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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-21

7-21. A Night No One Knows (3)


Satou's here. Ever since I come to this world, I get unnaturally high chances of meeting beautiful women, but it's not limited to only beautiful women.

"What's wrong, are you so scared you can't talk, noda?"

However, I can only hear the scream of a chuunibyou patient from the girl who's declaring with daunting pose.
Moreover, she's swinging her arms matching her speaking rhythm, so her exposed breasts are shaking and swaying. I can't help but become interested in it since awhile ago. Yup, they're big relative to her age.

"O black-haired hero. I do not care why you're hiding your appearance, but can you entertain me like Yamato? I won't forgive if you bore me, noda."

I wonder if she has see-through skill, the girl's eyes are shining red.

I'm sorry for the possessing demon who's trying to set up the mood, but at this time, I'm not thinking, "How do I defeat the enemy", but, "How do I get this fellow out of the girl's body", instead.

I wonder if I could do something with Saint title and magic healing somehow?
It might be good to learn ways to exorcise demons. It'd be terrible if someone I know got possessed.

Let's use persuasion skill here--I've also thought of such thing. Before I could open my mouth, the girl's time is up.

"Thanks for making my courtiers become sacrifices, the power has been filled, noda."

Something is making cracking sounds.

The girl's back is splitting.

A wild boar-head comes out of it.

Right when the hairless wild boar demon starts to make its appearance, the girl's health becomes zero in an instant.

This isn't the time to be dumbfounded. Take action rather than regretting.
I rain down Short Stuns on the wild boar-head to restraint it, and strike it with palm technique combined with ground shrink while pulling the girl's body away.

I put the girl's body that has just died into the Storage. Of course in one set with the flowed blood. I cannot do it, but a priest or a miko might be able to revive a body that has just died. It should be that flexible in a fantasy.
I make Sera folder in the Storage as to keep it from mixing with other things.

"Fumu? What exactly you intend to do nanoda? Rather than worrying about collecting corpses, you should begin pursuing me instead nanoda."

I pay no attention to the incomprehensible critique.
Well, thanks to the useless talk, my magic power has recovered, so let's consider it as a good thing.

"Since I've just been resurrected, I am weaker than during my heyday, noda. This is your once in a lifetime chance to win nanodazo? Now, come at me with all your power, noda."

Violet light that looks like ripple creeps on the wild boar-head, and its body shines golden. Looks like they're support magic like what Wagahai-kun did. According to AR reading, they're [Physical Damage 99% Cut], and [Magic Damage 90% Cut].

If this is the demon's weakened form, just how strong it has been, let's quickly settle this.
I press the demon with the same combo I've used to beat the bronze demon. Restrain it with magic, and finish with the holy bolt.

However, the two attacks were prevented without effort.

Short Stun and Remote Arrow are repelled just before it touch the golden wild boar-head's skin and disappear. Even though they've worked earlier, it seems that the golden skin has prevented it from working.
Next, the golden wild boar-head spit out something from its mouth, and that invisible something destroys the holy bolt, leaving only blue afterglow.

"This is, I can't make light of."

The golden wild boar-head murmurs in low voice, and lets out second support magic chant roar. Did it make some kind of chant from its mouth somewhere?

Oops, this isn't the time to flinch and think about it.

I went with the closing in and attack physically tactic.

One meter before my holy sword touch the golden wild boar-head, multiple small shields magic like the one Raka's used unfolds, and they're crushed by the holy sword.

They're just small shields that are easily broken, but--

Little by little.

Yes, it seems to be reducing the holy sword's power by just a little.

After breaking nearly 100 small shields, the holy sword stops after advancing for about 50 centimeters. I'd really like to learn this magic.

"Fumu, it has more attack power than Claiomh Solais that Yamato uses huh. It should have been able to quickly kill my retainers."

I'm still trying to push through it even now, but the golden wild boar-head demon takes out two liuyedao from its mouth, and attacks from both sides using the two sabers.

I stop one side with a holy shield, and the other with the holy sword. I'm pushed by tremendous power. Since the normal stone pavements are gouged out after I get pushed for several meters, I use sky drive as my foothold and hold out with all my might. It consumes magic power, but it can't be helped in this situation.

Even if I attack, it's always prevented by the multiple small shields. I have to do something about it or else my attack won't ever reach.
I could destroy the demon's weapons the moment our weapons touch, but conversely, the jet black mist-like feelers coming out of the liuyedao are also trying to break my sword, so I can't let my guard down.

I haven't got damage, but it's the same for the opponent too. We can't hit each other, and only time passes.

"I will be more serious, noda."

The golden wild boar-head demon cover its whole body with violet light once again.

It's probably the unique skill of this guy.
The demon doesn't hide its unique skill at all. There are three which are [Ikkitousen], [Phantasmagoric], [Banpufutou]. Looking at the first case, it's probably fine to think that all three have been used.
<TLN: Ikkitousen and Banpufutou have similar meaning, that is "being a match for thousands".>

The two liuyedao are also wrapped in golden lights. It seems that the attack powers have been upped. Their powers were originally close to the holy sword, but now they're definitely stronger than Durandal.

I ward off the powered-up liuyedao with the holy shield. Seeing that my crisis perception is at work, the holy shield might be destroyed if I stop it carelessly.

The holy sword attack is once again prevented by the multiple small shields.


Prevented by the multiple small shields?

In other words, even for the demon with 99% physical damage cut, holy swords are dangerous existences huh.

And I also remember another more important thing.

The holy bolt wasn't prevented by the multiple small shields, but intercepted by destruction magic.

In other words--.

So it's like that huh.

I'm setting up strategy while avoiding the demon's attacks.

I'll break through the multiple small shields, give damage to the demon, and drive in the holy bolt when it's at the state where it could not intercept with destruction magic.

First, in order to break the multiple small shields, I have to increase my moves.

I put the holy shield back into the Storage, and pull out the magic sword Balmung on one hand. It's not a holy sword, but its attack power doesn't fall behind Durandal. It doesn't really matter, but both have matching golden grips.

However, it seems the opponent is also exploring the breakthrough solution.

Many jet-black rings arise near the golden wild boar-head demon.
They rush on me as if they're independent creatures. I try to counter them with Short Stun and Remote Arrow, but either magic disappear as soon as it comes in contact with them.

Anti magic-attack huh?

I take out a suitable stone out of the Storage and hurl it.  The ring disappears while sounding like water droplet dropped on a heated frying pan.

Looks like physical attack works just fine.

I coat the holy sword with magic edge and intercept the jet-black rings that are assaulting.

>[Holy Edge Skill Acquired]

I don't know the difference with magic edge, but since the name indicates that the skill would work well against demons, I allocate it maximum point and activate it.

I absorb magic power from the holy sword, and coat it with holy edge, but they look completely identical. The magic usage is the same too, I wonder what differ.

"O defective hero, what are you nanoda? Even though you can only use beginner level magic, your avoiding capability is top-tier, your swordsmanship is superb yet you only have one straight technique. It does not look like you're holding back. You're like an artificially created cultivation, nanoda."

The analysis is too accurate, my ears hurt.

"I've been trying to turn you into stone with magic eye since awhile ago, but it's not working at all, noda."

In the log, starting with petrification, a lot of special attacks like paralyze, and curse are displayed in array, but everything has been resisted.

Right at that time, the golden wild boar-head demon roars--magic huh.

I put up Shield as a countermeasure, but it's destroyed by the invisible bullet the golden wild-boar demon shoots. It's impossible for beginner magic after all huh.

When the shield is getting destroyed by the bullet, I frantically avoid the liuyedao's stabs. Even though the bullets are invisible, I can understand the techniques' trajectories due to Space Grasp and Magic Perception combined, so it's easier than the liuyedao. Since my clothes evaporates when it's near the bullets' orbit, it has become meaningless. My skin feels a bit itchy.

>[Destruction Magic: Demon Skill Acquired]
>[Destruction Resistance Skill Acquired]

I promptly activate the resistance skill. Seeing how close this fight is, I'd welcome it even if it only helps a bit.

I invoke holy edge on the holy sword, and prevent the invisible bullets, but since I'm also defending against the liuyedao, it's really busy.
I get closer and try to kick the demon, but it's prevented by multiple small shields just like with the holy sword. Since my shoes have been evaporated too, my toes hurt.

I have nothing to lose anyway, so I invoke Furnace Flame (Forge). It should be usable as a distraction at least. I'm using it while thinking lightly, but the multiple small shields are burned like scrap of papers.

"Inferno huh! That's your trump card is it."

The golden wild boar-head demon roars once again, but I can hear its speech overlapping it.


In an instant, thunderous roars are echoing to the point that I can't hear anything.
Looks like I've been directly hit by the demon's magic attack that has vast range. The magic sword Balmung on my right hand is leaking out red light, but since it's blinking as if breaking, I put it back into the Storage. I take out magic sword Nothung in its place.

>[Explosion Magic: Demon Skill Acquired]
>[Explosion Resistance Skill Acquired]

I'm bothered with the difference between destruction and explosion, but I want the resistance for now. Honestly, it's too painful. Pain resistance, please work harder. It's like this even though my HP hasn't decreased much, I'm afraid if I get hit directly by the liuyedao.

My injuries are healed in a blink of an eye with self-healing, but my clothes has vanished.
Since I don't enjoy being in the nude, I wear the black mask equipment with quickdress. It can't be helped if this is called transformation having such speed.

"Fumu, looks like the counterbalancing is over, nanoda."

The demon's figure doesn't look like it at all. Burned by the Furnace Flame (Forge), half of its body has inflamed.
Is it weak to fire. Or maybe, it's because Furnace Flame(Forge) is an intermediate level magic.

I generate holy edge on both swords on my hands and cut with them.
I invoke Furnace Flame(Forge) to burn down the small shields.

Although, it looks like the opponent has expected it too. It's invoking the explosion magic like just now, jet-black rings, and invisible bullets at the same time. Using three different magic at the same time huh, tremendous.

I shoot Short Stun on the ground while matching the explosion magic obstructing the view, using that gap, I use Sky Drive and Ground Shrink like somersaulting, and teleport behind the demon high in the sky.

While invoking Furnace Flame (Forge), I cut both the demon's arms with the holy and magic swords.

The swords reach before the shields are all burned down, but maybe because the number is low, it reach the demon's body. However, ripples spread out on the golden body, and the attacks are prevented.
When it's prevented, it feels like some kind of protection membrane has been broken. Typically in a game, it's like magic that could prevent attacks once. Since it shouldn't be able to prevent attacks indefinitely, I guess I'll rush it multiple times.

The demon swings the liuyedao without looking back, I stop it with both swords.

It was the demon's trap. At the same time my crisis perception kicks in, 8 rib bones break out of the demon's back and try to skewer me like living things.

I took evasive action at once, but they accelerated at the speed more tremendous than I had predicted.

Guh, I couldn't avoid it, and the rib spears pierced through my body.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.
I endure the burning-like pain, and break the stuck rib spears with my knee. Fortunately, the pain is only for an instant, it quickly disappears like pulling tides. It's aching, but I bear it.

The treatment is after this.

The demon is fixing its posture, but I won't let it. I drive the Furnace Flame to the wild boar-head with all my power. I can see the magic it's going to invoke, so I stab it with holy sword, destroying the magic.

When the demon is being burned by the Furnace Flame (Forge), it throws away the liuyedao, catches me with both its hands, and presses me hard. Such stupid strength. P, painful.

I fire an additional Furnace Flame (Forge) with all my might.
The invoked crimson flame roasts the demon's body. Of course, the one who fires it, me, am also not safe from it. The black costume becomes ash.

Maybe thanks to fire resistance, my body only becomes red, but I don't have any burn.

No, it is crazy hot here you know?

It seems I'm the winner of this patience contest.

The power on the demon's arms are loosened.
This momentary chance is enough, I enlarge the gap by force and slip away.

I store away the magic sword, and exchange it for magic power-loaded holy bolt, and immediately shoot it.

The holy bolt is sucked into the demon's abdomen--

The demon's abdomen along with its defense are destroyed.

Not yet.

The demon's health hasn't become zero.

I pour my remaining magic power into the holy sword Durandal in one go, and activate holy edge skill.
I split the demon's body into two, and even while spouting flames and smokes from its body, the golden wild boar-head demon raises its fist on the air, and swing its last blow.

The blue track of the flash slash sucks the demon's heart, blue light that gushes out of its body blow its upper body out.

While back-stepping away to open some distances, I take out a health and a magic recovery potions from the storage and gulp the two bottle down.

Yes, it's still too early to be relieved. If it dies with just this much, it couldn't be called a Demon Lord.

Yes, the demon's name is [Golden Wild Boar King], a level 120 Demon Lord.

Good grief, there are too many obstacles in my pleasant sightseeing tour.

Now then, shall we begin the third round next.

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