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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 138

138 Extra


"Is there anybody devastated by the commander's death?"

I went and asked just that.
I was sure the princess would be absent during today's dinner seeing as she fainted during the duel but she showed up like it never happened. So I threw a question her way.

I'm a bit concerned about getting rid of that lump of bad debt without thinking.
No, it's not like I have no wall on 'killing'. That wall is just so short and easy to jump over.
Even if 'value of life' is relatively low in this world thinning the antipathy on the deed, I won't just go around proactively killing people. Also, I'm still not sure on the 'law' about murder.
But the duel earlier had 'Death' as an option, and I voluntarily chose that coldly.
That type of people are usually terrible with unjustified resentment. Even if I made him admit his defeat or knocked him out, he'd have for sure insisted it was a 'mistake' and made a mess of things.

Doesn't matter how it rolled, I would be the one ending up 'dealing' with it. I want to scream here.

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"It has come to light that commander Goddel originally came from the slums. Goldeuro-niisama took him in and faked his background so he could get appointed in the knights. The man was strong and used that fact to go up in the world. He also had experience on all kinds of evil deeds in the slums, he was well known for his dauntless attitude."

The princess paused for a bit and spooned her soup before resuming.

"However, there is nobody who mourns his death. If there were, it would be those who were planning to make use of him for their own gains."

The guy was only known for his strength, personality-wise he was a scumbag. The haze in my mind cleared up after hearing that.
And now I need to ask her about one thing.

"Hey, princess. Hear me out. I don't want to stand out. I don't wanna get dragged into mess, really, no thank you. You get what I'm saying?"

I spoke with the flattest tone I've ever spoken with. With a cold mind.
Reikana who took that head on gradually turned pale.

"I humbly beg your forgiveness. I have imposed a gag order in this matter to the knights. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me."

Reikana stood up and bowed her head so low it almost touched the floor, I resumed.

"You were using me to deal with that commander, weren't you? Or perhaps you made up some excuses to gauge my strength.  Also another thing, if that did me in, that would be how much your 'intuition' amount to and you intended to give up, didn't you?"

The princess is still bowing. Usually, her maid Hanna would send a killing glance at me, but not this time.
She saw how Goddel 'ended up as' back then. That seemed to work quite well, her face was dead pale.

"I was only supposed to help you at the 'ceremony' to deal with 'Goldeuro's' 'secret weapon' wasn't I? That's fine by me since I agreed to it. But you know, dealing with the knights was supposed to be your job. Am I wrong? You had no reason to drag me into it. Yet you did, without consulting me first. This isn't what I agreed to, or is it? Am I wrong or what?"

Reikana finally lifted her face and stared at me straight.

"You are not. I have wronged you as my guest. It was thoughtless of me. I deeply regret it."

"I'm not smart. But neither am I stupid nor softhearted. That isn't to say I'm heartless though."

I took a long deep breath and sighed.

"This time, I was at fault too for taking a carefree stroll inside the castle. Even with notice, it's normal if some people didn't get the memo and found me suspicious. That man's attitude was still something else though."

I resumed while relishing on the grilled fish menu.

"So let's make the matter this time an 'extra'. An 'outsider' like me shouldn't have asked the permission to tour this castle after all."

I tell the still standing Reikana to sit down.

"Let's resume the meal. It's gonna get cold."

"My gratitude for your boundless generosity."

"Well, it did have something to do with Goldeuro after all. Otherwise, I probably would have been long gone by now."

I make that knight commander being a 'Goldeuro's spy' as a concession.
That should serve well enough as a warning.

Honestly, asking how in the heck something like that became a knight commander would be a pain.
It's clear I wouldn't get it anyway.
And if I ended up showing them how stupid I am, 'I don't know what I should ask to get it', I probably would run away from here.
Whatever happens to this country ain't my problem if it comes to that.
I was inwardly relieved it didn't end that way.

(Feigning ignorance and leaving it all behind really spoils my mood. Now that I've come this far, even I'd rather see this through to the end.)

It may be cruel of me to still be thinking of running away, but please spare me that much.
Anybody would want to run away if they find things are unbearable.
Thus our meal that day ended as I made excuse for myself.




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