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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 169

169 What Surfaces Up


Their swords keep clashing and locking over and over again. It hasn't even been a minute and yet sparks and sounds from clashing metal fill up the surroundings.

"Aah, sheesh, you're gonna chip your blade hitting so hard like that~."

I lightly knock away their swords.
Of course I did it during Accelerated state. I was being very careful with my strength, but the impact still ended up being too excessive, the two cried out in pain.

"Gua!" "Kuh!"

I used a sheathed sword to hit theirs so they're still intact. Otherwise, it would probably like cutting a tofu. No point in wasting two perfectly good swords. I mean we're gonna need them inside the cave.

"So, Serena, why don't dead dungeon monster bodies remain?"

I've still got questions left. Serena is gripping her sword hand while grimacing. Her face is a mix of surprise and pain.

"It is said because those monsters are formed by the mana leaking out of Dungeon Cores. According to an explanation, Dungeon Cores take basic information from magic beasts and monsters inhabiting the area nearby and make imitations out of them. It's not clear why this phenomenon takes place. As they are not made of flesh but mana, they disperse when they're no longer able to maintain their forms."

Serena's pain seemed to have subsided as she gave that explanation, she picked up her sword.

"Hm? Well, this is just my guess. I believe this Dungeon Core is the main cause of Goblin King coming into existence here. And that King was the one who made flood of monsters."

Zenan voiced his surprise here.

"Wha? What are you bastard talking about? What do you mean?!"

"We have been living in this forest for a long time. Dungeons being formed are not uncommon occurrences. Our group has also participated in many expeditions to remove Dungeon Cores. What about milord?"

I'm just familiar with fantasy settings. Hence, even without experience, I can piece together bits of info into the whole picture.
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"Nope, zilch. But, like, you know? I just know. Can't tell you why though."

"Oy! What do you bastard even know? Stop with your nonsense! How would mere goblins manipulate dungeons? They're nothing more than natural phenomena!"

Not sure why Zenan snapped at me here. He looked mortified earlier when he realized I knocked his sword. Him still being openly hostile even now is testing my patience.

"Well, let's just go and see for ourselves. I'll give you my reasoning there."

He tried to stop us when I was about to enter the cave.

"Hold it you bastard! Cease your uncalled activities at once! I must inform the elder. We must wait until after a conference to deal with this matter. Do not act on your own!"

(This guy's really dumb beyond belief... Nothing I do or say will go through his thick skull.)

"Haven't I told you? I don't need your permission. Go back on your own if you're gonna report. You should be satisfied with that no? Oh wait, you're my watchdog or something. Must be tough huh."

It's not like me at all. But this Zenan guy has been really getting on my nerve with his attitude.

"Oy, you six, let's go back.... Oy, wait! Why do you follow that guy!? Elder will surely forgive your shameful actions if you just go back now!"

I disregard the idiotic Zenan. Serena and the other five elves follow me.
I walked inside the cave without looking back.






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