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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter Chapter 150

150 Indecisiveness Invites the Shadow of Death


Dagzas is Goldeuro's personal knight. The very reason why he's here.
He now stands in a fork road of his life.

(Just what are those six!? Could they possibly defeat that magic beast?!)

The surprisingly gutless Dagzas is bewildered at the scene he's witnessing.

(This lot is undoubtedly the group who crushed that syndicate... No better proof than the way that magic beast's legs sank earlier...)

He spoke thus to Goldeuro when he first saw this magic beast.

"Surely, there is not a single soul in this world capable of standing up against a magic beast this grand! No matter who they are, the only choice they have is to prostrate themselves before Goldeuro-sama."

He truly meant that at the time. That's why he's here. Not running away.

(But how could you expect me to still believe that after seeing them... What now!?)

They haven't beaten the magic beast yet. But these six don't look like they're going to run out of steam either.
The battle has been unfolding for a while. Any 'human' will surely meet a swifth death had they dared to get in between the two sides.

(Nobody told me elves were this strong! 'Humans' can't possibly win!)

Dagzas is convinced the six people moving around at inhuman speed must be elves.
He thinks of that and his excuses while gradually inching back toward the exit of the special seating area.

(I was standing behind a cover. The emperor couldn't have seen me here... if it looks like things are looking bad for me, I'm gonna scram deserting this guy.)

The only reason he followed Goldeuro thus far was because the man gave him a chance to get ahead in life. If he succeeded with his ambitions, Dagzas would also profit.
He was so sure of Goldeuro's success.
But now, something has appeared to shake that up a bit.
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Dagzas is a coward. It's why he latched on someone with absolute authority like Goldeuro. Everything done under this authority is Goldeuro's responsibility. He simply moves as the man's limbs. His way to 'protect' himself.
But he is in fact an indecisive and opportunistic individual. Up until this point, the plan was going so well that aspect never surfaced up.
And now he's found himself in water hot enough to have that surface.

(I should go look for an escape path if it seems like there's even the slightest bit of chance we're losing.)

Dagzas formulated his escape plan unbeknownst to Goldeuro. But before that, the mana emitted from magic beast swelled up.

(I'll make my judgment after watching how powerful this magic beast's offensive is and how will those six deal with it!)

The spectacle unfolded before this plan of his was the entire venue being engulfed in lightning strikes.

(Such a powerful offensive magic! Not even hundreds, thousands of troops can win against this! I wasn't wrong about this magic beast!)

However, a clear sonorous voice resounded in the silence that came after.

"Milord, our diminutive power is incapable of triumphing over that magic beast. We beg your forgiveness."

(...How!? How is this possible!? They can't have survived... they dodged that!? ...But wait, they said they can't defeat it. What do I do!? Should I run? Or should I stay here a bit more?)

He opted to stay as he could have never imagined this indecisiveness would cost him his life. No he couldn't leave. His indecisiveness has never changed.
Running away here would mean throwing away his years of hardships. That thought alone stopped his legs.
However, he should have run if he values his life. But too late now.

Because a dark shadow is approaching behind him.





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