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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 8-2

8-2. Visitor from the Sky


Satou's here. Impossible setting like woman warriors wearing bikini armors exist in video games, but as expected, there is no warrior who wears bikini armor in the parallel world.

The visitor that falls from the sky breaks its speed just before it hits the ground.

"Thank you for welcoming me!"

The girl takes off her helmet, and her silver hair appears as if flowing. When she get off the golem that's modeled after a pegasus, the heels on her metal armor lets out clear sounds. It doesn't seem to be an armor made from normal iron.


The people on the courtyard call her "Ringrande".

The girl who comes down from the sky by riding a pegasus is Ringrande Oyugock. A follower of Hayato Masaki, the hero. Her level is 55. Judging from her skills composition, she's more like a magic warrior than a magician.

She's 22 years old, her eyes are somewhat tsurime, and with the thin eyebrows, she's an intense beauty.
<TLN: google tsurime, it's kinda hard to describe but quite obvious when you see images of it.>
Her armor is unlike the unrefined lump of metal that soldiers are wearing, it's shaped with womanly lines. If her armor curves aren't exaggerated, then she's about E cup. I'll remake Nana's armor with lady Ringrande's armor as a reference.

I don't know why a grandchild of one of the leading figures of Shiga kingdom has become a follower of Saga empire's hero, but judging from the reactions of the people on this square, she seems to be very popular.

"She's quite popular eh."
"Are chevalier-sama not familiar with her?"

Shelna-san clutches her fists in front of her chest, and I listen to her curiously.
I nod to her who seems to be setting up the mood, and learn various things about lady Ringrande.
Lady Ringrande is the granddaughter of the duke, the fourth daughter of the next duke, and her mother is the daughter of Shiga kingdom's king who has been married into his subject. The kind of lineage that'd ensure her to inherit the peerage.
She had been overflowing with talent since she was 10 years old, and skipped grades to study at the royal Oritsu academy. She's a talented girl who has obtained the bachelor's degree in two years, and mastered wind and fire magic until the advanced levels. She's still in the academy even after she obtained her degree, and for three years until she's 15, she continued polishing her magic in the labyrinth city while also continuing her research. She's a genius magician who has revived the explosion, and the destruction magic that had been considered to be lost. Additionally, it seems she has been given honorary baronet peerage for all those achievements.
Looks like she's also learned swordsmanship in the labyrinth city, but Shelna-san doesn't seem to know it well.

When she's 18 years old, such woman ran away to serve the hero of Saga empire which caused quite a bit of uproars. Since I don't have any interest in that matter, I just response agreeably to Shelna-san without really hearing it.

It seems that it's been two years since she last comes home.

Since Shelna-san looks like she wants to join the people who surrounds lady Ringrande, I give her permission. Looks like she's been ordered by the viceroy to attend us during our stay after she's given the report to the duke, but since we've already finished the task that has to be completed as early as possible, it's fine for her to have some time off. Just be prepared for the tour around various workshops from tomorrow on.

I ask the footman who's standing by on the entrance to call the carriage that I've ridden.
It's troublesome to ask people's help every time I need to do something. Since it's NG for me to do it myself, Nina-san has told me to get accustomed to it even though it's troublesome.

I have the carriage go to the area where magic shops and bookstores are gathered. There are magic shops in the downtown, but for now I head toward the one close to the castle.

When I notice the people inside, I've thought of going to the magic shops in the downtown instead, but since it'd be too suspicious, I give up.

"Oh, if it isn't Satou-dono."
"Hmm, are you Toruma's acquaintance?"
"Umu, I've told you before right? To the whole 10.000-strong monsters army that attacked Muno city, he's--"

The people inside the magic shop are a man who looks to be the shop manager, and Toruma ossan. The shop manager is a man so muscular you wouldn't think he's a magic shop manager. His stern face looks like he's suited to carry a pickaxe or a great sword on his shoulder.

The shop manager is joyfully listening to the exaggerated story of Toruma while grinning. He probably regards it as Toruma's usual boasting. It doesn't seem like he takes it seriously.

"My name is Kikinu. It sounds strange since I'm born in a small country to the east, but don't mind it. If it's hard for you to pronounce it, you can call me, Kinniku, Oyaji, or Shop manager any one you want."
"Pleasure to meet you. My name is Satou."
<TLN:Kinniku=muscle, oyaji=old man, boss, or father depending on the context.>

Toruma who's being treated like an air says "Chi chi chi" while swaying his finger. What, I can't help but wanting to smack him.

"You have to properly give your house name okay?"

I didn't tell him my house name since I wanted us to talk without reservation, but he's a KY guy like always.
<TLN: KY=Kuuki Yomenai, can't read the atmosphere/mood.>

"Excuse me. I'm Satou Pendragon."
"Hou? I can see that you like heroes tales."
"His master is baron Muno, also known as associate baron Donan back then."
"That's, a misfortune huh."

To be so widely known, just how much you like heroes, baron Muno.

"No, ultimately, the one who've chosen it is myself."
"Well, only people who share the same interest will understand it, so it's probably alright."

I see, shop manager Kikinu is the same kind of person as baron Muno huh.
I chat adequately to liven things up, and ask about the line up of the magic books and the scrolls.

A lot of things are the same as the ones from Gugurian city magic shop, but as expected of the magic shop in a metropolis, it's quite complete.

"This book is nice."
"That so? It's a book that only sells one copy in several years, but it's good that you like it. It's an indispensable dictionary for magic tools appraiser, but since the only ones who'd buy it are people who have appraisal skill, it's become fertilizer for the bookshelf."

I can read the magic items inside my storage with this.
There are magic books for magic that Shelna-san has mentioned earlier, explosion and destruction magic. Due to their contents, the magic books are something that can only be sold to people authorized by the military, but thanks to the permit I've got from the duke, I can buy it without problem.

There are also various books with titles that fascinate me like, "Magic Tools and Carved Seal Magic", "30 Magic Circuit Standards for Magic Tools", "In-Depth Learning from the Basic for Cane and Catalyst", "Gems and Magic Cores", so I buy them all.

"Young master, how about this book?"

Shop manager Kikinu presents, "Rotation and Roman", "The Meeting of Rotation and Round Trip Movement", "New Magic Born from Rotation", books that excessively push rotation topics. Since the author is the same one who has created the magic spinning disk I've bougt back then, I decide to buy them. The shop manager Kikinu's face which somehow looks amazed catches my eyes. Did he think that I wouldn't buy them? That can't be, he's the one who recommends it himself.
I've also bought many other books, but there's nothing that talks about making scrolls.

On the other hand, there are plentiful of scrolls.
It seems that Toruma is here to sell the scrolls door-to-door since it's difficult for him to stay in his parent's house.

"You don't have to buy them here, you can buy them from our workshop right?"
"Oy, oy, Toruma. Don't take away my customer."
"I'd like to get extraordinarily unusual scrolls from Toruma-san's parent house, so this is fine."

Rather than unusual scrolls, I intend to custom order peculiar magic for the scrolls that can't be bought, so I'll buy the ones that can be bought from stores beforehand.

Generally, here, the scrolls that can be normally traded are similar with the ones sold in other cities, but I get to buy various battle-related scrolls for military use. They seem to be mostly used as substitutes for when there are shortage of magicians, and insurances that magicians carry around with elements they can't use.

There's also the magic that the fire magician viscount-san has used in the Seryuu city labyrinth back then, Fire Storm. If I have this intermediate magic, I wonder if it'd be easier to fight against a demon lord?

Elementary level magic scrolls are cheap, but intermediate level scrolls are worth several pieces of gold coin, so even if people carry it around for insurance, won't they feel reluctant to use it? I'm thinking that low level people might be able to use it for power leveling, but since it can't be invoked if their magic power aren't enough, it's probably impossible.

"Are you going to carry the goods yourself? If you tell me your lodging location, I could deliver it to you in the evening y'know?"
"Then, please deliver them to earl Walgock's mansion."
"Oh? I've thought that you'll stay in my parent house, but you're acquainted with earl Walgock huh?"
"Yes, there were a bit of things."

I leave the delivery to manager Kikinu. Looks like I can pay at that time. It's a pain to carry around gold coins in large quantities, so payment bill probably becomes the standard.

Afterward, guided by Toruma, I go around many magic shops and bookstores.
I looked tepidly at Toruma who said such line like, "This city is like my backyard.", but it was the truth without exaggeration. We're going around the city through strange alleys, or garden yard inside other people's houses. Rather than back streets, they seem to be courses that a brat would prefer. I've returned the carriage that I've ridden, so we ride the cab carriage when it's far.

In the secondhand bookstore at the downtown, Toruma skillfully persuades the obstinate-looking old man shopkeeper to make him takes out the treasured book. He's good for this kind of negotiation. It seems he's been doing this many times before when he's buying erotic books long ago. Really like Toruma ossan.

Of course the book that has come out is not an erotic book. It's a magic book of space magic. Although it only lists the chants until intermediate level, and things like explanation of the effects, or description of the theory are completely absent. I buy it while convincing myself that it'd be just like disassembling binary codes.
The used scrolls for maniacs have already been sold, so I buy several scrolls with magic that aren't listed in the spell books. I have to compile the spell books later.

"Ara, what a lovely boy."
"Right, if he has more muscle, he'd feel even better to touch right?"

Why is this happening.

"Ara, no way. Try to touch him, his muscles are like steel."
"You're right, even his abs is ripped."

I mildly avoid the hands that are groping my body.

"Ara, meany."
"You're quite strong ne."
"Oy, oy, don't only service Satou-dono, please care for me too."
"Ara, no way. Toruma-san is jealous."

I felt bad if I leave Toruma just like that after he had thoroughly guided me, so I thought of treating him to a meal at least, but he somehow guided me to this establishment.

An okama bar is completely unexpected.

"I mean, Hayuna would get angry if I go to an establishment with women."

So he said.

If Shelna-san who was worried didn't come to pick me, I might be there until morning.
Everyone's glances are painful when I've returned, so I decide to go shopping with everyone tomorrow. Since Oyugock city is relatively warm, it might be a good idea to buy clothes for spring.

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