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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 146

146 Research Result


How was it born? This was the crystallization of a certain researcher after many long years.

At one point, the empire was entertaining the idea of artificially producing magic beasts.
These beings are known to cause enormous damage whenever they appear, but they could prove to be powerful assets if they can be controlled.
The research pinpointed that magic beasts are the result of animals in nature that received an influx of mana for reason unknown, survived and evolved into one.
However, even after experimenting on a huge variety of animals, they were never able to produce a 'result'.
The research's funding was not unlimited, thus it was eventually halted.

But a certain researcher was unwilling to give up and persisted with the research at his own expense.
The same researcher Goldeuro killed. Nobody in this world has any way to know his name.
Even Goldeuro as well as his aide, Dagzas had already omitted the name from their memory.
All traces of this researcher ever existing has been erased. There is just no way to find it out now.

His research was a simple one. First, he made a distinction between types of animals that have weak and strong mana aptitude. Then he applied 'Mana Enchant' on both types and feed the animals while observing them. With mana ingestion as the basis, he would at times directly pour mana into them using weakened composite magic to induce stress reactions.
Even if each data point only gave a small change, over time he accumulated a vast amount of data. From the moment the test subject was born, growing period and up to their death.
Everything he could think of, as many mana related experiments as possible, he kept writing down the research data.

Then once he found a very small glimpse of possibility led by the vast amount of data, his funds ran out.
Goldeuro picked that up. The researcher jumped at this chance, unwilling to end it like that.
Afterward, all the tests performed led to the creation of a 'Successful Case'. However, the animal that turned into a magic beast couldn't be controlled and had to be put down.
Goddel was the one tasked to kill it. It was done in a certain hidden room in the research facility. So it would never leak out.

The thing that overturned this 'failure' was a magic circle enchanted with subordination magic. Its  principal is close to magic vessels.
First the test subject would be put on a magic circle while it was still small. This would make them servile.
As a bonus, the success rate of magic beast-fication rose because of this process.
Then what became of all those magic beasts? Selection process. All the successful test subjects were made to kill each other to select only the strongest individual.
The magic beast standing in the center of this venue is this very same strongest test subject.
The very last and the zenith of magic beast produced through selective breeding. Controlled through subordination magic linked with a bracelet that can command it by the user's will.

By the way, the same research also identified a new novel precedent that came with magic beast-fication, but the killed researcher was the only person who knew about it.
Normally, a beast retains its form as it evolves and gets stronger, but this novel precedent transforms into an entirely foreign stronger form.
As the researcher was murdered before he could decipher the pattern that makes this possible, nobody would ever able to explain this mystery anymore.
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The magic beast controlled by Goldeuro is this unique specimen. He has summoned it here in order to make a demonstration of its power.

However, his ploy had a pitfall. He didn't account the spectators falling into panic and fleeing. On top of that, the knights that were supposed to fight the magic beasts all ran away in terror and nobody else would take their place.
Nobody but six people of unknown quality. Clad in hoods and mantles from top to bottom looking highly suspicious, they jumped from Reikana's seating area.

There's also another one wearing the same suspicious attire staying at Reikana's area.
Goldeuro scowled at this. 'What is going on'.

(No matter. Nothing in this world can measure up to this power of mine regardless. Absolutely not a single thing can make me tremble no more.)

Goldeuro was ignorant.
He was none the wiser. In this world, there exists an embodiment of unreasonableness and the unknown, 'always someone better out there'.




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