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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 336

336 Pressure


It's past noon now. Of course I treated the kids to lunch, to full bellies.
I used up all my foodstuff with that, one detail better left unsaid.

(Best thing to do here is to avoid putting an unnecessary pressure on them.)

After a post meal break, we made our way to the gate. Not quite for real practice, as I plan to show them the rope on hunting first.
The forest was initially a shortcut to the federation but today it's been pretty much turned into a jungle complete with a complex ecosystem.

"It's all just too convenient... but not like it's for the worse, and a forest that vast must have started growing way before I was born. I know it's just a coincidence... but it bugs me all the same."

I talked to myself in mutter, but not like nobody is listening nor am I seeking an answer anyway.
Meanwhile, the kids are walking in a straight line behind me. Where'd they even learn how to do that in a perfect unison anyway? Another thing bugging me, but I shoved that question aside as it's got nothing to do with what we're about to do.

Before long, a huge gate came into view. Two bored-looking yawning gatekeepers are standing guard.
Their gazes poured on me and my utterly suspicious attire as we got close.

"You, halt. What? You look real shady... wait what, children? Oy, state your business. What's your deal trying to leave the kingdom?"

"I'm heading into the forest to teach these kids how to hunt."

I replied honestly and briefly. That was when I recalled something.

(Agh, forgot about the kids' passes. Or maybe they don't need one to leave? But what about when we're going back in?)

I kept up my poker face trying not to let my thoughts out. A weirdly hot sweat drop dripped down my back.

"...Fumu? Do you have a Pass? Show me if you do."

Asked by the gatekeeper, I showed him my Second Class Pass.
The one Eltros handed me back then. The same problematic pass that always yielded these shocked reactions.
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"!? Very well, sir. It would be my pleasure if you could please wait a moment as we finish the procedure."

The gatekeeper's attitude saw a complete reversal. This 'Second Class' is for sure a terrifying rank.

(Part of me would like to know but also not. It's nice how handy it is, but I just know it's gonna get me in trouble sooner or later...)

"Allow me to confirm your face. Please take off your hood."

I did as instructed.

"Black hair, black eyes, six kids, teaching how to hunt. Okay, you may pass now."

He wrote my characteristics, the kids' number and our goal. Then he stamped some sort of seal before giving the alright.
I sighed in relief at how smooth it was. But this is not the end.
We're yet to even start. If we don't get a game, there won't be dinner tonight. Gotta do this right.

(When was the last time I hunted again. Not sure if it'd go well. Can't help but worry a tad. For now though.)

"Roll call!"

I had the kids form up a line as I sorted out my thought process.




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