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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 70



"Hikaru, is your tummy alright...?"

"It's fine, I'm telling you. I've got room for two, three more plates even."

"What's up with that sub-space of a stomach... Is Kajikawa-san's belly actually an Item Bag?"

Feels like they now see me as a glutton thanks to the eating contest.
Well, should pass once they see me having normal portions during mealtimes.
Now then, we've bought ingredients and all but dinner still isn't for quite some time.
Time for a little after-meal exercise.

We went to Vinfitt Adventurer Guild's training ground to practice Energy Control.
There's plenty of facilities to help with practicing here like dumbbell-like heavy objects, targets for sword and bow practices, and enough space to shoot magic.
It's intended for beginners and novices, and it's normally the place Alma and me should be spending our time in, but due to our need to practice mana control, it's a bit, you know.
Well there's not a lot of people around today, and we're not planning any flashy training like mana control so it should be fine. Can't be bothered to go all the way to magic beast territory.

First thing first, muscle buffing. This one is easy to image and the effect is obvious.
I could now easily lift a dumbbell that felt heavy in my normal state. But I almost lost my balance because of its weight.
The issue vanished when I focused buffing the muscles in my entire body instead of just my arm. It consumes a lot of SP though.
I also got to confirm that my Status did get plus numbers on Attributes such as STR, ATK, DEF, AGI and DEX. Being able to check this out in real time is nice.

Focusing energy in my head, aka my brain lets me to sense energy of people around just like with mana and life force, but honestly, I don't think it has much uses when I already have both.
Well maybe not completely useless since it likely allows me to sense activation of Skills that consume Stamina like Martial Arts.
My INT and PER attributes were raised while I was focusing energy in my brain. Hard to tell what's the difference though unlike with muscles.
I've no clue where to focus my energy on my body to increase RES and LUC attributes. Need more testing.

I tried transferring my energy like I did mana and lifeforce, but apparently it can't be done.
Well I guess it's like sharing calorie and nutrition, probably just physically impossible. Kinda like asking people to eat your brain. Ew, gross.
However, seems like it's possible to buff other people STR by controlling their energy. So transferring is no go but controlling is fine.
I tried buffing Alma's STR and had her lift up a 30KG dumbbell.

"...So light. It's like I'm holding a thin branch."

"Success... But please quit swinging that around, that's dangerous."

"You're waving that thing around like it's nothing, is that really heavy? Let me have a look... Whoa, heavy!? H-how'd you do that with one arm anyway!?"

"Wanna give it a whirl yourself, Reina? Let me touch your arm for a bit."

"Eh? U-uwawawawa?! There's something flowing in me!? What, what is this!? ...Huh? This thing's suddenly gotten super light! Like really, really light!"

Fumu, looks like the buff works on those that haven't come of age too.
It's kinda surreal watching girls like Alma and Reina swinging a heavy dumbbell around so nonchalantly like that.
Well, doesn't look like the buff lasts that long though. Only lasts a few minutes with just 10-20SP consumed.
Presently, seems like buffing yourself would be the best course of action. Otherwise, you're gonna run your SP dry.

"Is this what they call Support Magic? I had no idea buffing let you do this."

"Well, yeah something like that."

I'm gonna tell Reina the truth once she's come of age.
This isn't a good place to divulge the matter anyway.
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"...Wonder if I'll be able to do this too?"

"Most likely yeah. Gotta take care not to overdo it or you're gonna tire yourself out right away."

For now we're done testing Energy Control.
Buffing Attributes might not be the only thing it can do, but I have no means to test it presently.
I've got an idea but testing it on people I know is kinda, you know.

Seeing as we're already here and all, I'll have Reina practice magic too.
Should be a good change of pace from shooting into a hole all the time.
I put a small bottle in the space reserved for magic training and had her shoot at it.

"This is fun, why can't we just do this instead of shooting that hole. There's even a bear inside..."

"Your proficiency doesn't increase as much if you don't hit a creature. Think of it like actual combat being better than a practice."

"But just shooting into a hole all day long everyday is honestly depressing."

"Bear with it. You should obtain the Skill soon."

Reina chatted while shooting Stone Bullets at the target bottle.
She's not hitting at all even after several shots... Figured, she never had this kind of practice.

"I can't hit it..."

"'Course you won't, it's your first time. You get better at this stuff through repetition."

"Okay. Once you get a Skill, your hit rate gets better too. I'm gonna keep at it."

Skill huh.
I've got none, is it even needed? Well I'll take it given the chance though.
But people on earth are capable of godly feats even without a Skill. Like say, a master dart thrower can hit with extreme accuracy and precision. Though only the very select few reach that point.
You need to make the effort on earth but you can eventually do both combat and production types, unlike in this world where your options are limited by Jobs.
Guess it's gonna be bad for the laws of the world or something if everybody can go both ways. Whatever though.

"Ah, I almost got it!"

"See, you're getting better at it, aren't you? Even without a Skill, your effort will pay off."

"I'm gonna hit the next one!"

She looks like she's having so much fun. Guess we should have done this every once in a while.
...I kinda feel like a dad who's gone to a playground with his daughter. No, not a ma.

"Oy oy, this place is the guild training ground, ya know? Why're you making a child practice magic here?"

Someone called out behind us.
I turned around to see a silver haired young man frowning at us.

"Ah, sorry about this. This girl is going to come of age soon, she's training for that. Do pardon us."

"...Come of age? A kid this small?"

"Guha.... I'm gonna be 15 in just half a month..."

The silver haired young man sounded surprised. And Reina took an unexpected damage from that.
...I guess she does look childish, likely due to malnutrition. She's even smaller than the slender Alma. You'd think she's 11-12 at a glance.

"I'd like to practice here as well, mind opening the space soon?"

"We hear you. Reina, make the next one your last."

"Got it. Hm... Ttee!"

The Stone Bullet shot out of Reina's fingertip hit and smashed the bottle.

"H-hit it at last! ...Oooh!?"

"What's wrong?"

"S-seems I got the Skill!"

For real. At this timing?
Checking her Status, she's learned Offensive Magic Lv1 indeed.

"Congratulations, you finally made it."

"Congratulations Reina."

"I'm so, so happy! And it's all thanks to Kajikawa-san and Alma-san!"

"...What a heartwarming sight."

I gave my blessing to Reina for reaching this point. Congratulations...! Congratulations…! Wait, am I an man in black or something.
Even the young man is looking at Reina with gentle eyes.

"I can finally say goodbye to days of shooting at the bear inside that hole...! Kuh....!"

"...Was it painful enough to warrant crying?"

"What sort of training have you guys been making her to..."

The young man is staring hard here. Don't mind us.

Now then, the preparations for her come of age is done.
Next up, she simply needs to pick her Job and train on it to a point.
...It'd be best if she could join our party but I'm not gonna pressure her into making that choice.
I'd by lying to say I wouldn't feel sad if she wishes to go solo, but I'm gonna honor her wish. I'm gonna be sad for real though... Like seeing off your kid becoming independent.






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