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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 140

140 Nothing Happening


A pleasant morning. Not swimmingly though. I'm mentally drained.
'Was I being too harsh to the princess yesterday?' has been on my mind.
No matter how much she believes in her 'Intuition', she surely still wants to make sure of things with her own eyes.
After all, I did make that mess just a day after wrecking that syndicate and telling her I won't make another mess.
Considering that, I guess it's only reasonable for her to test me out.
But that's not all with her. She's not looking at the 'Elves' accompanying me.
It's as if they don't exist. Like they're not there.
But she's doing that so naturally, never trying out of her way to.
It all felt eerie when I realized it. She only tested my power.

(It's not like she's scorning them, ignoring them nor looking down on them. She really acts like they're not here, and yet it doesn't seem like they're reflected on her eyes.)

Despite all that, she prepared their rooms each and meals, which makes this all the more confounding.
Might be because they're my attendants, but this treatment is just excessive.

(Guess there's no need to overthink this. I plan to vanish once it's all over anyway.)

I'm sure she hasn't realized they're elves. They've been hiding their ears all this time. And yet it's just weird.

(How far does her 'intuition' tell her? If she does know, what's with her behavior?)

As I was doing my morning stretch while thinking that, my meal got brought in.

"Good morning. What will be your plan for today?"

"Aa. I'm gonna sleep all day in my room today."

We had our meal after exchanging those words.
In reality, I'm gonna work out. It's hard when I don't move around.
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I gave Reikana a 'report' during the meal.

"So, that organization we demolished the other day? About 90% of that was done by these girls here. I barely lifted a finger."

"Is that quite right. I do wish I had such skilled subordinates as well. I wonder if things would be different if only I had even one trump card like them under me?"

I asked that in an attempt to probe Reikana's reaction on their identity as elves, yet that was the answer she gave.
She doesn't seem to be lying or trying to avoid the topic. She's being honest.

(Guess I should keep their identity as elves hidden then. It's just gonna get messy.)

I finished the meal without touching the subject anymore.

"Tomorrow is finally the day right? What should we do then?"

I checked again during aftermeal period.

"The ceremony will be held in the morning. I shall send someone to lead the way once it is time. Please follow them. Please relax as there is no need to do anything special."

I saw the princess off my room.

"Well now that I'm stuffed, time for some training."

I didn't leave my room that day and enjoyed a day of 'nothing happening' for once in a long while.




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