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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 7 Intermission 5

Intermission: The Agony of a Transported Person


I thought I could do anything alone.

Who made me the meal, who gave me games and phones, I didn't appreciate those kind of things, thinking that they were givens.

I wonder, was that why?

I was different than the classmates around me. I had come to think so without any ground.
Of course, I felt that exerting effort was uncool, so I did nothing but raising my gaming skill. Flaming on bulletin boards behind anonymity was also my specialty.

Maybe because no one wanted to associate with such a person, far from friends, my own families were even distancing themselves from me. Mysteriously, I didn't get bullied.

For those reasons, I started playing wish-fulfillments galge, and got into things where the protagonists were unparalleled or reincarnated.
Particularly the reincarnation plot, I collected various knowledges from the net to prepare for when I got summoned someday. After copying the collected informations, I wrote it down on a notebook. Since electricity might not exist on the world where I'd get transported. I filled the notebook with a lot of those knowledge in messy writings.

Come now, princess of a different world. I'm okay with getting summoned anytime!

Mouth is the origin of misfortune. These words come home to me these days.

It suddenly becomes dark, and I'm inside a room made from bricks.
Oy, oy, where the heck is this?

Not. Of course I know. Obviously.

The room is dim, and the lights from candles are flickering. They're not light from magic.
Oops, I shouldn't forget about my favorite reincarnation works. First, I have to observe [People]. I frantically keep my eyes on the faces of the people here. Who are my allies, who are in agreement with the summoning, and against it. Observing them. Right now, that's the only thing I can do. That's why I'm observing.

There are three women who wear miko-like clothes, and six men who looks like soldiers. The other people are two civil officials-like old men, and a sly glasses-wearing good-looking guy, he's an enemy. It's decided.
Ack, a weasel is standing upright and talking about something. Beastman should just have different ears and tail. I'm okay with paws too.

My people observation is forced to stop.

"●●●●、●●●. ●●●●●●●●●"

When that person is talking, my cool style instantly evaporates.

Oh, geezuz!

My head becomes blank, I can't think of anything. I can only stare at that woman wholeheartedly. It might be some kind of magic attack or mind attack.

But, whatever.

Right now, staring at her is justice.

A maid-looking woman is giving me something.
You, outta the way. Get away. Look, you're hiding her hair. She pushes me something on my hand, but as long as she's not obstructing the view, that's fine.

"Do you understand what I'm saying?"

I do, but so what?
Is there any meaning to that for enjoying her beauty.

"What should we do your highness. The translation ring might be malfunctioning."
"My, that's troubling. What should we do?"

The beauty's troubled face also looks beautiful.
I want to see more expressions on her face.

"Your highness, the result from the Yamato stone that he's touched earlier has come out."
"And it is?"
"He's like the two before. He has an unusual 『Burying』 skill, but there's no unique skill."
"Does it match the kingdom's interest?"
"Is that so."

I heard something bad. What the heck is  "The two before". Am I the third one? I shouldn't say, "It's because I'm probably the third" right? Furthermore, what is kingdom's interest? What's with that remark when you've gone and kidnapped people without permission.

Just like how a young man usually react, I'm also boiling in anger for a moment.
However, that was poured with cold water due to the existence of the guarding soldiers. The swords on their waist and the spears look real.

If I'm to attack, now is not the time.
This is a composed investigation. It's not because I'm scared of the soldiers' swords at all. It's also not because the glances from the soldiers are saying as if they'll kill me if I move. It's the result of a cool investigation through and through. I'm going coolly. Coolly.

I keep staring at the violet-haired woman. She's too beautiful it's hard to live. I wonder how old is she? She looks like a high schooler, but she's probably older right? I want to tell her that her twin-tail will look good tied with thin ribbons, but the soldiers' glances are scary. It feels like they'd slay me for rudeness without warning.

In the end, the kidnapper lots treat me as if I'm air the whole time, and a maid escorted by two soldiers guides me to a three tatami-wide small room. The room is only lit by one candle on a candlestick.

"The person in charge of training you will come tomorrow morning, wait here. I'll bring you something to eat later, so be quiet okay?"

A maid of around 20 years old talks to me condescendingly and leaves.

It's probably going to be black bread and lightly salted soup right?
I want to see her bringing imperial court cooking.

When I see the dish that the maid's brought, I regret the curse that I've said in mind earlier.

Don't make fun of me fantasy.

What the heck is dinner with one potato! Moreover it's raw! You're killing my stomach!

Since I can still feel that there are guards outside the room, I swallow my complaints. The maid seems to misunderstand it.

"Ara? Are you really that hungry? I'll prepare another one for the breakfast tomorrow, so you can eat that whole. You don't need to hold back."

The girl said so without sarcasm, put a water jug on the side table and left. Oy, oy, there's no cup here.

I'm not hungry enough to eat a raw potato, so I drink the water directly from the jug to quench my throat.
My mouth longs for something, so I throw a candy that I've always readied in my pocket inside it. Other things that I've brought are a swiss army knife, the three candies that are the most important, and a notebook written with cheat about administration.

After getting some sugar supplies, I'm able to think this a bit more carefully.

First, let's check if cheats dwell in my body.

By simply doing push-up. I'm downed before the tenth just like usual. I don't have a body reinforcement cheat.

I take out the swiss army knife, imagine a virtual goblin and swing the knife. I feel empty in the middle of doing it, I don't have a swordsmanship or martial arts cheat either.

There should be magic at least, since I was summoned after all. My last hope, I try magic cheat. Imagine it. I imagine flame and put my hands toward the desk.

It's cold. My heart is cold.

This is a world without magic huh. I've decided so.

That means, I stay like what I've always been. Summoning magic, do your work.

Fuhn, there is no apology from the god, and I begin to vaguely notice. Reality is different than delusion. I am allowed to despair for a bit right? I'm already tired. I'm sleepy.

When I notice a certain thing, I immediately stand up.
That's right, this is a hard mode world. It might be a cripplingly very hard world even. It's still too early to rest.

I investigate the informations that I've got in hands.

I got summoned. The summoner is probably that girl.

They call the violet twin-tail beauty your highness, she's probably a royalty.

Who were the "Two before" that the sly-glasses mentioned. Were they summoned people like me?

I recall the look on the soldiers' eyes. Those guys were obviously wary of me. That means, the previously mentioned two summoned people have done something bad. They couldn't have hugged that beauty right.

No, the thing they were wary about was not that kind of thing.

That's right, it's [Skill]. Those guys unmistakably said that. They said that I have skill. It was [Burying] wasn't it? It's really like me, sweats will come out of my eyes.

How do I use it?
I recite Burying inside my heart. I somehow feel like my presence becomes thinner. Wait, isn't it just like always.

While becoming slightly sad, I get out of the room.
I've thought that there's a sentry, but there's no one outside the room.

If I didn't think like a child and went to explore the castle here, my future might have been slightly different.

However, there is no IF in reality. You can only choose once.

And then I've heard it.

I have heard it.

The two summoned people before me were deemed to be unsuitable for heroes and executed. The maids and soldiers talk about it without having any sense of guilt.

That's bullshit!

After you've abducted them like that. If they're unnecessary, send them back to their world.

Unable to go back to my room, I wander around the castle and meet a girl.
I try to block her mouth in a hurry, but get pinned down by her self-defense-like moves instead.

She's strong, belying her delicate look. Why did I use polite speech.
<TLN: The first line is said in keigo/polite speech.>

"Keep quiet. The soldiers will come if you're noisy. You're the person from the different world that Yuriko-sama has summoned today right?"

The girl is called Menea, a princess of this kingdom. I'm told that Yuriko is the violet-haired twintail beauty, her aunt. Eternally 17 years old huh. I understand.

In exchange for some informations, I got informations out of her.
I shouldn't have heard it. There is no method to return to my original world. Are they calling and leaving huhh.

When we talk about the fate of the two summoned people before me, she becomes upset. It seems that she spent some times with the two on the city outside the castle.

I desperately try to get her sympathy, and ask about the ways to get out of the castle. It has been since the examination for high school that I try so hard like this.

I got fruits and jeweled ring for trading with money from her. Since she doesn't seem like she's directly involved with the kidnapping, I want to repay the favor, so I give her two pages of the administrative cheat from the notebook. I've memorized the content of those pages. Don't belittle a student with free time.

I light the torch that I've got from Menea with a lighter.
Even though I've been suspected of smoking by the teacher, and questioned by patrolling police and other doubts because of this, I keep carrying it.

I'll use [Burying] until I arrive at the town at night.

Fufufu, I'll register at the adventure guild in the town, and seize my success story from there on. Different world dream, come on.

I don't hear the sounds of insects.

I know.
This is not an easy mode world. It's a crazy hard real different world. Of course, there are monsters too.

However, seriously spare me from getting attacked by a praying mantis the size of a human being.

I desperately run away, but I've not thought that running on the mountain at night would be this hard. I couldn't even run away for several meters and got caught. My left arm is bitten off in one gulp. It's hot rather than painful. I wonder if my adrenaline is pumped in tons, I don't feel much pain.

Ah, game over huh.
Even if I want to counter attack, I've dropped my torch somewhere.

The monster deliciously eats the left arm that's been torn off me. Even though I want to run, the monster pins down its leg on top of my stomach, so I can't move.
Ah, I'm bleeding too much.

My consciousness becomes hazy.
I hear a clamor in the end. I don't understand what they're saying. Oh right, I've put the translation ring on the finger of my left hand.

The last thing that I see is a dark brown skin with long ears.
It's here, a dark elf in flesh.

I've thought that my life is a kusoge, but I see something good in the end.
I wanted to TUEE with a dark elf serving me.
<TLN: TUEE is a slang for, err, basically OP? kusoge=trash game.>

I will become black knight the next time I'm reborn....

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