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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 139

139 Imperial Princess' Motive, Elves' Doubt


He had just told me not to lower my head so easily as a princess the other day. But there is no denying that I am sorry for getting him caught up in this. Therefore, I lowered my head.
At the same time, I did think it was my chance to see his strength that afforded the destruction of that organization.
However, that was naive of me. No, I took his existence in itself too lightly.
But I believe I'm justified here. How would anybody believe that this slender young man could kill a man multiple times his size?
Resulting in a ghastly end words simply cannot describe at that.
I believe in my intuition. However, I think it's also important to ascertain with my own eyes.
Without realizing that was a mistake this time.

I sensed it when he was facing off against knight commander Goddel.
There was no reaction from him when I lowered my head so I focused on him, at which point I sensed 'no mana' from him.
The mana leaking out of Goddel standing so far was so obvious, and yet there was not even the slightest bit of mana coming from him despite our proximity.
A little training is all it takes to control your mana flow, and sensing that isn't that difficult.
And yet there is simply 'nothing' to be sensed from him.
That combined with my intuition, a chill ran down my spine. Coldest it has ever been in my life.

I quickly retreated out of dread. To the edge of training ground.
Yet the chill wouldn't settle down. An ominous premonition took hold of my chest.

Just as my nerve was nearing its limit, the match signal was given out. At the same time, Goddel's fighting spirit shook my body.
It was so intense it rooted me on the spot despite the fact that it wasn't directed at me.
But as I desperately tried to keep my eyes open, he 'vanished'.

As he did, Goddel met a horrific end.

The shock was too much I passed out.

~~~~   ~~~~   ~~~~
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I cannot comprehend milord's intention. It should be possible for him to make use of his new connection with an imperial family to rise higher in the world.
Milord and his strength is fit to hold a position that allows him to move this empire.
And yet he showed no sign of such.
He told us to do as we wish yet again today. We are grateful for his generosity, but we have already bought everything we wanted.

"Wonder if milord doesn't expect anything from us."

Kardia replied to that.

"Perhaps, milord's true goal is information gathering? He has allowed us scatter in all directions while he stays still. That's how it's like with those who stand on top."

"I see, so that's what hidden behind his words. We have no time to waste then. Or so I'd like to, but I still don't know what milord seeks."

"Indeed, despite having such strength, he never attempts to shake the world, makes himself know nor seeks fame and glory."

"If only he did, we would have moved in accordance."

We all wrack our brains over it. We could have asked milord directly, what is it that he wants, but that would be blasphemous of us.
We can't possibly ask our savior to explain this and that.

As there's no point in discussing a matter with no clear goal, we decide to leave the alleyway and tour around just as milord told us to.

We only found out about milord's duel when we went back at the castle by evening.

We sought milord to make sure he's ok where he greeted us back like it was nothing.

"Did you have fun?"

We all knelt down.

"Yes milord. We're truly grateful for your magnanimity. But we have caught news about your duel, milord. Are you hurt anywhere?"

As we still haven't heard about the circumstances surrounding the duel, this was all I could ask. We must not probe further unless milord speaks of it himself.

"Ah, thanks for worrying over me. But there's no way I'd get hurt."

All of us had 'As expected of milord!' inwardly.

(It was disrespectful of us to even doubt milord's intention. We simply need to serve him the best we can.)

Arriving at that conclusion, I renewed my servitude toward milord.





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