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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 136

136 Emperor


"Aah, what now? It's gonna get harder staying here..."

I sighed at my own doing while lying on my bed.

(Not wanting to stand out, can't use that excuse anymore... Not after doing all that in front of so many knights and the royalty...)

News of what happened today would spread, for sure.

"Gotta run. But wait, I've already promised. Besides, I'm kinda curious about this Goldeuro guy's secret weapon. Also, this country is probably doomed if I leave now."

I don't care when it happens outside my awareness and unrelated to me, but I can't just walk away when I've been dragged in the center of it all.

I spent time just lying in my bed while thinking.

(The princess's definitely gonna press on it in today's dinner. Ah, how do I explain...)

She probably won't accept it. I could imagine.
As I kept trying to come up with excuses, I snapped.

"Eeeeey! Why do I gotta worry over this! Who cares! It's all a pain!"

I let myself lost in dream in a huff after throwing it all away.

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"The Black Clad... That Reikana... Does she even realize just what has she brought upon her side?"

The man muttered while sitting on a luxurious throne with the vice knight commander kneeling in front of him. All while furrowing his brows. As if he couldn't believe what he heard.

"I do not comprehend. What is that person? If I may presume, your majesty appears to possess the answer. Would you deign me? The knowledge is necessary for us knights to prepare for countermeasures as well."

He's acting too familiar for a mere vice commander. However, there's no wall between these two.
The emperor himself told Lervi to not be uptight when it's just them two.

They're having a secret conclave. Neither prime ministers or other ministers are present in this room. Vice commander Lervi is one of the emperor's trusted aides.

"It's fine." thus the emperor left it at that. Lervi had a dubious look.

"I possess the answer indeed. However, I am forbidden to narrate that. Do understand."

Before Lervi could ask, the emperor continued.

"One must take care, no, do their utmost to avoid contact with the Black Clad. Moreso if one bears ulterior motives with them."

Of course Lervi would come to harbor more questions after hearing that.
And of course he would ask for the meaning behind that.

"What would that be like concretely? Reikana-sama has already taken him in as a guest."

Lervi didn't speak further. As that was enough between these two.
They're childhood friends. They know what the other means to say without going to the last word.
It's a common sight. Taking someone you trust as your right hand man.

"That is indeed the mystery. I do not know why that girl has not met her demise despite taking the Black Clad on her side. What manner of motive does she intend to use the Black Clad for..."

Lervi denied that.

"Forgive me beforehand... but I do not feel the sense of Reikana-sama trying to 'use' that person from her."

The emperor looked surprised to hear that.

"Is that so... I trust your words. I see. I am to perish then..."

"What should we do for the ceremony? Should we increase surveillance?"

They're well aware about the princess often going incognito downtown. Yet they let her be.
This empire has grown big in the name of freedom. The current emperor knows more than anyone in the empire how important that is, thus he opts to only watch over his daughter.
His past self being as rebellious also plays a part.

"Leave her be. Goldeuro should be the one we monitor more. Late it may be."

He sighed as he ridiculed himself.

"...I'm speaking as your friend here. Bardos. Go get some rest. You look way awful to show yourself before your subjects."

The emperor quipped back.

"It's fine, you're the only one here anyway. I can be at ease precisely because it's you. Let me catch a breath for now. It's too stuffy around my subjects."

These two pals in their younger rebellious days laughed.

"I wish nothing more than for your continued good health, my liege."

Lervi bowed gracefully before leaving the room.
As the door closed, the emperor muttered.

"My fate will be decided here huh... No greater sign than the Black Clad being present in this empire, as Reikana's guest at that..."

Bardos sunk deeper in his seat as he spat that out.




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