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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 161

161 What in the Pig


A giant body, powerful blade-like tusks, hoofs that would tear you to pieces upon contact, and a tail that splits the air with each swing.
Seemingly starving, it's got bloodshot eyes, groaning while drooling. It shakes its body hard signifying its displeasure.

What appeared before us is a six meter long, two meter tall 'Pig'.
It has six long stubby legs. It looks like a gigantified boneless ham given legs, giving off a disgusting impression.

"Please leave this to us."

The elves drew their swords and spread out. They're planning to cut the legs each.

(And where do I gotta stand?)

I observed the pig magic beast straight ahead. The pig was alert of the elves but then its eyes met mine by chance.

'Buhiiiiii!', the pig cried out before charging out toward me.
'Milord!', I thought I heard that but I had already entered 'Acceleration' by then.

===  ===  ===

(Now then, what do. Maybe I should just stop it? The elves said they'd take care of this thing after all, so I don't gotta.)

I came close to the paused pig and lightly press the pig's neck, similar to that time with Randolf.

But the part I touched was a bad spot. As it wasn't the 'Center' of the pig's ramming charge.
Imagine a crash between hundreds kilograms heavy racing cars.
The car's kinetic energy would change direction from forward to upward, making it fly in the air.

The future that awaited this pig.
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===  ===  ===

BOOM, the magic beast flew in the air in slow motion along with that loud booming sound.
It got unexpectedly high up, somersaulting twice above me before spinning vertically as it crashed into the ground.
Another loud boom resounded when it did.

"Milord!? Are you hurt!?"

Despite having witnessed similar scenes many time, Serena came over to check on me.
First timers would still be dumbfounded I'm sure. Yet there's nobody else but the elves here. The elves quickly encircled the magic beast in alert.

"Ah, I'm fine. It's nothing."

(This is what I get acting without thinking ahead... Stole their prey... Sorry.)

The pig is twitching, no sign of getting up. The elves sighed in relief after confirming that.

"What to do about this. Can we carry it? How long till we get there anyway? I'd like to present this as a gift."

"If we do not strip out magic beasts materials along the way, I believe it will take us a full day. We're truly grateful for your boundless generosity. But... would it be truly all right? All of this naturally belongs to you milord. We understand they are intended as gifts, but this many..."

Since the pig has its head in the ground already, I just slit its neck to drain the blood out.

"Ah yeah, it's always good to share especially for stuff like this. Monopolizing blessing of nature as an 'Outsider' would make for a bad optic as well. I'd like to establish a cordial relationship with elves."

"Please milord! We shan't forgive anyone who treats milord as an outsider!"

For some reason Serena bit on that vigorously. And then I noticed the other elves going 'Hrmph!' as they raise both their fists before their chests.

(Oof... What's up with this overpowering zeal... Why am I so worried about the future now...)

The elves seem to have a fundamentally different understanding on the word 'Outsider' I said, but I have no way of knowing.
Once the blood draining was done, the elves cast earth and wind magic to take care of the rest and we went to bed.
No beasts came close thanks to the magic tool, and we all had a good night sleep.

By the way, I'm sleeping in a sleeping bag outside my tent.
I mean, they're still insisting on the 'Together...' even now, so I had no choice but to go outside.





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