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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 129

129 What a Surprise


The rainbow lights started to converge into the stone in that man's palm.

(Yup, this looks like bad news. What do now?)

As I was thinking that, the lights started to spread in the surroundings.
A moment later, all the lights gathered together in the stone.

====  ====  ====

It's no biggie with 'Acceleration'. I may not be able to control this power yet, but I can enter and exit this state at will.
Right now the rainbow light stone had just gone into overdrive, turning red.
With nobody else moving, I walked up to the leader guy like taking a stroll.
I took the stone, crushed it in my hand like a paper scrap into powder and returned the remains in the leader's palm.

(It's easy to guess this must be an offensive item, I could also wait for it to activate before dealing with it. But why bother doing all that if I could just crush the thing.)

I went back to my initial spot and undid 'Acceleration'.

But I forgot one thing here. Items like this tend to have 'Meltdown' or 'Accidental Discharge' flags attached to them.
All the more with it turning red. Since its initial state was rainbow colored, red must be a state right before activation.
And I went and 'crushed it in my hand'. Obviously a risky move. And yet that thought never even crossed my mind.
I have no excuses here for my shallow mind.

====  ====  ====
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Light gushed out along with a roaring sound and an explosive blast of flame. The flame spread out into a spherical shaped dome, around five meter in diameter, burning down everything in its path.
We were spared since we stood quite far from it but the leader man who had the stone on him vanished in the flame.
Yep, not even a shadow remain, completely obliterated.

(This firepower matches even Dragon of Da*kn*ss Flame... What a surprise....)

The men who witnessed that lost their fighting spirit.
Some let go their weapons and fell on their knees. Some groaned and stared blankly. Some sat cross legged with their arms folded.
Among all these, five of them surrounded me.

They must think that they can't win against the ladies. Thus they changed their target to me who haven't done anything.
They can't see me moving in Accelerated state, hence their conclusion.
But that's still an idiotic move. There's no way someone that belongs to the same group of people they can't beat be weak. Especially a member of the assault group.
The lack of foresight in that is very template-like.

"I'mma skewer ya at least!"
"Hell if I let 'em kill me!"
"Sink or swim!"

CLANK, sounds of their swords clashing. Produced due to me missing in the spot I was standing at.
The five paused from surprise. Only for a little bit.
By the time they came to their sense and turned their necks to look for me, it was already too late.
The two elves knocked them all out. Neck strike, lever blow, chin kick, punch, solar plexus.
All the men were hit during their momentary lapse. They all fainted, some with foams bubbling on their mouth.
The two elves were so nonchalant as they struck these men so hard despite their thin limbs.

(Must be some sort of physical buff. I mean, they'd have gotten some bruises at least doing all that without any supports.)

Special techniques that power you up carrying risk with them are a dime a dozen in games.
Even if you're the one attacking, coming out unscathed just doesn't happen. The arms used to attack must experience recoils. Heck, done sloppily, you might be the one getting hurt instead. Especially without additional protection.

And yet there's not even a hint of damage on these two. They're currently tying up the hoodlums using a rope they took out of magic bag. That's proof of them using some sort of buff in battle. Otherwise, they would have moved awkwardly doing more delicate actions like that.

"It is all done. What is your next order milord?"

"Err, for now let's get in touch with the princess. Then once the guards get here, we're ta-ta-ing out. Careful not to reveal ourselves to the guards."

"Understood. The other group appears to have finished as well. Allow me to send them a message."

Serena drew something in the air with her index finger, then a gust of wind blew.

(She must be using spirit magic. Super handy.)

"Ah, that explosion was quite loud, crowd must be forming, gonna be a pain..."

"Worry not, milord. We have put up a soundproof barrier in all buildings nearby. I believe no sound has leaked out."

I could only marvel at Serena's excellence. Completely unlike me who just fumble around in darkness.
I was truly grateful to have them around in this situation.

(Still planning to order them to stay at their homeland once we get there though.)

My goal hasn't changed, to live a life of recluse. I waited for the guards while reminding myself that again.





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