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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 132

132 Castle Stroll


We have a fine weather today. I'm having a stroll in the castle.
I couldn't sleep well last night due to the realization on magic orb thing. Thus I decided to take a walk around when I woke up.
Reikana gave her permission during breakfast. I mean no, when was it decided we have to take breakfast together always anyway.
Since I've got the permission and all, I'm just strolling around all over the place. I told the elves to go out in the town and purchase goods.
It's easy to imagine they'd get themselves in a mess if I went with them.

So yeah, I can tell you beforehand that this was a mistake.
I still hadn't realized just what kind of 'being' I am.
Lazing around in the bed was the correct choice. But it's far too late now.

"Oy! You! Lowly peasant! Who are you!? Suspicious fella! Get in the rope here!"

I was dumbfounded at how he just shot straight up to max. Yes, I'm wearing shabby clothes and all.
But I was told the princess had already given a 'notice' so this sudden call out surprised me.
Up until then, all the maids and guards I came across to would just ignore me, but not this man, he roared and ran up to me the moment he laid his eyes on me.

"Can't you hear me!? Eei! Give your excuse in the jail! Get over here!"

The nearly two meter tall man threatened while pointing the spear in his hand at me.

(A knight... I guess? Looking like that? That armor and helmet look kinda gaudy...)

Apparently he didn't like me staying silence, he roared even louder.

"You bastard... I see you're itching for some pain... Have it your way, I'll teach you pain."

My astonishment circled back to admiration watching a man so deep in his own ego.
But there's no conversation to be had if I don't talk back at least.
Thus I put my palm forward to stop him.

"I'm a guest of princess Reikana. Haven't you heard?"

"Are you a dumbass? Make up a better lie! And how dare you omit 'sama' on the princess' name!? I shall reap your head here and now! You insolent mongrel! For your sin of lese majeste, kneel!"

This is becoming less and less of a conversation, draining my energy.

(Neither staying silent nor telling the truth will get through this guy. No matter what I say...)

I'm giving this another go. Even if I'm 100% aware that it will never go through to people of this kind, I'm still clutching on a sliver of hope.

"You can confirm with the princess yourself. I'm going with you, so how about we go there now?"

"The princess is busy with the ceremony preparations! She's got no time to spare for dregs like you! To begin with, a mere peasant wanting to meet the princess!? Know your place! Your time is up. Should have used your chance for a better excuse."

Oh crap, this is. This man is a solo actor. Spinning round and round like a clown.
If I'm really telling the truth and this guy harms me, or even kills me, won't this guy and his whole family tree get sent straight to the gallows? Aren't this guy doing the lese majeste thing himself?
I really doubt if that thought never even crossed his mind. Actually, pretty demonstrably not.

(What to do... I really can't deal with this...)

After weighing up my choices, I took the last resort.
I ran away.
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====  ====  ====

(Phew, had to accelerate just to get away from that guy. Dealing with someone you can't reason with is so tiring.)

Everything around has stopped moving besides me. Best of all, this castle's hallways are extraordinarily spacious. There's no worry of bumping into someone by mistake.
This was the reason why I didn't enter acceleration and took my money back during the pickpocket incident in the middle of the city.
A slightest bump against someone when I'm in this state will result in a disaster.

Yet here, I only come across maids and guards. A few of them at that.
I can 'Run' without worries here.
I took many turns deeper and deeper in the castle just to get away from the guy.
After finding a garden-like place, I undid the state.

====  ====  ====

"Ah, I can't take it. That was just nope. Noope."

It's intensely tiring on my mental state. I lie down on the neat lawn to heal myself.
An action that would bring more mess. No way of me knowing that at this point though.
I got too relaxed after successfully running away from the guy. I should have gone straight back to my room.
The lawn felt so nice, I fell into a nice slumber.

The lack of sleep from last night really did a number on me, later tonight I fell down on my knee when I realized how I went and raised a flag on my own and even hoisted it high up.





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