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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 340

340 Shifting Fortune


"Did you guys heard a scream somewhere?"

I stopped moving and asked the kids.

"It's from that direction. I heard it too."

It wasn't just me if '1' is to be believed.

"Let's go take a look. Do you understand why?"

I touched upon an important subject here. Why should we risk ourselves to check it.
A scream must mean that some sort of danger is present there.
Sticking your neck in there is a risk.
However, this is something that must be seen. An important point to familiarize these kids with the danger present in this forest.
Yep, information is the most important factor to one's safety. If we don't go and find out what this danger is, these kids might end up encountering one on their own later.
I wouldn't do this if they didn't have to enter this forest again. However, these kids are going to make a living in this forest from now on.
So this information is crucial for their survival even if I have to drag them there.
Of course, I plan to retreat right after confirming what it is. And we won't save the screaming person. We're just going to gather intel from a safe distance.

"Did you get it? Let's tread carefully. Follow me."

This is an experience all these kids must go through. There's no point if I'm the only one, or only a few of them going.
Every single one of them has to understand just how brutal the forest can be. Otherwise, they won't come to the same conclusion if they find themselves in the same situation.
It'd be fine if a debate is all it takes to settle it, but disputes would waste their time, and their relationship might rupture if they couldn't come to an understanding.
That would unnecessarily create obstacles and enemies in their lives. Hence, they've got to experience this event together.
That should solidify their solidarity.
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(This is our first time in this forest, and it hasn't even been that long since we entered... and yet a trouble that would be beneficial to these kids popped up already... I must be the reason why right?)

Our very first outing, and there's so many jampacked events already. This 'something' I possess must have 'imposed' upon these kids in their favor. I can't help but grimace at this possibility.

(You telling me this thing brings benefit to those with 'Blessings' while denying me any? That's just too much...)

Meanwhile, we finally saw the screaming individual who had clambered up a tree, still screaming.
Below the tree were three wolves trying to get a jump on this individual.

(What the heck is this template... Like, are you for real...)

Despite my astonishment, I asked the kids their next move.

"Those beasts are carnivorous, and while things could get dicey, their fur can be sold for a nice sum. You guys up for it?"

We're not trying to save this person, we're doing this for our sake.
It's fine if the side effects includes the climbing individual owing us a debt.
Of course, failing here would make for a good experience as well. I could just cover them.

"Alright! Are you ready? Those wolves are completely oblivious of our presence. They're focused on that person on top of the tree. Get it? You have some margins of error. Pay attention to those beasts' tendency. Shoot all together. '1' and '2' aim for the furthest wolf, '3' and '4' the middle one, '5' and '6' the foremost one. Get it? Don't worry if you miss. Just keep shooting another arrow... Shoot!"




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