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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 148

148 What the Imperial Princess Sees


She was so dumbfounded her feet rooted on the spot. The shock from the scene she's seeing made her forget to even run.

(Against a mythical class magic beast like this... And these elves won't even let it made its move while they keep their offensive... We have been truly complacent.)

Princess Reikana was made to realize the pettiness of her caliber. Humans are such arrogant and foolish beings.

It was made evident after watching the currently fighting elves. The reason why she never touched upon the topic about them was due to the pact she must uphold as a royalty.
What's even more shocking is how those elves serve this completely ordinary looking young man.
Just how enormous the power this young man possesses if such strong elves answer to his calls.

(But still, he hasn't moved at all. I understand about that 'safety first' matter. But the elves do not have the mean to end this stalemate.)

There's no telling what's gonna happen at this rate. The magic beast might rampage on and cause collateral damage on the city. Reikana thought the worst. And suppose the magic beast has more tricks and the elves end up dying, there will be no one left to stop Goldeuro.

"Reikana-sama! Please evacuate this place! Why do you still remain here! Come, let's hurry!"

That was Hanna. Her personal maid wasn't initially present here. She had to take care of some things for the ceremony and arrived late.

"Hanna, this is the moment that shall decide this empire's future. I must see it through to the end. It's my noblesse oblige."

At first she was overcome with so much fear her thought was dominated with fleeing. Forgetting her pride as a royalty. Running away from her obligation.
None can blame her. Not when it's against such a magic beast, no, it was actually her first time seeing any kind of magic beast.
The first magic beast she saw was this gigantic beast, not to mention the sharp mana emanating from it that felt like it had been stabbing her from the moment the beast showed up.

And then there's the young man who acts completely normal to that. She doesn't even know his name, no she never regrets intentionally not asking.
Her intuition warns her that if she ever asks and finds out about it, a cataclysm that dwarfs this moment will befall this empire.

She doesn't feel 'anything at all' from him just like previously. That brings her terror. Far more than the magic beast ahead.
The elves are still on the offensive unceasingly.
Compressing mana dwelling inside oneself is the basic of secret art.
And these elves' mastery on it is on a level simply unthinkable. So much so that it's utterly impossible for mere men to ever achieve.
And yet, the magic beast doesn't even flinch against such powerful attacks as it keeps countering. While the elves keep dodging those counters.
'If this keeps up', just when she thought that, the magic beast changed. To be more precise, it's emitting much more mana than before.

"That's not good! Please tell them to get away! That magic beast is planning to launch a wide area attack!"
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She warned that loudly but the elves had already sensed it. There's no way they would miss something Reikana sensed.

Cracking white lightnings surrounded the magic beast before spreading out toward the venue.

By this point, the elves had already moved out of the way and back at the seating area. The white lightnings roared loudly, tearing the atmosphere apart.
Those thunderbolts never reached the audience seat and silence fell once more when it was over.

"Milord, our diminutive power is incapable of triumphing over that magic beast. We beg your forgiveness."

"Nah, there's nothing to apologize for. I mean, I never told you to 'beat it no matter what'."

"What is your plan now? Have you noticed anything after watching all that? I mean, why haven't you done anything at all?"

Reikana asked sounding a bit irritated. Understandable. They have no prospect of winning at this rate.
Even such strong elves, six of them at that, were hopeless against it.
And yet he hasn't even so much so as moved a muscle. Hanna next to her couldn't stand it anymore.

"You've been hired by Reikana-sama, haven't you! Please defeat that thing if you have a plan!"

Even Hanna used 'please'. An entreaty mixed with fear.
Implicitly saying that there would be no greater terror than now. The situation was this grave.
Reikana was considering bowing as a princess but stopped short.

"Is your head so light it keeps going down again and again?"

Since she was told that previously. Hence she expressed through words.

"I beseech you. Please, protect this empire. For the sake of our people."

"Guess I gotta... Haa."

Then he vanished before her eyes. She had no idea about the terrifying 'truth' that was about to happen. There was no way to know.
Reikana thought. 'He can't possibly put that magic beast down', tucked deep in her heart.
And yet if he's the only one she could cling on in this most desperate time, she was ready to throw herself if it came to it.

Yet the reality reflected upon her eyes in the next moment made the shiver the princess felt when she first saw the magic beast seems trifling.





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