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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 127

127 Explosion


I've told the elves in advance that it's okay to crush them. But no killing. Thus never let your guard down.
There might be some who feign getting knocked out and run away in the chaos. I said.

"Don't let anyone in this syndicate escape. Hand them over to the authorities."

I went and slaughtered all members of Damo's syndicate in the heat of the moment, but since we're currently the princess's guests, gotta refrain on that. I've got that much leeway now.
It would make me stand out all the same, but I plan to make my exit the instance that ceremony thing is over anyway, this should suffice as a parting gift.
We're inside a city, not a lawless zone in the middle of nowhere.
I believe in established laws to punish evildoers, not personal emotions. Thus no killing.
Doesn't sound convincing coming from someone who slaughtered a whole syndicate though.
Human resources. I'm sure this world's got penal servitude, killing them recklessly would be a loss.
Even in this world where 'Slave' system exists.

Just as I was thinking how to set off the signal, Serena cast a magic spell.
Wonder how to express this? A loud boom? A sound wave that saturates and blows everything away in the surroundings.

(Explosion... it is.)

The entrance to their syndicate's building got evaporated. The venue is about a third as big as Eltros' mansion, quite expansive all in all.
And yet a huge hole has formed in the center of the entrance. Around four meters in diameter.

According to Serena it was a 'mix of wind, fire and water spirit magic.'
Like a reduced version of steam explosion? And you're telling me Serena's group is a hunting team with this much firepower? Not combat team? It's like watching a nightmare.

(Just how strong are these elves... isn't magic way too powerful?)

One more thing to worry about but this isn't the time for that.
The thugs came out in droves.
They stopped at the courtyard and started cursing out.

"What in the hell...?" "What trickery is this!?" "I'mma cut your head off!" "Who did this!" "Who do you think you're up against!" "Ya got a damn death wish!"

Their annoying voices are compelling me to plug my ears.

"Every single one of them appears to have come out. Milord, your warning please."

It's a warning and a final reminder. All is well if they let themselves be tied up, otherwise they'll be in a world of hurt.
This really makes me look like Unfettered Shogun. And of course, we've got another template here.

"Aa, we're taking you guys to the authorities. Choose, resist or surrender."

"Haahn!? Who the crap are yaa!" "Ou ou ou! Ya wanna have a go with that many?"
"Gyahahaha! They've got women! Gimme them and we may forgive ya, y'know?"
"Oy, just crush 'em! Wring out their necks to teach 'em a lesson!"
"Ya got some guts doing this! Say your prayer dammit!"

What's up with these lots and all their samey sounding sentences anyway?
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(Oy, look at that huge hole you folk just passed by, who else could have done that but us? Don't you even get that? There's just no way...)

We may only have three people while they're 30. But.
Serena's magic far surpasses their firepower. I'm amazed at their total ignorance.

(Are they serious here... give me a break with this template...)

I couldn't even muster a sympathy to these guys and their absent sense of crisis.
Beyond stupidity, overconfident with their own strength, speech and conduct with no shred of intelligence.
No matter the places, no matter the world, these kinds of guys have the same core or something.

The thugs spread out while getting ready to attack us.
A group of small fry that's only sly when it comes this stuff. And their obvious ulterior motive driven by desire to profit only themselves.

Vile grins and eyes aimed at their prey. The hole they just took to get here is probably no longer in their head.

"Milord, shouldn't this be fine? I do not think there is any more need to show mercy to these guys."

Serena seemed a bit angry. At the dirty glances from the thugs directed to her and the other elf.
That's only natural, so I told her, 'Sure, go at them'.
It would have been nice if even just one showed a good head on their shoulder, but unfortunately, nothing like that here. Every single one of them is a dumbass.

Taking the hood off became the signal.
Lightning fast.
Serena moved cutting the wind toward a man in the middle of their spread out formation, kicking up his jaw broken.
The man fell down slumped without getting the chance to even draw his sword.

The other elf ran up to a man on the edge and punched him in the solar plexus who then slowly dropped down the ground with white eyes.

Serena gracefully spun and delivered a backhanded blow on the man to the side. While the other elf flung her palm at another man's chin from below.

Highly efficient strikes at vital points to knock their target out in one hit.

Temple, chin, neck, solar plexus, groins of nine people got crushed in the blink of an eye.

(They're so reliable. Nothing for me to do right?)

That turned into reality. The thugs finally drew their swords.
However, Serena and the other elf even made use of this opening.
Kicking at their side stomach as they reached their swords. Three people fell victim.

The two elves blocked sword slashes with 'Wall of Breeze' and threw clean punches on their assailants faces straight up. Two got knocked out.

The thugs seemed to realize they were out of their depth by this point and attempted to gang up on them.
They managed to split the two elves in two separate circles, but these elves are capable of jumping up to the roofs, there's no point to this.
Their expressions were unwavering as if to signify that.

The two circles cheered. They matched their timing to slash at the elves at once, but it ended in vain.
The elves jumped out of the encirclement while gracefully drawing arcs in the air.
They weren't running away, it was an offensive. They knocked out of the men next to their landing spots. Two at the same time.

(Just how synchronized are they anyway? ...Ah, they're coordinating using wind magic huh?)

By this point, the thugs have lost half of their forces. It should be about time for them to give up, or so I thought, apparently they're still raring to go.
Wonder if those weak on the heads always believe that they can win simply from superiority in number?

(They should all have realized by now that they're completely no match, right?)

I'm getting a bit worried now. Maybe they're hiding a trump card or something.

As if confirming my fear, one man, conspicuously bigger seemingly their leader, took out a palm-sized shining rainbow stone from his pocket.

"Eff it, I ain't playing no more! Oy, back off boys, I'mma use this! Dammit! This stuff don't come cheap!"





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