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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 152

152 Ball Rolling to Unexpected Spot


I observed the bracelet I borrowed for a little bit.

(This looks similar to those Subordination Collars the elves had on them... but not the same.)

The gem embedded on the bracelet is different for once. That's the only thing I can tell. I'm not a pro on this stuff.
But that was plenty enough. This looks like a magic tool, the guy held it up when the Chimera first showed up and when it shot out those thunder bolts.
Hence, I quickly realized. This was what let him to control the beast.

The effect of taking the bracelet away was obvious. And that's.

(It's turned docile...? No, its temperament changed...?)

I've gone back to the Chimera where it's prostrating itself.
I'm not wearing the bracelet. And yet why? My head was full of questions.
Doesn't this beast follow orders of the bracelet wearer? And here I was a bit wary it would go on a rampage after gaining its freedom.

(It looked to me it was ready to take off after getting that beatdown from the elves, but no, that's not it? I was sure it'd have run off on its own once this bracelet is taken care of.)

Letting a magic beast like this roam free out in plain sight would cause a huge, huge uproar, and I was betting on that chaos to make my escape.

(It's going in a completely different direction instead, way out of my hands?)

What's the reason this chimera is acting servile toward me? It lay on its back showing its belly when I got close even.

(This just looks exactly like a cat though? Isn't this thing supposed to be a ferocious magic beast? ...Ohh?)

Have I misunderstood something, or maybe a huge miscalculation?
And now I can't decide what to do. This defenseless Chimera looked cute, I brushed its chin without thinking.

(How did this happen? My escape plan was to punch Chimera to kingdom's come, then 'ok that's that, byee'! How it's supposed to go down... but the mood's here gotten awkward now thanks to me...)

I could only say, 'how did this happen?'.
Anyway, I crushed the bracelet in my grip to prevent its further misuse.

I entered 'Acceleration' when I did, it felt like crumpling a plastic bag, very weird.

That aside, nothing's changed, the Chimera is still asking for petting.
Why, I don't get it. I frantically squeezed words out of my mouth.

"Uh, it's hard to pet you when you're so big. Can't you get a bit smaller? Like, maybe around this size?"

Yep, this is what you call plot convenience. I was aiming for that. I've seen it happened in all the fantasy so far. You can't tell me it doesn't work like that. I spread my arm around the size of an akita dog.
Yes I'm telling it to get as small as those mascot creatures you see often in magical girl media.
But there's no problem even if it can't. That just means I can run away from here worry free. I'll let emperor-sama takes care of the rest. So I actually didn't have any expectation.
Call me evil, heartless, cold-blooded, whatever you want, I'm still gonna run. There's nothing worse than having this gigantic albatross around my neck if I want to avoid attention.

Since it looks like it's gotten attached to me, it'd be problematic if it went after me on its own, at least if only it were smaller. I can't even begin to imagine walking around followed by a semi-trailer sized beast.

(But I've been subconsciously wanting a healing... A pet is exactly what I need to soothe this loneliness.)

I realize how weird I am for even affirming this Chimera as a pet, but since this matter definitely won't end in anything but a mess anyway, might as well go with the flow. 'What will be, will be' yep.
That was how cornered my mental state at this point.

~=~=  ~=~=
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This magic beast is hiding one fact nobody here is aware of. Of it being a unique specimen capable of transformation.
Cellular mutation, physical density compression and mana flow diversion through its innate mana and high regenerative power. Transforming into an entirely different 'form'.
The magic beast shifted its shape into what its recognized master wished it to be.

~=~=  ~=~=

Chimera is turning smaller as it wrapped in light.
No, by compressing its size, its pressure increased, transforming into 'something else'.
Light gushed out, dyeing the surrounding white.
Chimera reabsorbed all the overflowing light, and once it was over, a magic beast that looked similar yet quite unlike its original stood there.




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