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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 344

344 What Lies on Raine's Mind


Things have settled down a month after grandpa's funeral.
I have to live on on my own from now on. I can't believe I would get raided by Forest Seekers out of nowhere in the forest right after having that thought.

I'm Raine. Surviving in this kingdom as a hunter. The forest I'm making a life out of is rich yet rife with dangers, apparently there were times when many hunters were active here.
But I never saw that firsthand since grandpa and I were the only hunters left by the time I was old enough to be aware of my surroundings.
There are other safer places to hunt at even if they're a bit far away.

I fell into a predicament in the forest and got rescued. My rescuers were a strange bunch.
It may be not my place to call my saviors weirdos.
But they're just weird. A black haired black eyed young man leading a group of six kids.

"You have no issue with us using this place to process the wolves, do you? Alright! Kids, you see those things to hang stuff on? You do it like this... See? You'll be in charge of the other two wolves. Watch closely."

He started carving out the Forest Seekers. He wouldn't give me his name when I asked, brazenly pushed his way to my house and started teaching the kids here.

(What's going on? They did save me so I don't mind lending this place to them, but...)

He has no reservation at all. I mean we've just met. Not even an hour since then.
Usually, shouldn't we gauge each other's distance first? I couldn't come up with an answer as I was perplexed by this all.
Especially as someone who has never been rescued before.

"Alright, let's get this done quickly, I'm starving."

They kept working on processing the wolves. All I could do was watch.

(What is he thinking... Teaching these kids about the forest...)

I can tell these kids are apprenticing to be hunters. They're kinda awkward here and there, and most of all, what they're being taught.
That must be the reason he asked me to teach them. However, to me these kids don't seem to require my assistance.
They act like well trained soldiers. Earnest gazes, standing in a neatly organized row with straightened backs. It's like they were marching behind the young man on our way to my house.
It's all just so weird.
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"U-um? What should I do... When are we going to discuss things?"

Usually I would have started doing maintenance on my tools before preparing for dinner once I get back home. Of course it's a different story if I managed to hunt a prey, prioritizing processing it like them.
But I can't afford that now. My mind is in disarray.
Watching is my only option. I didn't hunt a game so I couldn't offer them my assistance.

"Ah, can you get hot water ready. Also, separate water to wash hands. Gotta wash away all this blood."

The kids smoothly processed the wolves without struggling in the least.
It's like they've been doing it for years already. They neatly skinned Forest Seekers' pelts, sliced apart the meat, and put all the discarded viscera in the right bucket.

(What is with these kids... Am I even needed when they're this capable?)

I could only stare in amazement. But it seems he won't even allow that.

"You mentioned something about guild earlier yeah? Raine, go sell these pelts. Take a bit from the sales for your trouble. Here, take them. I hope you don't mind, go."

Done with all the processing, three neatly skinned pelts of Forest Seekers have been put in front of me.

"Wha? E-err..."

As I was unsure how to respond to their dexterity, he pointed out the reason he asked me.

"We've never dealt with the guild. So you taking the charge would be the best course of action. Can't I ask you that? And here, a 'rabbit' as well."

He added a rabbig's pelt out of nowhere.
I had half given up resisting at this point.

"Ah, okay..."




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