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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 8-2

8-2. Visitor from the Sky


Satou's here. Impossible setting like woman warriors wearing bikini armors exist in video games, but as expected, there is no warrior who wears bikini armor in the parallel world.

The visitor that falls from the sky breaks its speed just before it hits the ground.

"Thank you for welcoming me!"

The girl takes off her helmet, and her silver hair appears as if flowing. When she get off the golem that's modeled after a pegasus, the heels on her metal armor lets out clear sounds. It doesn't seem to be an armor made from normal iron.


The people on the courtyard call her "Ringrande".

The girl who comes down from the sky by riding a pegasus is Ringrande Oyugock. A follower of Hayato Masaki, the hero. Her level is 55. Judging from her skills composition, she's more like a magic warrior than a magician.

She's 22 years old, her eyes are somewhat tsurime, and with the thin eyebrows, she's an intense beauty.
<TLN: google tsurime, it's kinda hard to describe but quite obvious when you see images of it.>
Her armor is unlike the unrefined lump of metal that soldiers are wearing, it's shaped with womanly lines. If her armor curves aren't exaggerated, then she's about E cup. I'll remake Nana's armor with lady Ringrande's armor as a reference.

I don't know why a grandchild of one of the leading figures of Shiga kingdom has become a follower of Saga empire's hero, but judging from the reactions of the people on this square, she seems to be very popular.

"She's quite popular eh."
"Are chevalier-sama not familiar with her?"

Shelna-san clutches her fists in front of her chest, and I listen to her curiously.
I nod to her who seems to be setting up the mood, and learn various things about lady Ringrande.
Lady Ringrande is the granddaughter of the duke, the fourth daughter of the next duke, and her mother is the daughter of Shiga kingdom's king who has been married into his subject. The kind of lineage that'd ensure her to inherit the peerage.
She had been overflowing with talent since she was 10 years old, and skipped grades to study at the royal Oritsu academy. She's a talented girl who has obtained the bachelor's degree in two years, and mastered wind and fire magic until the advanced levels. She's still in the academy even after she obtained her degree, and for three years until she's 15, she continued polishing her magic in the labyrinth city while also continuing her research. She's a genius magician who has revived the explosion, and the destruction magic that had been considered to be lost. Additionally, it seems she has been given honorary baronet peerage for all those achievements.
Looks like she's also learned swordsmanship in the labyrinth city, but Shelna-san doesn't seem to know it well.

When she's 18 years old, such woman ran away to serve the hero of Saga empire which caused quite a bit of uproars. Since I don't have any interest in that matter, I just response agreeably to Shelna-san without really hearing it.

It seems that it's been two years since she last comes home.

Since Shelna-san looks like she wants to join the people who surrounds lady Ringrande, I give her permission. Looks like she's been ordered by the viceroy to attend us during our stay after she's given the report to the duke, but since we've already finished the task that has to be completed as early as possible, it's fine for her to have some time off. Just be prepared for the tour around various workshops from tomorrow on.

I ask the footman who's standing by on the entrance to call the carriage that I've ridden.
It's troublesome to ask people's help every time I need to do something. Since it's NG for me to do it myself, Nina-san has told me to get accustomed to it even though it's troublesome.

I have the carriage go to the area where magic shops and bookstores are gathered. There are magic shops in the downtown, but for now I head toward the one close to the castle.

When I notice the people inside, I've thought of going to the magic shops in the downtown instead, but since it'd be too suspicious, I give up.

"Oh, if it isn't Satou-dono."
"Hmm, are you Toruma's acquaintance?"
"Umu, I've told you before right? To the whole 10.000-strong monsters army that attacked Muno city, he's--"

The people inside the magic shop are a man who looks to be the shop manager, and Toruma ossan. The shop manager is a man so muscular you wouldn't think he's a magic shop manager. His stern face looks like he's suited to carry a pickaxe or a great sword on his shoulder.

The shop manager is joyfully listening to the exaggerated story of Toruma while grinning. He probably regards it as Toruma's usual boasting. It doesn't seem like he takes it seriously.

"My name is Kikinu. It sounds strange since I'm born in a small country to the east, but don't mind it. If it's hard for you to pronounce it, you can call me, Kinniku, Oyaji, or Shop manager any one you want."
"Pleasure to meet you. My name is Satou."
<TLN:Kinniku=muscle, oyaji=old man, boss, or father depending on the context.>

Toruma who's being treated like an air says "Chi chi chi" while swaying his finger. What, I can't help but wanting to smack him.

"You have to properly give your house name okay?"

I didn't tell him my house name since I wanted us to talk without reservation, but he's a KY guy like always.
<TLN: KY=Kuuki Yomenai, can't read the atmosphere/mood.>

"Excuse me. I'm Satou Pendragon."
"Hou? I can see that you like heroes tales."
"His master is baron Muno, also known as associate baron Donan back then."
"That's, a misfortune huh."

To be so widely known, just how much you like heroes, baron Muno.

"No, ultimately, the one who've chosen it is myself."
"Well, only people who share the same interest will understand it, so it's probably alright."

I see, shop manager Kikinu is the same kind of person as baron Muno huh.
I chat adequately to liven things up, and ask about the line up of the magic books and the scrolls.

A lot of things are the same as the ones from Gugurian city magic shop, but as expected of the magic shop in a metropolis, it's quite complete.

"This book is nice."
"That so? It's a book that only sells one copy in several years, but it's good that you like it. It's an indispensable dictionary for magic tools appraiser, but since the only ones who'd buy it are people who have appraisal skill, it's become fertilizer for the bookshelf."

I can read the magic items inside my storage with this.
There are magic books for magic that Shelna-san has mentioned earlier, explosion and destruction magic. Due to their contents, the magic books are something that can only be sold to people authorized by the military, but thanks to the permit I've got from the duke, I can buy it without problem.

There are also various books with titles that fascinate me like, "Magic Tools and Carved Seal Magic", "30 Magic Circuit Standards for Magic Tools", "In-Depth Learning from the Basic for Cane and Catalyst", "Gems and Magic Cores", so I buy them all.

"Young master, how about this book?"

Shop manager Kikinu presents, "Rotation and Roman", "The Meeting of Rotation and Round Trip Movement", "New Magic Born from Rotation", books that excessively push rotation topics. Since the author is the same one who has created the magic spinning disk I've bougt back then, I decide to buy them. The shop manager Kikinu's face which somehow looks amazed catches my eyes. Did he think that I wouldn't buy them? That can't be, he's the one who recommends it himself.
I've also bought many other books, but there's nothing that talks about making scrolls.

On the other hand, there are plentiful of scrolls.
It seems that Toruma is here to sell the scrolls door-to-door since it's difficult for him to stay in his parent's house.

"You don't have to buy them here, you can buy them from our workshop right?"
"Oy, oy, Toruma. Don't take away my customer."
"I'd like to get extraordinarily unusual scrolls from Toruma-san's parent house, so this is fine."

Rather than unusual scrolls, I intend to custom order peculiar magic for the scrolls that can't be bought, so I'll buy the ones that can be bought from stores beforehand.

Generally, here, the scrolls that can be normally traded are similar with the ones sold in other cities, but I get to buy various battle-related scrolls for military use. They seem to be mostly used as substitutes for when there are shortage of magicians, and insurances that magicians carry around with elements they can't use.

There's also the magic that the fire magician viscount-san has used in the Seryuu city labyrinth back then, Fire Storm. If I have this intermediate magic, I wonder if it'd be easier to fight against a demon lord?

Elementary level magic scrolls are cheap, but intermediate level scrolls are worth several pieces of gold coin, so even if people carry it around for insurance, won't they feel reluctant to use it? I'm thinking that low level people might be able to use it for power leveling, but since it can't be invoked if their magic power aren't enough, it's probably impossible.

"Are you going to carry the goods yourself? If you tell me your lodging location, I could deliver it to you in the evening y'know?"
"Then, please deliver them to earl Walgock's mansion."
"Oh? I've thought that you'll stay in my parent house, but you're acquainted with earl Walgock huh?"
"Yes, there were a bit of things."

I leave the delivery to manager Kikinu. Looks like I can pay at that time. It's a pain to carry around gold coins in large quantities, so payment bill probably becomes the standard.

Afterward, guided by Toruma, I go around many magic shops and bookstores.
I looked tepidly at Toruma who said such line like, "This city is like my backyard.", but it was the truth without exaggeration. We're going around the city through strange alleys, or garden yard inside other people's houses. Rather than back streets, they seem to be courses that a brat would prefer. I've returned the carriage that I've ridden, so we ride the cab carriage when it's far.

In the secondhand bookstore at the downtown, Toruma skillfully persuades the obstinate-looking old man shopkeeper to make him takes out the treasured book. He's good for this kind of negotiation. It seems he's been doing this many times before when he's buying erotic books long ago. Really like Toruma ossan.

Of course the book that has come out is not an erotic book. It's a magic book of space magic. Although it only lists the chants until intermediate level, and things like explanation of the effects, or description of the theory are completely absent. I buy it while convincing myself that it'd be just like disassembling binary codes.
The used scrolls for maniacs have already been sold, so I buy several scrolls with magic that aren't listed in the spell books. I have to compile the spell books later.

"Ara, what a lovely boy."
"Right, if he has more muscle, he'd feel even better to touch right?"

Why is this happening.

"Ara, no way. Try to touch him, his muscles are like steel."
"You're right, even his abs is ripped."

I mildly avoid the hands that are groping my body.

"Ara, meany."
"You're quite strong ne."
"Oy, oy, don't only service Satou-dono, please care for me too."
"Ara, no way. Toruma-san is jealous."

I felt bad if I leave Toruma just like that after he had thoroughly guided me, so I thought of treating him to a meal at least, but he somehow guided me to this establishment.

An okama bar is completely unexpected.

"I mean, Hayuna would get angry if I go to an establishment with women."

So he said.

If Shelna-san who was worried didn't come to pick me, I might be there until morning.
Everyone's glances are painful when I've returned, so I decide to go shopping with everyone tomorrow. Since Oyugock city is relatively warm, it might be a good idea to buy clothes for spring.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 8-1

8-1. At the Capital of the Duchy


Satou's here. Japanese people are world-famous for being impatient, but people of a parallel world aren't all easygoing either.

"A peanut is flying nodesu!"

Pochi and Tama who have come from the ship's deck pull both of my sleeves and take me along to the deck.
There's a floating airship when I look at the place where the two are pointing. I've already checked it on the map, but it's quite impressive when you actually see the real thing. It's a 300 meters long peanut-shaped rigid airship. It's unknown whether it floats using gas like helium or magic tools.
I can guess the airship's route from the map, it probably has arrived here from the royal capital this morning.

"That's an airship."
"Ships that fly in the sky."
"Amazing nodesu! I want to ride in it nodesu!"

Yup, me too.
If you think about it, the ship is probably for military affairs, so it's doubtful whether we can ride in it or not.

"Uwah. Truly a fantasy. I'm burning up~."
"I wonder how is it floating?"

Arisa and Liza have also come. This is the first time Arisa sees it huh. I wonder if she hasn't ridden in the exclusive airship of the hero?

"Master, I wish for that."
"Ufufu, the shape is quite cute isn't it."

Nana is gesturing like she's trying to reach and grasp the airship with her hands. Lulu says 'cute', is that cute? I don't really understand, maybe because our senses are different.

"Arisa can just make a cushion with that shape later right? On top of being cute, it'll also be soft."

Nana plops her hands once, and goes to pester Arisa. She hugs Arisa from behind, and speaks intensely about how cute the airship is. Arisa will probably yield before long. Since Nana absolutely won't give up when she's like that.

"Master, I've inquired Shelna-dono, and it seems that demi-humans aren't welcomed in the inner part of the big wall. I think it's better for Pochi, Tama, and Mia to put on overcoats before we enter the port."
"Right, I'll tell them after their euphoria from the airship have receded."

Shelna-dono that Liza's mentioned is the tour guide. Her main occupation is one of the civil official of the viceory of Gururian city--earl Walgock. I thought that she was the viceroy's watchdog when I discovered it from AR, but it seemed she just missed the time when was working as a tour guide for earning her school expense since she was young, so she replaced the tour guide.

At the duchy capital, we get to stay in the mansion of earl Walgock, thanks to the goodwill of the viceroy. I'm fine with staying at a normal inn, but since the martial tournament is open, there aren't probably many decent places left, so I decide to receive the favor.

The ship that we're boarding heads toward the port of the duchy capital. It's not the port on the downtown, but the one built inside the capital great wall for nobles' and purveyors' use.
By great wall I'm naturally talking about Oyugock city outer wall. It seems that the population has increased too much, and so, in order to settle down the people in the suburbs, they've created a three meters tall wall called new wall outside. The new wall is unlike an actual great wall as it cannot protect against monsters' attacks, so the area inside the great wall becomes inhabited only by nobles, the wealthy and technicians, while people like workers, demi-humans, and the poor are living outside of it.

After we have disembarked, we are being guided by Shelna-san toward the mansion of earl Walgock.
Thanks to the pass from the viceroy, we aren't checked during the inspection for entering the city. However, I feel like there are too few guards at that time. When I check on the map, it looks like the guards are running around inside city.

The cause is probably the corpses of the members, and specific things that show their positions that I've left inside the castle covered with sheets after defeating the demon lord last night. Since I left them with the [Wings of Liberty] clothings and their plan of resurrecting the demon lord, the soldiers are probably cleaning up the aftermath. Work hard.

I could arrest the remaining members and hand them over to the authority, but since it's troublesome, I leave them alone. The woman that has got her attire taken by me seems to have been rescued by her friends, and she's now among the gathering in the mansion of a noble called earl Bobi. It'd be bothersome if they cause disturbances so I mark it.

The mansion of earl Walgock is in an area that is wide even among the noble area inside the great wall.
After I have finished greeting the previous earl Walgock together with Shelna-san, the two of us go to the duke's castle with the carriage that she's taken out from the mansion. Shelna-san is quite an energetic person.
I myself am fine since my stamina is overflowing, but Mia and Arisa don't have much stamina, so I tell them to be at leisure in the mansion today. They won't be able to meet the duke even if we go together anyway, so there's no particular problem. Lady Karina has invited Pochi and Tama for training on the courtyard. She's probably quite frustrated since she couldn't move her body too much at the ship. Liza and the maids are accompanying them, so they probably won't cause an uproar.

The duke's castle is as vast as baron Muno's, but there are wide differences in the splendors and the number of present people.
Over the castle walls inside, there are four 4 meter tall iron golems stationed around the castle gate. Looks like the castle walls are connected with various anti-aircraft towers. I wasn't able to confirm what kind of artilleries are put in it. I'll ask them to let me see it later.

The wagon stops at the courtyard after crossing the inner wall earlier. It's walking from here. Guided by the maid, we're advancing through a corridor made with abundant of marbles. Carpets are spread below, and we come across decorations like artworks that are on the wall and flowers on regular interval. I don't understand the quality of the pictures, but they're good calming paintings.

Someone is waving hands inside a painting hanging on the wall along the way on the corridor.

As expected of fantasy. It's really like a magic item.

The little girl drawn on the painting is waving her hands. She looks delighted when I wave back. It's quite interactive. I'm expecting that there would be people moving inside other paintings, but unfortunately, they're all just normal paintings.

"Is there anything wrong Chevalier-sama?"
"No, it's nothing. As expected of duke-sama's castle. There's a fun magic item."
"That's right, I was also surprised when I came here for the first time."

No wonder. Anyone would be surprised if they saw someone moving inside a painting.

We're led to a room and get to meet the consul aide.

"Well then, this is the letter from baron Muno. And then, this is the letter from baron Muno's consul, viscount Rottol, for the consul-sama here."

I hand over two sets of letters. The letters from Nina-san are in the forms of three scrolls and one bundle of documents.
The consul aide receives that respectfully, and then someone who looks like the assistant put it on the rack. Shelna-san also has a letter from the viceroy to pass here, but she gives the bag that she's brought here to the assistant-san. I heard later that it was packed with reports from each departments.
A maid enters after getting permission by knocking the door and whispers something to the consul aide.

"Sir Pendragon, your excellency, the duke seems to want to meet you. Is it fine for you to go for a bit?"

The plan today is to only pass over the letters, and the meeting will be for several days later I'm told.
Since this means that I won't have to trouble myself coming here twice, I gladly accept it. I don't have the right to refuse in the first place anyway, the invitation is probably just a formality from the opposite.

I've thought that we'd be guided to the audience room, but we pass over it and proceed to what seems to be the private room of the duke.
The room earlier is gorgeous, but this one is two grades higher. The chair that I'm offered to sit isn't too hard or too soft, it's a superb fit. I've wanted this kind of chair in my workplace. There is a water tank on one side of the room, and tropical fish-like fish are swimming inside. Their shapes looks like guppy, but they're dimly shining light green light from the inside of their semi-transparent bodies.

There are four statues of nude women on the corners of the room, they're all Living Statues. There's a passage that leads to several soldiers that are standing by in a waiting room, although it's been skillfully concealed. There are three magic soldiers on the roof standing by. There doesn't seem to be any movable gimmick, so they probably would break through the roof if there was an emergency.
They've put some considerations for making sure that normal people won't be able to sense the existences of those guards. They don't seem to have any intention of needlessly intimidating guests.

The room maid announces that the duke is coming here from the next room, so I stand up to receive him.
The one who comes into the room is an old man with good physique and with entire body hair in white. His hair is plentiful, but his beard is even more so. He looks like a good-natured man, but the glints on his eyes are too powerful. As the proof, Shelna-san who's together with me has completely stiffened. The one who comes after the duke is probably the consul. He has blond hair with gray ones mixed and slender build. He looks like an able man with thin eyes.

"Fumu, so you're the rumored hero-dono who saw through the demon's trick, and protected baron Muno territory from monsters led by the demon huh. You're young."

After we give our each other names, the consul speaks first. Young? Oh right, my appearance is that of a 15 years old. Mirrors are rare so I've forgotten.

"On top of that, it seems that you've exterminated the demon that has appeared in our territory's Gururian city. Allow me to thank you."

When it's spoken like that, it's as if I'm the perpetrator who has instigated the demons in order to be promoted.

"It is surely because of the people who have fought earlier, and the beast people subordinates of mine. I cannot win against the demon if it's just me alone."
"Modesty is unnecessary. A letter of recommendation for you to participate in the second qualifier has arrived from earl Walgock."

Viceroy-san, I'd have liked if you inform me first when you were sending a letter of recommendation.
I gently decline it of course since I don't have any intention of participating.

"Is that so, that's too bad. So, I've summoned you here to tell you something about baron Muno."

I wonder what? Don't tell me that the demons are attacking the territory again.

"Your excellency, he would misunderstand if you said it like that."
"Really? It's a good story. It's been decided that baron Muno will be raised to Earldom during the kingdom's spring meeting. There is no custom of a noble getting raised two ranks so there was some disputes, but he has piled up quite enough achievements."

He's originally been decided to be raised in rank, but since there's enough achievement just right, it's been hastened. The territory won't be particularly expanded, but the advantage is that the territory won't be made light by the neighboring territories.

"You don't seem to have much desire in getting success in life."
"Desire to successful in life is it? I think the current honorary knight is already quite excessive for me."

Apparently, there's a talk for me to become a honorary baron in addition with baron Muno's. Lords are allowed to assign honorary knight and knight peerage, but it seems that honorary baron and above are the king's privilege. Honestly, I'm not interested in raising the rank or something, so I safely pass on it.
From this on, replacing the duke, the consul comes ahead to talk about the real issue.

"I don't think that you, Sir, knows, but every towns have been attacked by a lower demon like the one that has attacked Gururian city."

I do know, but normally one wouldn't, so I put on a slightly surprised face.

"Only Gururian and Standel cities have escaped with little damage. The other cities have suffered damage that will take several years to recover. We cannot confirm if the upper demon like the one that's attacked Seryuu city last month appears, but mid demons have appeared in other Earls' territories."

If an upper demon attacks, a city would surely vanish, but if it's just a lower demon, then people who are capable of defeating it should exist. The damages may have been done before the capable person comes huh. I could sort of understand why the viceroy was awfully kind.

The demons' damages have increased in various places, so they want to gather people who can defeat demons it seems. I think there are some problems in soliciting other lord's retainers, but since the duke's influences are too far apart, it seems that it's possible for me to be transferred. I don't have that in mind, so I decline in a way that won't create hard feelings.

They want to hear my wish for the rewards of saving Gururian city, so I ask permissions to buy attack-related scrolls, and magic tools, and they agree to it easily. When I talk about it to Arisa later, she says that maybe they want to avoid expenses from the available cash since they need it for restorations of various places. I see.
While I'm at it, under the pretext of 'for the sake of Muno city from now on', I got permit to go on inspections of all kinds of workshops. I very much look forward to have a field trip on workshops like the Oak glass workshop.
<TLN: 'Oak' can also be read 'Orc'.>

"Haah, that was tense."
"You're right."
"How can you say that. Wasn't chevalier-sama looking very normal in front of duke-sama?"

That's thanks to Poker Face. In truth, even though I remember the second half of the conversation, it didn't feel real to me.

When we've come to the courtyard to get on the wagon, I notice that there's something strange.
Everyone is looking at the sky.

"Chevalier-sama, please have a look at that."

I look at where Shelna-san points. I use my hand as a shade since it's in front of the light. I have no need of shading since I have the light intensity adjustment skill, but my hand has moved out of habit.

Putting aside such trivial things, that descends from the sky.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 7 Intermission 5

Intermission: The Agony of a Transported Person


I thought I could do anything alone.

Who made me the meal, who gave me games and phones, I didn't appreciate those kind of things, thinking that they were givens.

I wonder, was that why?

I was different than the classmates around me. I had come to think so without any ground.
Of course, I felt that exerting effort was uncool, so I did nothing but raising my gaming skill. Flaming on bulletin boards behind anonymity was also my specialty.

Maybe because no one wanted to associate with such a person, far from friends, my own families were even distancing themselves from me. Mysteriously, I didn't get bullied.

For those reasons, I started playing wish-fulfillments galge, and got into things where the protagonists were unparalleled or reincarnated.
Particularly the reincarnation plot, I collected various knowledges from the net to prepare for when I got summoned someday. After copying the collected informations, I wrote it down on a notebook. Since electricity might not exist on the world where I'd get transported. I filled the notebook with a lot of those knowledge in messy writings.

Come now, princess of a different world. I'm okay with getting summoned anytime!

Mouth is the origin of misfortune. These words come home to me these days.

It suddenly becomes dark, and I'm inside a room made from bricks.
Oy, oy, where the heck is this?

Not. Of course I know. Obviously.

The room is dim, and the lights from candles are flickering. They're not light from magic.
Oops, I shouldn't forget about my favorite reincarnation works. First, I have to observe [People]. I frantically keep my eyes on the faces of the people here. Who are my allies, who are in agreement with the summoning, and against it. Observing them. Right now, that's the only thing I can do. That's why I'm observing.

There are three women who wear miko-like clothes, and six men who looks like soldiers. The other people are two civil officials-like old men, and a sly glasses-wearing good-looking guy, he's an enemy. It's decided.
Ack, a weasel is standing upright and talking about something. Beastman should just have different ears and tail. I'm okay with paws too.

My people observation is forced to stop.

"●●●●、●●●. ●●●●●●●●●"

When that person is talking, my cool style instantly evaporates.

Oh, geezuz!

My head becomes blank, I can't think of anything. I can only stare at that woman wholeheartedly. It might be some kind of magic attack or mind attack.

But, whatever.

Right now, staring at her is justice.

A maid-looking woman is giving me something.
You, outta the way. Get away. Look, you're hiding her hair. She pushes me something on my hand, but as long as she's not obstructing the view, that's fine.

"Do you understand what I'm saying?"

I do, but so what?
Is there any meaning to that for enjoying her beauty.

"What should we do your highness. The translation ring might be malfunctioning."
"My, that's troubling. What should we do?"

The beauty's troubled face also looks beautiful.
I want to see more expressions on her face.

"Your highness, the result from the Yamato stone that he's touched earlier has come out."
"And it is?"
"He's like the two before. He has an unusual 『Burying』 skill, but there's no unique skill."
"Does it match the kingdom's interest?"
"Is that so."

I heard something bad. What the heck is  "The two before". Am I the third one? I shouldn't say, "It's because I'm probably the third" right? Furthermore, what is kingdom's interest? What's with that remark when you've gone and kidnapped people without permission.

Just like how a young man usually react, I'm also boiling in anger for a moment.
However, that was poured with cold water due to the existence of the guarding soldiers. The swords on their waist and the spears look real.

If I'm to attack, now is not the time.
This is a composed investigation. It's not because I'm scared of the soldiers' swords at all. It's also not because the glances from the soldiers are saying as if they'll kill me if I move. It's the result of a cool investigation through and through. I'm going coolly. Coolly.

I keep staring at the violet-haired woman. She's too beautiful it's hard to live. I wonder how old is she? She looks like a high schooler, but she's probably older right? I want to tell her that her twin-tail will look good tied with thin ribbons, but the soldiers' glances are scary. It feels like they'd slay me for rudeness without warning.

In the end, the kidnapper lots treat me as if I'm air the whole time, and a maid escorted by two soldiers guides me to a three tatami-wide small room. The room is only lit by one candle on a candlestick.

"The person in charge of training you will come tomorrow morning, wait here. I'll bring you something to eat later, so be quiet okay?"

A maid of around 20 years old talks to me condescendingly and leaves.

It's probably going to be black bread and lightly salted soup right?
I want to see her bringing imperial court cooking.

When I see the dish that the maid's brought, I regret the curse that I've said in mind earlier.

Don't make fun of me fantasy.

What the heck is dinner with one potato! Moreover it's raw! You're killing my stomach!

Since I can still feel that there are guards outside the room, I swallow my complaints. The maid seems to misunderstand it.

"Ara? Are you really that hungry? I'll prepare another one for the breakfast tomorrow, so you can eat that whole. You don't need to hold back."

The girl said so without sarcasm, put a water jug on the side table and left. Oy, oy, there's no cup here.

I'm not hungry enough to eat a raw potato, so I drink the water directly from the jug to quench my throat.
My mouth longs for something, so I throw a candy that I've always readied in my pocket inside it. Other things that I've brought are a swiss army knife, the three candies that are the most important, and a notebook written with cheat about administration.

After getting some sugar supplies, I'm able to think this a bit more carefully.

First, let's check if cheats dwell in my body.

By simply doing push-up. I'm downed before the tenth just like usual. I don't have a body reinforcement cheat.

I take out the swiss army knife, imagine a virtual goblin and swing the knife. I feel empty in the middle of doing it, I don't have a swordsmanship or martial arts cheat either.

There should be magic at least, since I was summoned after all. My last hope, I try magic cheat. Imagine it. I imagine flame and put my hands toward the desk.

It's cold. My heart is cold.

This is a world without magic huh. I've decided so.

That means, I stay like what I've always been. Summoning magic, do your work.

Fuhn, there is no apology from the god, and I begin to vaguely notice. Reality is different than delusion. I am allowed to despair for a bit right? I'm already tired. I'm sleepy.

When I notice a certain thing, I immediately stand up.
That's right, this is a hard mode world. It might be a cripplingly very hard world even. It's still too early to rest.

I investigate the informations that I've got in hands.

I got summoned. The summoner is probably that girl.

They call the violet twin-tail beauty your highness, she's probably a royalty.

Who were the "Two before" that the sly-glasses mentioned. Were they summoned people like me?

I recall the look on the soldiers' eyes. Those guys were obviously wary of me. That means, the previously mentioned two summoned people have done something bad. They couldn't have hugged that beauty right.

No, the thing they were wary about was not that kind of thing.

That's right, it's [Skill]. Those guys unmistakably said that. They said that I have skill. It was [Burying] wasn't it? It's really like me, sweats will come out of my eyes.

How do I use it?
I recite Burying inside my heart. I somehow feel like my presence becomes thinner. Wait, isn't it just like always.

While becoming slightly sad, I get out of the room.
I've thought that there's a sentry, but there's no one outside the room.

If I didn't think like a child and went to explore the castle here, my future might have been slightly different.

However, there is no IF in reality. You can only choose once.

And then I've heard it.

I have heard it.

The two summoned people before me were deemed to be unsuitable for heroes and executed. The maids and soldiers talk about it without having any sense of guilt.

That's bullshit!

After you've abducted them like that. If they're unnecessary, send them back to their world.

Unable to go back to my room, I wander around the castle and meet a girl.
I try to block her mouth in a hurry, but get pinned down by her self-defense-like moves instead.

She's strong, belying her delicate look. Why did I use polite speech.
<TLN: The first line is said in keigo/polite speech.>

"Keep quiet. The soldiers will come if you're noisy. You're the person from the different world that Yuriko-sama has summoned today right?"

The girl is called Menea, a princess of this kingdom. I'm told that Yuriko is the violet-haired twintail beauty, her aunt. Eternally 17 years old huh. I understand.

In exchange for some informations, I got informations out of her.
I shouldn't have heard it. There is no method to return to my original world. Are they calling and leaving huhh.

When we talk about the fate of the two summoned people before me, she becomes upset. It seems that she spent some times with the two on the city outside the castle.

I desperately try to get her sympathy, and ask about the ways to get out of the castle. It has been since the examination for high school that I try so hard like this.

I got fruits and jeweled ring for trading with money from her. Since she doesn't seem like she's directly involved with the kidnapping, I want to repay the favor, so I give her two pages of the administrative cheat from the notebook. I've memorized the content of those pages. Don't belittle a student with free time.

I light the torch that I've got from Menea with a lighter.
Even though I've been suspected of smoking by the teacher, and questioned by patrolling police and other doubts because of this, I keep carrying it.

I'll use [Burying] until I arrive at the town at night.

Fufufu, I'll register at the adventure guild in the town, and seize my success story from there on. Different world dream, come on.

I don't hear the sounds of insects.

I know.
This is not an easy mode world. It's a crazy hard real different world. Of course, there are monsters too.

However, seriously spare me from getting attacked by a praying mantis the size of a human being.

I desperately run away, but I've not thought that running on the mountain at night would be this hard. I couldn't even run away for several meters and got caught. My left arm is bitten off in one gulp. It's hot rather than painful. I wonder if my adrenaline is pumped in tons, I don't feel much pain.

Ah, game over huh.
Even if I want to counter attack, I've dropped my torch somewhere.

The monster deliciously eats the left arm that's been torn off me. Even though I want to run, the monster pins down its leg on top of my stomach, so I can't move.
Ah, I'm bleeding too much.

My consciousness becomes hazy.
I hear a clamor in the end. I don't understand what they're saying. Oh right, I've put the translation ring on the finger of my left hand.

The last thing that I see is a dark brown skin with long ears.
It's here, a dark elf in flesh.

I've thought that my life is a kusoge, but I see something good in the end.
I wanted to TUEE with a dark elf serving me.
<TLN: TUEE is a slang for, err, basically OP? kusoge=trash game.>

I will become black knight the next time I'm reborn....

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 7 Intermission 4

Intermission: Pochi and Picture Book


My favorite things are master and meat nano desu.

"Ara? Pochi hates me huh."

I'm not nodesu. I like Arisa too nano desu.

"Pochi hates Tama~?"
"Is that so, I am below meat huh."

Tama and Liza too, please wait nodesu.

"I see~ Pochi-chan likes meat more than everyone huh. It's unfortunate~ even though I've grilled a delicious steak."
"I express regret."

Au, Lulu too, it's not like that nodesu. Nana and Mia too, please wait nodesu.
But, meat is delicious nodesu. So delicious it makes me happy nano desu.

"Then, Pochi doesn't need us right. Good bye Pochi."

It's not like that nodesu. Wait nano desu.

"Please don't go~, nano desu!"
"Uwah, I'm surprised. What's wrong Pochi. Did you see a strange dream?"

When I look around restlessly, Tama is sleeping on top of master's lap.
Is this the camping ground?

I went to sleep when I was on night guard duty nodesu.

"Everyone was bullying me nodesu."
"That was just a dream. Everybody loves Pochi, so it's alright okay."

Master gently hugs Pochi and pats my head and back. It feels good nodesu. I almost sleep in because it feels too good nodesu.

Swoosh! I take a pose to get me spirited and wake me up nodesu. I'm a disgrace of a slave if I leave the night watch duty to master alone nodesu. I can see that Tama is sleeping on master's lap, but Tama is surely only pretending to be asleep nodesu. She surely is, nano desu.

"I won't feel sleepy with this nodesu."
"It's fine to sleep if you're sleepy you know?"
"I'm alright nano desu."

However, the [Aspalegus Meat Roll] that we've eaten just now is too delicious, it's no good nodesu. Happiness with full stomach--

Ha!? Critically dangerous nodesu. I almost dozed off involuntarily nodesu.
Arisa has said this, full stomach is the strongest enemy of drowsiness, she says.

It's reading time for a time like this nano desu.

"Master, I'd like you to read the picture book please nodesu."
"Nn? The picture book that Arisa's bought from the secondhand store huh? Hasn't Pochi become able to read now?"

This and that are different matters nodesu. It's essential for master to read it for me nano desu.

"Then, let's read it together."
"Yes, nano desu!"


A loo~ng, long time ago.
The seven gods came here together with the world trees from the world of gods.

The gods planted the world trees on the earth, and taught everyone knowledges and words.

And then, everyone lived together in happiness, happily ever after.


"Not that nodesu, the story is not like that nodesu."

Master is not serious nano desu. I should protest firmly here nano desu.
Even though Pochi is hitting master softly, master only laughs without complaining that it hurts nodesu.
The master today is mean nano desu.

"I give, I give~ I'm going to read it properly, so forgive me."
"Being mean is no good nano desu. The next one is the last chance nano desu."
"Understood. I'll read it properly alright."


The people lived peacefully and prospered greatly at the feet of the eight world trees.
However, since when was it. There are nine gods in the world.

The eighth god is the god of dragon.
The god of dragon had been in the world before the seven gods came together with the world trees.
The god of dragon was a sleepyhead, it was sleeping even until the world had completely changed.

The god of dragon was very surprised when it finally woke up, but since it was a foolish god who didn't fuss over small things, it approved the agreeable seven gods and got along with them.

However, the ninth god was different.


"Master, why does it use [Hashira] instead of [Hito] nano desu?"
<TLN: This is impossible to translate in English, Japanese uses counter words to count objects. In this case the book use [Hashira] to count gods, and [Hito] to count people. Satou-sensei will explain next.>
"I wonder? We learn to do it like that. Birds use [Hane], rats use [Hiki] right? Different counters are used for different objects."

As expected of master nano desu. I don't really understand, but I feel like I've understood nodesu.

"Thank you nano desu. Please read the continuation nodesu."

When I push the picture book to master, he says [Ow, ow] and laughs. When I see master's smile, I feel happy nodesu.


The ninth god was a demon god that had traveled from another world.
The demon god was really spoiled, it couldn't stand not being the best, and always tried to pick a fight with the other gods.

It couldn't be helped that the demon god became envious when it saw the other gods were surrounded by various people and mythical beasts.
The demon god created demons to have them revere itself. The demons and their creator, the demon god, bullied the other races around.

The troubled gods protested to the demons and demon god to not act violently, but they were completely ignored.

Too bad so sad, and then, the world was destroyed.


"Mou, master is a bully nodesu. Not reading the picture book properly, bad, nano desu."

Even though I'm scolding master, he's giggling.
Is he really repenting desu?

"I am repenting, I'll read it properly this time."
"You have to absolutely nano desu. Let's do pinky promise nodesu."

We link our little finger and make a pinky promise nodesu.
Master's finger is slender and beautiful nodesu.

I'll boast it to Arisa later nodesu.


One day, a tragedy occured.
The demons that had gone wild laid their hands on the dragons and the dragon god who were sleeping. The dragons who got their pleasant sleeps disturbed violently raged, every demon were burned by the breath of the dragons.
And unfortunately, at the same time, the other races were also burned together.

The demon god was also chased by the dragon god, but the demon god who was quick at running away continued to elude the dragon god for 100 years, and finally, the dragon god got tired and went back to the dragon valley.

The gods said to the dragon god that it was too excessive, but the dragon god who was half-asleep swung its tail once and blew away the gods to beyond the mountains.

Ever since that time, the demons never approach the dragons, and bully the weaker ones stealthily.

The weakest and most bullied one, the human race, asked the young goddess for the power to fight against the demon.

The young goddess was very troubled.
That is because the young goddess didn't have power to fight. The troubled young goddess consulted with the other gods, but every one of them only nods their heads while uh-huh-ing without trying to do anything.

The young goddess went to consult the strongest one, the dragon god. Of course, she couldn't borrow the power of the dragons. If she did that, the damage would be greater than letting the demons going wild.

At first the dragon god was unwilling to help, but since it liked the human toys and liquor that the young goddess had brought, the dragon god taught her one magic.

That was the magic to summon a hero.

It was the magic of hope.


"Pochi also wants to be summoned nodesu! And then I'll become a hero nodesu!"
"That's right, if it's Pochi, she will become a hero someday."

Muu, master answered vainly nodesu.
Pochi knows nodesu.

Not good desu. Truly not good nodesu.

Master has closed the pattern and the picture book nodesu.

No nano desu!
After this, it'll be the part about the hero's heroic tales nano desu.
I protest by clinging on master's neck, and look up at master's face, but master isn't looking here nodesu. Master? Pochi is over here nano desu.

"Good morning, master."
"Good morning, Lulu. Liza and Nana are tired from the special training yesterday, so let them keep sleeping, I'll help with the breakfast today. Pochi, do you have any request?"

Meal from master!
That is the essential wonder nano desu.

I don't have to think for the re-quest nodesu.


When I declare so vigorously, master laughs nodesu.

Today is also a really good day nano desu!

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 7 Intermission 3

Intermission: Pochi's Secret


Pochi will not forget.

That day, the day I'm given name.

"Princess, we have come to escort you back."

Two dogkin men who wear silver clothes are standing while being bathed in moonlight. The kind-looking long-haired man talked to me.

"I do not have any intention to leave this planet."
"However, princess!"
"Please wait, Dober. First, let's hear the princess."
"However, Shiva!"

The long-haired man stopped the red-haired man who was pressing on me.

"Please tell us your reason. Is this savage planet more important than your home planet?"
"I have important companions here. And also, for the sake of the child in my stomach, I cannot leave this planet."

She pats the stomach that looks inconspicuous while she's sitting on the chair.

"That can't be, the miko of the great Ra Anubis to do something like having a child with the savage creature!"
"I, is that true princess?"

I nod at the two who are panicking.

Pochi will not forget.

The taste of the first dried meat I eat. The happiness of grilled meat festival together with everyone.

Absolutely never forget.

"Are you going no matter what?"
"Yes, I'm not the miko of Ra Anubis but Pochi Pendragon nano desu."

Yes, this place is important, along with that person.
As long as there are these two holy magic swords that he has forged, I can't let something like demon lord to keep doing as it pleases.

"We're also going together okay?"
"One for all~?"

Karina and Tama stand in my way when I'm about to depart.
We exchange high fives just like we've done in the battlefield a long time ago.

Now, let's board the world tree ship that Mia has prepared and embark toward hell!

Liza, please watch over us from beyond the star. We will surely take on your opponent.

"Hou? I have died in it huh?"
"Au, don't look nodesu. Prohibited nano desu."

Liza saw the written story that I wrote together with Arisa nodesu.

"Even Pochi didn't want to have you died nodesu. But, but, Arisa is."
"Is that so, Pochi is laying the blame on Arisa huh."
"Au, au, I'm not nodesu, I'm not nodesu~"

When we were debating who was going to die, we did it inadvertently nodesu. I'm reflecting on it, so please forgive me nodesu.
I've prepared myself for the meat to disappear at the dinner tonight, but Liza properly puts it like usual nodesu.

Liza is gentle after all nodesu.

When the next story needs a killing, I'll have Arisa as the victim nodesu. Arisa will surely forgive me while laughing nodesu. She will right desu?

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 7 Intermission 2

Intermission: Zena's Squad Disaster


<TLN: The chapter is told in two alternating timelines, ◇ symbol signifies timeline change.>
"Zena, the monsters flocks are coming. There are 50-60 flying type ones.  As for the ones coming on the ground, there are 3 big ones, 10 medium-sized ones, and a lot of smaller ones--around 400. Most of them are insect types."

Rio comes back from scouting bringing quite hopeless numbers. Furthermore, those are just small portions of the enemies.

We, the 24 people from Seryuu city labyrinth selected corps, are the core of the left wing unit that is made in hurry and comprises of 300 people consisting of civilians, farmers, and serfs. They're similarly frightened. It's natural to be so, they're forced to fight monsters that they usually never even see while not even having decent equipments.

"Hear me, everyone must survive! Don't think only on defeating the enemy and becoming a hero! You lot's lucks are good, we have elites that have survived fight with an upper demon and real dragons, not wyverns. There is no need to worry for things like small fry monsters or mid demons."

The Vice-Captain, sir Rilo encourages the ally. He's slightly overbearing, but it seems the grim faces are decreasing from the people. That's good.

I never imagined that we would get involved in this fight when we departed from Seryuu city.

"We're doing well huh~, Zena-chi."
"That's right, Lilio."
"Lilio-san, nevermind when you're in private, but call her squad leader Zena during the march."
"Ho~i, Iona sure is stiff."

Iona-san scolds Lilio.
But, it's embarrassing to be formally called squad leader Zena.

It's been half a month since we get chosen into the selected labyrinth corps--abbreviation of labyrinth city Selbira training selected corps--after much hardships.
We should have departed on the beginning of spring, but due to the will of Earl-sama, it's been accelerated and the corps has departed. The captain and vice-captain might have decided to sortie when they hear that the season for departing has changed since the snow falls late this year.
The selected labyrinth corps consists of two knights squad with four knights and junior knights each, three magic squads with one magic soldier, two guards, one scout each, and then, one engineer squads. Beside those, there are two civil officials, and four servants.

There are 30 members in total, eight horse riders, and five carriages, maybe thanks to that sometimes thieves that can be seen on valleys or medium sized monsters attack, but they're no match against us who have been tempered in the Seryuu city underground labyrinth.

"By the way, Zena-chi."

I answer cautiously. Whenever Lilio asks like this, it's always nothing good.
I receive the provision that Iona passes. They're black bread that's roasted to be hard as stone, and bean soup. Putting aside the taste, I'm happy with the warm soup. The magician, Rodril, who's been used as a substitute of firewoods is dissatisfied, but at a time like this, I'm jealous of people who can use fire magic.

"With how well we're going, shouldn't we catch up to him soon?"

I tried to keep my mind in peace, but I couldn't stop my twitching reaction.
What should I do? She would poke more if I answered with, "Catches up with whom?". I somehow don't want to answer with, "We're still far away."

"Catches up with whom."

When I was troubled with the reply, Ruu asked. Even though Iona-san was silent, mou, Ruu.
Look, Lilio is holding her laughter while having a really bad smile on her face.

"The boy of course."

Lilio calls Satou-san with boy. He certainly seems to be younger than us from his looks, but I think Lilio who has baby face herself shouldn't call him boy. It somehow sounds like a special nickname, I feel unpleasant to it. Is this jealousy?

"It's about Zena-san's lover."

Iona answers Ruu's question.

It's not, he's not my lover yet.

Love story is a favorite of Iona-san, so it seems she can't endure it.
However, please stop talking with me as the joke material. It's painful, heartrending, and makes me feels uncertain.

The journey continues in this peaceful atmosphere for awhile, but it abruptly ends.

"We're going to use traps for the ground enemies, and fight the airborne ones. We're not going to use bows for this. Zena, and Norina, drop them to the ground with wind magic, then the knight squads overrun them at once. I leave the others to vice-captain Rilo. Kill even one of them with all your power.
Zena, and Norina, after you use magic, immediately recover your magic power on the spot. Two squads concentrate on protecting them. Don't be lured and break out even by mistake."

Captain Derio tells everyone the strategy again.
It seems that the main vanguard unit of the monsters is going to clash with baron-sama unit. We can see the cloud of dust between the bushes and trees from here.

"Start the chants."

Vice-captain Rilo orders so since captain Derio's knight squad is departing. The voice is powerful, typical of a man.
Norina and I start the magic chantings. I chant [Fallen Hammer], and Norina chants [Turbulance]. Turbulance knocks down flying monsters to the ground, it's a tactic for certain victory against a wyvern.
The problem is there are too many enemies. Unlike Turbulance, Fallen Hammer's area of effect is narrow. It can only knocks down 10 monsters at most. I adjust my cane's angle in order to have the spell casted in the center of the flock.

"....■ Turbulance"
"....■■■ ■■■ Fallen Hammer"

I invoke the magic, slightly late from Norina. Alright, it's according to the aim.
We successfully swats down around 40 Tusk Horseflies to the ground. Right after, the captain and his squad overrun the tusk dragonflies from the flanks using wedge-shaped formations. Leaving aside when the tusk dragonflies are flying, they're slow on the ground, they become victims to the spears and hoofs.

"Whole unit, charge!"

By the order of vice-captain Rilo, all units beside Norina's and mine charge. In order to recover our magic power, we begin meditating on the spot. With the special breathing technique taught in the army, magic power recovers faster than usual. On the other hand, we're completely defenseless when we're meditating, so guards are necessary.
Lilio's crossbow, and Iona's greatsword intercept several tusk dragonflies and glutton dragonflies that are late. Since I'm fully absorbed in recovering behind Ruu's great shield, I don't see their activities.

It seems that we're the only one who fight relatively smoothly. At first, the right wing collapses, and as if trailing it, the center begins to collapse as well.
During this time, we're already fully occupied with repulsing the enemies before us, so we can't grasp the situation of our ally. Due to that, when the ally begins to retreat, we fall behind. Gradually, we get stuck with guarding the rear.

I unconsciously put my hand on the chest section of my leather armor.
A folded stole is there. My important amulet.

"Is there something?"

There should be still some time until the break, but the carriages have stopped. Lilio who has immediately gone to the front carriage to check comes back, we listen to the situation.

"We've met with the army of earl Lesseu."
"Since we're on earl Lesseu's territory, it's not strange to meet his army right?"
"The problem is, the one who call himself the earl is a boy."
"Isn't the earl supposed to be a man at his prime?"
"To make matter worse, they look like remnants of defeated army."

When we're chatting idly, the captain calls us.
The captain tells us that Lesseu city has been destroyed. It was an attack by a demon that had brought monsters along.

"Looks like the demon is level 40, an intermediate one. They say that there are 200 flying monsters, and 1200 ground monsters the demon brings."
"How strong are they?"
"The monsters are mostly a bit stronger than average soldiers, but there are some strong ones mixed in. The detail about the demon is unclear, but it seems it's a horse-headed demon strong at fire magic. It seems that the permanent army of Lesseu city has been annihilated from a surprise attack by the demon alone."

I'm confident that we can fight a lower demon even though we won't be able to win, but if it's an intermediate one, I don't think we have any chance of victory with the current force. Excluding captain Derio and the vice-captain who are at level 20s, everyone else is at level 10s. There is no magician that specialize in bombardment magic like in Seryuu city here. There are only three magic soldiers, including me, here. Our magic power capacities are low, so we can't do anything showy.

"The new earl Lesseu wants us to participate with the demon subjugation under the pretext of the [Blue Covenant]. We cannot turn this into scrap paper. The non-combatant should take refuge with the carriages in the nearby villages. It's probably safer than in the city."

The [Blue Covenant] that the captain talks about is the oldest covenant that has been passed over among the nobles since the founding of Shiga kingdom. The covenant is mainly about how the military has to cooperate together in case of demon attack. It's rarely put into work, if I'm not mistaken, the last time that happens is at marquis Muno's territory 20 years ago, before I'm born.

Just like this, we get included into the impromptu army at the second city of earl Lesseu's territory. The whole force consist of 800 regular soldiers, and 2000 militia. Even though it's twice the monster's number, the militia are just padded forces, it's certain that this will be a hard fight.

It'll be over if the demon attacks directly, but if we use the city's wall to make it into a siege war, then there's still a chance to win. Fortunately, there's an emergency communication magic tool in this city, so the information should have arrived at the neighboring cities.

We just have to wait for reinforcements now.

Everyone has thought so.
The next day, the young earl Lesseu has decided to fight the monsters on the field. The captains have tried to make him change his mind, but it's no good.

Satou-san. I might not be able to keep our promise of sending letters.

"Zena-chi, are you alive?"
"Yes, Ruu has protected me."
"Hey, Lilio. Are you only worried about Zena."
"Ruu is the most heavily armed one right. Moreover, it's impossible for Iona to die."

My memory isn't clear. We should have been dealing with monsters on the rear.

"I'm glad that you trust me. The flash earlier must have been an advanced level tactical magic fired by the demon. We would have joined the deceased if there was no Zena-chi's defensive magic."

Everyone is pitch black covered with dust.
We've narrowly escaped deaths somehow, but the footsteps of the monsters are approaching. If we start moving, the demon in the sky would probably snipe with magic without mercy.

At that time.

The sky is divided, and that appears.

A ripple that looks like when a fish turn up on water surface floats and then, it appears in the sky. A beautiful silver ship. It's a ship right?

"The great me has arrived!"

A swordsman wearing blue armor shouts while standing on the tip of the ship without any support. Even the talkative Lilio can't follow this development, she's unable close her opened mouth.

That was the encounter with the Saga empire hero, sir Hayato.

That man holds overwhelming power that annihilates the intermediate demon with one swing of his holy sword, Arondight. Even the many monsters were destroyed by his ship--Dimensional Traveler Jules Verne--burned by the ship's beam.

We're saved.
If this miracle didn't happen, we would die in battlefield like the others.

I want to become stronger.

At least, in equal footing with the demon. For the shares of our fallen comrades too, we will become stronger.

Next time, we will stand beside the one who creates the miracle!

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 7 Intermission 1

Intermission: The Melancholy of Zajir


"You idiot! Put yer' back into it if you want to use the phase hammer!"

The master's fists roar again today.
I've been under master's care for 30 years now, but I still can't use the phase hammer to his satisfaction. Even among master's personal pupils, the only two who could wield the great hammer are only me and Garir. After that, I just have to become able to swing it properly. I'll show that I'd be able to do it in 10, no 5 years. And then, someday I'll build a family (shotai) with Jojori.

"Zajir-san, what's wrong with true character (shoutai)?"
"Jojori huh, nothing, just something trivial."
"Is that so? We have a guest for grandfather, is he in the hall?"
"Yeah, he's in a bad mood, so take care."
"I understand, thank you."

She's lovely today too.
She answers properly even though I act brusque. Truly a nice woman.

The guest that Jojori mentions is a humankin Kozou (youngster). I don't really know humankin age, but he's probably just at coming of age.
However, master tells the youngster to try and make a sword. Moreover, not with iron but mithril? What a waste.

There's a failed mithril from that idiot Rodar's failure earlier, I guess I'll bring that. An amateur probably won't know the difference anyway.

"Use this."
"Yes, thank you very much. This is the first time I'm blacksmithing with a mithril, I feel nervous."

It looks like he has experience of making an iron sword, he's probably not a total amateur, but the ones here are all tempered warriors, even the lowest seat, Rodar, has been making sword for 50 years. It'll be pitiful to compare him with them. Master is cruel for letting this.

The motion of Kozou who smoothly put fire in the furnace slightly catches my attention when I see it. Is this guy really an amateur?

That small doubt becomes conviction when I see Kozou holds the mallet.

That unwavering stance.

He looks like master.

That impression isn't wrong.
Kozou looks puzzled as soon as he strikes with he mallet. Did he notice that slight difference? He could discern failed mithril even though it's the first time he hit one.
The master's fist drops on me for the mithril thing, but such thing doesn't matter. If I give this guy the best mithril, what kind of sword will he make? It's been awhile since my heart boils.

I run to the mithril refinement furnace before master and the others.
I've entrusted it to Rodar. This time, I'll prepare the best mithril myself.

"Yer' bastards! Get fired up!"

I motivate them with rough words but the refinement furnace's guys keep lying on the floor.

"Zajir-san, today, the gnomes aren't here. Because of that there's not enough magic power."
"Spirit! If you just put your spirit, anything can be done."
"Please don't say unresonable things. Then, Zajir-san, please pour your magic power. With spirit!"

That Ganza has also gone to the meeting with the gnomes huh. That's why the mithril today come out bad huh. It's not because of Rodar being careless in his supervision. I'll treat him to a liquor next time.
I try to pour my magic power, but it's not something that an inexperienced person can do. I can only pour around 0.5%. Seems that I'm bad with putting magic power into magic tools.

"It's fine to put magic power into this right."

Looks like Kozou is filling magic power as ordered by master. Judging from the short cane on his waist, he probably can use magic, but the furnace is an equipment that's normally filled by 10 gnomes magic power. It's not something that one person can somehow do, I've experienced it myself just now.

And yet, that guy has accomplished it alone.
The head of the refinement group is surprised to the point that his jaw looks as if dislocated, but I can't say that I don't understand his feeling.

Master is checking the finished mithril with examination apparatus. I know by just seeing it. That's a first-class one. In addition, extremely so. This is the first time I see master especially uses examination apparatus.

Ordered by master, I bring out a great hammer made of mithril alloy from the warehouse. It's far heavier than the usual phase hammer. Unbelievably, master tells Kozou to swing this great hammer.
Telling non-dwarves to swing the great hammer?
Garir and me express our opinions to master, but we only gets dropped fists. I can't go against master's decision.

Kozou who has been asked to swing the great hammer by master also becomes dumbfounded when he's in front of the great hammer.

No wonder. It's not something that a thin humankin kid can lift. When I show him how I hold it with one arm, he's greatly surprised. Kozou admiring me makes me ticklish. We're in front of Jojori. Say more.

"Oops-a-daisy. It's really heavy after all. I can't stabilize my shaking body."

When I look back, Kozou is lifting and practice-swinging the great hammer.

Idiotic. The weight is not something a humankin can stand--that's what should have been....
He's staggering, but he's certainly lifted it. Garir and me can lift it since we have herculean strength skill, but even for the dwarves in this room, only half of them can do it. Who the heck is he really.

"Zajir, go call Ganza."

Master shouts while holding the secret medicine pot on one hand. When I tell master that Ganza is visiting his home and not here, master shouts in angry voice enough to fill the whole room while boiling in anger.
I'm almost given an errand to go to the gnome's hometown, but I get out of the hardship since Kozou can do compounding. What a versatile guy.

Later, Ganza asks me the name of the one who's done the compounding, but since I always call him Kozou, I tell Ganza, "Don't know", and he gets really depressed. He must be dissatisfied for having the compounding equipments used by other people. He shuts up when I says to go tell master if he has complaints.

I burn into my eyes the figures of master and Kozou forging the sword. They could be called twin existences, they match their breaths perfectly. Unbelievably, Kozou swings that great hammer for all night long without uttering even a whine. I can't let a humankin even touches the great hammer, but I allow it if it's this guy. My colleagues have the same opinion too.

Fairy sword.

The sword that Kozou swings is beautiful.
I will forge a sword exceeding that one someday. It's unreachable for the me now, but I'll show that I will surely reach it after several dozens of years.


Later, liquor from Kozou for master has arrived.
He's sent it with the barrels altogether, he sure knows dwarves. He's a heavy drinker that beat master and me in drinking bout back then after all. I'd like to drink together again someday.

"Yo, Zajir. Is Dohar-shi around?"

I hear voice of a delicate man with an attitude. It's the eccentric Galhar who's opened a magic shop in the city above ground.

"Fun, there's no reason for you to not use honorifics for me. Call me Zajir-sama."
"Now now, Zajir-san. Don't talk like that to a childhood friend even as a joke."

The lovely Jojori shows her face behind Galhar. Childhood friend is a story of 30 years ago. It's a thing from several dozens years ago.

"Jojori, it's just like a child wanting to be glorified."
"Alright, I accept that challenge!"

I roll up my sleeves and am going to hit Galhar, but Jojori stop it with her body. Why, are you an ally of Galhar. She calls Galhar without honorific even though she uses "san" with me.

"Galhar, you too stop talking with biting words. Please get along."
"I know, Jojori."

Even though I get scolded by Jojori, when I see Galhar who's red like an octopus, I become wanting to hit him once.

"Wait Zajir-san, please don't use violence."

Dang, I unintentionally hit him.
My quarrel with Galhar continues until master comes back from a meal.

"What's this commotion. Do it outside if you want to make noise."
"Ara, grandfather."
"F, forgivme, master."

Fufun, he's been hit too many, he can't talk well. Serves you right.

"Wer' just playing arnd."

I just have a slight difficulty of talking today. It might even rain later.

Thanks to Jojori-san who calls Don Haan siblings to cure us, both of us can talk now.
Galhar who rarely comes to the underground has come to invite us-which surprisingly include me too--to drink the liquor together-. He should have said so from the beginning. People who brings liquor with him is never bad people.

"This light green liquor is delicious."
"This crimson liquor is also sweetly easy to drink."

We can't have a banquet with just the shares that Galhar brings, so we take out the liquor barrels that Kozou has given to master.
As I'm told, it seems that the liquor Galhar brings is also from Kozou.


"Several barrels of liquor came together with a letter of gratitude. In the letter, along with gratitudes, he says that he's escaped death thanks to the goods that he's bought from me. I've opened the magic shop for 20 years, but this is the first time I've been thanked to this degree."

I heard that Galhar was forced to buy trash-like things when he went to the humankin city, but it seems he's doing a good work.

"Galhar, don't forget the feeling now. If you do that, you'll become the best dwarf magic merchant."
"That's right, Galhar. The best of gnome are Han and me though."
"That is so, Galhar. Aim to become the best among the dwarves. You'll always be second in this city though."

Even though master specially gives a good word to Galhar, the Don Haan siblings mix in.
It seems master has approved him, but I won't hand Jojori over. While battling for Jojori's line of sight from across, we gulp down the liquor
cups at the same time.

A good liquor with a nice woman, and a nice rival (friend), is good.
Next time, I want to have a banquet together with Kozou.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-23

7-23. A Night No One Knows (5)


Satou's here. It seems that the generation that has been around during the dawn of home consoles makes a list of hiragana for Spell of Restoration. I laughed thinking that it was a joke when I heard it, but it's the truth. Humans could unexpectedly work hard if it's for the sake of entertainment.

Fuh, that was tiring.

Both of the masks have been broken, so I put on a white mask that Arisa's made for cosplay at her request. I feel like I know where the inspiration for it comes form, but it seems like it'd fall off easily, scary. I put on cheap clothes and a mantle, and head toward the hall's exit.

The hall looks disastrous to the point that I admire it for not collapsing.
The floors are turned upside down, several pillars are destroyed, many places have become craters. Some of the craters have glasses formed from Furnace Flame (Forge). There isn't any trace of the altar.

I should say as expected of a demon lord. I've just barely won even though my level is three times as high and fully loaded with items.

It's unfortunate that I won't get a rematch--I don't have even the slightest bit of such thought.
Fortunately, the opponent was a type weak with magic, but if it was strong in both points, I might have lost.

I'll go watch the tournament at the capital and study sword techniques and battle forms.

And also, I'd better resume spell chanting practice.
If an opponent of demon lord class begins with space magic, I don't think I could win. Among the scrolls that I would get from viscount Shimen (Toruma's parent house), magic destruct and magic cancel are indispensable. And also, intermediate level or higher attack magic. I might have got checkmated if I didn't have Furnace Flame (Forge). If I find a nice liquor during the journey, I will be sure to present it to the one who has sold me that scroll, Galhar-shi.

While thinking those thing, I open the heavy door and get out of the hall. I immediately understand why the door has been slightly opened.

There should have been a member here. I search in the Storage. There's an item called [Petrified Member]. Come to think of it, the demon lord was attacking with petrification magic eyes right. He saw that huh, curiosity killed the cat indeed.

I put long shirts on the two sacrifice girls. The two have proportions that don't look like their 14 years old ages, so I can have some peaces of mind with this.

The girls seem to be Garleon and Parion temples' miko. They're both level 30, quite wonderful.

I carry them both on my shoulders to the teleportation room, but I don't know how to operate it. The operation manual is among the loot I've got, but honestly, I'm too tired, I can't bring myself doing all these.

I scrape off the ceiling with a magic spear, and expose the soil.

Next, I use Mud Wall to create a narrow passage. Magic is really convenient.
I run up the impromptu passage--or rather, hole, with Sky Drive. There are three members in the initial teleportation room, but since it's troublesome, I hit them with Short Stun. They should not be dead.

Since the road I use to come here leads to the duke's third son's room, I pick the course that goes to the temple via the map and advance toward there from the underground. I see a white crocodile and a mysterious creature-like person wearing a rag along the way, but I ignore them all. It might be good to come play here while bringing presents when I've become better.

I'm going to Tenion temple, the place where the dead girl comes from. It's not because the girl belongs there, but because only Tenion temple has a head miko of old age with level higher than 50. Moreover, she has the [Saintess] title.

While mechanically advancing through the course that I've picked earlier, I operate on the girl's corpse in the storage. I try to drag and drop the blood that has flowed out of the girl and stack them. Rather than stack, it seems the blood has been absorbed by the corpse, they can't be separated it seems.
I drag a potion with the same idea, but it's no good.

The title [Saintess] that the Tenion head-miko has comes to my mind. Maybe it also has some kind of special effects like the hero title?

I have nothing to lose, so I put on [Saint] title, and drag the potion, it works.

Although it's not like she's been revived. The item's name has changed from [Sera's Corpse: Degree of Damage, Maximum] to [Sera's Corpse: Degree of Damage, Great]. I drag several potions until the item name changes into, [Sera's Corpse], so I don't think this is a waste.

Afterwards, it all depends if there's resurrection magic or not.

"Ara, the assassin tonight is quite excellent. This is the first time I don't notice one until he's this close."

I've sneaked into the Tenion head miko's room, but I immediately get mistaken for an assassin.

"Ara, you're an assassin and also a kidnapper?"

The head miko-san who has noticed the girls on my shoulders asks as if baffled.
Beside holy magic, this old woman also has character appraisal and crisis perception skills. That's why I've made my level to be 70, like the Saga hero is, beforehand, so she would believe the story later. I've left my displayed skills to be of recovery-related ones.

Anyway, let's correct the misunderstanding for now.

"Nice to meet you, Yu Tenion Head Miko-dono. I am Nanashi. I have no intention of harming you. These two girls are Parion and Garleon miko that I've rescued from a cult group called 『Wings of Liberty』."
"My. I certainly remember them. Hey, Nanashi-san. Won't you show your face. It's hard to talk with that mask."
"I'm very sorry, head miko-dono. It is my principle to hide good deeds. Please pardon me."
"Is that so, you're such a shy saint-sama."

Her voice is young. Her moonlit face doesn't look like a 80 years old at all. I would believe it if I'm told she's 17.

"Hey, Nanashi-san. Don't you know the whereabout of our kidnapped miko, Sera."
"I knew."

It's not reflected on her expression, but her tone of voice becomes deeper.
She seems to have guessed everything from my words, her face is stiff.

"That child has died huh."

I nod on her words.

"Nanashi-san, could you honestly tell me one thing?"
"If I could answer it."

She asks in slightly trembling voice.

"Was the one who deprived Sera's life the humans of 『Wings of Liberty』? or--"

After hesitating for a bit, she continues her words.

"Demon lord. That's right isn't it, Sera has been sacrificed for the demon lord."
"That's right."

A trickle of tears streams down the head miko's noble face.

"Is that so, that child wasn't able to go against her fate."

The head miko-san talks with sobbing mixed in.
It looks like there's an oracle that says the demon lord will appear in not so distant day. However, the place are different in each of oracles that the seven miko has received, therefore, everyone believes that their own gods has brought oracle for themselves each.

According to head miko-san, the fate of the girl (Sera) was to become a sacrifice for demon lord's resurrection in this city. Even though Tenion temple had put utmost efforts in protecting her, she suddenly disappeared in her own room the evening today.

And, it seems that the oracle of Tenion temple tells that the demon lord would be resurrected in this Oyugock city.
When I ask in detail just in case, the name of labyrinth city, Selbira, and the kingdom that has occupied Arisa's kingdom, Yowok kingdom have also appeared. The remaining four are land of gods Parion, the principalities of the ratkin and weaselkin, and the last one is a country that exists on the other continent.

To get a hit on the 1/7 probability, both me and this city were unlucky.

Let's get back to the main topic.

"Yu Tenion head miko-dono, are you able to use resurrection magic?"
"Yes, I'm able to."

Oh, so it exist, resurrection magic!
As if pouring water on my excitement, the head miko continues with gloomy voice.

"However, there are several conditions for it. First, the subject has to have been baptized by Tenion temple. Second, it must be within 30 minutes after the death. Third, this resurrection artifact has to have stored enough magic power. Since it has been used to resurrect the legitimate child of the duke 20 years ago, it cannot be used for several years more."

What, that sort of things huh.
I pick up the artifact hanging on her neck and put magic power into it. I proceed steadily. It hasn't been filled even after putting in 2000 MP.
It can't be helped, I take out Excalibur from the Storage, and make it into a magic power source. The head miko is surprised when she sees the holy sword, but she puts on appearance by smiling like a Japanese.
The artifact is filled after around 20.000 points in. The capacity of this holy sword is extraordinary after all. I should had used it as magic power tank rather than a weapon when I was fighting the demon lord.
I hear this afterward, but it seems that the only one who could put magic power into the artifact is people who have [Saint] or [Saintess] title.

"I will summon miss Sera's corpse here. It's only been several seconds after her death, so there should be enough time."
"That can't be, time magic should have been a magic that only appears in fairy tales, not the reality...."

There's no time magic huh. I've wanted to go back in time and meet Yamato.
I put back my astray thought.

I take out Sera's corpse from the Storage. Since she's naked, I put a towel on her. Someone is astonished when I take the corpse out of the storage, but I decide not to mind it.

The head miko is chanting a long spell.
Holy magic is usually long, but this time it's especially long.

The chanting is complete, I make sure that Sera has turned from item back to person, and leave the place afer that.

I've forgotten to report about the demon lord thing, but they have the convenient oracle, and it'd be uncool if I go back just to report it, so I leave it. I'm really tired today.

At any rate, it was a long night.
I'd like to be healed at the night place, but for the sake of relieving Arisa and the others who are waiting anxiously, I decide to go back.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-22

7-22. A Night No One Knows (4)


Satou's here. I wonder since when is the trend of boss characters transform for so many times when you're defeating them? It's generally troublesome when it's in a game, but when it's in real life....

It's probably the effect of the demon's unique skill. The demon has revived as an undead. The demon's upper body that should have been lost has also regenerated in the blink of an eye. There's no worth in defeating this guy.
The two liuyedao have been lost somewhere when I destroy the upper body earlier, thankfully.

I do have several trump cards, but since I don't know how many times the demon can revive, I won't recklessly use them. It's painful that one MP recovery potion only recovers 20% of my MP with one bottle.
From now on, I'll charge magic swords and the holy swords whenever I'm free.

"It has been since Yamato that I have to resort using Banpufutou's effect. O Nanashi, perchance you can beat me? Yamato took the heavenly dragons lot along to attack my castle. You alone intend to be the equivalent of a hero and heavenly dragons nanoda huh."

Fumu, since my name is blank, it's [Nanashi] huh. I guess I'll call myself Nanashi from now on.
<TLN: Na nashi=nameless.>

Thanks to HP potion and self-healing skill, my wounds have disappeared. It still hurts, but not to the degree that makes me unable to fight. Looks like it's bad for the opponent to let me heal more than this.

"The heavenly dragons are taking rests."

While holding three MP recovery potions on my mouth, I operate the storage with thought.
Since the demon launches destruction magic towards me, I slap the magic with my palm and change its course. The demon is muttering, "Ridiculous", but I ignore it. My palm is stinging. I don't want to touch that magic too much.

"Besides, the professional hero is currently taking a vacation with beautiful big-breasted women in the imperial capital."

I'd hit him if he really was on a vacation.

I exchanged Durandal for [Trump Card #1, Holy Spear Longinus] from the storage, and pour it in with magic power that I've just recovered. I feel dizzy from using too much magic power, but I endure it.

"Professional hero? Then what are you, nanoda?"
"I'm a part-timer. My main job is a tourist."

Tourist is not a job. I know.
Using vague words to distract the demon is just fine. The demon uses destruction magic, but the aim is loose. Use ranged magic if you want to hit me.

I shouldn't think unnecessary things.
The demon really launches ranged magic. I kick up the stone pavement below my feet, standing it up and make it into a shield. Unfortunately, I don't get tatami flip skill.

The demon's magic destroys the stone pavement and rushes to me.

I've put up Shield to buy some time, but it's meaningless. The shield also breaks in an instant. I twist my body and protect the important places.


As expected of the demon lord's attack. It's wholesomely painful. Even though the pain quickly goes away, painful thing is painful.
Looking at the health gauge that's only reduced for a bit, the demon is probably the type that's weak with magic.

This time a breath attack is coming, so I use Ground Shrink to evade it. Of course, before it.

While closing in like teleporting, I launch a technique.

Three-stranded spiral spear attack.

I invoke Furnace Flame (Forge) at the same time to burn down the multiple small shields.
The first and second spiral attacks pierce both shoulders of the golden wild boar demon lord's, the third spiral attack pierces the heart. While like that, the holy light sucks the demon's body--

Half of the demon's body has been blasted.

However, the demon cut half of its body with both of its edge-like claws before the spiral spear attack effect reach it. A new body grows out of the remaining half. Are you a planarian.

This demon is much more immortal than Zen.

This time translucent tentacles-like things come out of the demon's hand and attack. What a diverse guy.
Since it's destroyed with just one stab of Longinus, I don't know what kind of attack it is, but it's probably dangerous to recklessly take it.

The demon's eyes are glittering, but since I don't know what kind of attack is it, I look at the log and a chill runs down my spine. They're instant death attack, followed by attack with instant death effect.

>[Instant Death Resistance Skill Acquired]

I stop my assault, and activate the skill on the spot. Next time, if I see the demon doing the same motion, I should take out a mirror.

Since then, my attacks have hit it for many times, but the demon gets revived each time due to its unique skill's effect. It has been revived for seven times already, I want it to end.

The demon seems to think that magic and special attacks are not working against me, this time it changes to attacking physically.

The most annoying one is when I'm attacking it in close range.

While yelling with spirit, I stab at the demon's heart with Longinus, at that time, its hands stretch out toward me. I judge that I could avoid the stretched arms attack with a paper-thin difference, but--

The arm bone breaks through the hand and flies out like a crossbow's bolt.
Its attacks have become increasingly absurd.

While being slightly surprised, I acrobatically avoid the bone arrow.
Short Stun is already unable to even act as a feint, so I don't use it.

Making use of the air as a foothold with Sky Drive, I stab with the holy spear while being upside-down.
It's no good even though the heart is pierced after all huh.

When it comes to this, I have no choice but to cut up the body to pieces and then, evaporate or burn it down.
I exchange Longinus with Durandal.

There's only little magic power left in it, so the blue light that comes out of Durandal is faint.

"What's wrong hero. You can't manage to defeat this immortal body, nodana?"

The demon takes out two rib bones from the sides under its arm, holds it, and lets out a short roar that makes the rib bones get covered in black flames. Flame magic swords huh?

"I'll let you taste my black flame bone swords, noda. Come, dance the dance of death."

The demon lord comes attacking with two swords style, but leaving aside its appearance, the black flame bone swords are more fragile than the liuyedao. When our swords clash, I just get slightly burned from the black flame.

"What the hell are you, nanoda? Basking in the black flame, bringer of ruin that burns down heavenly dragons, why are you unhurt?!"

I guess it's because my level is high? No, it might be because my destruction resistance skill is at MAX.
Moreover, I do get hurt. It's just that my recovery speed is fast. MP is used for recovery, so I should take care as not to get hurt as much as possible. It hurts after all.

"If you're unhurt, then I'll just keep attacking until you do, noda!"

Please stop doing endless repetitive moves.
The demon endlessly takes out another black flame bone swords whenever I destroy it, and right when I get bored with it, I've finally recovered enough magic power.

As I energetically destroy the black flame bone swords, I cut the demon's body into pieces. When it starts reviving, I invoke Furnace Flame (Forge) during the regeneration's time of half of an eye's blink, incinerating it.

And yet, the demon still regenerates without losing to the fire.

As expected of a demon lord.

Oops, this isn't the time to admire it.

While maintaining Furnace Flame (Forge), I charge holy bolts that I've taken from the Storage, set up crossbow sets, and shoot it. I shoot the remaining 10 sets during the short time.

At last the pieces of meat that are regenerating stop wriggling.

I have to perform the last rite now.
I take out a new thing from the storage, [Trump Card #2, Holy Sword Galatine], and slash with it, evaporating the demon.

I've not thought that I'd end up taking out the secret, Galatine. Galatine is a sibling sword of Excalibur, I've filled with reasonable amount of magic power. If it's still not good with this one, I'd have to use Excalibur even though it's dangerous.

In preparation for the second revival, I gulp down potions. I drink too much, feel sick.

Apparently, it won't revive again. The evidence is the appearance of these guys.

"Kusukusu, it lost huh."
"It lost, lost to Yamato."
"It lost to the new hero too."

Three small violet lights rise up, just like the time with Zen.
No, their colors are a bit black. Jet black lights are also mixed in occasionally. The impression I sense from them are the same, but are they different things?

"It's an Orc after all."
"What should we use this time?"
"Weasel seems smart."

Thinking that I would not harm them, they let their guard down, I cut the black violet lights.

I slash the jet black lights three times, and the three after-lights disappear. I take off [God Slayer] from my title, and put the divine sword into the Storage. It feels like the divine sword has absorbed the slashed lights, but since the divine sword's status hasn't changed, it's probably just my imagination.

After crushing the black violet lights, the log flows in great speed indicating loots acquisitions, but I scroll back on it and will check the loot for later. The log properly shows [Fragments of God have been defeated!], so I've probably beaten them.

When I carefully think about it, the deeds make it as if I'm picking a fight with the god, but it's a done deal so there's no use in thinking about it. Though, I feel that an existence that lends its power to the demon lord would be hostile even if I don't do anything anyway. Even if I've antagonized the god, I hope that it's the kind of god with 100 years later scale.

>Title [Demon Lord Slayer]
>Title [Demon Lord Slayer 『Golden Wild Boar King』] Acquired
>Title [True Hero] Acquired
>Title [Unsung Hero] Acquired.

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