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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 71

What Can Be Learned From the Young Man


We still got time after Reina learned her Skill so we opted to watch the young man's (his name is Kaguruata) training session.
It'll help formulating a plan against magic beasts or demons who use magic, may also serve as a reference to Alma in her magic arrangement effort.

"I don't mind you guys watching, but make sure you stay back, it's dangerous."


The only other time I saw anything besides Alma using magic was that triangle hat in the dungeon.
People in the back line did cast magic during Stampede but sorry to say they weren't a good reference due to being lower than level 20.
The triangle hat only used that homing fireball and terrain altering Spirit Magic. And support magic.
Guess I should have let it go off a bit more. Especially Spirit Magic, seeing as it was Level 2, we could have caught other spirits if it summoned more.
Well whatever, no point crying over spilled milk. We could just ask Lolimast's help for it.

The young man's basic level is 30. Pretty high, his guild rank should be around C or B, I'm guessing?
His Job is Sorcerer. Apparently a tier higher than Mage. Fumu fumu, he's got Support Magic Skill besides Offensive Magic.
Think you need to reach Level 25 to have another Job Change from the one after Apprentice. Meaning Alma only needs two more levels now.
I'm glad that she's getting stronger, yet I can't help but worry if I can keep up with her. I mean whenever I thought I got stronger, she'd shoot right up. She must have been working hard behind my back...
Oops, gotta focus on watching the silver haired young man.

Bokokoko Zugaaaaan!

Ooh, four walls of rocks rose up from the ground before a thunderbolt crashed down in the center.
Were an enemy there, they wouldn't have nowhere to run from that bolt.
I see, so the idea is to combine multiple elements instead of just focusing on powering one up. This is probably the natural progress to people who can't use mana control.
...Hm? But didn't Alma say that you can't use multiple Abilities at the same time from one Skill? Like Swordsmanship.

<<They were not cast in tandem, the man cast four Stone Walls in a quick succession before casting Lightning Strike afterward. The wall of rock generated by Stone Wall remains in place, affording combination of multiple spells.>>

I see, he was so smooth casting those spells, I was sure he cast them all at once, turned out not.
I'm kinda unsure if I could cope with this if an enemy deploys similar tactics. I'll ask him what other combinations are possible.

The young man shot multiple slow moving stone bullets before immediately shooting a set of ultra high speed lightning bullets to give a gap between impacts. Another time, he cast a big flaming ball followed by a wind tornado to burn over a wide area.
He's got quite the imagination. I don't get bored watching how flashy they are too, no regret being a spectator here.

"That was awesome! Walls came out of the ground then suddenly boom, a lightning crashed! And I had never seen a flaming tornado before!"

"Haha, you can do this much too one day if you keep up with your magic practice once you've become a Mage. That is so long as you work hard on it."

Reina's not aiming to become a Mage though.
Heck, I'm not even sure why that Job requires Offensive Magic Skill.

"I always stick to one element so I had no idea combining multiple elements could produce something like that. Hats off."

"I'm having the chill thinking if an enemy combines their spells like that. Your party members must rely on you a lot."
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The young man's expression turned a bit gloomy when I said that.
Oh crap, stepped on a land mine I did.

"...Putting aside whether they relied on me or not, I'd like to believe I've been trying my hardest. My party asked me to leave the other day, so I'm currently flying solo."

"Eh, but you're such an amazing spellcaster!? Why!?"

"They said a higher leveled Sorcerer wanted to join the party and other members agreed to it, but that'd mean the party is going to have a bad balance so they wanted me out. Said I'd just drag them down because I'm inferior to that new member."

"...That's awful...!"

No no no, what in the hell. Those party members are the worst.
Do they only see Skills and Levels from other people? You'd be hard pressed to find someone who's this fluent in magic.

"That's just not right! How could anyone cast aside a party member they've been working together with all this time just because someone stronger joined!"

"...Frankly, I'd be lying if I said I've accepted it but I'm not without faults as well. Whenever I voiced my opinions regarding our respective duty and party's coordination, they said I was being nosy."

"For examples?"

"I'd warn them not to drink too much the night before our commission, tell the vanguards to focus on drawing monsters' attention and to step aside when rear guards attack, or our mages and archers would have a hard time landing their attacks."

"...But isn't that how it should be? Those warnings are warranted."

"I'd keep telling them over and over again but they'd keep telling me off, 'shut up, you youngster has no right to butt in'. They only got offended and never heeded my warning seriously every time."

"...Uh, I think you'd be better off leaving that party? Those people are beyond saving."

"But we had been through a lot together. I was hoping they'd fix the issues little by little gradually over time, but see where it led me... Well it's all in the past now. I'd rather believe I just don't fit with them than finding their faults now, I'm taking this chance running solo to have another look of myself in the mirror."

He doesn't show it on his face, but the silver haired young man sounds sad as he's having an introspection.
...There's a lot going on with adventurers. Guess they're only humans after all.

"Ah, sorry. You guys had to listen to me rambling about my boring life story and doom and gloom."

"That's not true at all. You've taught us not only about magic but also how it's like to be in a party."

"Kaguruata-san, please cheer up. I'm sure any party would welcome you with open arms, I mean you've such amazing magic! The party who drove you out is a bunch of losers!"

"...Thank you for the encouragement. I'm sure you'd grow up into a respectable adult as well."

"But of course. I'm gonna become this nice body lady overflowing with alluring adult charms~."

"............That'd be nice."

"What's with the pause!?"

Get it. Wipe your tears.

...If someone better at magic and swords than Alma joined our party, would I drive Alma out. Or the opposite? Would Alma do that if someone better at fighting and cooking join our party? ...No, I can't even imagine that.
I'm not against party members being strong, but what's more important to me is how fun being with them be. You risk losing what's truly important if you put too much emphasize on efficiency.
...But I guess that could become an issue too if you only focus on affability. Gotta look after our party members well to avoid that. That includes companions like Reina too of course.
Pampering her too much does her no good though.

"What are you distant eyeing for, Kajikawa-san! You must be thinking that I look like a child too, aren't you!?"

"Not true! I believe you'll get to be a wonderfully charming lady in due time! Definitely!"

"What you said makes me really happy but how you said it, expressionless and monotone, doesn't!!"

But I'm sure we're allowed to joke around like this every once in a while.
I never get tired watching Reina's reactions, hahaha.





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