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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 147

147 Elves vs Magic Beast


There was no signal to start the battle. It was quiet.
Serena got into close range and slashed at the beast's leg. Only a scratch.
Of course it is, look at this magic beast's size. It's as big as a large semi-trailer, the legs supporting that massive body are naturally as huge.
Cutting at it with a mere sword is simply not enough to deal any significant damage.

(Still, that thing is a Chimera no matter where you look, isn't it. Lion head, bat wings on its back I think? And snake for a tail...)

The wound regenerated in a flash.

(Ah, smells like this is gonna turn into a protracted battle... Wonder if those elves are gonna be okay.)

All of them must have seen how the wound Serena dealt got regenerated. They've shifted to an all out attack all together tactic.
Probably realizing that gradually whittling it down is a bad idea.

Three elves concentrate on slashing at the hind legs. Like Jet Str**m Attack.
They keep focusing at one spot to slash at. One after another, taking turn slashing. Smoothly, decisively, unceasing.
But the snake tail didn't like that and tried to stop them.
The instant they stopped, that wound got regenerated. The three elves were forced to retreat.

While that was being done, the beast's right foreleg had been stopped. It sunk down into the earth, restraining... or not.
The Chimera forcefully pulled its sunk legs and broke the hardened soil apart.
Then it sharply swung that leg down almost hitting Kardia who nicely dodged it.

Mere slashes do nothing but scratches and even those get regenerated right away.
Restraining it is not an option either as it simply breaks free through brute force.
I don't see how they could win this, but since the elves still look motivated, I let them at it for a bit more.
By the way, Reikana was dumbfounded to witness the elves' high physical prowess.

(Maybe I should at least have gotten the princess evacuate the place?)

As I turned my attention at the battlefield again with that in mind wondering what the elves would do now, the Chimera made its move.
A flame is swirling inside its mouth it opened wide.
A flame breath. Two elves that were in front of Chimera disappeared in the flame.
Not because they turned into charcoal, they got away right before the flame hit them.
They used wind spirit magic to protect themselves and leaped out of the spot in one jump.

A moment later, countless water arrows rained down. Serena's water spirit magic.
The arrows pierced Chimera's back. Opening many holes on its wings. Due to its gigantic size, every single arrows hit with none missing.
But even a damage that grave got regenerated.

The Chimera mowed down the elves in front of it with its sharp claws.
But the elves easily dodged that.
It's got the range, but it seems to move sufficiently slow enough to these elves.
Had there been hundreds of knights here, it would only result in needless victims.
These elves can afford to go up against that thing thanks to their physical ability and spirit magic.
Doesn't matter how trained a knight is, they can't possibly surpass 'Common Sense' surely. Knights would have been useless here no matter how many of them you gather. Death would be the obvious end. Heck, they would probably drag these elves down instead, getting in their way literally. A fact that wouldn't have changed even accounting ex knight commander Goddel. That's just how big a deal this magic beast is.

This time masses of soil flew toward Chimera's eyes. Countless sharp pointed lumps. They must be trying to blind it. But it leaped above right before they hit.
Yep, it's flying now. Then once it reached a certain elevation it opened its mouth wide. Looks like it's going for another flame breath.
Shot from there, the elves would have nowhere to run. But that was when a thin black line scythed down Chimera's eyes.
It fell into panic and crashed down the ground. The impact of that fall even reached here.

(What was that? I saw one of the elves shot it while moving around without aiming.)
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I think about how she shook her index finger toward the flying Chimera.

(Seems like spirit magic. I believe that elf is only contracted to wind spirits, so it must be wind magic...)

Serena and Kardia are contracted to multiple types of spirits. All other elves are only to wind.
I stopped trying to figure it out and looked at Chimera. It was writhing about from having its eyes crushed, but it suddenly stopped and stood up.
If even eyes get regenerated, I just don't see how they can defeat this thing.
But it seems those elves still have some tricks left, Serena lunged at Chimera with a flame-clad sword.

(Magic sword is it... So cool, man...)

I feel alienated from all these parade of fantasy.

(I only wish to lead a quiet life... How'd it come to this?)

Serena slashed at Chimera's torso, cauterizing it.
But it got healed right away. Following that, the three elves who did the chain attack earlier went for the snake tail.
One lured the snake, while the second one superbly got within range. And the moment the snake stretched itself out in an attempt to bite, the third one cut it off.
Even after getting cut off, the snake kept lunging at them. But the decoy elf swiftly cut off the head dead.

What this entailed was a shocking show of tenacity the Chimera possesses. Not because of the moving cut snake but how it regenerated a new snake tail in its place almost instantaneously.
The newly regenerated snake resumed attacking just like the one before it.
This leads to the conclusion, 'You can't defeat this thing unless you attack it with high enough firepower to stop its regeneration.'
Seeing as the elves haven't seemed to find how to do that, continuing this will only lead to their eventual defeat.
Magic beasts are still living beings so they may be able to eventually make it use up all its healing power, but these elves don't have the time nor leeway to afford that.

(If there's one option, I guess toxin? But we didn't prepare one, heck, there's no telling it'd even work.)

No way to know if it's effective until you give it a whirl, but we have no means to.
To begin with, what kind of 'toxin' does this world even have? If it's fantasy-like, it's probably the type that gradually saps you down.

(No wait, no point in thinking all that, I'm not knowledgeable in the topic. It's a waste of time.)

The elves easily dodged all the rampaging Chimera's attacks while simultaneously countered.

(The classic for this kind of enemy is destroying 'core' to defeat them.)

Smashing what akin to their heart should kill them if they're living creatures. But maybe not.
There might 'something' that puts this world's magic beasts apart from ordinary living creatures.

(It might regenerate even if you crush its heart, or even brain.)

Considering how the way the tail got killed earlier should have killed it for real yet it didn't, common sense might be uncommon here.
This is a fantasy world. I've experienced how the common sense I have just don't work here many times already.
I sighed by myself, 'ha~', while the battle raged on.





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