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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 337

337 Preamble


"Err, you're all going to learn how it feels to actually shoot an arrow now. Your target is the tree ahead."

I had the kids lined up and gave an explanation once we took quite a distance away from the gate.
After this, I'm gonna show them the real thing inside the forest. They've experienced pulling bowstring without an arrow.
Next up is to get a feel of it with an arrow. Each kid has a quiver with 30 arrows inside.
We're only entering the forest once they've shot those all.

"Alright, take your bow! Take an arrow! Nock it as I taught you. Pull! ...Do not shoot until you have made your aim at the target."

These kids still don't have enough strength. Especially after living in an environment that denied them nutrition. They're trembling trying to maintain the notched arrow, it's a pitiful sight.
Some couldn't keep it and let loose their arrow loose, some desperately tried to maintain their aim while trembling hard, and some took a deep breath and gave it their all to stabilize the arrow.

Once they all had taken shots, I called out to them.

"There's nothing wrong if you can't keep the arrow notched, that's normal when you still don't have enough strength built yet. Keep that fact in mind and try to quickly get your aim set."

This applies to '4' and '6'. Their frail physiques should make it hard for them to maintain the posture.
This problem will naturally resolve itself as long as they keep eating nutritious meals.
But we don't have time to wait for that presently.

"If your arrows don't fly as you intended, try to figure out why. Was it because of bad posture, not enough strength put into notching, or maybe the arrow hit your finger or the bow. If it still won't fly right with the same posture, put your 'quirk' into consideration before shooting the next one. Don't try to force yourself fighting it."

This advice is for '2', '3', and '5'. Once I gave that advice after watching their shooting, they started checking their postures, so that must be it.
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"Do not make unnecessary movements once you've shot. Taking a deep breath in the stance will make noise, which is akin to revealing your presence. Even the tiniest noise or movement may alert wild animals. Make it a habit to finish taking a breath as you set your aim."

'1' holds the biggest potential among them. In fact, he's way more talented at this than me.
These kids are so far above me at their age with bows. Why you ask?

(Despite the small issues, they all managed to hit the tree...)

At first I was going to let them learn how to gauge distance, from eight to nine meters away, yet they all hit, amazingly enough.
You'd expect their first practice would have arrows flying all over the place.
It was like that for me. The me who was well fed compared to these kids. I was so bad at it, I simply didn't have the talent for archery. Nevertheless, I kept practicing tirelessly until I got good.

(Looks like I won't have to take care of them for long at this rate... I hope so.)

I got a bit down after realizing my ineptitude back then.
But they won't be able to hunt well if they can't hit the target from a longer distance.
After all, there's no way you can get this close to prey. Wild animals just have that sharp of a sense. You gotta be able to kill them with an arrow just right outside this range.

"Alright, second volley, fetch your arrow!"

I shouted the order to resume the kids' training.





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