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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 131

131 The Other Trample Down


My name is Kardia. The vice captain.
Milord has decided to destroy a syndicate. Our group is tasked to deal with one of the two bases.
I'm a bit envious at Serena who went with milord, but milord has entrusted us with this task, I must erase this thought.
Milord told us to 'Arrest everybody, and hand them over to the authority'. With our power such thing is but a simple matter.
But we have experienced first hand. How getting cocky could land you somewhere beyond regret.
I will never forget the humiliating days we spent as slaves.

"Alright! Let's go."

The four of us stand in a row before the villain's building. We had deployed wind spirit magic to ascertain how many people are inside.
It's around 100. Nevertheless this will be done in a cinch.
But that's not going to happen. Finding all of them when they're scattered everywhere will take time.
We cannot let milord wait. Therefore, luring them all into one spot would be our best bet.

In order to achieve that we must announce our coming in the grandest way possible.

"All of you, have I made myself clear? Let's mince them all up in the flashiest way!"

A moment later, blades of wind shave down walls, blow away windows, crush doors and cut down pillars.
The winds doesn't stop outside, even the insides get sliced and diced.

"What in the hell!?" "What the crap's going on!" "Guaaaaaaa my leeeeeeeegs!" "Gugeeeee" "It's an ambush!" "Watch out!" "Where's our lookout gefaa!" "You ok!? Get a grip!" "My eyes! My eyeeeees!" "We gotta get away from here! Outside! All of you get out!" "Wait for meeeee, uwa!"

Of course we've smashed the lookout. Way ahead of time.
Still the four of us look at each other with the exact same, 'Oh no' expression.
It wasn't supposed to have been an all out effort, but all of us got too much into it. Looks like the winds inside the building combined into something powerful.
Filling the building with wailing.

"I-it should be fine as long as they're not dead... I'm sure..."

We must not disappoint milord. The less he thinks of us, the higher the chance he's going to reject us.
We must avoid that at all cost. Getting lax at times has always been a bad habit of mine. Does not happen when I'm focused but the instance I relax, it rears its ugly head.
Just like how we got caught in the forest. I never stop regretting it. I'm yet to make up for it.

"You all, I'll do the next step by myself, please stay back."

I focus once again as the men get out of the building one after another.

"It's you! What the hell d'ya think yer doing!"
"Dammit! I ain't letting you by!"
"I'mma violate you! Kill you! And violate your corpses! And that ain't gonna be enough!"
"Yer gonna pay for this! I'mm show you helll!"
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I kept waiting for more of them then once I deemed that was it, I touched my hand on the ground.

"Oy! Dammit! My legs!?"
"Why are we sinking...!? I can't... get out!"
"Somebody pull me up! Help!"
"Dangitall! What the crap's going ooooon!?"
"I can't... move!?"

Many of them sunk into the ground with my spirit magic, neutralizing about 50 of those who came out.
Only their heads stick out of the hardened soil, it shouldn't be possible for them to get out on their own.
There's only around 30 left now. 20 remain in the building, likely incapacitated.

"That should do it. Let's take care of the rest together."

Me and another elf played our fingers in the air. It's nothing much. We're simply rounding up the rest with wind spirit magic.

"What the!? The wind it's!?" "Guwa! It's closing in on us!" "Oy! Get away from me, go over there!" "The wind's formed a wall, it's keeping us off!" "What the heeeeeeeeeeell!"

Two other elves also cast spirit magic after seeing that it was ending.
Their winds combine into one violently spinning around the men.
Then it sucked them all and blew them into the air. Inside the small tornado, the men got smashed up onto one another, making for a gruesome sight.

"I suppose this is the end? But we mustn't let our guard down yet."

Once the tornado vanished, the men crashed down the ground with their limbs pointing in all directions.
All of them convulsing, nobody seems dead.
As silence fell in place, 'hyun', a sound of cutting wind could be heard.

It was an arrow shot out by a lone man with fighting spirit left inside the building.
However that ended in vain. Because it was stopped mid air by 'Wall of Breeze'.

"Ah, what a surprise... Who could have thought a random arrow would show up here."

I picked up the fallen arrow and threw it back at the shooter.

"Here, you can have it back!"

The arrow moved like a snake in the air before piercing the archer's shoulder. As if it was getting sucked in him. I guided it with wind magic, thus it was not possible to dodge.

Only a handful of people are still conscious here. In a state not possible for them to run. Surely tying them up isn't necessary. Their groans are annoying but it's to be expected, I calm myself.

After a bit, milord came for us.

"Milord, as you can see, we have cleared this base."

"Good job. Think the guards are arriving soon here too, get ready to move out."

"It is done milord."

"Still... what a painting from hell... No word."

I wondered what this painting from hell was, but I never asked.
I'm currently overwhelmed. Serena is usually in charge of talking to milord.
But I just exchanged words with him, even if it's just a brief one.
I kept my usual composure while enduring the joy in my chest.

"Oh, the guards are here. Well then, let's go resume our shopping. The sun's still high up, we've got plenty of time."

We all dispersed toward the shopping district.






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