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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-23

7-23. A Night No One Knows (5)


Satou's here. It seems that the generation that has been around during the dawn of home consoles makes a list of hiragana for Spell of Restoration. I laughed thinking that it was a joke when I heard it, but it's the truth. Humans could unexpectedly work hard if it's for the sake of entertainment.

Fuh, that was tiring.

Both of the masks have been broken, so I put on a white mask that Arisa's made for cosplay at her request. I feel like I know where the inspiration for it comes form, but it seems like it'd fall off easily, scary. I put on cheap clothes and a mantle, and head toward the hall's exit.

The hall looks disastrous to the point that I admire it for not collapsing.
The floors are turned upside down, several pillars are destroyed, many places have become craters. Some of the craters have glasses formed from Furnace Flame (Forge). There isn't any trace of the altar.

I should say as expected of a demon lord. I've just barely won even though my level is three times as high and fully loaded with items.

It's unfortunate that I won't get a rematch--I don't have even the slightest bit of such thought.
Fortunately, the opponent was a type weak with magic, but if it was strong in both points, I might have lost.

I'll go watch the tournament at the capital and study sword techniques and battle forms.

And also, I'd better resume spell chanting practice.
If an opponent of demon lord class begins with space magic, I don't think I could win. Among the scrolls that I would get from viscount Shimen (Toruma's parent house), magic destruct and magic cancel are indispensable. And also, intermediate level or higher attack magic. I might have got checkmated if I didn't have Furnace Flame (Forge). If I find a nice liquor during the journey, I will be sure to present it to the one who has sold me that scroll, Galhar-shi.

While thinking those thing, I open the heavy door and get out of the hall. I immediately understand why the door has been slightly opened.

There should have been a member here. I search in the Storage. There's an item called [Petrified Member]. Come to think of it, the demon lord was attacking with petrification magic eyes right. He saw that huh, curiosity killed the cat indeed.

I put long shirts on the two sacrifice girls. The two have proportions that don't look like their 14 years old ages, so I can have some peaces of mind with this.

The girls seem to be Garleon and Parion temples' miko. They're both level 30, quite wonderful.

I carry them both on my shoulders to the teleportation room, but I don't know how to operate it. The operation manual is among the loot I've got, but honestly, I'm too tired, I can't bring myself doing all these.

I scrape off the ceiling with a magic spear, and expose the soil.

Next, I use Mud Wall to create a narrow passage. Magic is really convenient.
I run up the impromptu passage--or rather, hole, with Sky Drive. There are three members in the initial teleportation room, but since it's troublesome, I hit them with Short Stun. They should not be dead.

Since the road I use to come here leads to the duke's third son's room, I pick the course that goes to the temple via the map and advance toward there from the underground. I see a white crocodile and a mysterious creature-like person wearing a rag along the way, but I ignore them all. It might be good to come play here while bringing presents when I've become better.

I'm going to Tenion temple, the place where the dead girl comes from. It's not because the girl belongs there, but because only Tenion temple has a head miko of old age with level higher than 50. Moreover, she has the [Saintess] title.

While mechanically advancing through the course that I've picked earlier, I operate on the girl's corpse in the storage. I try to drag and drop the blood that has flowed out of the girl and stack them. Rather than stack, it seems the blood has been absorbed by the corpse, they can't be separated it seems.
I drag a potion with the same idea, but it's no good.

The title [Saintess] that the Tenion head-miko has comes to my mind. Maybe it also has some kind of special effects like the hero title?

I have nothing to lose, so I put on [Saint] title, and drag the potion, it works.

Although it's not like she's been revived. The item's name has changed from [Sera's Corpse: Degree of Damage, Maximum] to [Sera's Corpse: Degree of Damage, Great]. I drag several potions until the item name changes into, [Sera's Corpse], so I don't think this is a waste.

Afterwards, it all depends if there's resurrection magic or not.

"Ara, the assassin tonight is quite excellent. This is the first time I don't notice one until he's this close."

I've sneaked into the Tenion head miko's room, but I immediately get mistaken for an assassin.

"Ara, you're an assassin and also a kidnapper?"

The head miko-san who has noticed the girls on my shoulders asks as if baffled.
Beside holy magic, this old woman also has character appraisal and crisis perception skills. That's why I've made my level to be 70, like the Saga hero is, beforehand, so she would believe the story later. I've left my displayed skills to be of recovery-related ones.

Anyway, let's correct the misunderstanding for now.

"Nice to meet you, Yu Tenion Head Miko-dono. I am Nanashi. I have no intention of harming you. These two girls are Parion and Garleon miko that I've rescued from a cult group called 『Wings of Liberty』."
"My. I certainly remember them. Hey, Nanashi-san. Won't you show your face. It's hard to talk with that mask."
"I'm very sorry, head miko-dono. It is my principle to hide good deeds. Please pardon me."
"Is that so, you're such a shy saint-sama."

Her voice is young. Her moonlit face doesn't look like a 80 years old at all. I would believe it if I'm told she's 17.

"Hey, Nanashi-san. Don't you know the whereabout of our kidnapped miko, Sera."
"I knew."

It's not reflected on her expression, but her tone of voice becomes deeper.
She seems to have guessed everything from my words, her face is stiff.

"That child has died huh."

I nod on her words.

"Nanashi-san, could you honestly tell me one thing?"
"If I could answer it."

She asks in slightly trembling voice.

"Was the one who deprived Sera's life the humans of 『Wings of Liberty』? or--"

After hesitating for a bit, she continues her words.

"Demon lord. That's right isn't it, Sera has been sacrificed for the demon lord."
"That's right."

A trickle of tears streams down the head miko's noble face.

"Is that so, that child wasn't able to go against her fate."

The head miko-san talks with sobbing mixed in.
It looks like there's an oracle that says the demon lord will appear in not so distant day. However, the place are different in each of oracles that the seven miko has received, therefore, everyone believes that their own gods has brought oracle for themselves each.

According to head miko-san, the fate of the girl (Sera) was to become a sacrifice for demon lord's resurrection in this city. Even though Tenion temple had put utmost efforts in protecting her, she suddenly disappeared in her own room the evening today.

And, it seems that the oracle of Tenion temple tells that the demon lord would be resurrected in this Oyugock city.
When I ask in detail just in case, the name of labyrinth city, Selbira, and the kingdom that has occupied Arisa's kingdom, Yowok kingdom have also appeared. The remaining four are land of gods Parion, the principalities of the ratkin and weaselkin, and the last one is a country that exists on the other continent.

To get a hit on the 1/7 probability, both me and this city were unlucky.

Let's get back to the main topic.

"Yu Tenion head miko-dono, are you able to use resurrection magic?"
"Yes, I'm able to."

Oh, so it exist, resurrection magic!
As if pouring water on my excitement, the head miko continues with gloomy voice.

"However, there are several conditions for it. First, the subject has to have been baptized by Tenion temple. Second, it must be within 30 minutes after the death. Third, this resurrection artifact has to have stored enough magic power. Since it has been used to resurrect the legitimate child of the duke 20 years ago, it cannot be used for several years more."

What, that sort of things huh.
I pick up the artifact hanging on her neck and put magic power into it. I proceed steadily. It hasn't been filled even after putting in 2000 MP.
It can't be helped, I take out Excalibur from the Storage, and make it into a magic power source. The head miko is surprised when she sees the holy sword, but she puts on appearance by smiling like a Japanese.
The artifact is filled after around 20.000 points in. The capacity of this holy sword is extraordinary after all. I should had used it as magic power tank rather than a weapon when I was fighting the demon lord.
I hear this afterward, but it seems that the only one who could put magic power into the artifact is people who have [Saint] or [Saintess] title.

"I will summon miss Sera's corpse here. It's only been several seconds after her death, so there should be enough time."
"That can't be, time magic should have been a magic that only appears in fairy tales, not the reality...."

There's no time magic huh. I've wanted to go back in time and meet Yamato.
I put back my astray thought.

I take out Sera's corpse from the Storage. Since she's naked, I put a towel on her. Someone is astonished when I take the corpse out of the storage, but I decide not to mind it.

The head miko is chanting a long spell.
Holy magic is usually long, but this time it's especially long.

The chanting is complete, I make sure that Sera has turned from item back to person, and leave the place afer that.

I've forgotten to report about the demon lord thing, but they have the convenient oracle, and it'd be uncool if I go back just to report it, so I leave it. I'm really tired today.

At any rate, it was a long night.
I'd like to be healed at the night place, but for the sake of relieving Arisa and the others who are waiting anxiously, I decide to go back.

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