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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 175

175 Provocation


We finished our lunch without any issue. Zenan ate with us.

"How could a campsite lunch be this luxurious... Just what?"

Zenan was stupefied by our mealtime. Starting from the time we were preparing food.
We bought a lot of seasonings in the empire. I'm sure you'd normally eat simple stuff like jerky and stiff bread deep in a forest like this. But not us.
Utensils, table, chairs, magic beast meat, salt, pepper, fresh vegetable soup, actual meal, all at the ready.
Then once we were done with aftermeal tea, they all got stored away.

"...How could you bastard afford to be so calm? In the first place, we should hurry and report this matter to the elder."

Zenan seems flustered. The biggest issue, Goblin King, has been taken care of so there's no need for that. All that's left to do now is the clean up. You won't come up with a good idea if you rush it.
But since we're not on friendly terms enough for me to tell him that, I replied with this instead.

"Man you're pretty forgetful aren't you. What did I say again? It was Serena's group who asked my help. This got nothing to do with the elven elder. I do what I want. I don't need anyone's permission if I deem it necessary. That's what it means to be free."

"Zenan, what have you even done to lodge a complaint to milord? This forest would have fallen into a crisis if not for milord's guidance. And yet I never heard a word of gratitude to him from you. You have learned nothing even after coming this far. What a disgrace to elves."

Zenan could only utter 'Guh!' when Serena reproved him.

I've put the Dungeon Core away from our resting spot. It's periodically pulsing blue lights. Quite beautiful.
Next to it, Chimera is blissfully grooming itself.

(Guessing that feels nice to mutated beings? It was jumping all over my shoulder in good mood when I came close to that core inside the cave after all.)

Chimera who usually flopped on my shoulder looked to be in high spirits near the dungeon core.
'Meow', looks like it had enough and came up to me.
It flapped its little wings as it floated up before perching on my shoulder like usual.
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"Well, think that's about enough rest, let's get a move on."

"Oy, where do you plan on going? You cannot possibly mean to leave this forest, do you?"

Zenan asked while emitting a prickly aura. He's super wary of me, the sole person who can transport the dungeon core.
We tried other methods like tying the core with a rope and pulling on it. But it wouldn't even budge even though it's just floating in mid air.
Yet I can easily move it like it's not even there.
That fact means I'm the only one who can carry the core around.
There's no telling what kind of effects it would have on elves if they get close. No point in crossing that line right now.
I guess it's only natural to get suspicious of me when I mention being free.

"I'm going to negotiate with elves."

Everyone voiced their surprise in unison.


Zenan was the loudest. The other elves are quietly panicking.

"U-umm, milord?" "Eh? But why?" "With those people who treated us like that?" "Just what...?"
"I cannot fathom...."

Serena was the only calm one, standing serenely like usual.

"Milord's thinking is simply beyond ours. All we need to do is to follow him."

"No no, tell me what you think. Who can say if I overlooked stuff, you know."

"Just what are you bastard scheming!? I may have to cut you down here depending on your answer! I shan't show any mercy to those who intend to harm elves."

"Okay, I'm done with you and your constant nitpicking. So how about we prove who's on top here."

"Hmph! Underestimate me at your own peril! I won't lose to mere human!"

"After you lose, you have no right to complain on whatever I'm doing or saying, deal?"

"And my victory spells your banishment from this forest, forever! I know not how strong you are, but the only reason I dropped my sword back then was because I wasn't focused on you. You won't see me drop my guard this time. I shall crush you here!"

(Oh so that's been on his mind this whole time huh. Well doesn't matter. Let's smash his pride to pieces.)

This guy is way too simple to get this heated up from a mere provocation. Without knowing or trying to find out his opponent's strength, only looking down on them through sheer conceit.
I'd like to impart him the saying, 'Know your enemy and yourself, and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles'.
An impulsive guy who always nitpicks on everything is the most troublesome. If I don't shut him up here, he's gonna crash my discussion with the elder.

"The match is over only after one of us admits defeat. Is that fine with ya? No killing. This match's whole point is to know each other's abilities and to admit superiority. Agreed?"

Zenan laughed out loud when he heard me.

"Bring it on! I'll slice and dice your pride to pieces!"

"Good, you ready? Let's start then."






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 174

174 Disposal


A crystal that captivates you the more you stare at it. I mean no, Dungeon Core. Mana crystallization.
An object formed from convergences of mana in nature through some means.

"Milord, you must not get any closer, it's dangerous. The mana leaking out of that is out of this world. There is no telling how will it affect your body. Please get away."

Serena warned me. But I couldn't curb the impulse to touch it and walked up to it.

(Oh!? It's not cold? I thought it'd be chill to the touch.)

"M-milord? Are you feeling all right? Us elves cannot bear to get any closer..."

"Ah, right, you can't absorb more mana than your vessel can hold or something? I see, so elves can't touch this thing."

I thought up something. Elves would usually dispose of any dungeon cores they find.
That should apply to this one as well, but how.
Serena said they couldn't even get close. Apparently they can't attempt the disposal unless they could touch it or something.

"How do you usually get rid of these cores? I mean we're at a standstill here."

"It's normally done when the cores are still small. We do so by touching the core and keep casting magic. It's quite simple. The mana drained out of the core will be consumed and vanish."

"Ah, the smaller cores don't have a lot of mana inside huh. I see. Yet this one's gotten way too big for you to even approach. If the way magic beasts manifest applies to humans and elves the same way it does animals, I guess getting any closer would be bad huh. Though since even monsters mutate, I'm guessing elves would get a massive power up if they could absorb this much mana and gain control over it no?"

"Quit your jest. Do you mean to tell us to die? This is no joking matter."

Zenan has softened up a bit but still hostile toward me.
What was it again, you'd implode from mana overload if you absorb more mana than your body can handle?

"Milord, forgive us, but we simply cannot think of any way to deal with that dungeon core. We are truly at a loss."

"Will the cave collapse the instant this core get removed from this place? That's my greatest fear."
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"I do not believe so, this cave appears to have stabilized, therefore that seems unlikely. Milord? Do you perhaps have a good idea?"

"Nah, well, I thought of taking this outside for now since we can't exactly leave it here."

Before that, I told them to open up part of the wall enclosing the goblin to check it out.
Due to danger of backdraft, I made us all move far away before having a small hole bored through on the wall.
Serena's flame sword did nothing to the Goblin King at the beginning.
That may be because it only touched it for a bit, so how about inside a whirling blaze?
Wouldn't its eyes get seared down allowing the flame to roast it from the inside out?

Having brittle internal as a weakness is the classic weak point for living beings. Hence, I opted to chat about dungeon core to let it sit.
It's been a bit since the goblin got locked in. Should be about time.

After confirming flame didn't gush out of the opened hole, we removed the front wall.
There, a blackened object resides. Yep, it went as expected. Goblin King must have got knocked out from lack of oxygen before getting roasted, nay, burned to cinders.
The cave got filled with heat and the smell of burning flesh. Serena quickly cast wind magic to clear the smell but I thought to myself as I looked at the object before me.

(Ah dang... I won't be able to eat meat for a while again...)

Even though I only came up with the idea and didn't actually execute it myself, I still felt a tinge of pity at this cindered Goblin King.

"Alright. Kardia, I'd like you to bury this cave with your earth spirit magic. Can you do it? Start from the other half of this place, leave no gap. You can make use of the mana leaking out of this dungeon core. Any problem?"

"Milord! Leave it to me. It shall be done."

She's quite psyched up for some reason. I don't know why, but hey as long as she's motivated.

The ground rose up, gradually burying the space. Then it stopped at the center where the Dungeon Core stood.

"Alright then, I'll bring the Dungeon Core with me, keep a distance as you bury the rest of the cave."

"What is the point of all this? I do not get it. What are you scheming you bastard."

I replied to Zenan's random query.

"Won't it be bad if mana amassed here again? Might as well bury it all down."

'I see', I heard him whisper that and he went silence, so did I. I don't plan to get along with this guy.

The cave is gradually getting buried as we make our way out. We're bringing Goblin King's remain with us too. There's a possibility of it causing issues in the future if we leave it buried there.
It's a monster that had taken in a vast amount of mana. It could become an impetus for another mana convergence phenomenon.

(When did I sign up for a clean-up crew...)

The work went smoothly and we reached the surface. We came here early in the morning and it's past noon now.

"Aah, looks like a good time for lunch. There's no need to hurry anymore. I'm starving let's get to it."






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 173

173 Plan Succeeding


Goblin King lost one of its eyes. But only for a brief moment. A white fume rose and then the wound got fully healed.

"Dammit! This thing can regenerate!? Is it even a goblin! No goblin should possess such power!"

Zenan was dumbfounded. But this King looks exactly like the goblins we just exterminated, only gigantic so there's no doubt it is a goblin.

"Moving onto second phase of our plan! Are you ready guys?"

I shouted this out loud to signify that there's no point in a frontal assault.

"Kardia, make the preparations! I shall match with you! The rest of you, diversion! Now!"

Once Serena shouted that, the elves all slashed at Goblin King at once. Unceasing despite the futility.
One would slash before dodging the goblin's counter and another would use that chance to counter back.
They all keep repeating that while covering for one another. These actions may seem like they're only wasting time.

However, not so. That's just how buying time works. Excluding actions just because they don't work would severely limit your options, propelling you toward the excuse to give up.
This whole farce is necessary for Kardia to gather up her mana, the elves are angling their assault so Goblin King would look away from her. A diversion tactic.

For what purpose? To seal its movement. We must create a moment where Goblin King stops moving and can't dodge.
Kardia is observing the target's movement range, power burst and destructive force while gathering just enough mana to deal with that.

Serena is waiting for Kardia's signal while occasionally helping with the assault, looking highly strung.

Even Zenan helped slashing at the Goblin King. He's not aiming for eyes again. The goblin is alert against attacks aimed at its face now.
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Four of the elves cast spirit magic together and stopped the goblin. Looks like they shot out 'Wall of Breeze' to affix goblin's limbs and body.
A moment after the goblin let out a quizzical voice, 'Gugaa?'

"Now!" walls of earth enclosed it. From the front, back, left and right, walls just big enough to hold the goblin king's huge body showed up. There's absolutely no gap on those walls. They're stuck tightly together.
A match sized fire was shot at the goblin inside. Just as the flame was about to hit the goblin, 'Here I go!' resounded in the cave and a lid of soil rose up from the ground to completely seal the goblin inside.

Goblin King has been imprisoned inside walls created through Kardia's earth spirit magic.
And the small fire that got locked inside together was a magic Serena cast with fire spirit.

I told her to make that fire flare up and use up all the oxygen inside. An inhabitant of this world, Serena doesn't seem to understand what oxygen is, but I managed to convey the nuances. Also told her to make the flame burn the goblin king down to its skull.

Yep, since goblins are living beings, they need to breathe. Thus, I expect it to die from lack of oxygen inside an enclosed space.
Even in this fantasy world, physics seem to work  like on Earth, so this should work. Or at least I hope so.
I thought up of this plan when Serena said that they were no match to Goblin King. This was my plan to escape, like 'Can't these elves do it themselves instead of relying on me every single time?'

(I mean if I did meddle in, they'd go all 'as expected of milord' or something again, I don't need any more loyalty, for real.)

But that was awfully naive of me, only later I realized I went and did it again. I didn't think ahead at this point.

Just when we were about to take a breather after the success of the plan, the walls started getting furiously beaten from the inside.
The goblin king inside must be trying to break free with its fists.

"I have made sure to create the thickest, strongest walls I could muster up. Please rest easy. I believe we can continue observing it."

Kardia reassured us.
Nevertheless I stayed alert.

Also, there's something else that needs to be done.
How to deal with the giant dungeon core.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 172

172 Plan Starts


Inside the deepest room in the dungeon cave. A huge tornado is rampaging around all over this gym-sized space.
The goblins here are getting helplessly sucked and turned into heaps of garbage, its sucking power reminded me of Dy*on.
The trash cleaning went so well I could afford that silly thought.
Getting rid of insignificant trash mob in one fell swoop is just basic strategy.

I told the elves to first use wind spirit magic to take care of them.
My plan went well, with nowhere to run, this place is now full of dazzling lights.
Coming from the dying goblins. They got flung onto each other inside the tornado, random swords stabbing them, thrown hard onto the ceiling and wall.
In just a minute all the small fry have been dealt with. Having all the elves concentrate their mana into one powerful spell worked amazingly well.
Even Zenan was obedient for once. Not sure what got over him, but I'm not complaining so long he doesn't get in our way.

Now then, only the King remains. Would have been nice if that tornado did it in too, but not everything would go swimmingly it seems.
It had assumed a defensive squatting position and protected its face with crossed arms to endure through the tornado.
Still in that position, it inhaled so much air its body swelled up.

"Ah, crap. Guys, cover your ears! Now!"


A powerful tremor shook the entire cave. So powerful I thought my heart would stop beating there.
All the Goblin King did was roaring. An angry roar with so much power behind it.
Once it was over, Serena took the initiative. She had flame sword on. She must have gone through many similar battlefields before.
She swiftly got within melee range and slashed at the Goblin King's abdomen before immediately back stepping away.
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"That didn't feel right! Careful! Solidify our formation!"

Reacting to her shout, the Goblin King who was unharmed by the slash swung down its fist at Serena.

Boom! the hit caused another tremor. Serena dodged the fist at the last moment as it tore the tip of her hair.
It doesn't seem to have the speed, Serena easily dodged the attack before immediately slashing at the wide open arm.

However the slash didn't even leave a scratch. It's got a really tough skin.
Goblin King swung its arm in annoyance, but all it hit was empty space.
Serena had already anticipated that and jumped back.
Using this chance, the other elves went in. But none of their swords managed to so much as left a mark on Goblin King.
Thigh, upper arm, back, back of head, chest, they slashed at every spots with zero result.

"You lot! Move iiiiit! Uoooooooo!"

Zenan vigorously leaped up. Higher than the top of Goblin King's head. While holding his sword overhead.
The King's fist shot through the air just as Zenan was about to reach it.
But Zenan wasn't there. He had landed already.

"Got youu!"

HYUN, with the sound of cutting wind, his sword slashes at Goblin King's left eye.


"Only got an eye huh! But that should make things easier now!"

Apparently Zenan used wind spirit magic to control his body, affording him to instantly land. I see that manipulating wind is the basic to elven-style combat.
No wonder Serena's group moved so smoothly like they're flowing. They make sure they can immediately move after finishing an action where one's body usually stiffens for a moment.

Goblin King may have lost one of its eyes but of course that's not the end, its entire body is bulging up in anger.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 171

171 That's Bad News


The entire space is completely filled with nothing but goblins. And in the center is a conspicuously larger goblin than the rest. I could see its back from here.
Think it's about 2.5 meter tall? It's got bulking muscles that far outstrip ordinary bodybuilders. That's probably the 'King'.
Its body is pulsing a blue light. Its skin is colored dirty green yet it periodically pulses blue.

(Considering my conjecture, I guess it's still absorbing mana even now? Or perhaps it's just resonating with the mana?)

I don't have enough info to make a conclusion. It's probably got to do with the Dungeon Core but I don't see the thing anywhere.

"My eyes must be belying me... This may be past the point of no return..."

Zenan was dumbfounded at this scenery. But I had a different reaction, 'Eh, looks manageable no?'
Against ordinary goblins, the hardest thing would be keeping them in one spot as you massacre them.
Elves are just that strong. Their battle in front of the cave showed that.

"This might prove difficult indeed. Not even us likely can hope to compete against that abnormally grown goblin in the center. There is just so much mana overflowing out of it."

Serena got cold feet as well. Yeah, I can see that thing's abnormality.
But my mental state right now is such that I don't really process it.
You may ask what are you saying after coming this far, but I just can't with all these goblins.

(I mean it's goblins? I can let elves slide and all, but this, am I dreaming, hallucinating? It's finally gotten to a point where I can't deny myself living in a fantasy otherworld.)
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I can't calm down from this buoyant feeling like I've stumbled inside an illusion.
Adventuring inside a cave, classic goblins. And then there's dungeons and mana crystallization.
I'm walking down the path of a protagonist in a story. Where did I go astray anyway? And shouldn't this supposed to have come up in early chapter?
Just where, or perhaps this way of thinking was a mistake to begin with.

While that completely unrelated matter occupied my mind, the goblin in the center moved a bit.
And what came into view afterward perturbed me so much.

(Oy oy oy! You can't have that here! That thing is a complete copy no matter how you look at it! Out!)

Something that looks identical to the crystals featured in 'Last Illusion' game developed by a famous game maker is floating there.
It's about a meter tall, around 50 centimeters in diameter. You'd yell out, 'That thing's huge!' if you saw that in person.
Apparently the elves also never saw a dungeon core that big, each spoke their minds.

"That's just...", "How did it get that big...", "This is already far beyond bad news.", "How are we even supposed to destroy a core that enormous...", "Even just getting close to that would be dangerous..."

The crystal is regularly pulsing beautiful blue lights. The goblin's body pulsed the same blue light matching that.
I finally snapped back to reality and spoke out.

"Err, listen up guys. First thing first, a little clean up is in order. Are you ready?"

Strategy meeting began.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 170

170 Child Mind and Conclusion of Inference


Zenan followed us inside. Fine by me so long as he doesn't cause trouble. But this guy's seriously noisy. I'm fed up.

"I shall watch over you so you won't do anything foolish and make things worse. I won't take any complain!"

Chimera cried out once, 'Meow' ignoring the guy. It's been perching on my shoulder since this morning. In a relaxed pose of course.

"Oy, what in tarnation is that thing? I've been wondering for a while, just what?"

(You ask that now...? How lacking of critical thinking are you?)

I ignore the guy. He should have caught sight of Chimera whenever he turned his vision at me, why would he ask now?.

The cave is quite spacious inside. The width and height is just enough to swing your sword around. The path ahead is a straight one.

"Why's it so bright? Here I was sure we'd need a light source."

I had taken a torch out of magic bag. Yet the surrounding areas are brightly lit to not warrant one.

"The mana spreading out of Dungeon Core is filling the walls, affording them to emit lights."

I thought that was just too convenient an explanation, but then I recalled how the goblins died outside.

(They did disperse lights bright enough for me to distinguish even though it was in mid noon. Mana light or something?)

Lights that dazzling would easily illuminate this cave for sure.

Despite thinking that, my state of mind reverted to that of a child at this point.
Have you ever experienced something like this in your childhood? Going on an adventure to new places, entering a cramped space to make your own hideout nobody knows.
Children play. I don't think you can blame me getting similarly excited with this 'grown up' version of that.
However I'm still retaining enough composure to keep myself from shouting out loud, 'This is so thrilling!'

"Now's a good time to put out my theory, at least until we arrive at the innermost spot."
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I couldn't stand the nervous silence, so I opted to speak what I came up with.

"First, the Dungeon Core expanded this cave size. So magic beasts or monsters could stumble inside. That was when a lone goblin wandered inside and arrived at the core. Magic beasts are animals that survive getting bathed in mana over a long period of time right?"

"Yes, that's right... could it be? A goblin took in the Dungeon Core mana and mutated!?"

"Yep. I believe that's the likeliest explanation. Thus that goblin settled in this cave and gradually got stronger over time. Serena, how do you usually find dungeons to remove here?"

"The mana in this forest would at time flow irregularly and converge in one spot. It's practically assured that we would find a small Dungeon Core right next to this convergence. We immediately destroy the core whenever we find one. As mana in this forest is quite dense, we are always on the lookout for one. But it is unusual for no one to catch a wind of this particular core..."

"What if that goblin kept absorbing this leaking mana over its limit? The flow of mana never escaped outside and yet the Dungeon Core would keep growing. And that goblin managed to survive."

"!? Oy! There is simply no way a mere goblin could endure that! Taking in more mana than your vessel can hold will result in an implosion, it'd turn into dust!"

Seemingly unable to bear that possibility, Zenan denied my theory in a panic.

"So yeah, this goblin was a stray that got lost in this cave, alone."

"...The goblins that rushed outside died without leaving their bodies behind... are you saying that?"

I paid Zenan no heed and resumed talking to Serena. Then I postulated a potential answer for the last issue.

"Yep, you've probably guessed right. If those goblins were created from the mana leaking out of Dungeon Core, then there should be a base goblin they take after. And goblins are the only type of monsters that have been created. Then that lone goblin must be producing those goblins on purpose. The longer you let this be, this forest will eventually get overrun by goblins, until the point of no return."

"Once it comes to that, it doesn't matter even if we move our settlement..."

"Yep. Goblins will rule over this forest. Not only that, they will eventually infringe upon human inhabited zones, causing an unprecedented calamity. Too late to do anything."

Zenan turned pale as he finally got a sense of crisis from what I said.
They may just be goblins, you can't shrug off strength in number. Even if each of the elves is a warrior that matches a thousand, they likely can't avoid casualty.
And if it's got to the point where the goblins fill the entire forest, they'll be out of their depth. Those goblins would spread out in all directions so eliminating them all at once would be difficult.

"We absolutely must put a stop to it now. Milord, we beseech you to lend us your power."

"Come on now, no need to repeat that. I'm here exactly for that reason after all."

Settling this problem once and for all inside this narrow cave would be best. It would be foolish of us to avert our eyes from this.
Postponing to deal with a problem that you know will end in the worst possible outcome will only make for an even worse outcome.

(I knew this was a mess, but who could have imagined it would connect to the demise of human world... wait, am I not a commoner? This crap is way over my head.)

Where's hero, sage, knight king or a holy swordsman or something? Heck I'd even take cursed blade wielders.
Those types should have been the ones dealing with this kind of stuff, why does a commoner who wishes nothing but a peaceful life like me get dragged into this?
I could never come up with an answer to that. I am a commoner after all.
For better or worse, there's nothing I can do if I get swept up in a mess. All the more if I'm the only actor capable of cleaning up the mess.
It'd leave bad taste if I just went my merry way here and the damage reached human world.
I was prepared for the worst but I couldn't help but felt, 'Why me?" still.

"Oops, looks like we're here. Let's take cover and check things out first."

It was a dome shaped open space. Around the size of an elementary school gym.
Then at the center of this innermost depths. A scenery I had predicted could be seen.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 169

169 What Surfaces Up


Their swords keep clashing and locking over and over again. It hasn't even been a minute and yet sparks and sounds from clashing metal fill up the surroundings.

"Aah, sheesh, you're gonna chip your blade hitting so hard like that~."

I lightly knock away their swords.
Of course I did it during Accelerated state. I was being very careful with my strength, but the impact still ended up being too excessive, the two cried out in pain.

"Gua!" "Kuh!"

I used a sheathed sword to hit theirs so they're still intact. Otherwise, it would probably like cutting a tofu. No point in wasting two perfectly good swords. I mean we're gonna need them inside the cave.

"So, Serena, why don't dead dungeon monster bodies remain?"

I've still got questions left. Serena is gripping her sword hand while grimacing. Her face is a mix of surprise and pain.

"It is said because those monsters are formed by the mana leaking out of Dungeon Cores. According to an explanation, Dungeon Cores take basic information from magic beasts and monsters inhabiting the area nearby and make imitations out of them. It's not clear why this phenomenon takes place. As they are not made of flesh but mana, they disperse when they're no longer able to maintain their forms."

Serena's pain seemed to have subsided as she gave that explanation, she picked up her sword.

"Hm? Well, this is just my guess. I believe this Dungeon Core is the main cause of Goblin King coming into existence here. And that King was the one who made flood of monsters."

Zenan voiced his surprise here.

"Wha? What are you bastard talking about? What do you mean?!"

"We have been living in this forest for a long time. Dungeons being formed are not uncommon occurrences. Our group has also participated in many expeditions to remove Dungeon Cores. What about milord?"

I'm just familiar with fantasy settings. Hence, even without experience, I can piece together bits of info into the whole picture.
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"Nope, zilch. But, like, you know? I just know. Can't tell you why though."

"Oy! What do you bastard even know? Stop with your nonsense! How would mere goblins manipulate dungeons? They're nothing more than natural phenomena!"

Not sure why Zenan snapped at me here. He looked mortified earlier when he realized I knocked his sword. Him still being openly hostile even now is testing my patience.

"Well, let's just go and see for ourselves. I'll give you my reasoning there."

He tried to stop us when I was about to enter the cave.

"Hold it you bastard! Cease your uncalled activities at once! I must inform the elder. We must wait until after a conference to deal with this matter. Do not act on your own!"

(This guy's really dumb beyond belief... Nothing I do or say will go through his thick skull.)

"Haven't I told you? I don't need your permission. Go back on your own if you're gonna report. You should be satisfied with that no? Oh wait, you're my watchdog or something. Must be tough huh."

It's not like me at all. But this Zenan guy has been really getting on my nerve with his attitude.

"Oy, you six, let's go back.... Oy, wait! Why do you follow that guy!? Elder will surely forgive your shameful actions if you just go back now!"

I disregard the idiotic Zenan. Serena and the other five elves follow me.
I walked inside the cave without looking back.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 168

168 Guaranteed Development


We got surrounded in no time. By around a hundred of yep, by those who look exactly what you imagined.

"Gyagya gyagya gya!" "Gugya! Gugya!" "Gyao gyao gya!"

The place is completely filled with goblins. A few of them lunged at us.
Serena swiftly dealt with those. Cutting down the slashing goblins.
These goblins are armed. Dirty rusted short swords, worn out filthy leather shields, literal tree branches as clubs.
They work together in an imperfect coordination wielding such weapons.

"There is no mistake about it! These goblins are led by something!"

All the elves began shooting out spirit magic at the goblins. It's like I'm watching a musou game.
A horizontal slash with a sword sent five heads flying. A shot of spell would blow up tens of them and drag more behind.

"You bastard! What are you scheming coming to this place!? Dammit! This must be a trap you devised to kill me!"

I left the dumbass Zenan alone, and focused on the fact that the goblins disappeared when they got killed.

(The killed goblins vanished in bluish particles of lights... This pattern, could it be that!?)

Yep, all the goblins that gushed out of the cave seemingly unending have been leaving no body nothing behind as they died.
Vanishing without a trace while emitting lights like some sort of special effects in games.

"I might be overthinking it, but mind if I ask something?"

I haven't moved an inch. Because the elves decimated all approaching goblins.

"Have you noticed something, milord?"

The elves attentively cut down all the lunging small fry in a circle formation.
For some reason, Zenan has rushed headlong in the center of the mob by himself.

"These things are... dungeon-borne monsters, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are. Is there something wrong with that?"

(Dungeons, are you serious... Wish I never asked...)

I give up with this guaranteed development happening wherever I go in this world.
As I sighed, goblins finally stopped coming out of the cave. Total end number was around 300.
Despite that, the elves easily exterminated them all in just a few minutes.
And yet, I'm now convinced their strength comes from mana. I'm told the elves in the village have all spent their mana and are currently recuperating.
Had they not, they would have just chosen to just defeat the goblin king instead of going the trouble of moving the settlement.
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But that wasn't the issue here.
It's the deluge of dungeon monsters happening before my eyes and how so many of them rushed outside.
This is proof that the Goblin King must have moved toward declaring war.
I ask Serena to clear up some things that's bugging me with this revelation.

"First of all, how do dungeons get created?"

I mimicked a certain educational TV program MC.

"Nobody has ascertained the real reason yet, but there are several theories. It is said that when mana converges in nature due to some means or causes, it will crystallize. When this crystallization manifests inside nature-made caves or even human-made constructs, those get to be called dungeons."

"What happens once they turn into dungeons?"

"Hmph! You ignorant fool. How do you not know something so trivial? I see you're not thinking anything when you asked that."

Zenan started blabbering nonsense as he got back, I cut him off.

"No, I'm not talking to you."

"This crystallization known as Dungeon Core makes use of its dense mana to influence the terrain and building that houses it. This influence does not follow the law of nature, except one, that it cannot expand space beyond a certain point."

"Then there's no telling what's going on inside this cave huh."

"Well, considering the mouth size and how we are able to clearly see quite deep inside, I believe it's still a newly formed young dungeon. Overtime, the internal structure would get more complex after some years, but this particular one should be a straight path ahead."

"Could it be, you lot are planning to go in and exterminate the Goblin King?!"

"Man, you're slow on the uptake. A really hopeless dunce."

"Bastard! I'll separate that head of yours from your neck forever!"

GIIN! A sound of clashing metal resounded in the quiet forest. Coming from Zenan's and Serena's swords locking together.

"Serena! Retract your sword... I shan't tolerate any more insults! I'll chop his head off! And make him shut up forever!"

"I had left you alone as per order of milord... but how dare you raise your sword against our lord! I have enough of your extreme discourtesy! I'll personally put your head grovel on the ground to apologize. Right before I cut it off!"

The two went and started a deathmatch even though I still had some questions left.
The remaining five elves watched over the chain of event quietly but it appears they're of the same opinion as Serena. Thus they're not stopping her. Or rather, I'm sure they're all thinking of joining in and make Zenan grovel as well.

"Haa, what a bother... guess I gotta do it myself."

I took a sword out of magic bag and interrupted their quarrel.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 167

167 Insistence


We've arrived at the mouth of the cave in question, but we have an unsolicited extra with us.
Zenan. Guy really went after us. Apparently he got the elder's permission too.

"Haa, haa, haa, o-overtaking a mere human, like you, i-is nothing to me... haa, haa."

He's gasping for air, must have run like a madman. Must have used spirit magic aid too.
But since we went ahead of him, there was quite a distance between us. He must have gone all out and maintained the pace up to this spot.

"Tracking you is a simple matter with wind spirits. Don't even think you could get away from me."

Of course none of us even thought of that, but the guy convinced himself so. I'm being kind by not quipping here.

(Why's he even here though? Is he even aware what we're about to do?)

We had our final meeting, I used the chance to ask Zenan.

"Do you even know what we're gonna do here? But eh, feel free to tag along as long as you don't get in our way. Ah, also don't drag us down."

I purposely agitated him. I don't have a good impression of this guy even now since he's not even trying to hide his hostility toward me. I'm only responding in kind.

"I know that you have cajoled Serena and those five! Release them immediately! Do so and I'll let you live."

An answer that doesn't even have anything to do with what I asked made me lose hope on Zenan.
Serena and the other five are enduring to not draw their swords since I'm not moving myself.
I asked another question to test the water.

"Hey? Do you even know the details on my rescue of these girls? Just what do you want anyway? Speak what you got on your in mind, no need for sophistries."

Zenan immediately blabbered on with an enraged look.

"The ones who kidnapped elves are humans, so is that who saved them. And so what? Elves must not mingle with humans, that's our law since ages past. A cardinal law. And yet Serena and those five obey you for no reason! Proud people of the forest servile to mere humans are a disgrace! And not by force you say!? Don't make a fool of me! What else is the reason besides a trickery you've done to them!? How else could you explain how us elves, a noble race who commands spirits would fall to such low! You only get to have your life intact because of the fact that you 'saved' them! Otherwise, I'd have you slaughtered here and now, no mercy! Don't you forget that!"
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(Okay, I get that this guy is a hopeless dumbass.)

He only wants to believe what he wants to believe, averts his eyes from reality, never accepting it. To him, humans are below elves, no matter what.
He's acting like nothing more than a blind brat. Not realizing who's being a disgrace here.
And that's why he's here. I'm getting fed up with always encountering this template even after coming all the way here.

(Is it my fate to keep bumping into guys like this from now on?)

Compared to this, that elder is far more 'adult' in his actions. And now I'm worried just what kind of conversation Zenan and the elder had. It must have been a whirlpool of 'Misunderstandings' and 'Discrepancies'.

"I know not what you're plotting, but don't you think it will go your way! I won't let you!"

The guy doesn't look like he's done yet. Dunno how evil this guy think of me, but his words hold no persuasive power. Fact is fact.

"You're, Zenan was it. You never saw the truth yourself and yet you're so confident saying all that without any proof that supports them? I don't really care about denying your claim, but you'd better realize that you're the one acting like a disgrace to your clan here, y'know?"

"You... How far do you intend to insult me! Eey! No more mercy! I shall cut you down here and now! Draw your sword! I won't lay a hand on an unarmed opponent. I'll defeat you fair and square!"

(What a pain in the ass... Hm? Looks like this is it...)

A huge mob came rushing out of the cave as if ignoring Zenan's words.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 166

166 Getting a Rise On


The next not really nice morning.
I woke up from near suffocation. Chimera who had come back without my knowledge is blocking my airway.
I'm gonna get killed! I jumped out of my bed with that thought crossing my mind, and calmed down immediately when I saw Chimera rolling down my body.
The mystery of its frequent disappearance is also solved.

(It went out to hunt for food huh... Guess it's like a half stray.)

When I saw the red mark around Chimera's mouth, I recalled the time I visited my grandparent's house when I was little.

(That cat loved to vanish and then came back out of nowhere, rolled up in the veranda sleeping.)

Has Chimera decided on my face as its bed? that thought got me down for a bit but I pulled myself together for what we're about to do today.
But a loud voice wasted that.

"You lot! Why do you take command from that guy!? How long are you planning on keeping that! Come back! Serena, are you listening!?"

The voice of that elf called Zenan. Looks like he's disparaging Serena's group for camping outside the village wall with me.

"We are not obliged to answer you. Stop concerning yourself with us anymore if you don't like it. All you need to do is to stop talking to us."

"Are you out of your mind!? Didn't you hear elder's decision! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?!"

"Look who's talking! You're the one who shot an arrow! How dare you do that to our lord! We'll never forgive you!"

"Aah, I'm starving. Let's have breakfast. Serena, who cares about him, let's just get ready."

I butted in the touchy air. Gotta nip this perilous mood in the bud.

(Well, I don't plan to forgive this Zenan guy though.)

Attacking me twice, never apologizing and acting all haughty on top of that. It's the type I hate. All elves are good looking. That doesn't exclude this guy. Another thing that adds to the fuel.
The image I had about elves in mind was, 'Eloquent', 'Dignity' and 'Reasonable', all of which had crumbled down.

It's absolutely not because I hate hot guys. Nope. I think.
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(Still, isn't he tired glaring at me all day since yesterday? What did I do to him anyway? I don't remember doing anything that warrants this resentment.)

I dressed up for today after meal like usual. Then a meeting with Serena's group.

"Alright, since I consider myself a philanthropist, I can't just turn a blind eye now or else it's gonna leave a bad taste, let's just get it done."

"We shall return this debt with our unending loyalty forevermore."

(Ah... Please don't tell me this is an event that will prompt these girls stay with me forever the moment I defeated Goblin King...)

Looking back at everything that happened thus far, I just can't think up a way to avoid that conclusion, leaving me dejected.

"Oy! What are you talking about!? Where do you think you're going?!"

Zenan butted in here. He's speaking from atop a faraway watchtower yet his voice is clear. He must be using wind spirit magic to deliver his voice from afar.

"Where? Ask these girls."

"You are currently under my watch! You're prohibited from acting on your own! Don't you dare take a step! I won't let you!"

There's no point in talking to him, or rather, I'm gonna get a headache if I keep responding to this Zenan guy.

"Trite. Aah this is all so trite. I don't recall ever agreeing to you, why should I comply with whatever you're saying? Your words hold no power over me. Oh wait, maybe you're just a dumbass."

My patient finally hit its limit, I talked shit before I realized and continued on.

"Why don't you try me if you hate my guts so much? You sound less menacing than chirping birds harping on and on from so far. Are all elves cowards? Or is it just you being an all talk no action dingus?"

I got a rise on him. Even though I was just going to quip back a bit. And this invited another trouble.

"Y-you bastard...! I'll make a mess of your face and feed them to birds! Stay where you are! I'll crush you mere dirty human once I get permission from elder!"

"Like hell I'd. Why the heck I gotta follow along?  Come at me if you wanna. Bye chump. I hope I don't hafta see your ugly mug again."

Even from this far, I could see Zenan's face obviously turning red in anger.
I paid that no mind and turned around before walking off toward our destination cave.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 165

165 Accepting Favor


(Is this goblin... the same goblin I think? That classic one? And it's a King at that.)

"We understand that it is not our place to beseech you, milord. Firing an arrow without so much a word of gratitude. It's so shameful we can't contain our anger. Were milord to deem it unforgivable, we shan't complain if you wish to slaughter this shameful clan of ours."

"That's way too violent, I won't do anything like that okay. Or what, you think I'm some homicidal maniac?"

"If milord can find it in your heart to forgive us, you may do as you wish to us. Would you please save us?"

"...For now can you stand up? We'll talk after, okay? Also, let's have an early meal. Okay?"

I want to praise myself from staying calm at their sudden prostrating display. There's way too much pressure from the sight of six beauties prostrating themselves before you. The only reason I didn't get overwhelmed is because they usually treat me as their 'master'. I got used to it. I didn't want to get used to it.

"I get it, that's just how important homeland is. So sure I'll do it. Haa~ why do I always get dragged into mess like this?"

(No wait, I wasn't dragged this time, I got asked... pretty much stuck my neck in. I'm not cold blooded enough to just shove them aside because it's got nothing to do with me. Guess I gotta.)

The six elves swiftly prepared dinner. I indulged myself in mediation as I watched over them.

(I wanna go back home and play all the games too... the time inside me is frozen at that moment.)

I reminisced the time I frequently visited game center to enjoy some heated fights.
Even that moment was fleeting. I got called back to reality with dinner ready.
Past happiness is cruel and kind. The present reality is merciless to me.

(Ah, this is it, soaking myself in the past... without anyone interrupting like this.)

We talked over our plan for tomorrow during mealtime.
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"I'll deal with the Goblin King sure. Getting called bringer of calamity or whatever doesn't sit well with me. I'll show them I'm harmless by doing this."

"Not a shred of us believes in that accusation. You liberated us from slavery. Saved us. Milord is our savior, you will never bring upon a calamity with you. It's only right for us to serve your mighty strength."

(Ah... I can see 'The Grand Plan of Elf Homecoming and Parting' crumbling before my eyes...)

Their loyalty toward me is steadily rising for some reason even though I'm not doing anything. In fact, it doesn't seem to ever decrease. Heck it's even skyrocketing so quick I'm getting creeped out.

"So where's this King anyway? Let's just get it over with quickly."

(And once it was taken care of, I'm sure these girls can safely go back home. Then I can say good bye here.)

Inwardly, I haven't given up and devised up a way to get them back home. Despite fully realizing that it's a bad bet at the rate this is going.

"It's situated deeper in the forest from here. Apparently it has built its base inside a vast underground cave."

"Then let's start tomorrow. And get some rest today. We did run a lot today after all, gotta rest up."

"We shall be on the look out. Milord may rest easy. We shan't let anyone touch a single strand of your hair."

"Aah...? Are you implying the elves are planning a night raid? Just for one man? Aren't you exaggerating?"

I recalled the face of that Zenan elf who shot arrows twice at me, fully intended to hit.
Considering that, they might not be far off the mark so I complied.
Even with 'Acceleration', I can't activate it if I'm not aware. Getting attacked in my sleep will spell my death.
Being half asleep and be always ready to deal with an attack is too much to ask for from an ordinary man. Don't think I can learn it with practice either. Heck, I shouldn't have even needed something like that to begin with. I mean where is it even useful for if you live your life normally.

(...No wait? In the first place, my situation right now is... huh? It's not normal? How did it get to this point...)

What is normal even? My thought process was thrown into chaos and I fell into sleep before I realized.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 164

164 Conversation [Elder]


"If you are truly telling the truth, then us elves must not mingle with this man any further."

"But why!? Shouldn't we show our gratitude for his action of saving us!"

"You young 'uns don't know this, but it's the law. I personally would love nothing more than to thank him myself. After all, he made it possible for you all to come back here, long thought dead."

"Please tell us if you have a reason. Why mustn't we mingle with milord anymore?"

"To think that hardheaded Serena approves of this person as her lord. How many years have it been since my last surprise? Joking aside. It's a legend."

"Are you telling us to sever our connection with milord due to something as vague as a legend? All you need to do is to utter a word of gratitude, shouldn't it be the very first thing you do!? And yet you failed even that and Zenan even acted openly hostile!"

"That guy's arbitrary action is unpardonable. But it would have been a problem if I did thus and he ended up going inside. Neither would it be good if he got too close to the wall."

"What does that mean? Then shouldn't you at least bow and say your thanks as an elder?"

"What did I tell you again. No mingling. Me not coming out is the best concession I could make. Especially now."

"I am not convinced. What is the reason anyway? Why would you go that far, elder?"

"It was never taught to you girls. No, I suppose none of the younglings these days learned it. After all, there is no guarantee that would appear before us elves."

"You mean milord? What could be the reason? What did milord do?"

"Black is a color that must be avoided. You knew that as well, did you not?"

"Yes as elves, we were taught that black is a color to be avoided, but what of it? Milord's hair and eyes are certainly black. But do you think that is enough reason to?!"

"Well I  suppose there's no issue telling you now. This story is a legend witnessed first hand by our ancestral elves long in the past."

~~  ~~  ~~
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A long time ago, that person brings, or perhaps creates with him calamities and spreads them around.
Black eyes and hair. Trials and tribulations visit wherever they go, as well as salvation.
That person was there when our village came under attack by flocks of magic beasts.
Waves upon waves of magic beast lay before him, while only silence remained behind.
This dreadful power that subdues all calls upon ruins easily.
And how easily it is for this power to crush even this ruins.
Touch you must not, approach you must not.
Hide yourself until it passes, or else you shall get swallowed in chaos.

~~  ~~  ~~

"So yes, it is very vague. Nevertheless it is the 'Truth'."

"That's it? You think that's enough reason to shoot an arrow at our lord? Far from it!"

"Back then, one of ours went out to research human legends under falsified identity. The conclusion they took after long years of research was 'Never get in contact'. But as this person has saved you girls, this warning is pointless now. And that is why we must avoid further contact."

"That is no reason at all. We cannot allow milord to wait for us any longer. We have absolutely no reason to comply with such an embellishment. I regret having coming back here. I do not wish to stay with such a shameful clan. The six of us shall leave this place today."

"Some of the elves who are aware of this legend are making a ruckus saying that he is the reason for the current magic beast disturbance. You lot will surely be lambasted were you leave now. Wait a bit."

"We have always been aware of the danger of rampages. And similar rampages had occurred many times in the past. Blaming that on milord is simply preposterous! Allow us to chop those people's heads off ourselves!"

"Calm down now. That particular talking point should cool off in time. After all the birth of 'Goblin King' was already known before that. That is the main core of this issue."

"Then! Shouldn't you send an extermination force before the problem gets any bigger!? Why are you taking it easy?"

"Because it has far surpassed our limit. That thing had been hiding as it amassed its power. Very sly indeed. It has collected such power that us elves cannot hope to prevail now. We managed to repel the rampaging magic beasts by concentrating mana into the barrier before they hit it, but we used up all our mana in the process. The number of those who could fight have decreased remarkably. It is good that the barrier held up. We won without losing anyone after all. However, were it to launch an assault now, it would be an all out war. We have no manpower to stop it either. Let alone to bring it down."

"Could it be the Goblin King led the rampage here...? That cannot be..."

"According to our scouts, this Goblin King was gigantic beyond belief. It has the characteristic of a Goblin and definitely not Ogre. We believe it must be a mutant. As such the plan to move the settlement is already well in progress. The situation is dire enough to leave us with no other choice. That's why I won't stop you from leaving. In fact, I could only feel that it was fate you girls came back today. Including bringing the Black Clad here."

"...We will ask milord to lend us a hand. He might be willing to grace us with his help. No, it's a sure win if milord decides to go. Although well, we won't blame him if he refuses after getting shot at like that."

"What are you saying? Do you truly believe that human is capable of defeating Goblin King? I don't actually believe the legend, just so you know. I am simply upholding what must be upheld. From what I saw from afar, what could that frail little boy hope to accomplish, Black Clad he may be?"

"We shan't forgive anyone who insults milord, no matter if it's elder. We'll take our leave now."

"...Oy oy, what's happened to you all? I said, wait... There they go. What has that man done to them? I don't remember Serena with that attitude."





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 163

163 Rough Welcome


We arrived before evening. There, a wall has been erected as far as eyes can see.
Stacks of thick logs piled up together with very little gaps in between.
As for why this doesn't get swallowed up by the forest, it's thanks to spirit magic.
A 'Tree' Spirit the village elder inherits has been protecting this settlement for as long as they could remember, so Serena told me.
I could see a gate as we got closer. There are two watchtowers each manned by two elves with their bows aimed at us.

"Stop right there! Do not move!"

By this point I had already perceived I wasn't welcome here.
Why? An arrow pierced the ground next to my foot. Naturally I dodged it with Acceleration since I knew I was being targeted. The elf who shot the arrow looked bewildered.

(He was going straight for my mobility huh. They sure hate outsiders, these elves.)

But the real reason wasn't that. Later I found out it was due to a 'Legend', or so the elder called it.

"Oy! Zenan! How dare you shoot an arrow at our savior, our lord! I don't care if you're a kinsman, I won't forgive you! I'll chop that head of yours off!"

Serena fumed as she shouted that. It's rare to see this side of hers, I immediately soothe her.

"Now now don't lose your temper now. You're gonna ruin your pretty face, calm down."

I was just joking around but Serena seemed to take the 'pretty' part seriously as she blushed.

"P-please forgive me... H-however, such treatment is..."

She mumbled on her own until I couldn't hear it anymore.

"You must know our circumstances from the two who arrived first right? I'm not here to harm or antagonize you guys. Can you let these four in at least?"

It would be pitiful for the elves to stay outside when their home is right there.
Also, I wanna offload the gifts and lighten my magic bags.
I spoke with that motive in mind, but I got yelled at instead.

"You shut up! We'll deal with you later! Open the gate. Serena, first I want to tell you how delighted I am to see your return. Go report to the elder first."

"Milord, allow us to leave your side for a little bit. I beg your pardon."

"Go ahead. Take your time."
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I saw Serena's group off. But it's not over yet.

"Aah, mind taking this load we brought here? They're gifts for the elves. Freshly picked yesterday. Can't exactly carry them with me forever you see. I'll leave once I put them down."

"...Fine. Put them there. Raise your arms and take ten steps back. Oy! Get some people to collect those!"

Around 15 people came out and carried the mats I brought inside the gate. But they started to whisper among each other once they got to the pig magic beast.

"Oy, how the heck they brought this thing whole?"
"Is this a spillage from 'that' yesterday...? But this size..."
"Maybe Serena's group got a new bag?"
"Nah, didn't you see yourself, that guy carried it with him."
"Who cares about that. No wait, we should. We're not gonna able to carry this thing inside."

They were done with all the transportable mats sans the pig.
They kept arguing what to do and finally decided to cut it into smaller pieces right there.
It's gonna take some time at that size. So I called out to them.

"Want me to help? I can get it done in a jiffy."

The moment I did, the elf Serena called 'Zenan' earlier yelled and shot another arrow at me.

"You keep out of this! ...I missed again!?"

He aimed for my leg again, so I dodged with acceleration.
Naturally, the elf couldn't catch me moving under Acceleration. I also moved away and then back to my original position so it must have looked like the arrow slipped past me. I did the same thing the first time, this Zenan guy must be at his wit's end now.

"My arrow is clad in wind spirit, it can never miss... and yet how? Is he capable of interfering with spirits? No that cannot be... But what other possibilities..."

The guy muttered something while glaring at me, but I paid him no mind.
To begin with, my goal is pretty much complete now.

After saving Serena's group, the goal of this journey was to send them back home.
They've gone and referred to me as 'Milord' and all, once I tell them to 'Stay in your homeland', this Elven Homecoming plan is complete.
And then I just gotta find somewhere far outside elven 'Barrier' to live my recluse life, fulfilling my life goal.

"Chimera's gone again. Well I guess it's fine? Hm~, I wonder if it's marking its territory? So free spirited."

As I was pondering what to do about Chimera, Serena and the other five elves came back and started getting ready to camp out.

"...What are you up to? What's going on, explain to me."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 162

162 Forewarning


Nature's call woke me up the next morning. Refreshed myself under a tree.
It was still before sunrise but I decided against going back to bed.
Coldness of early morning forest felt so good I did a light stretch.
The elves aren't showing any sign of getting up, unusually enough.

(I guess this just shows their relief? You could tell how prickly they were up until this point.)

Once they stepped inside this forest, they must have felt 'I'm finally home', blowing away their anxiety.
I did a set of radio calisthenics before taking out cooking utensils from magic bags and preparing our meal.

(Table, chairs, pots, ingredient, kitchen knife, and a cutting board...)

I learned to cook from my mother in the village, so I'm getting it done quickly here.
People in this world use magic to ignite fire. But as someone who doesn't have mana, I'm doing it the old fashioned way.

(I just gotta accelerate, rub some sticks together and poof would you look at that, magic, or not.)

Combining primitive method with acceleration makes the affair done in no time at all.
Once the water was boiling in the pot, Serena finally got up.

"Milord! Please don't concern yourself with such menial tasks!"

She hurriedly came over but it was pretty much done already.

"Eh don't worry about it. I feel like doing this once in a while. Ah, could you help cleaning up the cooking utensils and get tableware out?"

As Serena started helping, the five other elves got up.

"Punish these foolish bodies of ours for letting milord woke up before us."

Sheesh. These elves are still behaving like that around me even after coming this far. They wait for my word while kneeling with 'We've done goofed' faces.

"It doesn't bother me. Come now, let's get to eating."

I ignored the elves' behavior while putting bread, soup and salad on the table.

They took their seats like usual. But their faces were all gloomy. But I ignored that as well and worked on my meal.
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Once done, I go to brush my teeth. Apparently 'tooth decay' is a concept that doesn't exist to elves as well.
Couldn't help but think it's unfair. But since I've always done this since my previous life, I quickly let it go. Or not.

(Just when did this world give me this mutant germ anyway... gununu...)

As I added another list of reason to hit this world's deity, I tried my best to ignore the elves looking at me curiously.
We departed once we were done with our stuff.
The goal is to reach elven village today, or at least tomorrow.

"Sure you haven't forgotten anything? Then let's get going."

I ran matching Serena's pace ahead of me.
Naturally, I'm carrying the mats we stripped yesterday, including the pig's. A replacement for workout, but it really seems like this body of mine has finished its transformation into a 'monster'.

(I don't feel the weight at all... Running so effortlessly with this excessive luggage... What's gonna happen to my life from here on?)

Huge bundles wrapped with cloth connected with a tie are on my shoulders as I run, and yet it still feels like Serena is running a tad too slow to me.

(But that stuff I heard is true huh. I'm seeing lots of flowering plants already, lots of greens.)

Yesterday the path ahead was nothing but bare brown soil but it's now full of greenery. All kinds of magic beasts that were lying on the path had also been hidden inside the forest, no I suppose the correct term would be 'absorbed' by the forest. There's no stripping the mats now. Such is this forest's dreadfulness.
By day two, trees would likely push inward, eliminating this path entirely. Way too abnormal.
But that's also what's protecting the elven village. Foreign invaders, mostly 'humans', would definitely find this green barrier be a massive setback. Looks like this wall of nature is the reason why the six elves don't seem worried.
Otherwise they would have acted far more distressed seeing as that flock of monsters broke through this forest up to the empire.

Chimera who had flopped itself on top of my luggage before I realized cried out 'Meow' every once in a while.
I can't read what it's got in mind, but since it's following me with no sign of going back to nature, I'm not complaining.

"Guys, can you manage to raise the pace? I could if you do."

The elves turned to look at me in unison. Scary.

"Then we shall pick up the pace a bit more. It should allow us to arrive by evening even factoring afternoon break."

Thus we ran through the green path faster.

We covered quite a distance before getting to afternoon break. There, I was given a suggestion.

"Milord, I believe it might be a good idea to send a forewarning ahead of time. I am thinking of sending two of our scouts, would that be acceptable?"

"Aah, right, telling them in advance is a good idea. Yup, go ahead. Do your thing."

'Acknowledged', Serena bowed and the elves finished their meals quick, after which two of them ran out at high speed.
Looks like they had decided beforehand. These elves can communicate with wind spirit. They must have discussed it on our way here.

But I had forgotten one thing by this point. Just how many absurd 'False Charges' I have gone through so far.
This forewarning should let the village elves know what transpired since the six got kidnapped.
A clan that has severed their contact with 'Humans' must have complex feelings on me. The ones who kidnapped their kinds as well as saved them are 'human'.
In fact, it's easy to imagine that the majority would not think well of me.
'What a pain' paints the picture. But that's not the end of it, an even more bothersome 'false charge' would be thrown at me to which I was none the wiser of.



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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 161

161 What in the Pig


A giant body, powerful blade-like tusks, hoofs that would tear you to pieces upon contact, and a tail that splits the air with each swing.
Seemingly starving, it's got bloodshot eyes, groaning while drooling. It shakes its body hard signifying its displeasure.

What appeared before us is a six meter long, two meter tall 'Pig'.
It has six long stubby legs. It looks like a gigantified boneless ham given legs, giving off a disgusting impression.

"Please leave this to us."

The elves drew their swords and spread out. They're planning to cut the legs each.

(And where do I gotta stand?)

I observed the pig magic beast straight ahead. The pig was alert of the elves but then its eyes met mine by chance.

'Buhiiiiii!', the pig cried out before charging out toward me.
'Milord!', I thought I heard that but I had already entered 'Acceleration' by then.

===  ===  ===

(Now then, what do. Maybe I should just stop it? The elves said they'd take care of this thing after all, so I don't gotta.)

I came close to the paused pig and lightly press the pig's neck, similar to that time with Randolf.

But the part I touched was a bad spot. As it wasn't the 'Center' of the pig's ramming charge.
Imagine a crash between hundreds kilograms heavy racing cars.
The car's kinetic energy would change direction from forward to upward, making it fly in the air.

The future that awaited this pig.
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===  ===  ===

BOOM, the magic beast flew in the air in slow motion along with that loud booming sound.
It got unexpectedly high up, somersaulting twice above me before spinning vertically as it crashed into the ground.
Another loud boom resounded when it did.

"Milord!? Are you hurt!?"

Despite having witnessed similar scenes many time, Serena came over to check on me.
First timers would still be dumbfounded I'm sure. Yet there's nobody else but the elves here. The elves quickly encircled the magic beast in alert.

"Ah, I'm fine. It's nothing."

(This is what I get acting without thinking ahead... Stole their prey... Sorry.)

The pig is twitching, no sign of getting up. The elves sighed in relief after confirming that.

"What to do about this. Can we carry it? How long till we get there anyway? I'd like to present this as a gift."

"If we do not strip out magic beasts materials along the way, I believe it will take us a full day. We're truly grateful for your boundless generosity. But... would it be truly all right? All of this naturally belongs to you milord. We understand they are intended as gifts, but this many..."

Since the pig has its head in the ground already, I just slit its neck to drain the blood out.

"Ah yeah, it's always good to share especially for stuff like this. Monopolizing blessing of nature as an 'Outsider' would make for a bad optic as well. I'd like to establish a cordial relationship with elves."

"Please milord! We shan't forgive anyone who treats milord as an outsider!"

For some reason Serena bit on that vigorously. And then I noticed the other elves going 'Hrmph!' as they raise both their fists before their chests.

(Oof... What's up with this overpowering zeal... Why am I so worried about the future now...)

The elves seem to have a fundamentally different understanding on the word 'Outsider' I said, but I have no way of knowing.
Once the blood draining was done, the elves cast earth and wind magic to take care of the rest and we went to bed.
No beasts came close thanks to the magic tool, and we all had a good night sleep.

By the way, I'm sleeping in a sleeping bag outside my tent.
I mean, they're still insisting on the 'Together...' even now, so I had no choice but to go outside.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 160

160 Forest of Abundance


Our pace is slow since we're stripping out usable mats along the way. But I'm pretty sure you could fool around for a while without a care in the world if you cash these out.
I sure am nonchalant when the elven homeland might be in a crisis right now.

(I ignored these mats on our the highway to the empire, yet a simple change of scenery changed my mind.)

Witnessing the prowess of elves is another reason as I don't believe such a strong group of people would be easily done in.
But I sure am cold-hearted. After all, the only reason I'm taking these elves back home is for my own sake. A very selfish one at that.

"Milord, our magic bags are nearing their capacity limit. What would you like to do?"

They stripped out so many magic beasts. No, the most surprising thing is how many magic beasts live in this forest. A forest that's 'Overly' abundant of life.
And there's elves who live deep in this forest. Just how in harmony they are with nature anyway. In this world where survival of the fittest reigns, they band together and manage to persist on, quite a shock.

"Keep stripping more mats. I'll carry those that don't fit in the bags myself."

"We cannot allow milord to do such a thing. We shall carry them."

"No, this is something I gotta do, there's no point if you girls shoulder them."

I continued talking to the elves who stopped and looked dumbfounded at my reply.
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"Let's keep going. Oh and keep it up with the mats stripping of course. Okay then, go."

The elves walked on despite looking perplexed.
The scene of me carrying stuff I took from mercenaries who assaulted Aryl is still fresh in my memory.
Even outside Accelerated state, my body is unusually strong. Unbelievably so. Yes, my body is 'abnormal' even not factoring Acceleration.
I'm reminded of a fact. Me being 'Blessless', 'Manaless'. And how that affects me. Super strength is probably one of those.
This is one of the 'Good Stuff'. But the rest is a mystery. How does the 'Bad Stuff' affect this body.
The one thing I know is my lack of mana. That in itself is no big deal now. But who knows if there are other harmful influences.
As a being that's very far apart from this world's humans, I can't stop worrying if I'm causing 'Distortions' or if those distort my body.
As a normal 'human' who can barely cope with the problems in front of me, there's no point in dwelling over this matter too much. I don't have enough info to form an answer. As an ordinary man, postponing is the only thing left to do.

Evening came as we walked thus we started to prepare for our camp.

"Milord, we are done preparing meal."

Today's menu is magic beast steak, fresh forest salad, and soup with potato-like ingredient. Quite a luxurious meal.
Goes to show how abundant this forest is. Even by simply turning my head around, I'm greeted with huge overgrowing flowers, trees and fruit. The word abundance isn't enough to express it.

(Welp, no wonder this forest supports so many lives. But the food chain must be quite intense as well.)

So I thought as I enjoyed the campfire meal.
That's it. And I didn't even notice that was all it took to raise a flag.
Even though I should have expected something would crop up here after all the events flooding right after I left my village.
'A forest this rich should have no issue taking one more life like me right?' That thought occupied my head.
This forest seems ideal if I want to live a quiet life.
Right after we were done with our meal, Chimera cried out, 'Meow'.

"Milord, it appears that a giant magic beast is currently heading our way."

The elves maxed out their wariness and formed a line in front of me.

"As it stands, this magic beast seems to have gone astray from its feeding ground due to the chaos caused by the magic beast rush earlier."

The raised flag quickly brought about new event. A fight is unavoidable.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 159

159 Avalanche


Of course I asked the men about what they know in detail. These guys are apparently registered to Empire's mercenary guild so I got some info on the guild's internal as well.
I relayed all the intel we got to the princess. With this and the first message, her job should be easier.

"Alright, we should be about done now... or have you not had enough?"

I turned around and asked the elves. The men started trembling as they digested the meaning of 'not enough'.

"...We would have liked more, but we shall comply with milord's wish."

"Okay then, let them go. Good work guys. You're free now."

The men could barely stood up. Their expressions were a mix of relief, pain and agony. But that didn't last long.

"Milord, something's not right with the forest. I believe we should take shelter atop trees."

"Huh? Isn't it because of the magic tool? How do you stop this thing anyway?"

I fiddled with the magic tool we took but the situation had taken turn for the worse as it seemed.

More than a hundred magic beasts came rushing out of the forest.

"Milord, I shall enchant you with wind magic. Please jump up. Otherwise you would get swallowed in!"

I hurriedly jumped to a nearby tree. My body felt like it was floating as I got launched five meters above before slowly landing on a branch.
At the same time, the tremor below could even be felt here on the tree.

"Gyaa!" "No way! Gefaa!" "Damnitalllll!" Gubee!" "I ain't dying here! Bubee!"

Those death wails were from the men we just released. They unfortunately got ran over.
The magic beasts were all kinds, there were boars, rabbits, deer, wolves, bears, foxes, apes, birds, rats, snakes, even flying mantises, rhinoceros beetles, spiders, butterflies, fly, grasshoppers and ants.
They're all coming here from the same direction. But something's weird.
Every single one of them is rushing straight ahead while trampling the magic beasts in front of them. Without caring.
It's like a group running away in a panic.
I just saw something similar. Yep, at the ceremony venue when Chimera showed up.
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"Could this be caused by Chimera?"

I considered that, but apparently not. A figure came flying between trees from the opposite direction the magic beasts came. It's Chimera who was gone earlier.
It came to me and jumped on my shoulder before crying, 'Meoow'. It started grooming its face and relaxed there.

"Where'd you gone off to? Well whatever. Still they're heading straight to the empire, aren't they. Serena."

"Yes, milord. I had already contacted the princess as I had an inkling milord would like to."

"...It's cool that you're quick on the job."

'I'm honored', as Serena said that, the entire avalanche of magic beasts passed by and silence wrapped the area back.

"Now then, I'm definitely getting dragged in this... No wait, I guess I'm the one sticking my neck in this time?"

I could have left the men alone, but the elves wouldn't. So even if I had to this time, it's taken too much time and effort to still call it 'sticking my neck in'.
I would have just grabbed the magic tool and left if it were.

"Might be a good idea to find out the reason behind this... What do you think Serena?"

"The magic beasts came from the direction of our homeland. There might be something up."

"Well, then let's head there and see for ourselves. There's a newly built road and all here."

All the vegetation and rocks have been blown away by the rushing magic beasts, creating a road ahead.
The road is littered with dead trampled down magic beasts.

"Might as well strip out usable looking stuff along the way."

We jumped down the trees while being careful of any magic beasts lying in ambush.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 158

158 Vicious Beating


"Oy, those elves are heading straight at us!? The heck's going on? Did we get a dud?!"

"Tch! Who cares, mean just gotta take 'em out by force! Let's go!"

Those guys had no idea. The flaw of that magic tool. Nor how strong elves are.
It's quite simple. It has no effect on targets who are aware of the user's presence from the start.
This quartet never even noticed they were being tailed. As a result they ended up in a world of pain.

But there's only one reason this happens.
A very basic one. The inventor who made the magic tool never fully tested its effects.

He proudly announced and sold the magic tool to the 'Underside' once it showed only the result he wanted.
For the sake of money, he skipped all other procedures and went straight to the 'Underside'.
The fact that a formal examination would take time and the danger of weakening barrier could bring to the world resulting in his research getting frozen also contributed to this.
He had developed several other magic tools with similar functions before this. But he never got the permission to have them marketed due to the danger they would have on society.
Thus the inventor brought these tools to the 'Underside'. He made three of these tools. Capable of such drastic effects and even interfering with barriers. He knew full well there would be people who'd pay him a huge sum on the 'Underside'.
Sure enough, he drew the attention of capricious people wanting to enslave elves and quickly sold all three.

The first one went to Damo. It's currently stored in a rigidly locked warehouse under Eltros's supervision. The magic tool is worth a fortune.

The second one was successful bid in an auction by these mercenaries. The price ballooned so much these four had to gave up all they had to get one. And that brought them here.

And the last one was being kept by an Underside syndicate.
Because they noticed the true value of this magic tool. They also knew how Damo managed to take ownership of six elves. The syndicate was keeping it safe to start a business of elf hunting.
The second one was sold cheaply in an auction before they got hold of the intel on Damo.

They sold two of them right away because it was profitable. The fewer a rare item got, the more valuable it would be.
Luckily or unluckily, the head of syndicate who was planning to start this elf slaving venture was on cloud nine.
But as fate stood, what took place afterward was the total destruction of this syndicate through an extermination effort by the imperial forces.
The inventor was arrested as well. His charge was 'nothing'. He got 'buried' in the darkness. Along with his research on the magic tools.
Erasing everything that was there. This was done by the 'Dark Side' of the Empire, a political move. All for the sake of patching up all possible leaks on this matter.
That was how dangerous the emperor saw this incident was.

And now back at the forest.
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Four men whose faces are so swelled up you couldn't tell the original lie on the ground.

"Bugee... porgip me...."
"Zparr me~... Imma wass off from bafstuff..."
"Im' gonna tunn ober anew leff... plez...."
"Id' do anyzing you wand to pay my sin... sparr m'lifes ples..."

The four men are begging for their lives while gasping. The elves beat them down exclusively with their fists.
The elves had cooled down from their previously enraged state, and now are looking at the men like garbage.

"Ah~, you guys answer me, no lying okay. Do so and you can go home."

I approached the men while saying that.

"W-who the, heck..."

They got wary of me while still trembling at the elves.
I replied back nonchalantly, but that only added more terror to them.

"Err, I'm these elves'... How do I explain it? Boss?"

Seeing the elves knelt as I made my entrance, the men looked like they had their souls plucked out.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 157

157 Fire Extinguishing


Each groups head to the forest as they left the gate. These mainly magic beast hunters kept walking forward without any hesitation like they're used to it.
Only a lone group is walking in a different direction, the same group who called out to us. Looking natural like they knew a shortcut.
The elves' identity have been kept hidden since they're always hiding their ears. We're effortlessly tailing them since they completely disregard us. Didn't think it'd be this easy.

(Guess we don't have to hide in cardboard boxes like some Sn*ke...)

"Tracking them is a simple matter. Should we keep our distance for now, milord?"

"Yep, not like I've a grudge on these guys, but we gotta stop such an inhumane act like elf hunting."

For us to come across 'Elf Hunting' righ when we're on our way to the elven village like this, I just want to scream out loud, 'I hate you fantasy!' here.

Two hours since we've started tailing them. We've gone quite deep inside the forest and yet we've yet to meet a single animal let alone a magic beast.
That was when they made a movement. They took a white shining crystal ball from their rucksack. I bet that's the magic tool.
That also must be the reason for this weird silence with not even insect sounds heard.
We listened in to their conversation. Simple enough with the silence caused by the magic tool.

"This should be the spot yeah? How long and how many elves come out will be up to luck."

The situation must be identical to what befell Serena's group.
They couldn't find a game, so they strayed further from the barrier and then people suddenly showed up out of nowhere capturing them.
The elves' sense must have been thrown into disarray thanks to the magic tool.
I found it weird how easily these elves got caught by humans after watching their prowess in their battle against Chimera, I got it now. Without the magic tool, the elves would have easily turned the table on these kinds of guys.

This means that this issue is a highly critical matter. It could potentially spark the start of 'Elves vs Empire' War. But since we already sent the 'message' about this stuff to Reikana, I'm gonna leave it all to her.
I had Serena direct information regarding these guys to the princess using wind magic before we entered the forest. She'd surely make her move if she believes this matter is of importance.

"I'm not a super hero. But neither could I look away from an act of slavery thrust before my eyes. It's a human right violation, yep."
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I believe that what makes people people aren't how they look or their race. It's something more foundational, their heart.

And what lies before us are people who aren't 'people', scumbags. But I'm planning to refrain from meddling in here.
To begin with, judging people through your own criteria is a selfish act of hubris, crime even. That isn't saying I'm still not indifferent about values in this world.
If laws exist here, they can be judged under those laws here. But this world itself prefers harsh actions toward villainy, especially when it takes place far from public eyes, pretty much do it at your own discretion.

Since we have victims of slavery present here, I'm leaving it all to them to deliver the judgment. They have all the right to.

"We shall be off, milord."

All six elves have this really scary look on their eyes. There's nothing that can stop their emotions now.

"Ah~, lord have mercy~ have mercy~."

I watched over them while feeling the tiniest bit of pity toward those guys.

By the way, Chimera who was on my shoulder is gone before I realized.

"Hm? Welp, guess that's that. Maybe it's gone back to the wild? It's gonna be a bit lonely, but not like I kept it bound to me, so long as Chimera is fine with it then all's fine."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 156

156 Gate Open


"Aren't you guys scholars going to investigate this forest? Pretty sure you are though?"

"Have you got it now? Please don't concern yourselves with us any more."

After giving them a firm refusal, the men reluctantly stepped away. It's a group of four men.
As they walked toward the gate, we overheard one of them muttering this.

"Thought they'd make for some extra income, but whatever, gonna profit big if we just managed to hunt even one elf this time anyway."

(Oh-CRAP!. Gotta stop them!)

I turned around to see six enraged faces. It's so intense they'd definitely raise a bloodbath here at this rate.

"Calm down, cool it... Hear me out, listen in to their conversation using wind magic. We need intel first of all. It's not too late then. Think about it. There's no point in killing them here."

Serena who managed to calm her anger from my words asked back.

"What should we do milord... If we were allowed to be honest, we would have liked nothing more than to direct this anger at those men."

Despite emanating an aura like she'd cut them down this instance, she still went for my advice right away.
Meanwhile they had already used wind magic to check on the four men's conversation.

And here it is summed up.

'Tools' that can mitigate the effects of Barriers are now circulating on the 'Underside' of the empire.
These men managed to snatch a second-hand one in a black market auction by chance.
There are now jobs to hunt elves posted on the 'Underside' which pay handsomely. The reward is enough money to fool around for years even deducting the cost of this 'Tool'.
Yep, these men belong to the 'Underside' and were planning to rob us while pretending to work as an escort while they go on to hunt elves.

This conversation shed light on how the six elves got caught by Damo, it was through this tool. Magic tools. Capable of tampering with elven barriers.
Flames of rage burn even more intense when they heard this.

But apparently the job this time doesn't come from Damo. We'd need to find who and where is this person.
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"We were too naive. The majority of intel we gathered in this empire was only on surface level. Had we investigated deeper we wouldn't have been stuck with this roundabout method. Forgive us milord. We have failed you."

"This is all we can do now. Sorry but bear with it. Save it for when the time is right, let it all out."

"We're fine now, milord. We have composed ourselves. We can never thank you enough for thinking about our pain and anger."

A bell rang as I thought, 'She's exaggerating'. The signal of gate opening.
Finally. The size of this gate is half-baked, about a wagon and a half.
It's a preventive measure for possibilities of magic beasts breaking through the gate, so they don't flood in. But it's also a bother for passerby if it's too small.
Hence the half baked size.
The magic beast hunting bunch overlooked the mutter of a gatekeeper as they moved past the gate.
The elves seemed to miss it too since they were focusing on the four men.

"Hmm, the forest seemed a bit off earlier but looks same as ever now... was it just me?"





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