time in this forest, and it hasn't even been that long since we entered... and yet a trouble that would be beneficial to these kids popped up already... I must be the reason why right?)

Our very first outing, and there's so many jampacked events already. This 'something' I possess must have 'imposed' upon these kids in their favor. I can't help but grimace at this possibility.

(You telling me this thing brings benefit to those with 'Blessings' while denying me any? That's just too much...)

Meanwhile, we finally saw the screaming individual who had clambered up a tree, still screaming.
Below the tree were three wolves trying to get a jump on this individual.

(What the heck is this template... Like, are you for real...)

Despite my astonishment, I asked the kids their next move.

"Those beasts are carnivorous, and while things could get dicey, their fur can be sold for a nice sum. You guys up for it?"

We're not trying to save this person, we're doing this for our sake.
It's fine if the side effects includes the climbing individual owing us a debt.
Of course, failing here would make for a good experience as well. I could just cover them.

"Alright! Are you ready? Those wolves are completely oblivious of our presence. They're focused on that person on top of the tree. Get it? You have some margins of error. Pay attention to those beasts' tendency. Shoot all together. '1' and '2' aim for the furthest wolf, '3' and '4' the middle one, '5' and '6' the foremost one. Get it? Don't worry if you miss. Just keep shooting another arrow... Shoot!"




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