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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 144

144 Announcement and Objection


The musical play started with a calm melody then a march, then a slow tune, an intense drum roll, really all kinds.
Once the musical play was over, around a hundred knights in flashy armor came out replacing the band. Must be guards of honor.
Is this Exi*e? I thought at first but they're not moving intensely. In fact, it's slow and graceful. They form a group of two that move in unison based on timing, exchanging blows. It's a game of sword dance.

Once that was over, dancers showed upnext. Their clothing were Arabian?-like, I think. The men and women all look gorgeous exuding bewitching auras. They jump around everywhere in their thinly veiled attires.
There's no form or rule, they're dancing freely utilizing their whole bodies, moving in harmony with the tune.
The people playing the accompaniment musical instruments also move around to the music. Their outfits are just as flashy.
The spectators were enjoying the show swaying to match the music.

Nearing the end, the dancers gradually left the venue bit by bit.
Once they were all gone, the place fell into silence. Apparently next up is the closing address from the emperor.

"I have an important announcement to make here. I am naming the next emperor that shall succeeds me."

The entire venue rustled. Including the royalties bearing the rights to throne.
Even Reikana was so shocked she was frozen solid. Her face tells me neither her information network nor her intuition was able to predict this, but that's neither here or now.

Goldeuro glared at the emperor with a serious look. Only the crown prince Alvart remained as he was without a change in expression.
Meaning he has been told about this beforehand. How that he will succeed the throne.

"First on the succession right, Alvart. I proclaim him as the next emperor. All of you here bear witness to this."
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"Objection!" that voice resounded in the venue. Must have used a megaphone-like magic item. It was heard by everybody in the venue as they all looked at Goldeuro.

(What is this, a certain trial and tribulation game?)

"I am far more fit to sit on the emperor throne than that weakling!"

That was a lese majeste toward the emperor himself. Objection, then denial without any grounds, and then an appeal of himself.
The mood should have been more scornful here, but several voices could be heard saying, 'That's right, Goldeuro-sama is better suited'. They must be people in his factions.
More people from second prince factions also voiced their support. Around half of them gave their support to Goldeuro.
Still grinning non stop, he raised his hands to quiet down those voices.

"I did not think Goldeuro-niisama would be this stubborn."

Reikana looked like she was about to break her resolve after seeing that and uttered that word in frustration.





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