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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 151

151 Goldeuro, Yells


(What what what! What the hell are those! Matching my 'power'... no, outdoing it!?)

Goldeuro is not foolish enough to deny reality thrust before his very eyes.
Even though he can't believe how these six people managed to keep up fighting against his magic beast, he has no choice but to accept it.

(Who are they!? Damn you, Reikana! To think she was hiding such forces! And that's spirit magic! Elves! Why are they cooperating with her with the nonintervention pact still active!?)

Goldeuro understands now's not the time to care about that.

(My power isn't losing, but neither can it kill them! Dammit! How could mere six elves push it around!)

His head keeps boiling no matter what he thinks. He's desperately trying to calm himself.
But Goldeuro is getting unnerved after having his pride damaged.

(Nobody in this world can stand up against my 'power'! That's how great it is! This power of mine should be capable of easily destroying the Kingdom's strongest, 'Arcane Blade', this cannot be the extent of my power!)

He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists in anger. Not realizing he has stood up to watch the battle.

"I was meaning to save it until the last, no more! Do it!"

Goldeuro held his bracelet up high and commanded the magic beast. A light shone out of it.
The venue was dyed in white thunderbolts a moment later. Goldeuro believed he had 'won' when he saw nobody else standing besides the magic beast in the aftermath.
But that quickly got doused in water.

"Milord, our diminutive power is incapable of triumphing over that magic beast. We beg your forgiveness."

They dodged it. Moving so fast his eyes couldn't catch up. Beyond him. Proof that the elves had not brought out their full power. His premonition of victory crumbled that instance.
This repeated damage to his pride made Goldeuro inadvertently swung his arms and hit his chair.

"How dare youuuuuuuu! How dare you make a fool out of meeeeee!"

Then as he looked back, he saw a black haired, black eyed young man facing off against his magic beast.

"Every single one of these mongrels makes a mockery out of me!"
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He cannot forgive this completely ordinary looking existence standing before his 'power' following the elves.

"Get crusheeeeeed! I don't care who you are, none may affront my 'power'!"

The magic beast lifted its foreleg high and swung it down hard as he yelled.

"Smashed! Yes that's it! There is nothing in this world that can stand up against my 'power'!"

The young man is not there as the beast slowly lifted its leg. He should have been somewhere nearby if he dodged, but there's no sign of him anywhere.

"I....Inconceivableeeeeeeeee! That's just not possible! It just caaaaaaaaaaaaaan't!"

His mistake is understandable. The man looked like a common dime a dozen ignorant mass.
Yet the only thing everybody here shares is the fact that nobody saw him dodging at all.
He literally 'vanished' a moment before the paw crushed him.
No preliminary motion, no sign, nothing at all that precedes him vanishing.
The only ones acting calm here are the elves who knew about it.
Goldeuro never noticed a man standing next to him in his bewilderment.

'Clack', he turned his eyes toward the source of this metal sound, yet what he saw was his 'power' that was supposed to be undetachable, missing.

The bracelet is a magic vessel. It has a mechanism that will lock itself through mana interference when someone else attempts to take it off. As such, only the wearer can.
And yet it's gone. It shouldn't have been possible. Even the most masterful of mana manipulator in this world can't possibly take it off. The mechanism employs the most fundamental of mana theory, hence it's also absolute.

"What is this...? How is this happening....? ....What the hell is happeniiiiiiiiiing!.......?"

Goldeuro's yell resounded.





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